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    69 Best Retirement Gifts for Women

    For the woman who has given years of expertise and wit, a parting gift or a sendoff token will be fitting. It will make her loyalty and relationship with her co-workers feel valuable and her upcoming retired years an exciting one. Here is a list of 69 Best Retirement Gifts for Women

    69. The Traveling Girl Bag


    She will now have the time to do the things she likes at the time she wants to do them. Giver her this The Traveling Girl Bag and make her retirement fun and heartfelt reason to go travel around the globe. It comes in multiple colors so that any retired woman can show up looking unique. This is an over-the-shoulder duffle that comes with a long detachable strap so that can fit just about everything she needs for a long weekend away. To make it extra special, choose an embroidery design and add her initials to the bag.

    68. Home Sweet Home

    Retirement means she will often be in her Home Sweet Home now that she does not have a job to be busy on. Whether it is a transition to business or an actual descent to a more home-bound life, this cutting board will make her cooking easier and meals yummier. It has a sleek and simple design so that it looks good with every item she decides to put on it. Made of bamboo and measuring 18” x 12 “, this custom engraved chopping board is equipped with a juice groove ideal for cutting raw meats or serving up the best burgers she can make.

    67. Home for the Holidays 

    Now that she is retired, she will be Home for the Holidays  more often. Give her a staple mug she can drink from and make sure to put her name or her role (mom, grandma, etc.) in it to make it even more special. This mug can be used year-round as her coffee mug or a mug that she uses during the holidays to put hot cocoa in. Made of Red Enamel with White Speckles, this 17-ounce mug is ideal to use as she sits by the fire to warm up and sing with her family.

    66. Frozen in Time

    Capturing the images makes the memories of such events Frozen in Time. Put one or two in this frame and place it on her side table or living room. This way the emotions of the photo will be encapsulated and the moment will be immortalized. Made of Real Alder Wood, this frame can be engraved whether in portrait or landscape orientation. Her retirement will be filled with joyful reminders and a challenge to build more amazing memories with her loved ones.

    65. Nautical Multipurpose Bottle Opener 


    Staying at home will be one of the perks of her retirement but it comes with challenges as well. Now that she will be around most of the time, she might need to do all the tasks such as preparing meals for everyone, 24/7, placing in a frame on the wall, or fixing a toy. With these chores and tasks in mind, she needs a helper such as this Nautical Multipurpose Bottle Opener  that comes with a wine corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter:  everything you need all in one. Plus,  it is detailed with a light oak grip to ensure easy use for her female hands.

    64. Personalized Retirement And Rules Small Sherpa Blanket


    Her days will soon be filled with picnics and bonding moments with her family. Whether she snuggles with her kids on the couch at home, curled by the fire with a good book and wine, or warming up while enjoying her time in the park, this Personalized Retirement And Rules Small Sherpa Blanket will be the fitting gift for such a legend. Made of 100% polyester, this blanket may be filled with all the funny and relaxing rules for a retired woman so she can always look at it and feel the breeze of her decision.

    63. Retirement Shirt For Grandparents


    Retirees make the best grandparents especially if she is a women. She has all the reason to stay home and she has the experience, the time, the money to pamper her grandkids, and the routinary energy to put into taking care of them. That is why, giving your retired friend or loved one this Retirement Shirt For Grandparents will make her feel all the pride of spoiling her grandkids and naming them on an emblem she can wear.

    62. “Smells Like Retirement” Candle


    Retirement means to rest or simply a time for herself after all the years of working hard. Let this “Smells Like Retirement” Candle surround her home with a relaxing scent that shall remind her that her busy days are over.

    It is available in various scents such as Apple Pie, Amber and Drift Wood, Banana Nut Bread, Birthday Cake, and many more. In front of this gift writes “Be proud of the work you have done, the person you are, and the difference you have made.”

