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  • Romantic Necklace

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    Truck Ships From Connecticut, USA

    The Romantic Bar Necklace comes in rose gold, gold, and silver. It features a 1.4-inch wide, 0.28-inch high bar. The necklace includes a 20-inch chain. Customers can select from five unique designs. It's ideal for anniversaries or special occasions with your significant other, offering elegance and customization.

    Choose from Five Different Designs:

    Here are five different design options that can be personalized on an Anniversary Bar Necklace:
    Design 1: A date in Roman numerals, "VII: XX: MMXIII" which translates to "7:20:2013". This could represent a significant date.

    Design 2: Coordinates "22.89° N 109.91° W". These are specific latitude and longitude points on a map, possibly marking a special location.

    Design 3: Two initials "A" and "B" with a heart in between. This typically symbolizes the bond between two people.

    Design 4: A simple mathematical expression "a + b". This could represent two individuals coming together.

    Design 5: Similar to Design 3, but with the heart filled in and the initials "A" and "B" in a different font. This also represents a connection between two people.

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