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    43+ Amazing Housewarming Gifts to Make Any New Home Welcoming

    Housewarming gifts are particularly special because they are meant to celebrate one of the best days of your life, the day you get to call your own home a home!

    Whether shopping for your friend, family member, or yourself, plenty of excellent housewarming gift ideas will show off your thoughtfulness and creativity.

    We found 44 unique gifts that will make any new home cozy and welcoming!

    1. Tumble Forward Mug

    The Tumble Forward Mug is an insulated tumbler with a smooth, powder-coated exterior.

    This perfect housewarming gift will keep your drink hot or cold for hours, whether you are sipping on coffee at coffee table or packing tea for the office.

    Plus, it is dishwasher safe and has a bottom that prevents spills when set down on an uneven surface.

    2. Personalized Sweetheart Ring Dish

    With this Sweetheart Ring Dish, you can put your engagement ring on display.

    These best housewarming gifts perfect for displaying a newly engaged couple's rings or storing your jewelry.

    Plus, it is available in many designs and can be personalized with names or initials!

    3. Housewarming Gift Basket

    When the time comes for a new homeowner to move in, we want them to feel at home. One way of doing this is to have a housewarming gift basket waiting for them when they arrive for their new space!

    This Gift Basket includes a set of measuring cups and measuring spoons, a great gift set that will come in handy!

    4. Custom Recipe Book

    Treat the new homeowners in your life with a Custom Recipe Book. They are the perfect way to keep track of recipes that you will want to make over and over again.

    These best housewarming gifts are also a great way to inspire a new cook!

    5. Home Family Sign

    Housewarming gifts are a great way to welcome someone into their new home. A simple yet thoughtful gift can make them feel like the house is theirs.

    This Farmhouse-style Sign with the family name engraved on it will fit perfectly in any home.

    These best housewarming gifts are also a beautiful piece of decor that will remind them of how loved they are daily.

    6. Custom Engraved Marble Wood Coasters

    Show your friend how much they mean to you with these custom-engraved Marble Wood Coasters. These coasters are made of high-quality wood and have beautiful etchings that won't scratch or fade over time.

    These best housewarming gifts also come in a wide variety of designs, so you can find something that fits your friend's personality!

    7. Personalized Our First Home Ornament

    Our First Home Ornament is a great way to personalize your new home with something you can treasure for years.

    This personalized ornament features the house's address, street name, and any other information of your choosing.

    It is a thoughtful gift that is sure to be cherished by homeowners everywhere!

    8. Wedding Date Charcuterie Board

    This cheese board is the perfect gift for a couple who just moved into their new home together.

    Wedding Date Charcuterie Board is perfect for all the essentials that any new home needs: wine, cheese, nuts, fruit, and bread for a dinner party.

    A beautiful wooden cutting board makes the perfect surface to assemble your goodies for your new space!

    9. Vertical Address Sign Planter

    One of the essential parts of any house is the front entrance.

    Vertical Address Sign Planter is a great way to showcase your personality while decorating your entryway!

    These great housewarming gift come with many customized engraving options that allow you to touch them more deeply!

    10. House Portrait Gift

    This House Portrait is an excellent idea for someone who just moved into their first home or apartment.

    It is one of the best ways to show your loved ones that you care about them and want them to feel at home in their new home.

    It is best to go ahead and do something special for them when they move in.

    11. Personalized Gourmet Cheeseboard

    Give your new neighbors something not so cheesy but equally adorable.

    This Personalized Gourmet 5pc Cheeseboard with Utensils will give even the non-cheese enthusiast a joyful heart when they receive it.

    It offers a cutting board to precisely cut cheese only, and it swivels open to reveal the best utensils to slice, handle or present the dairy treat.

    12. Seagrass-Wrapped Pitcher

    Whether the newly settled-in friends or loved ones enjoy serving drinks to guests in a pitcher or not, an excellent and nature-inspired addition to their glassware, such as this Seagrass-Wrapped Pitcher, will be a very much appreciated housewarming gift.

    Pour out your welcoming spirit as they pour you a drink with this gift.

    13. Bistro Tile Measuring Cups, Set of 4

    For cooking, baking, or simply serving, this Bistro Tile Measuring Cups, Set of 4, is a much-needed set for anyone who recently transferred abode.

    Crafted in a nesting design with an eye-catching bistro-inspired motif, these versatile cups make for a fantastic housewarming gift.

    14. Money Tree Plant

    Show up at the doorstep of your newly transferred friend, neighbor, or loved one with this Money Tree Plant, and they will surely give you an equally warm welcome.

    The Money Tree is one of the most popular house plants not only because of its resilience and ease of growth but also because of its fun braided trunk and lush, glossy leaves that make it a delightful sight.

    15. Sunset Vase

    The new neighbors may already have a complete set of furniture, but this Sunset Vase will undoubtedly add more style to their interior.