    61. Engraved Happy Retirement Star Keepsake

    Needless to reiterate, retired individuals have their accomplishments and years of service to show for it. That is why handing them an Engraved Happy Retirement Star Keepsake will wish them a happy transition to their less busy days while being reminded how great of a star they are in their field. It may be personalized with any name and retirement date to make it more heartwarming. Made of crystal clear, solid acrylic, this plaque measures 5” x 5” with edges measuring ¾” thick.

    60. Retirement Necklace


    Retirement Necklace that features a tree of life made into a locket that opens to a wonderful message you want to be placed there, is something any retired woman will appreciate.  It can read “Sometimes you will never know the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory” with an infinity heart stamp or your choice of encouraging words. The sterling silver can be gently cupped to form a locket and the said locket is held together by S-hook.

    59. Custom Personalized Keychain


    Her days of carrying office keys, along with pedestal and cabinet keys are over. However, her usual keyring must have been worn out or maybe surrendered along with the keys that belonged to the company. To give her a nice and dainty place to put her new keys, give her this Custom Personalized Keychain that is a laser engraved wood piece. It is available in a variety of wood types; Bamboo, Cherry, Rose, and Walnut.

    58. Four Snifter Gifter 


    Not all drinking set is meant for men. This Four Snifter Gifter  is perfect after she has had her last day in the office and wishes to celebrate her first weekend free from work stress with her gal pals. It comes with 1 whiskey decanter, 4 snifters, and 1 wood box.  The decanter comes with a solid 100% glass stopper that is both classy and useful. More drinks and chats and fewer excuses to refill for the newly retired female you are giving this to. 

    57. Mug O' Life – Teacher


    They say once an educator, always an educator. It is true, especially for teachers that is why even after they retired, the hundreds of mins that they have shaped shall remain like feathers in their hats forever. Capture her excellence and years of dedication to her profession with this Mug O' Life – Teacher. It features a caricature of her and words that say “ World’s Best Teacher”. Now that is a trophy she can drink from every morning.

    56. Seersucker Cooler Tote


    Picnics, outdoor activities, and constant getaways will be in play now that she is retired. A Seersucker Cooler Tote will be a timely gift for the woman who is ready to be stress-free while preparing and eating food outside. It has a natural web handle and 9" handle drop that makes it easy to carry, while the zip closure with the front pocket ensures that your belongings are safe and secure. The USDA-approved insulated lining will keep her snacks and drinks cold for hours, making this a must-have for any outdoor and fun-loving woman. 

    55. Tennis Racket Tote 


    She must have taken for granted her health and wellness during her work days and that is normal especially if you are so focused on tasks to be done. But now that the retired woman you are giving a gift to will finally have the time for her fitness, a Tennis Racket Tote  might be a fitting starter kit to playing tennis. This bag comes with a front pocket made to perfectly fit her tennis racket and it opens up on the top so that she can fit her towel, water, tennis balls, and any other tricks she has up her sleeve.

    54. Monogrammed Sweatshirt 


    The days of staying home, especially during cold seasons are on her calendar now that she is retired. Give her this Monogrammed Sweatshirt  that she can wear everywhere and still feel comfortable. It has fleece on the inside to keep her cozy and is made of a cotton and polyester blend so that she doesn't have to worry about it shrinking in the wash. Sizes range from small to extra-large. Add her monogram to it for a more personalized touch.

    53. Namaste Tote Bag


    Yay to the woman who has already retired. After all the stress and challenges, it is now time for her to relax. A Namaste Tote Bag will make relaxation a whole lot easier to do. It is made of canvas so that she can take it everywhere she goes and not have to worry about it getting damaged. This tote also has a spacious interior and comes with straps on the outside to secure her yoga mat. Plus her initials may be placed in the bag too.

    52. Leather Bookmark


    Any bibliophile will love a water a Leather Bookmark with a water-resistant finish especially your recently retired friend, family, or colleague. Now that she will be spending more time to her reading after a lifetime of working, let the next chapter of her life be about enjoying the pages, and, marking them well where she left off. This 1”x7” piece of thin leather will last her for years and will surely be a guaranteed staple on her shelf.

