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    17 Best Retirement Gifts for Women

    For the woman who has given years of expertise and wit, a parting gift or a sendoff token will be fitting. It will make her loyalty and relationship with her co-workers feel valuable and her upcoming retired years an exciting one. Here is a list of 17 Best Retirement Gifts for Women:

    17. 21 oz. Seashell Stemless Wine Glasses

    Now that she will have more time on her hands for herself, her family, and her friends, she will have time to drink wine and not worry about a workday the following day. This 21 oz. Seashell Stemless Wine Glasses brings her to a drinking session on the beach without actually going there. The variety of seashell designs per glass makes for good group tumblers and kitchen decoration. Each glass holds up to 21 oz. of her favorite beverage and since it comes in a set of four, this gift will surely make her want to invite more drinking gals and pals.

    16. Retirement Necklace

    This Retirement Necklace is both an acknowledgment of the great works she has done and a good wish for the years to come. Made of Gold with a curb chain style and a spring-ring closure, this minimalist neck dangle is a loud reminder of her achievements that will always be with her, intertwined with her current and future life, just like the two intertwined circle design, the aforementioned are inseparable. You may customize the message you want to appear in the card for a more touching send-off gift.

     15. Wooden Heart Plaque

    Over the years of working and staying in the same profession, a woman will undoubtedly accumulate friends along the way. These are colleagues by profession but friends by choice. If you have a lady friend who is about to retire, this Wooden Heart Plaque will be a dainty gift. Not only does it scream that the message comes from your heart but also it preaches to anyone who will read and see it that fun and laughter must always be a part of your relationship as colleagues to bloom it to friendship.

    14. Agrarian Tool Basket

    If her retirement is tantamount to taking on a new agrarian hobby then this Agrarian Tool Basket will surely be a welcomed gift. Handcrafted of durable yet lightweight natural rattan, this basket keeps garden tools and essentials organized and easily accessible. The rattan is stained with an antique brown and finished with a durable food-safe, semi-gloss veneer. Cotton-polyester canvas liner fastens with Velcro for easy removal and the sturdy and twisted rattan handle offers reliable strength and easy maneuverability.

    13. Retirement Wine Rack

    She may not be a party-goer or a constant wine drinker but this Retirement Wine Rack is a clever way of saying that her wine-drinking days may be limited so you better give her a personal wine rack. Each wine rack has unique beautiful wood grain and color. It can hold five bottles of red wine and four wine glasses. This rack is also very easy to install and can be hung in the kitchen, dining room, or her very own bar. Surely she will be spending her time entertaining guests and bonding with her loved ones and a mini wine cellar in a corner is a great décor and happy retirement reminder.

    12. Retirement Bangle Bracelet

    For some amazing reasons, jewelry is always a welcomed gift for any occasion even for retirement. That is why this Retirement Bangle Bracelet made it to this list because not only does it convey an awesome message to a retiree “The best is yet to come” or whatever words of encouragement you want to be printed, but also it is a stylish addition to her collection of accessories. Made of beads, stainless steel expandable bangle, and charms, this bracelet deserves to be on the wrist of a woman who has given her best years to her profession.

     11. Retirement Pillow Covers

    Most career women are sleep deprived, so this Retirement Pillow Covers is an adorable pun for that retiree who will be getting a lot of bonding with their pillows in the coming days. Made from brushed polyester microfiber fabric which is super comfortable, this pillowcase is designed for a cozy sleep. It also features an invisible zipper so there are no unsightly closures. The permanent and eco-friendly fabric printing will not fade or crack and will last longer even with multiple washing. The reversible design makes for an adaptable bedroom décor and a double-duty pillow partner.

    10. Retirement Card

    A classic gift such as a well-written note or message placed in a neatly designed card such as this Retirement Card is always an appreciated one. Made from 250gsm Card stock with a wooden topper made from 3mm Birch Ply, this dainty piece of paper may transform into an endearing part of your heart with a strike of ink. Let that special woman know that retirement is not the end but the beginning of greater things for her and make her remember your words through this card.

