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    17 Cute Personalized Champagne Flutes

    Champagne in a glass is a wonderful sight. Add a personal touch by embedding monogram, names, messages, or images and the clinking becomes a cue for celebrations. Choosing the best champagne flute for your wedding or any other important occasion is a fun but surprisingly confusing task. So, we listed the 17 best-personalized champagne flutes for you to choose from without going out of the house. Binge on looking and choosing, and be one step closer to finding the perfect glass for your event.


    17. Shimmer Dreams Gift Box Set


    This Shimmer Dreams Gift Box Set is a proud choice for the listing because of the complete offer it gives. Not only does this set contain a customizable stemless glass flute but also it holds in its box a cotton robe that is perfect for a bridal shower or a bridesmaid’s gift, and a stainless steel necklace that is vacuum plated with either real gold, 92.5 silver or rose gold. Imagine shopping with only a flute in mind but getting a few more treats on a single purchase.


    16. Tulip Shaped Champagne Flute


    This Tulip Shaped Champagne Flute is not your ordinary champagne flute. That is why your extraordinary event deserves this glass on every plate side. The exquisite and elegant built of this flute and the classy gold rim detail that matched perfectly with the personalized printing make for a great toast must-have and event keep-sake. Now you will not only drink your sparkling beverages in style but you will also get to keep an awesome addition to your cutlery. This beauty is wrapped in a leather box which makes it a good gift suggestion too.


    15. Trumpet Champagne Flute


    Gone are the days when you blow a trumpet to signify a celebration and invite people in the neighboring towns. Such tradition need not be completely gone, so why not tweak it? Rather than blow one, drink from a trumpet-shaped flute instead. Give this Trumpet Champagne Flute away as a keepsake for your event or as a unique invite with details engraved on the glass. Now your event will make an impact using this 5.7 ounces Crystal treat and your drinking session will surely be memorable.


    14. Gold Champagne Glasses



    Gold will always add class, sophistication, and style to anything you put it on. Take a dash of it and place it in a beautifully crafted flute and intricately wrap such detail into the stem of the flute and you will have yourself an amazing champagne tandem and an awesome keepsake from your event. Raise these  Gold Champagne Glasses with pride as all of your guests say “cheers” and mean it. Your succeeding toasts will never clink the same and you will get a royal feel every time you fill it up.


    13. Connected Hearts Personalized Wedding Flute Set



    Romance floats during a wedding and love are sprayed in every ounce of air you will breathe as the couple celebrates their union and the beginning of their life together. A toast is an essential part of the reception as it symbolizes prosperity. Take a step further in romanticizing that tradition with this Connected Hearts Personalized Wedding Flute Set and show the world that the couple’s hearts will always be connected even during a drinking ceremony. The base of this 6 ounces glass is silver plated with a non-tarnish coating.


    12. Radiant Rose Gold Etched Wedding Champagne Flute Set



    Create an atmosphere of a royal wedding with this glistening rose gold flute pair that is surrounded by embedded crystals.  Your champagne will not be the only thing that sparkles in this flute as it shimmers every time you raise it and drink from it. Radiant Rose Gold Etched Wedding Champagne Flute Set can hold up to 5 ounces of liquid and you can guarantee that it will not tarnish so will the good reputation you will gain by placing this set of goodies on the table and in their hands.


    11. A Toast To Love Personalized Champagne Flute



    The most striking and unique feature of this flute is its twisted stem that adds elegance to its standard fluted shape. If you wish to add an all-glass but non-mediocre-looking flute into your collection, A Toast To Love Personalized Champagne Flute is the way to go. This is perfect for weddings as it can be printed with initials of the newlyweds or it may be an awesome Bridal Shower and Stag Party must-have. Just the same, its simplicity can sparkle on the household tables.


    10. Reed And Barton Engraved Crystal Champagne Flute Set



    If you think that the elegance and intricacy of design will make this flute great enough for any occasion, think again. Because there is more to this champagne glass than what it seems to offer. This heavy cut, classic lead crystal made glass can still be engraved with first names and wedding dates. It can hold 8oz of your sparkling beverage and stands 10.75” tall. Reed And Barton Engraved Crystal Champagne Flute Set surely will stand out in every cabinet, collection, and table with its unique embossed crisscross detail.