    51. Etched Wine Glass

    Since tension will elude her after retirement and pension will inevitably follow, this is a cause for celebration. Give her this Etched Wine Glass to pour her celebratory drink to while laughing at its etched wordings and reminding herself that she is allowed to get wasted and be happy. The etching on this 11oz wine glass will be on one side and is permanent, flawless, and requires no maintenance. Plus, it is dishwasher safe, because she may also retire from washing them by hands. 

    50. The Legend Has Retired T-Shirt

    A LEGEND. That is what she is. And while they never really go away, they retire. The Legend Has Retired T-Shirt is a nice outfit for her quick errands or random jog around the area during her early weeks of retirement, just to inform every curious mind why she is not at work, without actually having a conversation with them. Made of a combination of cotton and polyester, this shirt is stylish and will make a statement loud and clear.

    49. Infinity Scarf with Pocket

    Just cause she is no longer modeling her corporate outfit daily, doesn’t mean she cannot hold her “stylish” title longer. This Infinity Scarf with Pocket made from buttery-soft, durable fabric that is meticulously stitched and has a roomy pocket is a must-have travel accessory as it is an added accent to any outfit. She can protect her valuable belongings such as passport and phone, hands-free to allow her to enjoy her retirement travels and walks.

    48. US States Travel Checklist

    Deciding where to go next after one awesome travel need not be a tedious task. Put a little challenge to it with this US States Travel Checklist. Let the first state she finds and marks be the next destination in play. It isn’t easy to just jump back to simple tasks after years of strategizing and stressing over deadlines and this game may be the transitional tool she needs to cross over the retired life.

    47. “I’m Done” Stamped Fork

    No concern or worries about the office shall bother her after retirement, especially with this “I’m Done” Stamped Fork in her going away gift set. It is cutlery that speaks “I’m done!” in the firmest manner while functioning well as she eats her favorite retirement steak or dessert. It comes with a card that says “Stick a fork in it…I’m done!” along with “(Happy Retirement!)”. No one will disturb her while eating, that’s for sure.

    46. Bath Bomb Gift Set

    No longer does she need to take a bath in a rush to meet her 8 AM work schedule. Now she can enjoy showering with this Bath Bomb Gift Set that will make the whole experience even more enjoyable than it already is. Made from the finest ingredients and essential oils, these organic bath bombs are gentle enough even for toddlers. As she cleanses her body, an explosion of relaxing scent shall cover her bathing sanctuary.

    45. Retirement Schedule Coffee Mug

    Retirement means a lot of things but to most women, it means being able to do all the things they put aside while prioritizing work. This Retirement Schedule Coffee Mug will make your retiree friend, boss, colleague, or family look forward to doing those things. It boasts a sweet message that motivates you to enjoy retired life without feeling guilty. And if she feels reluctant looking at it, let her know that the word “schedule” is a hoax in this mug as it states she can do whatever the F she wants.

    44. Aromatherapy Candle Set

    Include the fruity fragrances of this Aromatherapy Candle Set into the retirement scent she will smell after her last working day. The candles are made with naturally biodegradable and natural soy wax, plus natural fragrances and finest essential oils were used in them so that they will burn cleanly. This scented goodness may be used to make dinner cozier, bath time more aromatic, and “me time” more relaxing. Let her enjoy the six fragrances: Berry, Peach, Cherry, Grapefruit, Tarocco blood orange, and Mediterranean Fig in every burn. 

    43. A Sweet Thanks

    What can make an emotional retirement a bit more bearable than A Sweet Thanks like this? It is a collection of all the sweet treats a retired woman will enjoy with a dash of keeping her busy chewing so she won’t miss going to work so much. This set allows her to munch on Small-batch caramel cheddar popcorn mix, a Naturally sweet mix of whole-fruit red apple, peach, and persimmon, Southern-style dark chocolate, and pecan toffee, Sweet and salty chocolate-covered pretzel twists, Small-batch sweet cranberry toasted granola, and Crispy, bite-size chocolate cookies. 