    Also, this handcrafted vase features a modern organic shape that makes flowers and plants stand out more beautifully.

    16. Roseate Table Runner

    Please only give a portion of the tablecloth since you have no idea their table size; instead, provide a safe one like this Roseate Table Runner.

    Made of luxurious natural fiber textiles, this table runner may come in blush, cerulean blue, or lime to match any interior and home motif.

    17. Pineapple Candle - Palm Gardens

    Pineapple is usually associated with warmth and friendliness as it symbolizes hospitality, and what better gift set to give your neighbors than a welcoming Pineapple Candle - Palm Gardens?

    This gold-finish ceramic unique candle brings light and warmth to a household and accentuates the table or small space in which it is placed.

    18. Round Memo Board


    This Round Memo Board is an elegant and versatile home decoration, doubling as a photo frame and rustic embellishment for the interior.

    Made of pinewood with a genuine leather strap, this wood plaque with a memo clip can keep your messages for your family while also displaying a portrait.

    19. All Roads Textured Elijah Pillow

    Lend an aura of calm to the bed or seat of your newly settled-in friends or loved ones with this All Roads Textured Elijah Pillow that abounds with soothing hues and textures along with its soft and huggable build.

    The founders combined their background in textile, welding, and carpentry sourcing to create custom furnishings and one-of-a-kind home decor that catches the eye.

    20. Chiara Rotating Wine Holder


    A mechanical wine holder is a rare housewarming gift, which is why this Chiara Rotating Wine Holder is here on this list as one of the best gift suggestions.

    This rotating wine holder that can hold up to 5 wine bottles will be a great addition to any home bar, wine rack or dining table.

    Now, they can pour their wines in cocktail glasses in style!

    21. Dahlias 8-Inch Square Baker

    This The Pioneer Woman Dazzling Dahlias Square Baker, in charming red, gets the whole classy and joy-emitting kitchen addition.

    Made of ceramic, this baker can be a place to make lasagna or simple banana bread.

    Whatever it is, this decorated housewarming gift will be a fantastic piece to bake and present finished products with.

    22. Olli Ella Rattan Picnic Basket


    Subtly invite the newly transferred neighbor or loved ones to a picnic by giving this Olli Ella Rattan Picnic Basket as a housewarming gift.

    This stylish and sturdy basket is handwoven from rattan and is beautifully finished with bamboo handles and can store a hand soap, olive oil or other items!

    Hand it over empty or bring it with goodies inside; either way, a picnic basket doubles as a grocery bag and will be a piece any woman in the house would love to carry.

    23. Dagny Monogram Mug


    No family, whether newly settled-in or old tenants, would say "no" to a monogrammed mug. This Dagny Monogram Mug is a safe and beautiful housewarming gift to a family, as it is a container for a hot beverage that can warm them up.

    They may put in coffee, tea, milk, or hot chocolate, but these cups will ensure they will never mistake one for the other as it is marked with the initials of each family member.

    24. Spice Rack

    Join the organizing spirit of your newly transferred neighbors by giving them this Spice Rack that not only rocks in style and looks but also the functionality.

    Their spices will be made more accessible and organized with this three-tiered acacia wood spice rack.

    It will also be an excellent countertop display, especially if the spice jars match the rack.

    25. French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler

    Give your new neighbors and friends an ironically clever housewarming gift with this French Kitchen Marble Wine Cooler that is made to keep the wine cold as the family warms up to their new abode.

    Chill wine at the table with a unique and elegant flair with a column of cool white marble with grey veining that is unique to each piece.

    26. Metal Monogram Sign

    Most newly transferred families do not prioritize putting their family names outside or having special signage made for them.

    Giving this Metal Monogram Sign will not only make you warm up quickly in their hearts but will also make them warm to everyone.

    This personalized circle vine family name and the initial metal sign will be perfect in family rooms, front doors, barn, nursery, or even hanging on the mailbox.

    27. Engraved Wood Serving Tray

    Complete the rustic home theme of your newly transferred friends, neighbors, and loved ones with this Engraved Wood Serving Tray that can be engraved with the family name for a more heartwarming and personalized touch.

    Give it as a housewarming gift, with or without anything on it, and you will make the newly settled family feel welcome in the neighborhood.

    28. Wine Accessory Set with Wood Holder

    Most likely, half of the guests will bring bottles of wine, and by the end of the night, the house might seem like a wine cellar exists.

    That being a reality, it will be better to go ahead with the newly settled people and give this ideal gift:  Wine Accessory Set with Wood Holder.

    29. New Home Personalized Candle

    Talk about warming the room while warming up to the newly transferred people.

    This New Home Personalized Candle adds warm temperature as it burns in a room, and its fire brings up a cozy vibe that makes anybody feel more comfortable.

    Made of 100% natural soy wax hand-poured in London, these bespoke scented candles illuminate the house with the personalized message you may print on its bottle.

