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    29 Cute Beach Bags For Ladies That Love The Shore

    Summer is around the corner. Even when it’s raining, some people just love hanging out at the beach. But to complete an overall sun and sand-ready look, you need a bag appropriate for your needs and style. However, tons of bags are lurking and popping in everywhere. We understand how hard it might be for you to choose which one to pack before you swim into the salty sea. We have listed 29 Best Beach Bags for you to make it less challenging and so you may go on choosing your outfits to match it with. So put on your shades and sit, hover as you choose, and enjoy the sight of these lovely bags:

    29. Mark & Graham x Steele Waterproof Beach Tote

    We love the splash of water on our feet and the feel of sand as well, but our frenzy for moisture and texture need not come across our valued possessions. This Mark & Graham x Steele Waterproof Beach Tote is not only a bag but great beach equipment we can carry as we sail towards our oceanic vacation. Made from water and tear-resistant vinyl, this stylish handbag is perfect for your stroll in the pool or even on a boat ride as you go Island hopping. It is also lightweight and durable that you can stuff it with more without being burdened with its weight and worry that it might break along the way. Fashioned with inside pockets and two brass grommets along the bottom, this beach-ready carryall just needs a little shake to dust off any unwanted sands or pebbles.

     28. Large Canvas Tote Bag

    Take a fashion stride in the beachfront with this Large Canvas Tote Bag that is made in classic bohemian style for a vibrant display of colors. Convenient, fashionable, and lightweight, this large boho-themed carryall is also heavy-duty, sand proof, and waterproof. Since it is manufactured using tough “Ripstop” fabric to be carried via soft rope handles, you can guarantee that this beach bag is highly resistant to water, tearing, and ripping. So pack all your beach getaway essentials and organize them in the two external pockets and the zippered inside pocket. Attractive, stylish, durable, and convenient, this tote is a must-have for a beach aficionado like you.

    27. Palm Leaf Rounded Clutch

    Treat your palms with a touch of palm. This Palm Leaf Rounded Clutch adds a perfect beach look to any outfit and embellishes your hands with a stylish add-on. The fun rounded silhouette features a soft cotton lining to protect your stuff from scratches and a magnetic closure to secure the said essentials. Add in a monogram or initials and this clutch will be more than a catch. Grab this on your bedside table and stuff it with your phone or wallet for quick errands or run down from the hotel. Whether you are in a hurry or not, with this tote, you will never be caught carrying a not-so-beach-themed bag.

    26. 35 L Insulated Tote

    What's a beach getaway without great company and well-prepared food? This 35 L Insulated Tote will make food transport easier and more convenient. It has a lightweight insulation feature that keeps contents cold for up to 4 hours. So whether the beach is nearby or you are in for a long 4-hour drive to the sands, the food you carry in your shoulder will remain fresh, well that is if there will be enough left as the family devours them usually during the travel. For a more enjoyable and well-fed vacation, a double-duty insulated tote is a bag you need to carry.

    25. Wicker and Leather Crossbody

    Run around the beach in a dress or shorts hands-free and worry-free because you have your essentials by your side. Carry with you this tote that is artfully woven by hand from natural rattan with a tan leather shoulder strap and a soft linen lining.  This Wicker and Leather Crossbody bag is a sleek and dainty addition to any of your outfits and can easily be matched with other accessories like hats and earrings. It can even be monogrammed with your initial for a more personalized touch. In case you get it dirty, just wipe it clean with a dry cloth and it will be good to hang across your body again the next day.

    24. All This Jelly 

    Gather the gang and run along with a bang! This Personalized Jelly Bag will have any girl in your squad walking in cuteness and elegance. More than being a dainty small essentials carrier, these retro-style jelly bags are also a nice way to package favors for a bachelorette, beach party, or wherever else fun can be had.

    23. Fringe Top Tote

    Tickle your way into enjoying your quick stroll on the beach or even your glide on the halls of the resort with this Fringe Top Tote. Gorgeously fashioned with top fringe for added appeal, this carryall is artfully woven from natural straw with a striped design. The fusion of fringe detailing matches perfectly with the beach-ready color combination of this awesome piece. Pack it with your stuff and carry them with ease as the sturdy carry handles of this bag are wrapped for comfort. Thematic and stylish, your monogram or initials may be placed in this bag using embroidery that not only matches the material but also adds more sophistication to this beach bag.

    22. Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Equipment Bag

    Some go to the beach just to swim or hang out on the sandy shores, while others take advantage of the many activities they can do in the waves or under it. So for those kinesthetically inclined individuals that also love the waters, this Deluxe Ventilator Mesh Equipment Bag is for you. You can stash your scuba diving gears and pieces of equipment in here or even your wet clothing after an activity. This functional backpack also features mesh compartments to air out wet clothing for quick drying. It is also fashioned with new styling and improved materials. Of course, the shoulder straps that are for backpack carry make this bag a comfortable choice.