    9. Kate Spade Rosy Glow Toasting Flute Pair



    Surely not all champagne flutes are created equal, and this Kate Spade Rosy Glow Toasting Flute Pair screams uniqueness with its rose gold accent and silver base.  This stunning flute pair is great for weddings, bridal showers, and any other occasion where the champagne glass has to be in tandem with the motif. A bonus to any buyer is the choice of color fill of the engraving: Gold, Rose gold, or Silver. Now you can match the motif with the embedding on the glass.


    8. Heart Design Flute With Swarovski



    Romance and elegance, style and class: these are elusive descriptions in a champagne flute that can be found in this exquisitely designed glass.  You no longer need a tree to carve a heart and your name in it as this Heart Design Flute With Swarovski presents itself with a unique heart design that cuts through the glass bringing a more sophisticated romantic vibe. The Swarovski crystals bonded to each glass complements its hand-cut and polished finish making it a glaring and obvious choice for champagne flute in weddings.


    7. Hand Painted Champagne Flute


    Hand-painted and customizable, can a champagne glass get any more personal than this? The lower part of the bowl of the flute is hand-painted with a vine of silver and white leaves creating an illusion that the glass trapped a few snowy leaves on its surface. Elegance and class are no issue for this champagne tandem as the base of the design is nothing less than Swarovski Crystals and pearls. The entire Hand Painted Champagne Flute is made of non-lead crystal.


    6. Jubilation Custom Champagne Flute



    A 10”x2” tall stemmed custom champagne flute that can hold 6 ounces of sparkling champagne or any beverage will make a statement on any table on any occasion. Since it can be personalized with a name and a year, you may have this as a gift to your groomsmen and bridesmaids or even as a souvenir for a successful business year or any celebration you wish to shower with a sparkle. Mind the slender and smooth appearance of this Jubilation Custom Champagne Flute as it catches attention at first glance.


    5. Fluting With Disaster


    Let not the cleverly labeled glass put you in a defensive mode. This traditionally designed Fluting With Disaster champagne flute is far from bringing disaster as it adds glamour to the table and brings comfort to the hands. Since it can be printed with vinyl lettering, it may be perfect as a pre-wedding gift for a couple to avoid the swapping of glasses and to add a little cuteness to the whole table set-up. So pour in the champagne and give everyone a 6oz dose of celebration, enjoyment, and fun.


    4. Bubbly For My Ladies



    Chug from a different mug boy because this Bubbly For My Ladies is pretty much for the ladies as its sleek and sexy contour represents them, bridesmaids and brides. It may be a bridesmaid gift to ensure each of them will drink on your bridal shower or you may place this on the table on your wedding day to signify how much you are certain they will come and celebrate with you. Either way, this flute is to be filled with a bubbly beverage of your picking.


    3. Radiant Stemless Flute

    Let your jubilance radiate in the drinks you serve and let that bubbly beverage sparkle in style with this stemless champagne flute. The thick bottom of this Radiant Stemless Flute presents a sturdy appearance and it matches with its thin upper part that screams sophistication. Placed in a table that glimmers a variety of colors, this champagne tandem reflects light in a most celebratory manner. Personalized with outdoor vinyl, this flute will quickly work its way to your event buffet table.


    2. Stemless Champagne Glass



    One glance at t 5.7 inches-champagne glass will make you feel like it’s your normal and ordinary flute. You are right. But the simplicity of this one provides an amazing amount of versatility that will make it fit on any occasion. Stemless Champagne Glass may be used as a gift to bridesmaids and groomsmen as its structure is not stereotyped for only one particular gender. This 5.75x2x2 inches flute is easy to hold even without a stem making it a perfect constant drinking buddy and a keepsake.


    1. Bring Out The Bubbly



    Just when you thought that simplicity is already out of style, this champagne flute will surprise everyone with its minimalist appearance alongside its classic functionality. Bring Out The Bubbly can contain 8oz of your favorite beverage and its size is fit for those bridesmaids’ hands. Open that bottle of champagne, call in your Bride squad, and ready a ton of stories as you hand this flute to each specific lady whose names appear in the glass. Only do hand wash on this gift to make it last longer just like your friendship.