    42. Wonder Woman Cotton Apron

    Over the years she has saved many accounts, birthed business ideas, and probably helped countless individuals in her work. She is really the “Wonder Woman” of her work. But as she retires from all those, she makes takes on a new adventure, in her kitchen, and still does wonders in every turn. Mark the beginning of such a venture with this Wonder Woman Cotton Apron. Now all she needs is a superhero pose, a great cooking pot, and a whole lot of love for cooking and she will be the “Kitchen Superhero” of her family in no time.

    41. Retirement Acrostic Poem Canvas Sign

    Saying goodbye to a job and colleagues that she has considered her second home may be an emotional experience. After years of service, it may feel like the only thing she knows how to do is be good at her job. Give your retiree friend, family, boss, or colleague this Retirement Acrostic Poem Canvas Sign and remind her that there is a whole lot of great things she may do even after she bid her work adieu. This RETIREMENT acrostic poem display will be a sentimental keepsake she will value as she transitions to her life away from her office desk.

    40. Lightly Sweetened Loose Leaf Bagless Tea Set

    She is retired. It may mean a lot of things but just for this Lightly Sweetened Loose Leaf Bagless Tea Set, it means that she will finally have time to enjoy her meal and have a cup of tea after. The kind of tea session that does not include meetings or rushing to decide on something important to a point that her tea has gone cold already. All of the Tea Drops are fair trade, organic, and kosher certified with 15% less waste than traditional tea bags.

    39. Travelers Personalized Journal

    Traveling to places that she dreams of is one of the things on her checklist to fulfill after her retirement. But since she is a professional, journaling may still be in the equation as note-taking is a routine for her. This Travelers Personalized Journal is the best travel companion for women who loves to jot down every restaurant she visited, cuisine she enjoyed, and places she would love to go back to. It is filled with 118 lined pages and is spiral bound with double wire for easy flipping and writing on both sides. 

    38. Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet and Essential Oils Set

    Essential oils may be her constant companion now that relaxation is achievable. This Aromatherapy Diffuser Bracelet and Essential Oils Set is a gift that will make her carry that stress-free and calming aroma anywhere she goes. The bracelet is refillable with essential oils of choice, that comes in the package, and has an adjustable rose gold leather band and pendant. The pendant has a solid back and two magnets for a secure closure, so it won’t get oil on her clothing.

    37. Begonia Flower Painting Kimono

    For some women, retirement means being finally free from wearing corporate clothes or uniforms, and basically wearing whatever she wants. At home, well, she can wear nothing at all if she prefers, but in case she does so, give her this Begonia Flower Painting Kimono to cover her up when a sudden guest decides to visit. This wrap-up is made from environment-friendly fabric that is both silky and comfortable to wear. It is a work of art in a garment.

    36. “Not My Problem Anymore” Floor Pillow Cover

    Add humor to her retirement with this “Not My Problem Anymore” Floor Pillow Cover. Made of 100% spun polyester, this cover has concealed zip opening for a clean look and easy care. Purchase a pillow for a complete set or if she already has one of her own at home, this case will be a funny addition to her collection. Whatever issue presented to her from her former job will be met with a statement written in her pillowcase. She need not say more.

    35. Pink Leather Weekender

    Now she’s got the time to go on a weekend trip and even extend it to a month. But she will need a nice carrier of her essentials and this Pink Leather Weekender is a perfect gift for such an intention. It has dual top handles, a shoulder cross strap for easy carrying, and a zipper that runs the full length of the bag, and it has all the standard features you want in a travel duffel. Plus, this bag can be personalized with either a name, three custom embroidered initials, or a single monogram letter for that additional classy touch.

