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    29 Best Personalized Wine Glasses

    Celebrate special moments and occasions with the best wine in your cellar and match it with nothing but your choice of wine glasses. A more personalized touch might add a heartwarming vibe should you decide to give it as a gift or make it an event favor. Here are 29 Best Personalized Wine Glasses for you to check and choose from:

    29. Photo Message For Her Personalized Red Wine Glass


    Send a message of praise and encouragement, add an image of your choice, and put it in a wine glass to make it festive. This Photo Message For Her Personalized Red Wine Glass just makes every drinking moment a memorable one. Custom printed with any 2 lines of text and precious photo, this classic fluted wine glass can hold up to 18.5 oz of your favorite red or white wine. Enjoy the aroma and taste of your wine as you look at the beautiful image printed on it. Plus it can also be given as a gift for housewarming, wedding, or any special occasion that requires a celebratory drink.

    28. Zodiac Sign Wine Glass


    The stars aligned when you were born, or when you met the love of your life. Surely it has aligned too when others were born and fell in love. Celebrate moments such as birthdays and weddings with a glass that shows a constellation dedicated specifically for you. This Zodiac Sign Wine Glass is glassware that has a wide bowl of red wine glass and a slender profile of white wine glass that both enhances flavors and aromas. It has a stable and ergonomic base to ensure that drinks will be enjoyed without tipping or spilling. Lead-free, this barware addition is durable and dishwasher safe. Know the birthdate and zodiac sign of the person you are giving it to, and this glass will be a personal gift indeed.

    27. Best Friend Wine Lover philoSophie's® Personalized Stemless Wine Glass


    Celebrate your friendship with a glass of wine with this Best Friend Wine Lover philoSophie's® Personalized Stemless Wine Glass and you will be sure to finish the bottle. Each classic, a modern stemless wine glass can be filled up to 21 oz. It will be printed with two ladies having fun while drinking wine in a glass. A hairstyle, hair color, and skin tone can be chosen and edited for a more personal approach. Level it up even more by adding a 2-line message of your choice that will make your best friend cry tears of joy. You can even make it a funny one to bring an inevitable smile to her face. This glass is easy to clean as it can be washed by hand only.

    26. Personalized Etched Stemware


    This Personalized Etched Stemware makes great birthday, wedding, and housewarming gifts for wine lovers - men and women alike. Recommended for Bordeaux (red), Brunello di Montalcino, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc, this engraved wine glass will be sure to turn heads and impress the man or woman wine connoisseur. It is also dishwasher safe and lead-free and can be guaranteed to have high durability. Monogramming may be done in Clear, Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue, Red, Teal, or Purple. A gift such as this will surely be treasured especially when it comes packed in a black leather-lined flip-top lid box with divisions. Monogram colors available are Gold, Silver, Blue, Purple, Pink, and Red.

    25. Let's Get Lit Personalized Christmas Stemless Wine Glass


    Christmas season will always come around so this Let's Get Lit Personalized Christmas Stemless Wine Glass is a gift that will never go out of style. It comes designed with surrounding colorful and festive lights. Each classic, modern stemless wine glass has a 21 oz capacity and measures 4.75” in height. This festive glass can be custom printed with any name or last name. Bring it home with the names of each of your family members or print it out with names of relatives, friends and loved ones as this gift will be great for Christmas and even as a housewarming gift. Share the merriment of the season and savor the flavor of wines with such an awesome piece of glass.

    24. Vinyl Personalized 21oz. Stemless Rosé Wine Glass


    A Vinyl Personalized 21oz. Stemless Rosé Wine Glass is a classy piece that can be a great addition to any home, kitchen, or bar. Each Classic, modern stemless wine glass will be skillfully printed with Vinyl letters. The elegance that this piece exudes and the vinyl printing simply add more glamour to any table arrangement. It can hold up to 21 oz of your favorite wine. Choose from the 15 design colors: Teal, Gold, Silver, Pink, Berry, Blue, Red, Magenta, White, Black, Navy, Green, Silver Glitter, Gold Glitter, and Rose Gold. Bring it as a gift at a wedding, or for a new neighbor. You can even give it individually to a friend or loved one celebrating a special occasion. A glass that comes individually boxed is a convenient gift idea after all.