    9. Nurse and Doctor Retiring Gift Sign

    Two of the noblest professions in the world are nurses and doctors. Once they retire, you can guarantee that they have touched and saved so many lives. That is why for a retiring nurse or doctor, this Nurse and Doctor Retiring Gift Sign will be awesome. It is a sign that says “By touching so many lives, you have changed the world” printed on a piece of wood and decorated with a handmade pink string stethoscope.  This signage is a loud yell of appreciation for all their work as it is a rustic addition to any household decoration.

    8. Annie Tea-For-One-Set

    No one said that retirement means being alone, but one of the many things she missed over those years of working is a moment of solitude. A time when she can just enjoy reading a book or watching a show alone was a scarce commodity before retirement.  What makes these “alone” and “me” times more meditative and enjoyable is having a beverage of your choice. This Annie Tea-For-One-Set will make her enjoy a cup of tea with its stackable set that is made more vibrant by the blooming florals depicting a breezy day in the garden.

    7. Gratitude Jar

    The mere title of this gift is already an indication that this will be an appreciated one. Fill this Gratitude Jar with things that you are all grateful for that one amazing retiree and leave a few for her to fill eventually. This awesome tart tine topped ball jar can host many rolled or folded papers that she can pull out anytime she wishes to remember the remarkable thing she has accomplished over the years and see how many lives she has touched in one glance. She may display it anywhere as the glass finish and tin-top make for a nice addition to any home decoration.

    6. Retirement Wine Bag

    This Retirement Wine Bag may stand alone with all the encouraging message written with each letter of the word “RETIREMENT” but it will be best if you hand it with an amazing and aged bottle of wine inside as a sign that the message of the bag envelopes a seasoned but perennially awesome retiree like her. Made of Burlap that is durable and reusable, this 6x14 inch wine bag can carry any standard wine bottle such as a 750ml champagne bottle.

    5. A Woman Once Said Retirement Mug

    For her soon-to-be many coffee and tea sessions, whether with her family and loved ones or by herself, this A Woman Once Said Retirement Mug is an empowering and piece of trophy that she can drink from. It is encouraging to read the words written in this mug especially the minute she remembers that she will not need to rush and go to work. Now as she relaxes and heats her tummy she will also be warming her heart knowing that her decision to retire will all the more make her live happily ever after.

    4. Retirement Tee Shirt

    She has been wearing the same uniform or corporate attire for the past years and her retirement will not only free her schedule but her body as well from the same outfit. This Retirement Tee Shirt is a funny gift for her to realize that there is still a lot of fun in store for her even during retirement. The greatest thing about this retirement uniform is that she will never be required to wear it all the time, only when she wants to remind everyone that she is already done with what she has been up to for the last many years.

    3. Ohuhu Bamboo Hammock

    She has been a sturdy, strong, and reliable woman for the past years and on her retirement day, she deserves to relax along with the breeze and nature with this Ohuhu Bamboo Hammock. Made from real, top-notch bamboo, this hammock will outlast years of wear and tear. It can carry up to 450 pounds and the curved bamboo spreader bars are durable and functional at the same time. She can relax even inside the house while swinging in this gift meant for her to relax.

    2. “Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension” Stainless Wine Tumbler

    To celebrate the nearing absence of tension and presence of pension, this “Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension” Stainless Wine Tumbler is a nice place to pour a celebratory beverage. Made of stainless steel, this vacuum-insulated mug finished with powder coating is protected from dents and scratched making it usable for a longer time. The pun written outside is a clever reminder of what she will be giving up in exchange for what she will be getting monthly.

    1. Reversible Throw


    Since her days might be spent on a couch of her living room binge-watching all the series and movies she has missed over the past years that she has been working, this Reversible Throw will come in handy. On a warm day, it will just keep her covered enough to still make her look decent to talk to sudden guests but on a cold day, this will keep her comfortable and cozy. It is easy to wash and clean but the reversible design will make this throw serve her a little longer than usual.