    21. The Sandless Beach Tote

    Bring on you’re A-Game to the beach by bringing all the food and stuff you can without having them get a taste or touch of sand. The Sandless Beach Tote is made from materials developed for military use. The material is made from two layers of patented woven PVS/PE that instantly filters sand the beach as soon as it falls on its surface. Also, the specially woven polyurethane acts as a one-way filter to prevent the sand from reemerging through the sides or bottom of the bag. As though that feature is not yet enough, it also won’t absorb moisture so it is safe from mold and mildew. So go on and get your feet wet and dusted with sand but your food and things will remain safe in this bag.

    20. Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag

    If you already have a multi-purpose bag you use for daily and work use, add this Neoprene Multipurpose Beach Bag to your collection and you are good to go. Big enough to accommodate your summer essentials, this bag made of high-quality and neoprene material is durable enough to carry the weight of what you plan to bring for your beach vacation. But once all the food is eaten and clothes are used up, this bag converts to a stylish and elegant tote that can be carried on the shoulder or by hand with its stylish sailing rope handles. Such handles are not only there for added design but for ease of carrying as it provides strength and minimal stretch and weight.

    19. Laila Cage Tote

    A break from the usual leather, cotton, and linen make-up bag design, this Laila Cage Tote is an eye-catcher. Made from Vegan leather in the external body, and 70% Organic cotton plus 30% Linen interior shell, this unique handheld is accentuated with Zinc Alloy Hardware in a brushed gold finish. So if you have been settled in your room at the resort but wish to read a book in the open, run along on the beach carrying this bag that can hold a water bottle, your book, or other essentials you need by your side. The sturdy built of this tote will ensure that it will not fall over as you bring it down to a flat surface.

    18. Isla Rectangle Tote

    Is your vacation a working one? If yes, then this Isla Rectangle Tote is the bag of choice. This bag offers a spacious interior with linen lining that can keep your laptop or papers as you adapt to the beach theme vibe of your surroundings. It also features leather detailing and a gold clasp that opens and closes your bag for a more secured keeping of things. The linen interior has a pull string that covers and keeps your essentials protected from dust. If the intricate design and sophisticated style and built are not enough yet, a foil debased monogram or initial of your name might do the trick in making this tote a summer must-have of choice.

    17. Stuck on You Tote

    Not only sands will be stuck on your toes but also the joy of bringing such a cute and functional bag along with your experience. Stuck on You Tote is made up of 100% Burlap Fabric with a Laminated Interior for a beach-adapting look and functional build-up. This bag can even be personalized with up to 12 characters of names or any word of your choice. It is best for your personal use and gifting purposes.

    16 Moroccan Straw Backpack

    Going to the beach does not always require a shoulder or a tote bag. Even a backpack like this Moroccan Straw Backpack can make an impression as you stride along the sand and water. Not only does this Boho woven beach bag look great on your beach outfit but also it serves the purpose of carrying all your vacay essentials. It is made with natural palm leaves and leather with a size of 15x21 inches (with handle).

    15. Velmar Large Beach Bag

    If you think largeness and luxurious look is not a possible combination especially for a beach bag, think again. Velmar Large Beach Bag is a break from the stereotype as it presents a very professional and elite appearance with its woven make-up and natural color combination that comes side by side with the huge space inside for all your beach-binging needs. The bag itself comes in various color combinations and the font outside may come in different colors as well. Worry not about your things being taken too quickly from your shoulder as this largely beautiful piece of handmade masterpiece has a top closure to ensure security.

    14. Fringe Art Deco Clutch

    Rushing down from your hotel room to the restaurant before your breakfast window closes? You need your phone and your wallet in case you need them. A huge bag will be overkill but a clutch will be just fine. Fringe Art Deco Clutch is the handheld essential you will be proud to show with its ethnic look and unique color combination: Back with Beige Fringe. The Hmong Hill Tribes of Northern Thailand embroidered this piece on the front and back making it a perfect combination of Traditional Thai with a modern touch.


    13. Bogg Beach Bag

    At first glance and you will know that this is not your ordinary beach bag. Available in 14 beach-ready colors, Bogg Beach Bag is splash-proof and sand-ready. You may bring all your necessities and shake off this bag or sprinkle it with water at the end of the day and just like that, your bag is ready to run the sands again the next day. The built of this eye-candy provides sturdy support for the bottled essentials you might want to bring with you. Cute, modern, easy to clean, and durable: this bag is truly a great deal.


    12. Bluboon Mesh Beach Tote with Cooler Compartment

    Are you the type of vacationer who likes to bring multi-purpose and multi-functional things? If you are then Bluboon Mesh Beach Tote with Cooler Compartment is the one for you. This beach bag is made with a breathable mesh bag that is big enough to carry your towels, bathing suits, sunblock, and other beach essentials. At the bottom is a detachable picnic bag that is insulated and functions as a cooler for those cold beverages you wish to keep drinking cold in sunny weather. Bring all you need and stay cool, this bag can do that for you.


    11. Beach Bum Bag

    The Beach Bum Bag will not be bumming you out anytime soon, with its Burlap Jute Fabric and Leather Handles, an exciting day will be up ahead. The look and feel of this awesome bag are fitting for a walk in the sand or a stroll in the beach. Even if you choose to just hang out in a hotel with this sitting on the empty chair beside you, you can rest assured that the zippered closure will secure your essentials. Partner it with a Burlap hat and you are ready to make waves on the beach.