    23. Write Your Own Custom Printed 19 1/4oz. Red Wine Glass


    Do you have quite a message in mind but you cannot say it out loud? Do it through this Write Your Own Custom Printed 19 1/4oz. Red Wine Glass. Each classic Fluted wine glass can hold up to 18.5 oz of wine and measures 9 ¼ in height. With your choice of font and color, you may have this wine glass custom printed with 4 lines of your message. Say it in a poem, a joke, a verse, or a quote. Whatever your heart wishes to say, let this glass speak it out for you, most festively and elegantly.  Design colors available are Pink, Magenta, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Teal, Blue, Navy, Purple, Matte Gold, Grey, White, and Black so you may choose how colorful and vibrant your texts will appear. Each glass will come individually boxed so it can be safely presented to your choice of recipient.

    22. Lavish Last Name Personalized Luigi Bormioli® Sublime 13.5 oz Red Wine Glass

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with being extravagant and elegant when it comes to drinking wine, so this Lavish Last Name Personalized Luigi Bormioli® Sublime 13.5 oz Red Wine Glass just adds extra in the ordinary in the festivities. It offers the superior brilliance and transparency of blown crystal, with the unprecedented durability of restaurant glass. Measuring 3" diameter x 8.63" H, this glassware features high resistance to breakage with a laser-cut fine rim that will make your bar or kitchen look more glamorous for a long time. The structure of this piece is also unique and the outer part can be personalized with any initial or text of your choice. Such visuals and features make this wine glass a perfect gift for any occasion, especially wedding and housewarming. Each glass can hold up to 13.5 oz of your favorite wine, red or white.

    21. Classic Celebrations Personalized 21oz. Stemless Wine Glass


    Classic Celebrations Personalized 21oz. Stemless Wine Glass makes the event simple yet elegant. The classic, modern look of this stemless wine glass adds festivities to any celebration but will not outshine the reason for the occasion. Measuring 4.75" in height, this glass will just sit quietly in tables, coasters, kitchen, and bars while serving you 21 oz of your favorite wine. If you are buying for yourself, this exquisite piece is just right for you. But if you wish to give it to another person, you might as well maximize its personalization feature that allows you to put any name, initials, or monogram outside the glass. You will even get to choose which font you would like to be printed. A classy glass, a name printed, and a simple touch, plus the wine of choice, will make every celebration solid fun.

    20. Big Vino Personalized Whole Bottle Oversized Wine Glass


    White wines are usually sipped to enjoy the aroma and flavor slowly, some just like to enjoy a huge amount of it and have several gulps along the way. This Big Vino Personalized Whole Bottle Oversized Wine Glass will make the refill process easier and the back and forth to the winery a thing of the past with its large capacity to hold. Made of glass, with subtle markings and bubbles, inherent to glass products, this glassware can hold an entire 750 ml bottle of wine. Standing at 9” height, a glass such as this is what a person needs if he or she just wants to have one pour and enjoy the rest of the drinking in a comfortable seat. 

    19. Versatile Custom Wine Glass


    Sure you love drinking wine and you deserve your own personalized wine glass. But for your friends and loved ones who simply want to use one glass for almost everything, wine, and spirits, this Versatile Custom Wine Glass will be a lovely gift suggestion. Each glass features a unique structure that will make any liquor look dainty and neat. You may personalize each glass with a font and color of your choice with up to 12 characters. A second line may also be added in the printing but it is limited to two words to still maintain the clean and elegant look of this awesome piece.

    18. Customizable Stemless Wine Glass


    Enjoy your wine in style with this beautiful Customizable Stemless Wine Glass and have an awesome drinking session. A custom 17 oz. personalized etched stemless wine glass, such as this piece is the perfect addition to any wine bottle. It is a classic and modern stemless wine glass that can be customized via engraving. The beauty of this product is that you will have the freedom to design it however you want with its customization feature. Just click the red button and the power is yours. Choose your monogram design, font, and style them to make the letters, words, and text unique and yours. Friends will enjoy receiving a well thought off gift designed by you.

