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    34 Best Gifts For Dog Moms

    For women whose maternal instincts are not limited to human children, having fur babies is also challenging and gratifying. They give all their love, sacrifices, finances, and even their time to raise their beloved Dogs. Grown-up or not, for them, they will always be their babies. So to celebrate the extension of the love of these women to canine creatures, give them a gift they will appreciate and keep. Here are 34 Best Gifts For Dog Moms: 

    34. Dog Mom 16oz Mug


    Yes, she is a mother but her child has four legs and fur. This Dog Mom 16oz Mug is a nice kitchenware addition to that special fur-loving female in your life. It features a front message “Dog Mom” and a back version that says “My Child Has Four Legs and Fur”. Microwave and dishwasher safe, this high-quality stoneware mug can hold up to 16 oz of her favorite hot beverage so she can keep sipping while she bonds with her baby.

    33. Wild One Sweater

    Women just love everything that matches. If asked, they will almost immediately say “yes” to twinning. So this Wild One Sweater will make a great gift for that Dog Momma in mind as it can be matched with her own version. Each purchase is for one slim-fit crew neck dog sweater. Should you opt to get a matching human version, you may do so. Just key in the sizes so there will be no interchanges, wink!

    32. Pet Portrait Necklace


    Available in Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold finish, this Pet Portrait Necklace will carry the image of your pet and turn it into a treasured piece of jewelry. Minimalist in design but memorable in nature, this piece is made of solid 925 sterling silver. Well, Dog Moms deserve the best and this gift will surely be cherished as it is appreciated. An option for engraving front and back is available so maximizing the opportunity may mean deeper for the recipient.

    31. Dog Doodle Cloth Face Mask


    Dog lovers think of their fur babies almost 24 hours a day. If only their eyes can reflect the faces of their cuties at home, they will certainly do so. But since it cannot, let this Dog Doodle Cloth Face Mask do all the expression of such love. Muffled as it may, the words that shall come out of this mask may not be so clear, but one thing is, the lady wearing it is a Dog Mama! Made of polyester on the outside and cotton on the inside, this necessity is easy to clean via machine or hand wash.

    30. Dog Collar and Matching Bracelet Set


    Best friends should match, is what they say. How much more a Dog Mom and her fur baby? This Dog Collar and Matching Bracelet Set offers a collar for the dog and a bracelet for the mom.  The chosen design is printed onto super soft animal-friendly vegan leather. The matching accessories have a buckle closure and D-ring that are gold plated for an elegant finish. Each set I available in 8 different sizes to ensure a perfect fit. 

    29. "I Need to Pet That Dog" Insulated Tumbler


    Having a fur baby changes a woman. Maybe not entirely but this "I Need to Pet That Dog" Insulated Tumbler is proof that even when a party girl drinking wine sees a puppy or a dog in her vicinity, she will leave her glass behind to pet that cutie. This stainless steel tumbler has copper vacuum insulation with a stainless steel rim and a push-on clear lid. It can hold up to 12 oz of her favorite beverage.

    28. Dog Bone Puzzle Pendant and Keychain


    A dog mom’s heart will never be whole without her fur baby. Even as it passes on, it will carry a piece of her heart in the grave. This Dog Bone Puzzle Pendant and Keychain is but a nice accessory for all lovers of pets who treat those furry creatures like family and best friends. It is a puzzle dog bone charm that is divided into two, attached to a necklace and a keyring. The other end goes to the dog mama and the keychain to her fur baby.

    27. “I have plans with my dog” Socks


    Hail to the introvert women who call themselves Dog Mama. Anytime they want to stay home and say “No” to a night out, they have the most amazing excuse, their children, with four legs and fur. This “I have plans with my dog” Socks says everything there is to say that will mean, “I just want to be with my fur baby”. After all, staying with their puppies may be the best plan they had all week.