    34. Retirement Flower Box

    To the woman who is retiring, this Retirement Flower Box will be a great send-off and a nice reminder of how her accomplishments and hard work made a difference. It includes a foot-long wooden box that can be personalized with a message of your choice to ensure you will warm the heart of your retiree friend, three-pint size mason jars that can either be clear or linen color and a decorative ribbon to embellish the jars. Choose her favorite flower and add it to the jar. 

    33. Full Body Bath Pillow for Tub and Bathtub Caddy Tray

    Retirement to most women, means hello pension, goodbye tension and there is nothing better to relieve tension than a long soak in a hot bath. Make that experience better with this Full Body Bath Pillow for Tub and Bathtub Caddy Tray. If she enjoys reclining in a relaxing bubble bath, then this quilted cushioned spa bath tub pillow for the full body will be amongst her best bathtub accessories. Add this caddy that can hold all the essentials, a glass of wine, all your lotions and potions, phone, snack, a candle, and whatever else you need to enjoy an hour or two of self-care.

    32. Nonstick Bakeware Set

    Unleash the hidden baking prowess of your retiree friend with this Nonstick Bakeware Set. It includes Two 10-inch x 15-inch cookie pans, Two 9-inch round cake pans, a 9-inch square cake pan, 2 loaf pans, a 9-inch x 13-inch rectangular cake pan with a lid, 12-cup muffin, and a cupcake pan. The baking pans feature long-lasting, latte-colored nonstick inside and out to provide excellent food release with quick cleanup. Silicone grips on the bakeware panhandles offer plenty of solid, comfortable grasp, even with potholders. Now that is a baking experience she will enjoy.

    31. Round Back Velvet Tufted Rocking Chair

    Her days of sitting in an office chair may be over, but this Round Back Velvet Tufted Rocking Chair will make sitting at home a more enjoyable retired moment. It is a round egg-shaped swivel accent chair with arms. Its curved shape provides a rocking feeling that will help her fall asleep quickly and have a better relaxation. The design of circular arc backrest perfectly lines up with the human body line, and it is softly padded for extreme comfort, comfortable even when she sits for a long day.

    30. HoMedics® Shower Bliss Foot Spa with Heat Boost Power

    After years of abuse and exhaustion, the feet of your retiree colleague deserve a soothing, reviving experience like no other. The HoMedics® Shower Bliss Foot Spa with Heat Boost Power combines stimulating shower massage jets, gentle bubbles, and comforting heat. It comes with 3 pedicure attachments. Heat boost power heats cold water in minutes and maintains the temperature throughout and the Acunode floor provides additional massage to soles of the feet. These and other features will ensure an awesome foot spa experience.

    29. Watercolor Kit

    Activate the inner Picasso of the person who just decided to retire with this Watercolor Kit. It comes with a 50-page artbook tutorial, 36 Color Watercolor Palette, 10 watercolor brushes, watercolor paper, and a pencil. Now they can enjoy a painting and wine class from the comfort of their home. Plus it will encourage them to unleash their artistic side and give the other part of their brain a break. This gift is best when tailored to your retiree!

    28. Edible Extravaganza

    Show your grandeur of appreciation to your boss or colleague who just decided to retire with this Edible Extravaganza. It is a delicious assortment of tasty snacks worthy of a boss, including Organic salted olive oil plantain chips, 2.3 oz., Organic dried banana chips, 2 oz., Roasted organic almonds coated in craft dark chocolate, 6 oz., Organic, gluten-free raspberry gummy fish, 5 oz., Heirloom dark chocolate bar with sea salt and cacao nibs, Organic, dairy-free cheddar crackers made from green banana flour, Top 8 Allergen-free, 4 oz., Handcrafted popcorn mix of salted caramel with white and jalapeno cheddar, 5.25 oz. and many more delicious treats.

