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    17 Best Gifts for Female Golfers

    Ladies, when sports are involved, are more competitive and strong-willed. But they still appreciate a gift or two especially if it’s going to be an addition or aid to acing their scores in the games they chose to play. So to ensure your idea of a gift for that golfer lady in your life will not be tossed and lost in the field, here is a list of 17 Best Gift for Females Golfers:

    17. 20 oz. Hammered Rose Gold

    In any sport where he is physically engaged, hydration is a matter of importance. Any tumbler or drinking jug will not do for the golfer that she is. Thematic or not, this 20 oz. Hammered Rose Gold tumbler that is designed seemingly depicting a gold ball visual will be a nice addition to her collection. This beverage buddy has a double-wall insulated exterior perfect for cocktail drinks and is topped with an unbreakable splash-proof lid. She can even place it down on any flat surface without fear of leaving a ring as its insulation technology guarantees a sweat-free drinking experience.

    16. Diamond Golf Necklace

    For the precious golfer that she is, she deserves something as valuable or at least a thing that shines like her. This Diamond Golf Necklace is a piece of handcrafted 18-karat gold jewelry that is accented with approximately 22 carats of collection baguette and round diamonds. Hanging in her neck in a 16 inches chain this necklace is fashioned with a golf club pendant that not only depicts her favorite sport but also looks dainty and elegant. It is available in 18k yellow, white and pink gold.

    15. Performance Pleated Gold Dress

    Inspired by the elegance of sport and female fashion this Performance Pleated Gold Dress is made with four-way stretch woven. Stylish and modern this dainty dress also balances superior stretch; for comfort and movement- with durable construction, that will not tear in the middle of a heated game. Worry not about the inevitable sweaty scenario as it has a moisture-wicking and quick drying technology perfect for a sporty activity on a sunny day. Finished with a mock-pleat collar and pockets for essentials, this golf attire is a complete package: pretty, durable, comfortable, and convenient.

    14. Golfer Coffee Mug

    After a day of golfing, she would want to tee up her coffee drinking moment with this Golfer Coffee Mug that is made of ceramic with a beautiful glossy finish. Fashioned to be customized with an image or message of your choice, this coffee cup can be printed front and back. Now she gets to drink her coffee seeing a pun, a message or her name, and a cute caricature of her no matter what side she decides to drink from. This mug is available in 11 oz. and 15 oz. fluid capacity.

    13. Personalized Golf Balls with Pink Hawaiian Flower

    Well, she cannot say she has the ball in her court, but if you give her this Personalized Golf Balls with Pink Hawaiian Flower she can claim that her balls are in her pocket or bag if she prefers it. This Wilson Ultra 500 Distance is built with a high-energy core that transfers all the energy from her swing into pure, straight distance off the tee. Now she can go long and straight at every hole and when she sinks her hole-in-one, everyone will know whose ball it is and they will remember it with your name and the pink Hawaiian hibiscus design.

    12. Female Golfer Face Mask

    The new normal protocols apply to every activity and everyone. But just because she is required to wear a mask during a golf tournament does not mean she cannot wear it in style and theme. Apart from being sleek in its female golfer design and nose to chin fit, this protective garment is soft and breathable as it’s made with a soft cotton interior and 100% hydrophobic proprietary poly-blend fiber. It is also adjustable with its silicon ear stoppers that make the straps and the mask fit perfectly. This Female Golfer Face Mask includes 5 self-adhesive nose crimps.

    11. Golf Birdie Juice Flask

    If she is feeling epic and athletic this Golf Birdie Juice Flask is the best gift to hydrate her during a golfing tournament. Made of stainless steel and matte coating this flask is designed in front by removing the finish through laser marking to show the stainless steel underneath. This gift includes a gift box and a funnel for easy pouring of her favorite beverage. It holds 6 oz. of liquid and can very much be a great addition to a female golfer’s collection.

    10. Golf Goddess Golf Ball Earrings

    She is a goddess in your life and probably in golf as well. Make her imbibe that inner golf royalty in her by giving her this Golf Goddess Golf Ball Earrings. It is a 24k gold plated jewelry with dainty 8mm golf ball studs and 925 sterling silver posts. Hypoallergenic and small, this earring is designed to be worn on and off the green or basically from the golf course to a cocktail dinner. She does not have to change her accessory after a game as the gold finish of this earring makes for a piece of versatile jewelry for everyday use and any occasion matching any outfit.