    26. Dog Funny Sayings Canvas Painting


    Add a little humor to your gift for that special Dog Mom in your life by giving her this Dog Funny Sayings Canvas Painting. It is a hand-stretched canvas, perfectly folded and tucked, with 1.2” thick wood bars that serve as its frame painted with the funny message “All guests must be approved by the dog” This wall post may ignite a laugh and lighten the mood of visitors upon entry, but it also serves as a warning to be nice enough to get approved by the canine inside.

    25. “Love Is A Four-Legged Word” Photo Frame


    “Love Is A Four-Legged Word” Photo Frame may just be what that Dog loving lady in your life is looking to receive. You can bet that her phone has hundreds of images of her fur baby but there may be one, or a collage that she would like to print and put in a frame for everyone to, well, always see. It has glass and a sturdy folding easel back. The custom text is laser engraved directly into the wood surface so it will never fade nor fall off like other printed products.

    24. Dog Lover Slate Coaster


    One trending line nowadays is “Tell me you are ___, without telling me you are___” This Dog Lover Slate Coaster will scream that the owner of the house is a Dog Mom, without her mentioning it. It may be personalized by changing the breed of the dog she owns and the name of her fur baby. She will appreciate this gift because not only are you aware of her Dog’s name, you are even knowledgeable of its breed.

    23. Multicolor Yoga Dogs Beach Towel 


    A true Dog Mom carries the sight of her fur baby anywhere she goes. May it be in a form of jewelry, a mask, a bag, or in this case a Multicolor Yoga Dogs Beach Towel. Made of polyester and cotton, this super plush sheared microfiber towel can easily be cleaned via machine wash. If another fur mom saw this in the locker of a bathroom, you can practically guarantee they will recognize each other as such and the conversation they shall have after will be all about their canine babies.

    22. “My Dog Thinks I'm Cool” Raglan


    Fine, that Dog Mom you call your friend or family may not be the coolest female in the land, but since she has a dog, her coolness confidence is pretty much covered. This “My Dog Thinks I'm Cool” Raglan, made of cotton and polyester, is a nice gift to that fur mommy who does not care about what people think, only what her dog does. Since she cannot hear the thoughts of her dog, let this raglan speak for it.

    21. Dog Lover Novelty Glass


    For dog lovers, it is a common fact that a year in human life is equivalent to 7 years for dogs. This Dog Lover Novelty Glass makes a pun of that fact and applies it to drinking wine. It is a unique crystal stemware that can be filled with up to 13 oz of her favorite wine. Put a smile on her face and make her remember her fur baby every time she drinks. It will probably make her drink less, you know so she can stay sober and bond with her puppy after.

    20. Dog & Hydrant Salt & Pepper Shakers


    Cute, tasteful, and simply adorable, these Dog & Hydrant Salt & Pepper Shakers are must-haves for the kitchen of that Dog Mom friend of yours. Made of ceramic, this adorable pair will allow her to season her food with a smile. She may even give a nod to her dog while she uses these salt and pepper dispensers. Be clever and write “Bone a-pet-treat” in the box as you give it to her. Remember, if you can make her smile before eating, you are already halfway into making her enjoy her meal. 

    19. Bold 'Dog Mom’ Tote Bag


    Let her shop, run some errands, or go on a quick date whilst exclaiming subtly that he is proud to have a fur baby. How do you do that? Giver her a Bold 'Dog Mom’ Tote Bag and she will roam the streets, corners of supermarkets, and stalls with an identification bag. Made of 100% Canvas Cotton, this 14.96" x 18.5" x 4.72" can keep her purse, her compact mirror, and more essentials while maintaining her cool vibe. Who knows? She may even keep a few packs of dog treats in this bag, just in case she needs to feed a few strays she will meet along the way. 

    18. Initials and Paw Print Bangle


    Warning, this Initials and Paw Print Bangle is too adorable you may even want one for yourself. This unique piece of jewelry is made of a copper metal mixture that is highly polished and has anti-oxidation. The adjustable bangle is smooth, strong, and elegant. It is embellished with a paw print charm that represents the fur baby, a heart charm that exudes love, a stone or gem of your choice, and a letter initial that may either represent the first letter of your dog’s name or yours.