    27. Retirement Canvas Retirement Rules

    This Retirement Canvas Retirement Rules will serve as a motivational piece of wall décor for a retiree because through its creative word art, it reminds them to enjoy every single bit of their retired life. Customize this piece and turn it into a funny retirement gift by adding in silly rules that you know he or she will appreciate reading. This gift is sure to add a lighthearted touch to the retirement party when you send the retiree off to a laughable rule he or she needs to follow.

    26. BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set

    The yoga session he or she has been putting off due to work schedule will finally be started with this BalanceFrom GoYoga 7-Piece Set. Let your retiree boss, friend, or boss start a more active life with this starter set. It includes all of the essentials to help her learn how to begin in a way that is safe, comfortable, and exciting. Plus, it encourages a person to get in touch with his/her body, mind, and spirit.

    25. UGG® Clifton Backrest Pillow in Charcoal

    Honestly, anyone who works from home needs this UGG® Clifton Backrest Pillow in Charcoal. So for that someone who just retired, this pillow will be a constant buddy for his/her relaxation needs such as TV watching, wine drinking, and reading books. It adds support and comfort throughout the home. Covered in snow-colored faux Sherpa with charcoal plush accents, it doubles as a chic accessory in any décor. Now she gets the support he/she needs for the back, neck, and arms. 

    24. Etekcity Foot Massager Machine

    For that hardworking someone in your life who spent her life standing on her feet for a living, this Etekcity Foot Massager Machine is an amazing way to tell her to relax through your gift.  It provides a deep kneading massage on the bottom of the feet while airbags gently create pressure on the top of the feet and around the ankles. Such features effectively relieve pain, plantar fasciitis and increase relaxation. She’ll definitely discover a deep appreciation for it the moment she uses it for the first time.

    23. “May You Be Proud Of The Work You Have Done” Blanket

    Wrapping a blanket around and enjoying movies or bonding with loved ones is a wonderful way to relax after a long day of work.  Go the extra mile in making that retiree friend or boss of yours feel cozier with this “May You Be Proud Of The Work You Have Done” Blanket. It is a wonderful idea for anyone who wants to help a friend or coworker enjoy their time after so many years of working. This is a wonderful substitute for a signed card as the words of appreciation will embrace her even as she relaxes.

    22. Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera

    Years of working hard may have caused her to miss out on a lot of things. Make her capture the moments of her retirement with this Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Instant Film Camera and although she cannot bring back the lost years she can somehow make up for it by taking so many photos. The Instax Mini 90 – designed with a classic look offers advanced features, such as bulb and double exposures, that enhance the capability to capture light creatively for all her travels. 

    21. Coffee Talk

    If you are looking for a simple yet heartwarming gift, this Coffee Talk mug might do the trick. This stainless steel coffee mug is perfect for any hot beverage (or favorite wine). The wide mouth and large C-handle allow for easy, everyday use. Made with recycled and environmentally friendly material; this tumbler is vacuum insulated.

    20. For The Retiree Engraved Clear Bud Vase

    Congratulate your colleague, boss, or friend with this For The Retiree Engraved Clear Bud Vase. Personalize the crystal bud vase with her name, initials, choice of 4 verses, or you can write your own verse, an optional date, or a company name. While it doesn’t come with a flower on its own, you can choose your retiree’s favorite flower, which should be real, for a sweeter touch. This crystal is a small but endlessly impactful retirement gift.

    19. Lavender Vanilla Scented Spa Gift Basket

    For women,  you can’t go wrong with spa kits. This Lavender Vanilla Scented Spa Gift Basket is a great overall retirement gift that still shows that you care. A nourishing and complete spa experience awaits the body, mind, and soul with this abundant and expertly curated basket of wholesome, all-natural, organic, dye-free bath and body essentials. This basket is filled with an assortment of Cru de Provence lavender vanilla scented spa products.

    18. Cloud Nine Embroidered Bathrobe 

    Of course, you know a bathrobe is essential in a home spa. This Cloud Nine Embroidered Bathrobe  be great to pair with essential oils to inspire the retirees to wear it all the time and relax. It is made from a heavyweight cotton material so that maximum comfort can be achieved. Make it extra special by putting her name or initials in it for a more personalized touch.

