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    Confidence & Courage Bracelet Set

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    Stay centered with this stylishBlue Tiger’s Eye & Moonstone bracelet duo that’s guaranteed to ground your energy and clear your mind. 

    To confidently and fearlessly face life, we all need that safe space where we can rest and retreat. With the inner stillness, peace, and focus emitting from these timeless accessories, you can wear the energy of that safe space wherever you are. 

    Blue Tiger’s Eyehelps you redirect your focus and energy when you feel off-balance. Intrusive thoughts, anxiety, and depression are very real, very uncomfortable experiences. But with a little spiritual help from Blue Tiger’s Eye, you can train your mind to shift its point of focus.

    This rich, blue crystal opens your mind up to optimistic possibilities, gives you the stamina to pursue your goals, and creates an inner world in which your potential feels unlimited. The intensity of this sacred stone is balanced by the perfectly paired Moonstone bracelet.

    Moonstonecreates alignment with your intuition. And with this alignment comes a personal agreement to trust yourself, honor your needs, and uphold your own boundaries. Moonstone is synonymous with stillness and ease. It can bring calm among the chaos and serves as a beacon of guidance when we feel lost in the trenches of deep emotion.

    Combined, theConfidence & Courage Bracelet Set is an energetic haven that protects your aura and strengthens your emotional resilience.

    Affirmation:Wear together or separate when you need to dissolve overwhelm or anxiety and return to balance. Place them on your wrist while focusing on your affirmation: "I reclaim my power and my right to be at peace despite what’s going on around me."

    In differences lies beauty. Every stone is natural and hand-selected, making each set unique and personal to the wearer.

    Fulfilled by our friends at Conscious Items