    17. Sterling Silver Paw Print Necklace in Baltic Amber


    A treat for anyone with a passion for wildlife, this Sterling Silver Paw Print Necklace in Baltic Amber will make any fur-parent long to have one. It is a three-dimensional paw print that measures 25 millimeters by 15 millimeters which is an ideal size for everyday wear and perfect for layering with other dog-themed pendants. Made with Baltic Amber, and crafted with Baltic Amber, and crafted in solid 925 silver with a silver chain, this keepsake comes into its thanks to beautifully smooth cabochons of genuine cognac, green and yellow amber.

    16. Pet Photo Puzzle 


    Pet Photo Puzzle  may be more than memorabilia for any Dog mom. It may even be her source of entertainment as she cares for her fur-baby. This personalized jigsaw puzzle is just delightful for any dog lover. Simply choose an image you would like to be put together by your Dog-mom friend or loved one, and be on your way to giving her an awesome game and framed image of her precious one. The graphic will be professionally and permanently printed on the puzzle so you can guarantee high-resolution and clear results.

    15. Dog Mom Bangle


    Some Dog-moms just can’t get enough with one and prefer to love more and more puppies. Let her wear their names and be with them every single time with this Dog Mom Bangle. It features a silver wire bangle, the number of 3/4" personalized bone tags of your choice, and a paw print charm. Made of Stainless steel that will not tarnish nor rust, this bracelet is adjustable and expandable. Even dog-moms who lost their fur-loves through the years may appreciate memorabilia like this so they may keep their dogs on their wrist as they do in their hearts.

    14. “My Adorable Dog” Journal


    The emergence of online and virtual journaling brought a decline to getting hands dirty, and sticky in making scrapbooks and whatnots. This “My Adorable Dog” Journal will bring out the inner artist in every Dog-mom as she takes full account of every progress of her babies.  With amusing prompts and playful illustrations, this one-of-a-kind keepsake journal invites dog moms and dads to record all the precious moments and memories with their pets. Using almost all senses, they will walk down memory lane with glee every time they open this diary.

    13. Dog Ears Outline Hoodie

    Since no one can tattoo the name of their loved one in their hearts, why not print it in a cloth that screams the names of their fur babies on the side where their hearts beat. Made of 50% cotton and 50% poly blend, this Dog Ears Outline Hoodie is a super soft premium sponge fleece that a dog-mom will be comfortable and proud to wear. It has double-needle stitching throughout so, except from when her pet chews on to it, this hoodie will serve her for long.

    12. Dog Lover Gift Mug


    A love for a pet dog that extends to treating it like a child is a miracle and an appreciated gesture. Some dog-moms even put to heart what this Dog Lover Gift Mug says in its printing: “I work hard so that my dog can have a better life” Well,  such a statement is true for women whose inspiration to go to work and persevere is to never let their fur-babies go hungry and to ensure they will have the best life they can have. Honor such dedicated moms in every sip,  with this 10 oz ceramic mug that simply celebrates such commitment.  

    11. Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit


    If you are looking for a way that one special Dog-mom in your life can make a remembrance off of her puppies and probably keep track of their growth, then this Ultimate Pawprint Keepsake Kit is the one you are looking for. It includes 70g of white clay, roller, circle cutter, hole puncher, assorted color ribbons, 2 display stands, and a bonus stencil kit. The stencil kit allows her to personalize this keepsake with her pet's name, birthday, current or memorial date. It features A-Z letters, 0-9 numbers, punctuation, and shapes with the pet's name, birthday, current or memorial date.

    10. Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle for Pets


    For some bizarre reason, Dogs get stressed too. Luckily, there is a known remedy that not only relaxes them but their Dog-moms as well. What could be a better gift than this Lavender & Chamomile Aromatherapy Deodorizing Soy Candle for Pets that relieves the stress of the baby and the mommy in one light? Crafted by American workers who proudly bring you 17 subtle scents, each with specific aromatherapy benefits, so she can enjoy all-natural (and never overpowering) dog calming candles that pet parents say, mellows their hyper dog, this gift is a must-have. 