    17. 21 oz. Seashell Stemless Wine Glasses

    Now that she will have more time on her hands for herself, her family, and her friends, she will have time to drink wine and not worry about a workday the following day. This 21 oz. Seashell Stemless Wine Glasses brings her to a drinking session on the beach without actually going there. The variety of seashell designs per glass makes for good group tumblers and kitchen decoration. Each glass holds up to 21 oz. of her favorite beverage and since it comes in a set of four, this gift will surely make her want to invite more drinking gals and pals.

    16. Retirement Necklace

    This Retirement Necklace is both an acknowledgment of the great works she has done and a good wish for the years to come. Made of Gold with a curb chain style and a spring-ring closure, this minimalist neck dangle is a loud reminder of her achievements that will always be with her, intertwined with her current and future life, just like the two intertwined circle design, the aforementioned are inseparable. You may customize the message you want to appear in the card for a more touching send-off gift.

     15. Wooden Heart Plaque

    Over the years of working and staying in the same profession, a woman will undoubtedly accumulate friends along the way. These are colleagues by profession but friends by choice. If you have a lady friend who is about to retire, this Wooden Heart Plaque will be a dainty gift. Not only does it scream that the message comes from your heart but also it preaches to anyone who will read and see it that fun and laughter must always be a part of your relationship as colleagues to bloom it to friendship.

    14. Agrarian Tool Basket

    If her retirement is tantamount to taking on a new agrarian hobby then this Agrarian Tool Basket will surely be a welcomed gift. Handcrafted of durable yet lightweight natural rattan, this basket keeps garden tools and essentials organized and easily accessible. The rattan is stained with an antique brown and finished with a durable food-safe, semi-gloss veneer. Cotton-polyester canvas liner fastens with Velcro for easy removal and the sturdy and twisted rattan handle offers reliable strength and easy maneuverability.

    13. Retirement Wine Rack

    She may not be a party-goer or a constant wine drinker but this Retirement Wine Rack is a clever way of saying that her wine-drinking days may be limited so you better give her a personal wine rack. Each wine rack has unique beautiful wood grain and color. It can hold five bottles of red wine and four wine glasses. This rack is also very easy to install and can be hung in the kitchen, dining room, or her very own bar. Surely she will be spending her time entertaining guests and bonding with her loved ones and a mini wine cellar in a corner is a great décor and happy retirement reminder.  These retirement gifts for women can not be beat.

    12. Retirement Bangle Bracelet

    For some amazing reasons, jewelry is always a welcomed gift for any occasion even for retirement. That is why this Retirement Bangle Bracelet made it to this list because not only does it convey an awesome message to a retiree “The best is yet to come” or whatever words of encouragement you want to be printed, but also it is a stylish addition to her collection of accessories. Made of beads, stainless steel expandable bangle, and charms, this bracelet deserves to be on the wrist of a woman who has given her best years to her profession.

     11. Retirement Pillow Covers

    Most career women are sleep deprived, so this Retirement Pillow Covers is an adorable pun for that retiree who will be getting a lot of bonding with their pillows in the coming days. Made from brushed polyester microfiber fabric which is super comfortable, this pillowcase is designed for a cozy sleep. It also features an invisible zipper so there are no unsightly closures. The permanent and eco-friendly fabric printing will not fade or crack and will last longer even with multiple washing. The reversible design makes for an adaptable bedroom décor and a double-duty pillow partner.

    10. Retirement Card

    A classic gift such as a well-written note or message placed in a neatly designed card such as this Retirement Card is always an appreciated one. Made from 250gsm Card stock with a wooden topper made from 3mm Birch Ply, this dainty piece of paper may transform into an endearing part of your heart with a strike of ink. Let that special woman know that retirement is not the end but the beginning of greater things for her and make her remember your words through this card.