    10. Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag

    Of course, you would not want to go back and forth to your cottage or hotel and the beach. Being able to bring all your must-haves must be a top priority for you in choosing a bag. This Dejaroo Mesh Beach Bag is made with strong lightweight material that will allow you to carry heavier and more stuff without fear of breaking it on first use and you can guarantee that the bag will not add to the weight. Now you may organize your stuff with its oversized and numerous pockets for a vacay on the beach, a day in the pool, or even for a quick run to the market. Durable, stylish, and multi-purpose: what you need and want for what will hang on your shoulder.


    9. Yeti Camino Carryall 35 Boat and Beach Tote Bag

    If you are wondering why this does not look like a normal stereotypical beach bag; well, it is because it is not. Yeti Camino Carryall 35 Boat and Beach Tote Bag is not only waterproof, which makes it perfect for a boat ride, it is also puncture-proof which guarantees those sharp objects you may bump into along the way will not ruin your structured bag. It is spacious so you will have the luxury to put more and it is easy to clean. So go ahead, have that fun day under the sun, let your bag add up to your confidence to wander and enjoy.


    8. Sierra Tribal Clutch

    Not all beach bags need to be huge; some can come in a dainty junior size. The Sierra Tribal Clutch is made of a woven Saa (Mulberry) with an interior lined in black cotton. Woven and handmade in Laos, this bag can find its way to your heart the same way it found its way to your palm, by its intricately put-together design and functionality. This small but terrible piece of hard work has a zippered closure for a more secure run down to the lobby.


    7. Beach Bag with Rope Handles

    Carrying a heavy bag is tricky especially if you are the type who is conscious about how she looks while she strides. Moreover, the weight of your stuff need not take a toll on those proud shoulders. This Beach Bag with Rope Handles made of durable, washable, and waterproof canvas-like fabric with “RIPSTOP” construction is like a security bag that protects your stuff from getting damaged and wet. It is spacious and can carry up to 22 pounds without burdening your arms and shoulder. It has a top magnet button for more secure packing of stuff and the variety of styles to choose from is a must to check.

    6. Beach and Bag

    If you are planning to have a beach wedding and you wish to have a nice gift for your bridesmaids that is both stylish and useful, then this bag is your key to those happy faces. Beach and Bag is eco-friendly as it is made with durable and biodegradable materials. You can never go wrong with handing over a piece of Burlap Jute Fabric to your friends, even to your guests. The leather handle only adds up to the durability and class of this fine piece. Dainty and durable, stylish and strong: this beach bag is a catch.

    5. Oversized Beach Bag

    This Oversized Beach Bag made it to this list not only because it is too big not to notice but also because its versatility is noticeable. Designed exquisitely to make its sole purpose optional depending on the woman who will use it, this bag is water-resistant and lightweight. Hence, it may carry a lot without the burden of its weight on your shoulder. Stylish and multi-pocketed, it may be used as a beach bag, a gym bag, or even a nurse bag. Worry not because you may use it as you may without second-guessing about its quality as it is durable and made to last.

     4. Savvy Outdoors Beach Bag

    Savvy Outdoors Beach Bag is another treat to bag for those women who just make it a habit to bring everything during a vacation or a trip. Surprisingly lightweight, this bag comes with a removable insulated cooler bag for those drinks and snacks you wish to keep cold or warm. It has plenty of storage space and compartments for more organized packing plus 2 microfiber towels to complete your beach-binging set. Made with high-quality polyester fabric, this bag is durable and strong. With all the things you carry while you walk, all you need to do is bring it down and open it as its structure functions as your stand-up box.

    3. Beach Tote Bag-Chevron

    The simplicity of Beach Tote Bag-Chevron speaks volumes as to why this one is on the list. When you need just a handy spacious bag for your beach essentials but you are too busy to think of a matching outfit every single time, then you found your match in this tote. The inner slip pocket of this bag is great for your phone and wallet and the rope handles not only strike a modern beach-ready vibe but also provides functional stability for carrying heavier and more stuff.

    2. Canvas and Jute Boho Tote Summer Bag

    This two-toned summer bag made from Jute and heavy-duty canvas is a unique addition to the list because of its queer style with a touch of purposefulness. It is roomy but not bulky with a classic boho-chic style. The handles are made of cotton and are adjustable making your bag-carrying moment easy on the beach. You can have one Canvas and Jute Boho Tote Summer Bag for yourself or give it as a gift.

    1. Straw Babe

    Before you take off that overall cover and reveal your beach-ready body in a head-turning bathing suit, why not go for a little stride on the hallways of your hotel or along the shores of that beachfront. While you are at it, bring Straw Babe with you and see how your strolling will turn into a seemingly pictorial session. This babe is made of straw and comes with cute black pompoms that accentuate its sexy visuals. No worries as it will not upstage your allure but will highlight you even more with your name lettered by hand in front.