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    15 Best Personalized Cheese Boards

    So you are planning a party or a gathering but you want to keep it on a down low because, well, pandemic forces you to do so, then a simple wine and dine private get together will be the perfect personalized gift for your woman. What is wine drinking without a charcuterie, more importantly, a personalized cheeseboard? Whether you are aiming to put a collection of Manchego, Gorgonzola, Gruyere, or a Gouda, a personalized cheese board will be the start of a nice drinking and cheese munching session.

    Here is a list of 15 Best Personalized Cheese Boards for the cheese mongers who are about to come to your abode.  

    15. Personalized Round Cheese Board Set

    This Personalized Round Cheese Board Set is elegantly designed to be a decorative addition to your home and any gathering you are hosting. It has a handy integrated rotating compartment that houses 4 specialty knives. The knives included are a half heart knife, for hard cheese like Parmesan; a wide spatula, for crumbly cheese like Wensleydale and Cheshire; a cheese fork, for medium-soft cheese like Cheddar; and a narrow blade knife, for soft cheese like Camembert and Brie. Each knife handle can be engraved with a name of your choice. Plus the actual cheeseboard can be engraved with a message or any text of your choice.

    14. Personalized Cheeseboard with Embedded Knife Set


    Classy, unique, and elegant, this Personalized Cheeseboard with Embedded Knife Set will make your guests look twice on the board. Made from Acacia wood, this cheese board presents a thick platform with a knife set embedded on the side for a more accessible cutting of cheese. Each board has its unique pattern and color, as the makers work with 100% natural wood, it's impossible to find 2 boards with the same color and pattern. It can be a perfect wedding or housewarming gift as it can be printed with names and dates with 5 words and 1 date limitations. . Boards are sanded and sealed to protect the engraved side. both the engraved side and the backside can be used, hand-washed, or wiped normally.

    13. Rustic Cheeseboard and Farmhouse Décor

    Rustic weddings deserve thematic favors and added decorations. The Rustic Cheeseboard and Farmhouse Décor is an example of such and it can even be a housewarming or wedding gift as it is engravable with a name of your choice. This kind of quality piece has many imperfections which add to its charm and unique appeal. Handmade in a home studio, this wooden cheese board is available in extra small size for a single serving, small for two people, Medium for 3-4 loved ones, and large for 5-10 guests.

    12. Engraved Cityscape Cheese Board


    A cheeseboard that gives you a view of the city as you drink and munch in the comforts of your home, living room, or bar is a one-of-a-kind treat. This Engraved Cityscape Cheese Board offers that kind of presentation and many more. It is made of 100% Natural uncoated bamboo, this set includes accessories such as 4 cheese knives, 2 slate cheese markers, 2 dust-free chalk pens, and 4 ceramic ramekins. It is engravable with the city skyline that you want and 1 to 2 names or words that you prefer, even 2 lines of text with 20 characters per line.

    11. Personalized Live Edge Cheese Board


    Made of Olive wood, this Personalized Live Edge Cheese Board is ideal for use of chopping and as a cheeseboard. Since it can be monogrammed or engraved with a name of your choice, it will be a perfect housewarming or wedding gift. While in use it can cater to all the collection of cheese you wish to arrange in it, but as the night wraps up, this beautifully crafted wooden piece will stand as an added decoration to your kitchen or bar. The creation of such a masterpiece only uses wood from very old olive trees that have come to the end of their natural fruiting life and have already been replaced with younger, more productive trees. Moreover, Olive wood is easy to care for, just hand wash it with hot, lightly soapy water and you are good to go. Treat it often with olive or any food-grade oil too.

    10. Open Top Cheeseboard with Knife Set


    Give someone this Open Top Cheeseboard with Knife Set and allow that person to be surprised with the knife set included once the top opens up. The four 5” cheese knives hidden under may remain hidden as the collection of the cheese line up on top of them. This cheeseboard can be engraved with an initial of choice and the name or last name that will strike across the initial. Consider putting in a monogram or cursive font names for that elegant visual you wish to see in a wooden piece.