    9. Nurse and Doctor Retiring Gift Sign

    Two of the noblest professions in the world are nurses and doctors. Once they retire, you can guarantee that they have touched and saved so many lives. That is why for a retiring nurse or doctor, this Nurse and Doctor Retiring Gift Sign will be awesome. It is a sign that says “By touching so many lives, you have changed the world” printed on a piece of wood and decorated with a handmade pink string stethoscope.  This signage is a loud yell of appreciation for all their work as it is a rustic addition to any household decoration.

    8. Annie Tea-For-One-Set

    No one said that retirement means being alone, but one of the many things she missed over those years of working is a moment of solitude. A time when she can just enjoy reading a book or watching a show alone was a scarce commodity before retirement.  What makes these “alone” and “me” times more meditative and enjoyable is having a beverage of your choice. This Annie Tea-For-One-Set will make her enjoy a cup of tea with its stackable set that is made more vibrant by the blooming florals depicting a breezy day in the garden.

    7. Gratitude Jar

    The mere title of this gift is already an indication that this will be an appreciated one. Fill this Gratitude Jar with things that you are all grateful for that one amazing retiree and leave a few for her to fill eventually. This awesome tart tine topped ball jar can host many rolled or folded papers that she can pull out anytime she wishes to remember the remarkable thing she has accomplished over the years and see how many lives she has touched in one glance. She may display it anywhere as the glass finish and tin-top make for a nice addition to any home decoration.

    6. Retirement Wine Bag

    This Retirement Wine Bag may stand alone with all the encouraging message written with each letter of the word “RETIREMENT” but it will be best if you hand it with an amazing and aged bottle of wine inside as a sign that the message of the bag envelopes a seasoned but perennially awesome retiree like her. Made of Burlap that is durable and reusable, this 6x14 inch wine bag can carry any standard wine bottle such as a 750ml champagne bottle.

    5. A Woman Once Said Retirement Mug

    For her soon-to-be many coffee and tea sessions, whether with her family and loved ones or by herself, this A Woman Once Said Retirement Mug is an empowering and piece of trophy that she can drink from. It is encouraging to read the words written in this mug especially the minute she remembers that she will not need to rush and go to work. Now as she relaxes and heats her tummy she will also be warming her heart knowing that her decision to retire will all the more make her live happily ever after.

    4. Retirement Tee Shirt

    She has been wearing the same uniform or corporate attire for the past years and her retirement will not only free her schedule but her body as well from the same outfit. This Retirement Tee Shirt is a funny gift for her to realize that there is still a lot of fun in store for her even during retirement. The greatest thing about this retirement uniform is that she will never be required to wear it all the time, only when she wants to remind everyone that she is already done with what she has been up to for the last many years.

    3. Ohuhu Bamboo Hammock

    She has been a sturdy, strong, and reliable woman for the past years and on her retirement day, she deserves to relax along with the breeze and nature with this Ohuhu Bamboo Hammock. Made from real, top-notch bamboo, this hammock will outlast years of wear and tear. It can carry up to 450 pounds and the curved bamboo spreader bars are durable and functional at the same time. She can relax even inside the house while swinging in this gift meant for her to relax.

    2. “Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension” Stainless Wine Tumbler

    To celebrate the nearing absence of tension and presence of pension, this “Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension” Stainless Wine Tumbler is a nice place to pour a celebratory beverage. Made of stainless steel, this vacuum-insulated mug finished with powder coating is protected from dents and scratched making it usable for a longer time. The pun written outside is a clever reminder of what she will be giving up in exchange for what she will be getting monthly.

    1. Reversible Throw


    Since her days might be spent on a couch of her living room binge-watching all the series and movies she has missed over the past years that she has been working, this Reversible Throw will come in handy. On a warm day, it will just keep her covered enough to still make her look decent to talk to sudden guests but on a cold day, this will keep her comfortable and cozy. It is easy to wash and clean but the reversible design will make this throw serve her a little longer than usual.