    17. Personalized Wine Decanter Set and Stemless Wine Glasses

    Why just bring a single wine glass gift when you can bring a set? This Personalized Wine Decanter Set and Stemless Wine Glasses is a perfect housewarming or any occasion gift as it not only hands over a set of wine decanter, 2 stemless wine glasses, and an engraved wood box, but also it invites a celebratory drinking session with you. Personalization for this gift is overboard as the decanter and the wine glasses may be laser engraved with a name, initials, or monogram of choice, and the box that keeps these awesome barware additions may also have a matching print.

    16. Red Flowers Wine Glasses


    A breathtaking floral pattern will meet your vision as you lay eyes on these Red Flowers Wine Glasses. Made of glass, this wine buddy is hand-painted with special and nontoxic glass paints and was baked at a high temperature for reliable fixation of the paint. The said high-quality paint and baking technology makes these glasses resistant to water, time, and use. The personalization part is a lovely offer of declaring your favorite color scheme and these glasses will be painted with the same pattern but in your choice of hue.

    15. Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Set


    In choosing the best wine glasses, sometimes it is okay to risk choosing stemless. Let your love transcend longer through this Personalized Stemless Wine Glass Set that is made of high-quality material and is fade-resistant. Whatever words, initials, monogram, or message you put in these glasses; they are sure to live long as your endearment for the person you may be giving to. Sculpted with a modern bell and flat bottom, these tumblers are classy handheld during a drinking session.

    14. Personalized Rose Gold Stainless Steel Wine Glass

    Treat your lip with a sip from this fine-looking and stunningly crafted Personalized Rose Gold Stainless Steel Wine Glass. Shatterproof, this lovely glass will be one of your longest and best-kept barware and you are guaranteed to have complete fun while drinking without fear of dropping and breaking it into pieces. Since it is made of stainless steel, wine and other drinks are kept cold for a longer period. Have it personalized so you may have one for yourself and give your other equally fun-loving friends a dainty and vinyl-stamped flute of their own.

    13. Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glass

    Drink like royalty with this Monogrammed Stemless Wine Glass that is lead, nickel, and cadmium-free and non-toxic. It is fashioned in a modern bell and flat bottom design with a golden metallic ink around the rim that is fired onto the glassware for permanent use. Put a sparkling addition to your glassware and enjoy the elegant visuals that this tumbler brings. Initials and designs of your choice will be printed outside the glass using the same high-quality process used to place the gold ink in the rim.

    12. Birthday Wine Glass


    Be bold, be brave, and party like a lady with this Birthday Wine Glass that is designed for the fun-loving woman that you are. Made of glass, this wine buddy is embellished with strong outdoor durable vinyl that is made to last longer for a lasting impression, and the glitters are fully sealed so you can guarantee it won’t get in your drinks. Choose from a wide variety of glitters and vinyl colors to decorate your tumbler and gulp away. Give it as a gift and see how you will create a festive scenario.

    11. Stainless Steel Wine Glass

     Planning a silver or stainless-steel-themed party or you are simply a lover of unbreakable yet elegantly functional barware? Then this Stainless Steel Wine Glass is for you. Perfect for travel or outdoor drinking sessions, this wine glass is not only durable but also comes with a spill-resistant lid and stands in a nonslip base. It keeps the wine at room temperature regardless of the outside temperature because it has double-wall insulation. Made of 18/8 gauge steel, this stainless-steel piece is shatterproof and rustproof making it a great addition to your collection.

    10. Gallery of Eight Printed Wine Glass

     Add a heartwarming touch to your every sip with this Gallery of Eight Printed Wine Glass that features not just one, or two, but eight perfectly captured moments of you and your loved one printed on the outside. Made of glass, this stemless tumbler in modern bell shape and flat base can hold up to 15 oz of your favorite wine while showing you a collage of your loved ones. Cheers to you for creating memories with them that you can celebrate daily and drink for.

