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    19 Great Personalized Ring Boxes For Your Wedding Day

    Aside from the walk in the aisle to the altar moment, the meaningful exchange of vows, and just right before the “you may now kiss the bride”, we also look forward to the prominent ring bearer handing over the wedding band and wearing the sign of love and loyalty. It is not just your wedding dress and wedding favors you need to make sure are perfectly handled and chosen. You also need to make sure that your wedding bands are secured, safe, and presentable. Here are 19 Great Personalized Ring Boxes for your Wedding Day to complete the most awaited matrimonial ceremony.

    19. Luxury Wooden Ring Case

    Luxury Wooden Ring Case will complement most wedding ceremonies whether it is a grand one or a simple civil event. Made from the finest timber of walnut wood, and epoxy resin, with a velvet holder for two rings. The high-quality wood features peculiar textures. It is for this reason that this ring box has such a unique appearance from any other. You have several selections of font engrave for personalization and colors of epoxy and wood such as green with dark wood, blue with dark wood, and white with light wood.

    18. Geometric Terrarium Ring Box

    The Geometric Terrarium Ring Box defies all the usual ring boxes. So, if your wedding is a unique one or you simply wish to be peculiar, this handcrafted stained glass technique, filled with moss or sand to create a safe place to hold your rings at the wedding ceremony before you tie the knot. You can also decorate it with flowers that go with your wedding color scheme. You can keep using this item as a lovely remembrance of your special day after the wedding and use it as a jewelry box.

    17. Monogram Velvet Ring Box

    You can still go with the timeless texture with Monogram Velvet Ring Box that you can personalize the style by choosing the lid, color, and shape, plus various monograms to match your wedding's theme. It will also serve as a stunning detail for your nuptial photos. The Hexagon box measures 1.98 inches L x 1.7 inches W x 1.7 inches H and the Octagon box measures 1.9 inches L x 1.9 inches W x 1.9 inches H.

    16. Double Slot Personalized Velvet Ring Box

    A combination of glass with velvet make this lovely Double Slot Personalized Velvet Ring Box. A hexagon velvet ring box inside a hexagon glass box looks charming. The glass box measures 7 x 8 x 4.5 cm and provides 22 designs to choose from with metal frame colors Gold, Rose Gold (Vintage Style) and Black (Vintage Style), and white calligraphy writing for personalization. The velvet ring box measures 5 x 4.3 x 4.2 cm and provides up to 12 designs. The foil colors available are Rose Gold, Silver, Royal Gold, and Champagne Gold. As an advantage, both can be used together or separately.

    15. Triple/Double/Single Ceremony Ring box

    Triple/Double/Single Ceremony Ring box is a lovely petite rectangular-shaped and sweet gift box with a smooth and delicate velvety texture. It is manufactured with the highest quality velvet fabrics and measures 3.75 inches x 1.75 inches x 1.75 inches (9.5 cm x 4.4 cm x 4.4 cm). The monogram (maximum of nine letters on top of the box) colors available are Champagne Gold, Rose Gold, Silver, and White. The box can be colored Violet, French blue, French pink, Minty Blue, Rosewood, Emerald Green, Ruby Red, Baby Blue, and Cream White.

    14. Emerald Resin & Wood Wedding Ring box

    Emerald Resin & Wood Wedding Ring box is eccentric among all these selections because of its luxurious and unique resin wood built that are perfect for ceremony or photography decor. Made of high-quality materials such as strong and finest timber of elm and blue or green epoxy resin with professional magnetic closure. The box is coated with a specific hard wax oil which provides defense from water and fingerprints and gives pleasant tactile sensations and gloss.

    13. Walnut Wood Personalized Ring Pillow

    A good item like Walnut Wood Personalized Ring Pillow is long-lasting and will stand the test of time same as you and your marriage. This eco-friendly double-ring slots box is retro-old inspired with personalized engraving and you have up to 9 font and design selections. It is durable but handy as it only measures 80 x 25 mm. This will surely complement your rustic wedding-themed wedding.

    12. Personalized Wedding Ring Plate and Box

    Personalized Wedding Ring Plate and Box has a distinctive style that screams elegance. This set present two ring boxes on a customizable gold silver acrylic mirror wedding ring plate, decorated with flowers and comes with one decorated scissor. This style is usually for Turkish wedding tradition. The ring plate measures 11.8 inches (30 cm). You can do the personalization by putting names, wedding vows, and dates.

    11. See-through Wooden Ring Box

    You can go for a conventional design with See-through Wooden Ring Box. The two cute heart-shaped ring slots are very distinctive for you to put either “Mr. and Mrs.” or “Bride and Groom”. With the traditional design, it is made durable from eco-friendly old walnut wood and great for lifetime keeps. This double slot box measures 88 x 50 mm and has plenty of options for up to 9 lid designs and engraving font.