    9. Golf Trunk Organizer Storage

    Organizing is usually a thing that women do, most of the time. In her home and at her workplace, a bit of organization is always in play. That is why an organizational tool meant for her leisure or sports activity will never go out of use. This Golf Trunk Organizer Storage keeps golf accessories segmented and properly stored away in her trunk or locker when they are not in use. It can hold golf shoes, balls, gloves, tees, hats, shirts, or pants. The built-in grommets ad ventilation is an added feature for this collapsible bag organizer.

    8. Golf Ball Ice Maker

    When she is not sinking a ball in a hole of a golf course, it will still be nice to put a frozen one in a beverage glass or tumbler. The golfer in her will be active as she serves her friends and loved ones during cocktail hours as though she is still in the field. Made with silicon, this Golf Ball Ice Maker is food-grade flexible and can produce 6 golf ball-shaped ice rocks. Perfect for an afternoon or evening of scotch, whiskey, or juice, this unique gift will be a great part of the collection of a golfer woman.

    7. Set of Fore! Golf Glasses

    Where else will be a perfect place for a golf-shaped ice rock but a golf-themed glass as well. These Set of Fore! Golf Glasses features the dimpled impression of a golf ball in the sham and shows four kids of clubs (wood, iron, wedge, and putter) on its transparent exterior through expressive typography in classic golf colors. The visuals of these glasses are top of the line that which makes this a hole-in-one gift for any golf player and enthusiast. This glassware set made in the USA and decorated in Lawrence, Kansas is great for clubhouse drinking sessions or even during the after-game bonding.

    6. Golf Ball Key Ring

    She keeps her things in a bag and she keeps her keys in a ring. But if she were to carry another ring with her it might as well be sterling silver. This Golf Ball Key Ring is designed with a golf club on the other end meeting a golf ball on the other in a circular format. Since this keyring can be engraved, it is all the more perfect to house her keys that essential to her. Now every time she reaches out for her keys, this ring will be a sparkling reminder of your admiration for her chosen sports.

    5. Golf Ball Washer Cleaner

    If her golf ball never gets dirty, she never actually played. And since it is inevitable to pick up a dirty ball, why not bring it back into the field clean and ready to sink into a hole. This Golf Ball Washer Cleaner is a convenient addition to her golf must-haves as it is very convenient to carry and use whether at home or in the field. A clean ball increases accuracy and eventually improves score so this portable cleaning solution is a game-changer. Made of Nylon with a handy nylon strap with plastic carabiner, this golf ball washer has three heavy-duty brushes designed for better and fast cleaning capped with a cool ball lid.

    4. Golf Goddess Stroke/Score Counter Bracelet

    Tracking her golf strokes per hole has never been this elegant with this Golf Goddess Stroke/Score Counter Bracelet. It is a great replacement for a counter attached to a belt or golf bag. This 14k gold plated cuff with 14k gold plated 8mm beads resembling golf balls fit most wrist sizes. Once on, she just needs to gently squeeze or stretch the score counter cuff for a comfortable fit. To record a count, she simply needs to slide the beads one at a time.

    3. Women’s Propel Wrap Sunglasses

    As she hits the ball and watches where it goes, the sun’s rays may hit her eyes too. This Women’s Propel Wrap Sunglasses will defend her eyes against 100% of harmful UVA/B/C rays with its polycarbonate lens that has UV Protection coating. It has UA TUNED Golf lenses to provide contrast enhancement to help her read the course more precisely and a dual-sided UA STORM lens coating for an added layer of protection against elements for easy cleaning. The frames are built for maximum strength and durability and the screwless cam-lock hinges allow temples to lock securely into place for a sturdy lightweight fit.

    2. Giggle Golf Par 3

    A gift that comes in a set is the type that never goes unappreciated. This Giggle Golf Par 3 is a golfer gift set that includes a golf towel for wiping out those champion sweats, a microfiber tee bag with four 2.75” tees she may bring and use during her game, and 1 bling golf marker that describes its use. She will surely giggle after receiving this set and she will be joyful all the more as she uses them to win her game. Her golf partner may not help her win, but you surely upped her game by a notch.


    1. Animal Head Covers

    Who says a woman cannot go golfing while being cleverly fashionable? Add a nature-themed flair to her golfing set with these Animal Head Covers and watch her stride the course, and play her best game while being stylish. Made with premium furs and synthetic sheepskin lining and new fabrics designed to fend off the wear-and-tear of the sun’s UV rays, these head covers were threaded four times for stronger finish.

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