    9. Custom Traditional Cheese Boards


    Some like it grand while others like it simple. This Custom Traditional Cheese Boards presents a variety of traditional chopping board looks that may be perfectly used as a cheeseboard. It comes without handle, arched, with handle, and narrow. Nonetheless, they are all Premium Top Grain serving boards. Measuring .75 inches thick, these boards may be made of walnut or oak. The choice is completely yours. One side can be used as a cutting board, the other side a charming addition to any home décor. Each board is conditioned with Olive Oil to ensure long-lasting durability.

    8. Paddle-shaped Rustic Wooden Cheese Board


    Paddle-shaped Rustic Wooden Cheese Board is one of the most ideal serving boards one can ever own. No matter the weight of the collection of cheese is on top of it, it can easily be carried and brought near to any guest if you may because of its sturdy and very reliable handle. This handsome paddle-shaped cutting and presentation board is made from olive wood with a distinctive grain pattern, personalized with your choice of engraved text. This board is made of Olive wood from Olive trees that are naturally weather and disease resistant and can live for hundreds of years.

    7. Engraved Resin Cheese Board and Coasters


    Built using acacia wood which is a hardwood that can be used for both chopping and preparing as well as serving and displaying food, this Engraved Resin Cheese Board and Coasters may be one of the most unique cheese boards you will own or give. Makers used high-quality, UV resistant, epoxy resin to ensure the vibrancy and color so the artwork does not fade or turn yellow over time. Epoxy resin is incredibly hard, which heavily reduces the risk of the resin breaking due to mishandling; our epoxy resin has the strength and durability of hard plastic. It is also made of acacia hardwood which is commonly used for chopping boards due to its antibacterial, water-resistant, and robust qualities.

    6. Personalized Cheeseboard with Slide-out Knife Set


    If you prefer using your tools while the cheeses are on top of the board then this Personalized Cheeseboard with Slide-out Knife Set is the one for you. It is made of bamboo, an eco-friendly, and sustainable material that is also a natural alternative to wood or plastic. Plus, the said material also fights bacteria so you can guarantee that your board will have the same feature. The slide-out drawer contains 4 cheeseboard tools.

    5. Large Bamboo Cheeseboard


    “There’s an old saying among cheesemongers: something old, something new, something stinky, and something blue” So if you want to include all the mentioned categories of cheese, you will need this Large Bamboo Cheeseboard. Let all the cheese lovers have their piece as you welcome them with wine and a fully decorated and sumptuously filled cheeseboard. Made of bamboo, this board is eco-friendly and has anti-bacterial properties.

    4. Personalized Wooden Oak Cheeseboard


    Unique recycled handmade oak wooden boards are ideal for use as chopping, cheese, or charcuterie/antipasti serving boards. Such is this Personalized Wooden Oak Cheeseboard. Each board has been carved from one piece of oak wood, 4cm in width, thick-cut premium quality. Every piece is completely unique with natural grain patterns and color. Huge in size, exotic in design but recycled in material, this piece is truly an astonishing one.

    3. Personalized Marble Cheese Board


    Wooden material for a cheeseboard is already a treat on its own, put in another exquisite addition in the mix and you have a perfect wedding or housewarming gift. This Personalized Marble Cheese Board is made of marble with Acacia wood center. Each board gets finished with a blended Mineral Oil and wax after engraving for water protected and long-lasting design. It can be personalized with a custom laser engraving done with a Class 4 laser to ensure the precision of each design.

    2. Monogrammed Bamboo Cheese Board with 3 Ceramic Bowls & Bamboo Spoons


    A cheeseboard made of the most sustainable material, engraved with your monogram, and will come with added inclusions? Now that is a treat! This Monogrammed Bamboo Cheese Board with 3 Ceramic Bowls & Bamboo Spoons is a set of a bamboo serving platter with 3 ceramic bowls and bamboo spoons. It measures 13" Wide x 13" deep and has a milled groove around the edges of the cutting surface to collect the juice from soft cheeses and fruits!

    1. Personalized Cheese Planks with Side Assembled Knife Set


    They say there’s no better thing to welcome your guests than an irresistible charcuterie plank and sparkling wine. This Personalized Cheese Planks with Side Assembled Knife Set may just be the cheese board you need for all types of occasion that requires such a presentation. Made from Vietnamese bamboo, and measuring 11”x14”. This board comes with a set of 4 cheese knives that are assembled on the side for everyone’s disposal. It makes the accessing and returning of tools easier for every guest in your party.

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