    9. Personalized Dog Leash Holder


    After a quick run in the park or walk around the neighborhood, the Dog-moms are usually preoccupied with bringing their babies inside one by one. A Personalized Dog Leash Holder will ease her tasks as she has an organized procedure of snapping her loves from their leash and just hanging the said leash conveniently. Plus it can be personalized with the names of her dog babies so she will not have a hard time getting the corresponding ones every time she needs to use them. 

    8. Embroidered “Dog Mom” Hat


    Subtle and cool, useful and stylish, this Embroidered “Dog Mom” Hat will just make known to the world that her beloved babies wag their tails when they see her. It features Unstructured, six air-ventilated holes on the top, breathable; 6 Embroidered eyelets on crown 6 rows stitching on visor, durable stitching, and long-lasting embroidery. One size fits most, this cap has an adjustable strap on the back that can pull a messy bun or ponytail through a slot.

    7. “Cool Dog Mom” T-Shirt


    Talk about apparel that a Dog-mom can wear which makes her scream in silence that she is proud to have Dog babies. This “Cool Dog Mom” T-Shirt not only makes the world know of her choice of living creatures to take care of but also makes it clear to everyone that she falls in the category of “cool” Made with cotton and polyester, this shirt has unisex sizing and is machine washable so she can wear it every day if she wants to.

    6. Sterling Silver Origami Dachshund Wiener Dog Stud Earrings


    Let this Sterling Silver Origami Dachshund Wiener Dog Stud Earrings add an extra pop of style and Dog-mom personality to any outfit. Crafted to stand the test of time, these studs are a mix of 92.5% silver with alloys to add strength and durability. The ear backings are surgical steel for strength. The materials used for these studs are naturally hypoallergenic & nickel-free, making them ideal for sensitive skin. It is a subtle yet elegant way of glaring at the Dog-mom ears she has.

    5. Dog Mama Wine Tumbler with Lid


    She likes to drink cold wine and she loves her puppies. Give her this Dog Mama Wine Tumbler with Lid and she can enjoy the best of both worlds. Since this tumbler is made of High-quality stainless steel material, it can keep the surfaces dry all the time. That is less task for that loving Dog mother, and more comforts for her hands as well. Designed to keep the beverage cold or hot for a longer time, this Dog-mommy gift comes with a transparent lid that is Bisphenol A-free.

    4. Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box

    Some women just love art, and a keepsake box and her Dogs. Well, these said women deserve this Sculpted Hand-Painted Keepsake Box as a gift. It is a 3” x 2”h square hand-painted resin box that has a Bas-relief carving of a seated figure in a cream dress, playing with a yellow dog on a lid fitted to a cream square box. She may use it as a keeper of her small essentials or simply display it in her room to always remind her and her fur-baby that all the worries in the world can disappear with one hug from its Dog-mommy. 

    3. Cute Dog Socks


    Sure, Dogs warm the hearts of their Dog-mommies with their cuteness and fancy antics. But these Cute Dog Socks will warm their tired feet and still transcend their love for their fur-babies. Made with Acrylic, Cotton, and Spandex, these socks fit women with shoe sizes 5-8. Stretchy and comfortable, this is a cool gift for a Dog-mom on any occasion.

    2. Dog Mom Gift Tote Bag

    Her love for her Dogs extends to shopping for them. So let that fur-loving friend or loved one of yours walk around with this Dog Mom Gift Tote Bag. It is big enough to put in her belongings and more, and by more we mean, Dog stuff. It has a zippered main compartment, a front sleeve deep pocket (fits up to an 11” tablet), 2 side water bottle accessory pockets, a zippered pocket inside, and 3 organizational compartments inside!

    1. Dog Mom Keychain with Photo


    Do not stop in a bag, embellish it with a Dog Mom Keychain with Photo for a complete package. Nothing beats carrying the most memorable photo of her and her furry friend, anytime and anywhere. Now as she opens her bag, reaches out for her keys, or simply having coffee, she can see the cuteness of her Doggie love printed in a small keepsake with her on it as well. Now that is something Dog-moms will always look forward to.