    9. Custom Painted Wine Glasses


    Pondering what to give your friends, neighbors, or loved ones for the holidays? Think no more as these Custom Painted Wine Glasses are functional and useful for any celebration and it is decoratively vibrant as well. So, bring out your inner Picasso and decide on the intricate and unique designs you want to be painted on each glass. Your vision will be brought to life and the recipients will have additional glassware that nobody in this entire universe has. What could be a more sentimental and personal gift than a wine glass painted specifically for them?

    8. Traveller’s Wine Glass

    Pack up your stuff and get on the road. Bring this Traveller’s Wine Glass with you and plan a drinking session as you land safely in your destination. This crystal stemware is hand engraved with a world map design that is fitting for travel lovers or geography aficionados like yourself. Add a few texts as you will, and this 19-fluid ounce glass will be a nice gift for fellow sojourners. You might get tipsy with this, wine glass but at least you won’t get lost.

    7. English Pewter Company Personalized Wine Glass

    Ever wonder how it feels to drink wine in a glass stamped with your initials in an elegantly designed malleable metal alloy? If yes, then get this English Pewter Company Personalized Wine Glass and you will have a feel of how it feels to drink like royalty with your initials embedded in pewter attached to your tumbler. Made by master craftsmen and women in England, this wine glass is also a perfect gift suggestion for occasions or for thematic events. It comes with a luxury velvet bag and a gift box

    6. Personalized Copper Wine Glass


    If you are a lover of things that are unbreakable and customizable then you should consider this Personalized Copper Wine Glass. Made of metal, your drinking moments will be worry-free and the fun will be doubled as you are not bothered whether you and your guests may drop them and shatter them to pieces. They may not even be bold enough to accidentally bring it home as it has your name on them. But these wine glasses may also be a gift to the special people in your life so that the next time any of you holds a party, you can all bring your own personalized wine tumblers.

    5. Custom Photo Wine Glass

     An exquisite and dramatic scenario comes to life with this Custom Photo Wine Glass that subtly exposes a customized image on the base and presents a message on its body. The photo is sealed in glitter at the bottom of the glass and the top of the glass personalization may be vinyl or can come in a frosted effect. Perfect for anniversaries or any event you want to celebrate while commemorating a significant moment, captured in the camera and now encapsulated in a wine glass.

    4. Leopard Print Personalized Wine Glass


    Give this Leopard Print Personalized Wine Glass to any of your Safari savvy loved ones of if you like animal prints just the same, then this one is a match. The lower part of this stemless wine glass is printed with a leopard skin design that comes along well with a beautifully written name using black professional-grade vinyl. The design at the bottom is glittered and sealed for that long-lasting guarantee.

    3. Elite Premium Polycarbonate Wine Glass

    Make the guests at your party wonder continuously what each of you is drinking with this Elite Premium Polycarbonate Wine Glass. Finished in solid white or black, this wine tumbler is made from highly durable polycarbonate plastic that makes it virtually unbreakable and a much safer alternative for fragile and breakable glassware. Rigid and reusable, this plastic barware is ideal for outdoor events, bars, and clubs as well as for themed ones. It may be personalized with a name or any word of choice outside its body.

    2. 2 pcs. Lazer Engraved Wine Glass Set

    Unleash your romantic side and pour your best wine in this 2 pcs. Lazer Engraved Wine Glass Set. Fashioned in a large and round built, this crystal glassware can hold up to 21.3 fluid ounces of wine, making your moments more enjoyable without being interrupted with a constant refill. Various designs are available for customization to add more elegance to this already sophisticated set. This glass is simply convenient in the hand and lovely in the eye.

    1. Wine Decanter and Tipsy Tasters Set

    A wine glass in the table or kitchen will be way better if its decanter and other fellow wine glass are there. This Wine Decanter and Tipsy Tasters Setis just the right fit for that intimate drinking session you are planning as it comes with a glass bottle sealed with a rubberwood topper for a locked-in flavor and alcoholic components and four tipsy tasters that feature a unique swivel bottom.