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    17 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents

    You are probably not born yet, the day your parents got married or got together officially. To them, you and your siblings might be the best gift they have ever given each other as far as their marriage and relationship is concerned. Well, initiate a change and ponder on some cool gifts you may give them as they celebrate milestones of their love. Here is a list of 17 Thoughtful Anniversary Gifts For Your Parents.

    17. Anniversary Portrait for Parents

    Make your loving parents remember their wedding vows or wedding song lyrics with this Anniversary Portrait for Parents. Available in different sizes, this framed memorabilia and artwork may also include a wedding picture, location significant to their relationship, date, and names of your choice or theirs. The point is this gift will surely melt the heart of your parents and will bring nostalgia to the scene. It is available in Black, White, and Authentic Barnwood colors.

    16. Happy Anniversary Couples Game


    Let your parents celebrate succeeding anniversary nights or even regular nights with games from this Happy Anniversary Couples Game that aim to let couples know themselves better. It is a game that is meant to strengthen the core values of a relationship and increase emotional intimacy by sprinkling mature topics into a couple’s daily routine in a fun & engaging way. They say it will turn their anniversary into a lifelong mental and physical connection while focusing on each other’s needs and dreams.

    15. Picnic Basket, Set for 4


    It probably must have been a while since your parents took time off alone together or go on a cool picnic date. This Picnic Basket, Set for 4 will get the ball rolling as the couple cannot resist its suggestive charm. Handwoven from willow with a reinforced leather handle and fastening straps, this beautiful wicker picnic basket is the perfect set for grassy picnics in the park or a day of backyard lounging. A little more convincing and your folks will be on their way to an anniversary picnic bonding.

    14. The intersection of Love - Photo Print


    The day your parents crossed paths is something that deserves to be celebrated and remembered. This The intersection of Love - Photo Print not only covers the part when they first met but also ignites the longing to look forward to walking down the same road together.  It may feature the names of your parents and important dates they share and it can be displayed in the living room or bedroom to mark their anniversary with a special memory.

    13. Anniversary Map Candle


    Over the years your parents have kept their candle of love burning and made it last for a long time. Celebrate their milestone with something symbolic such as this Anniversary Map Candle a little love, this hand-poured soy wax candle is a sweet way to commemorate the day they made it official. Plus it can be made even more special by personalizing it with their names, dates of choice, and a map of a special city for both of them.

    12. Gray Leather Anniversary Personalized Poem

    Let everyone who visits your parents know how strong their love is with this Gray Leather Anniversary Personalized Poem expressing their love for one another. It is a beautiful Leather Plaque, made of wood and covered on the front and sides with soft supple faux leather. The back is nicely finished with soft black felt and integrated keyhole slots (for both portrait or horizontal) hanging. Since it can contain a love poem that rhymes in the rhythm of your parents’ heartbeat, they will surely love this.

    11. Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game


    While others think that a game is just a game, some couples are competitive enough to make serious efforts to win. This Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game will prove to your parents that the couple who plays together, stays together. Carved from maple wood, this game is simple yet romantic. Amid a field of incised hearts, up to four lines (seven characters each) can be personalized with their names, anniversary dates, or a sweet message to surprise them both.

    10. The Anniversary Journal


    As years go by, your parents have probably lost the habit of celebrating their anniversary and keeping track of their relationship milestones. Add spark again to their yearly important date as you help them keep track of and record all of their anniversary events with this The Anniversary Journal. The classic design, fine quality paper, and sumptuous black silk moiré binding with shimmering, foil stamped cover and matching storage box make this a fitting package for the record of the days they celebrate their union. 

    9. Anniversary Cubic Chocolate Message

    Greet your parents “Happy Anniversary” in the yummiest way possible with this Anniversary Cubic Chocolate Message. They may be prohibited to take so many sweets and that is what will make this gift extra special because it is in bite-size cubes that they may share with everyone. Now more people will know it is their anniversary and it will guarantee that these people will be in a joyful mood. Who wouldn’t be? These are chocolates!

    8. Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print


    Set up a movie date night for parents on the eve of their anniversary. Create a dark room, start making the popcorns pop, make an AVP of their love story or a mere collection of photos, and place this Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print outside the door. It will feel like they are celebrating their love like a new premiere with this cute marquee print. Nothing beats being a star of your own movie, Moreso being the leading man and leading lady in their own romantic film.

    7. Sound Wave Art


    Sounds are heard and love is felt. But this Sound Wave Art will break barriers and limitations as it turns your parents’ wedding song into an actual sound wave that everyone can see. The lyrics of their song or their vows may be written in the middle of the soundwave art. Names and important dates may be added as well to make this already unique gift, even more special.

    6. Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art


    Honor the wonderful times that your parents have been together with this Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art, a display of laughter, experiences, and memories. Just pick 30 of their best photos together, (it can be your personal pick or theirs), and it shall be made into a collage or a heart-shaped masterpiece. It comes unframed or framed, with several options for the latter, from brushed silver to white French farmhouse. Hanging this on the wall may suffice for the next anniversaries to come.

    5. Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map


    Personalized Anniversary Pushpin World Map for a gift will be a great reminder to your parents that their adventure need not end so quickly as it can begin again if they want to. It’s like an adventure starter that will make them recall places they have always wanted to go, but were not able to. This map may be personalized with their names and anniversary date. They may use the included 100 pins to mark hometowns, second honeymoon spots, favorite vacation destinations, and more as an artful and sentimental way to celebrate traveling as a twosome. For planning or for remembering, this piece is perfect.

    4. Date Night Ideas


    As parents age, or produce more offspring, prioritizing the relationship with each other becomes less and less. Remind them that it is important to keep things fresh and exciting. This Date Night Ideas may help bring thrill and happiness back to couples with its fun and adventurous date ideas. It is a deck of scratch cards that will aid a couple in going on a date that both of them will appreciate and enjoy.

    3. The Mosaic Collage


    During their wedding, your parents may have mentioned that each of them is the half that makes the other whole. This The Mosaic Collage will be a symbolic representation of that as collected images of their relationship over the years will be made an art. Simply collect 40-60 face close-up vibrant images and choose one image to be the main photo, and watch how technology and art collide resulting in a romantic gift.

    2. What I Love About You by Me Book


    Get two copies of this What I Love About You by Me Book and secretly fill it out by interviewing your parents, individually and discreetly. Mere doing so will make them nostalgic and will warp them back to certain days, dates, and events when such love for one another was realized. This gift is a great way to remind your parents why they love each other and your gesture will make known to them how much you love them too.

    1. Night Sky When We Met


    The night your parents met, the sky above looked extra heavenly.  Is poetic proof that when the universe conspires, the stars will align and their union will happen. This Night Sky When We Met will show the night sky of the day your parents met at a specific location on a specific date. Their names, the date they met or got married and their chosen title may be added to this unique and heartwarming piece. Now, they may not be looking at a telescope on the day they met, but with your gift, they will have a glimpse of what the constellation looked like.