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    30. Coaster Set in a Matching Box

    Whether the newly moved-in is a couple, a family, or a single person, they will no doubt drink.

    This Coaster Set in a Matching Box is a unique gift suggestion that will not only put a smile on its recipient's face but also ensure that glass stains will be a no-show anytime soon.

    These best housewarming gifts are made of cork and metal and come with equally artistic matching boxes.

    31. House Blessing Sign

    To make them remember that they are already blessed upon waking up in the morning, give this House Blessing Sign and make them see that assurance every waking moment of their lives.

    Sometimes hearing and seeing something constantly makes the heart remembers it naturally.

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    32. New House Map

    This New House Map is ideal for newlyweds who have purchased or rented their first home.

    It is a sweet reminder when they fresh start a new chapter in their lives with independence and faith in their relationship that they can do it.

    This complete gift is customizable, and you may print the map of the new home in a house design.

    33. HOME Heart Rustic Tray

    Nothing beats serving guests snacks and beverages with a tray designed to make everything presentable and comfortable.

    This HOME Heart Rustic Tray combines natural wood, metal handles, and non-toxic paint, making this kitchen aid easy to clean and durable.

    Now they can have a rustic and long-lasting piece of art in their kitchen.

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    34. Personalized Doormat

    Beyond what people believe in, the first greeter in your home is usually your doormat.

    This coir-made Personalized Doormat that is UV printed, a bold finish with PVC non-Slip backing can bring the entrance scenario up a notch with its customizable printings that will make the guests pause to take a read or laugh.

    35. Homeowner Mug

    Carrying a mug that declares ownership of the house may be overkill.

    But today, a tiny ounce of entitlement dashed with puns and fun may be a much-needed humor to ignite laughter and spark a friendship.

    This 11 oz. Homeowner Mug made of ceramic is dishwasher and microwave safe.

    36. I Pooped: Bathroom Guestbook

    Have you ever seen a guestbook dedicated to people who dropped dung into a bathroom? Well, that is why there is a first time for everything.

    This I Pooped: Bathroom Guestbook is one of the funniest and most personal gifts you could ever give to newly settled people.

    A level of trust, humor, and deep personal connection is required before you may hand a pun as crazy as this.

     37. Modern Geometric Wood Wall Art

    Most houses are themed, especially if it is newly built for a particular family or couple.

    Still, no matter the theme, this Modern Geometric Wood Wall Art is almost a match because of its neutral color combination with rustic presentation and geometric design.

    Any room will have a touch of modernity when these delicate pieces are placed or hung on the wall.

    38. Personalized Swirl Metal Clock

    A clock is an essential part of the house.

    It matters that there is at least one to tell you the time of day in every room. This Personalized Swirl Metal Clock will be a much-appreciated housewarming gift.

    These best housewarming gifts are made of powder-coated steel, making them look vintage but durable and may match any home design.

    39. Chef Knife Set

    Although an 8-piece high-grade stainless steel kitchen knife set may seem unorthodox, more and more couples, especially homemakers, are placing this on their wish lists.

    This Chef Knife gift set may be something they intend to buy later, but it is something they surely want to own.

    Hand these housewarming gifts during or before a housewarming party and see how well-sliced the ingredients of the sumptuous meals will be.

    40. Our First Home Keyrings

    There will always be a first among the many keys the new homeowners will own. Usually, it is their original key to their new house.

    This Our First Home Keyrings can help keep those precious keys as it also commemorates that the ones it holds are the first set the owners owned.

    These housewarming gifts are made of stainless steel, this keyring is durable and will last until they have another set of firsts in their lives.

    41. Mail and Key Holder

    Most couples will anticipate the need for a place to put their mail and keys after some time. That is why this Mail and Key Holder is a great gift to jumpstart the new owners of the house into thinking about other small but essential details.

    Made in high-quality solid wood, this country vintage keys and letter organizer has solid metal double hooks, and the rustic feel makes for a perfect addition to any home.

    42. Wood World Map

    Giving this Wood World Map as a housewarming party will make you a very memorable neighbor, friend, or relative.

    You are giving the new house owners a wooden wall art and a vision board to which they can channel their energies and hopes to fulfill.

    43. Tea Set with Warmer

    After a sumptuous meal, a cup of coffee or tea is mainly called for.

    For the newly settled family, a tea set may not be something they prioritized packing or buying. So, to make the warmth of your friendship with them, this Tea Set with Warmer is a fitting choice.

    These housewarming gifts set are made of ceramic, porcelain, and borosilicate glass and has 4 cups, one teapot, and a warmer.

    44. Personalized Herringbone Throw

    The new homeowners probably packed a lot of blankets and sheets, especially for their rooms.

    A newly given Personalized Herringbone cozy throw will probably be appreciated to warm themselves on a couch or their living room sofa.

    These best housewarming gifts will surely give them a good night's rest in their new address, especially if you are the one who gave it to them.


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