    10. Wooden Mandala Bottom Wedding Ring Box

    The distinguishing design of Wooden Mandala Bottom Wedding Ring Box is what makes it different from the rest. You can upgrade with this unique design as the wooden box and acrylic lid are both cut and engraved in a computerized laser machine. The top lid has two magnets on the opposite side, so it snaps on with ease. You can personalize this amazing ring box by engraving your names, initials, and wedding date. Four lid designs are provided, and the inside velvet color selections are Navy Blue, Black, Gray, Pink, and Rose.

    9. Natural Wood Engraved Box

    Natural Wood Engraved Box is made from an actual teak wood tree and carved to be a ring box is such a beautiful way to hold your new wedding bands. You can personalize it with your engraved names, initials, and special date. It is such an astonishing item to accentuate any wedding ceremony and home with its natural and rustic feel. Each box will certainly be one-of-a-kind among the rest as all are from natural wood. The cute box is handy and only measures 2 inches x 2 inches.

    8. Double Wedding Ring Box with Engrave and In-Lay

    Keep it simple and neat yet stunning with this Double Wedding Ring Box with Engrave and In-Lay. The double ring box with magnetic enclosure box is made from durable dark walnut wood with colors Red, Black and Gray lining. It measures 3.93 inches x 2.04 inches x 1 inch, and you can customize it by selecting box engraved style as well as the monogram in-lay such as Anti Brass, Black, Claret, Purple, Green, and Blue that are all safe non-metallic materials.

    7. Wooden Engraved Box

    Secure your wedding band with this Wooden Engraved Box. The contemporary design steps up but certainly complements your wedding photos and theme. The hexagon box is made of birch plywood with Plexiglas and measures 7,7 cm x 5 cm - 3.03 inches x 1.97 inches. You can customize your box color from Natural, White, Black, Light, or Dark rosewood, Walnut, Chestnut, Mahogany, Burgundy, Blue, and Emerald and with selections of 16 engrave templates provided with colors Gold, Silver, Copper, Rose Gold, and Bronze.

    6. Rustic Ring Box with Moss

    If there is one box you can be proud to pass on through generations, it is this Rustic Ring Box with Moss. The box is created to complement a classic or rustic and gothic wedding theme. It can secure your wedding bands and other jewelry plus it comes with a variety of color selections of moss (real high-quality Norwegian stabilized moss) such as Lavender, Pink, Yellow Green, Black, and Green to hold the rings. The unique exterior style comes with four metal legs and is handmade as it is covered with stunning oil enhancing the texture of the natural wood.

    5. Book Box

    Not all wedding ring boxes should look the same. If you are looking for a different approach, you better use this Book Box. Available in White and Brown colors and sizes are either small (9.5 cm x 10 cm) or big (11 cm x 12 cm). The book comes in engraved “Our Never-Ending Story” or “Happily Ever After” together with your personalized engraved names and date. As you open the box the rings are presentably tied in cute white lace.

    4. Wooden with Glass Wedding Ring Box

    If you hold on to the superstitious belief that everything should be round and without any edges or blemishes, then this Wooden with Glass Wedding Ring Box is best to hold your wedding bands. This stunning piece of art is made of natural oak wood and transparent Plexiglas with either artificial grass or glittering golden fabric bottom. You have the option to customize it by engraving the glass lid up to 30 characters.

    3. Vintage Wood Ring Box

    Vintage Wood Ring Box will certainly be in demand due to its superior design. All you must do is simply choose from the box colors such as Distressed White, Natural, Light Brown, Dark brown, Fire Burned, and Distressed Baby Blue. The two-ring slots box is 100% handmade from raw materials and measures approximately 13 x 6.8 x 4.8 cm. (5.2 inches x 2.65 inches x 1.9 inches). The engraved customization options can be on top of the lid or under and front of the box.

    2. Acacia Personalized Rustic Ring Box

    Acacia Personalized Rustic Ring Box is handmade from a stump of acacia tree which grew in the steppes of Ukraine. The tree is well dried and has a unique pattern in the form of many rings counting which you can determine its age and the shape of each hemp is different from each other, so every single box is unique. It looks so natural since it is made without varnish and painting. You can choose to personalize the design and font as well as to include names, dates, and logos. The size of the ring box is roughly between 2 inches and 2 ½" inches tall and round.

    1. Wedding Ring Box

    During and after the wedding, you need to make sure that your wedding bands are kept and secure. Wedding Ring Box is sturdy to hold your rings and will surely stand the test of time. The two-ring slots box is handmade from dark walnut wood and is lined with light velvet foam. It measures a Length: of 2.4 Inches; Width: of 2.4 Inches; Height: of 1.6 Inches and you have plenty of selections of template designs to choose from.