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    Personalized Makeup Bags

    Help your girl keep their makeup and essentials organized in style with a unique personalized makeup bag. From custom cosmetic bags to purse sized bags check out our selection below to guarantee a happy lady.

    A woman’s beauty tools are some of her bag’s most essential “must-haves”.  She cannot get out of the house or go on her day without ensuring that these are not locked inside her tote. Since she invests in these things, it will be a no-brainer to claim that she keeps it in separate pockets and bags inside a big one to compartmentalize and protect her precious makeups. Sometimes, she just needs to be able to pull them out quickly when she needs an instant touch-up.

    17 Unique Personalized Makeup Bags She'll Adore

    Keep your cosmetics organized and stylish with our personalized makeup bags. Choose from a variety of styles and add your name or iniquals to create a truly one-of-a-kind accessory. Whether you're heading to work or traveling the world, these makeup bags will keep your cosmetics safe and secure. 

    Below are the 17 best-personalized makeup bags that will house a woman’s collection of beauty essentials to make her morning routine a little brighter. 


    17. Cosmetic Bag Set


    If you want to buy a sack for your cosmetics, might as well take two more for your accessories and other stuff. Gather up your complete set of makeups and place it on the makeup bag. Your earrings and necklace have a safe keep now with the accessory purse and you can just grab the travel pouch, drop your phone and a few cards or coins inside it and go. This Cosmetic Bag Set is a must-have for yourself or as a gift.

    16. Leather Cosmetic Bag

    Talk about carrying a makeup bag that has a character on its own. Before you even bring out your beauty tools, this pouch is already screaming in style and durability. It is spacious and secure and comes in 5 color choices: True Black, Smokey Blue, Hunter Green, Rustic Red, and Tobacco Brown. The two types of personalization: Metal Clasp engraving and Leather Tag embossing make this Leather Cosmetic Bag a unique and practical choice.

    15. Write Your Own Personalized Canvas Cosmetic Case


    The moment we wake up and after saying a prayer, we fix our faces first in the morning almost like clockwork. This Write Your Own Personalized Canvas Cosmetic Case lets you see a message that will put you into a good vibe and set you up for the rest of the day, as it can be personalized with up to three lines. Plus this bag is roomy so you have enough space for makeups and messages at the same time. It features a polyester lining and line zipper pull case made from cotton.

    14. Playful Name Embroidered Quilted Train Case


    Are your beauty essentials a little too much to carry in a small pouch? Bring it in a big one, but in style and elegance. It will surely make you feel like a star or a model about to go to her photoshoot with this Playful Name Embroidered Quilted Train Case. This 9”x6”x6” goodie is not just roomy but also easy to clean as it was lined intentionally for that purpose. So grab it in its comfy handle and swing your stylish bag as you go and freshen up in a mirror.


    13. Butterfly Embroidered Cosmetic Case

    Talk about perking up your mood even before you put your makeup on. This Butterfly Embroidered Cosmetic Case has a quilted pattern shell with butterfly applique that will surely place you into a joyful vibe. It also has a decorative floral zipper pull charm attached to the pink zipper pull. Made in a 100% quilted cotton twill-out shell with polyester lining, this pouch will bring color to your day just as your makeup will.


    12. Custom Makeup Bag


    Functionality and style meet practicality with this Custom Makeup Bag. Composed of 100% Brushed cotton canvas, this 19x18x9cm can fit your beauty essentials without crowding your main handbag at the same time. It can also be used as an individual pouch for those classy events you need to attend. The visual and the role of this cosmetic must-have go side-by-side in perfect unison.


    11. Personalized Wash Bag

    Imagine a cosmetic bag that can transform into a Dopp kit in a snap. This Personalized Wash Bag can be used as a makeup bag for women and can be a toiletry case for men. Now that is versatility at its finest. The text color may be selected to fit the gender using it and you may choose to order the large or medium bag, the options are just in your grasp. It is available in Soft Grey, Soft Pink, Black, and Black-Black.


    10. Maddison Makeup Bag


    A makeup bag need not look tacky or plain just because it is kept most of the time, inside your bag. This Maddison Makeup Bag is a classy and stylish keepsake for your cosmetics or your other girl friends’ makeup as it makes for a worthy gift as well. Made with polyester, this dainty makeup carrier comes in 5 colors: Pink, Beige, Purple, Light, and Dark Blue.


    9. Salon On The Go

    Get your girl something that she can hold her cosmetic essentials in so that she is best prepared for everyday life. She is going to love this vegan leather makeup bag! It is just the right size to hold the essentials that she needs to get ready in the morning.  This makeup bag comes in a wide variety of colors so that your girl can have a unique color of her own. This bag comes with small leather straps on both sides so that it can hang wherever your girl needs to access it.

    8. Cosmetic Love

    Hand over a gem to your most valued girlfriends with this cute and modern makeup bag that is designed with a heart of gem and may be personalized with their names on top of it. Now they will know your heart will always keep them as this Cosmetic Love bag will always keep their makeup safe. Your lipsticks and blush-on will love their fit in this polyester makeup bag and the recipients will love you.

    7. Petite and Bold


    Great things come in small packages, they say. And this Petite and Bold bag could not have proven that saying any better. The classic black and white visual that matches with the personalized initials of the owner scream elegance in simplicity. Let your cosmetic bag make a statement even before you bring out your collection. The design makes up for its small built which is just perfect for carry-with-you and day-to-day touch-up essentials.


    6. Cassie Clear Cosmetic Bag

    One of the women’s guilty pleasures is having to subtly brag about their collection of cosmetics every so often. If a new limited edition lipstick happens to land on your lips before a public purchase, you might want to make a few women notice. This Cassie Clear Cosmetic Bag will let every woman feel the pride of showing off their beloved collection without bragging or sounding arrogant. By all means, put your name on it, for safety and of course for ownership purposes.


    5. Personalized Makeup and Toiletry Bag

    If your makeup is a handful and the washroom is quite distant, your hands may need to be aided while carrying your beauty tools. This Personalized Makeup and Toiletry Bag functions more than just as a cosmetic or toiletry bag. It offers a structure that is roomy and may carry more while alleviating the weight on your hand with its handle. Now you can still wave as you walk towards a mirrored room while this clutch hangs on your wrist.

    4. Cheetah Sisters Cosmetics

    Some women just love animal prints. They go “gaga” with prints that replicate skins of zebra, tiger, or in this case, cheetah. So calling all “prints-loving” sisters, and choose between a white makeup bag sealed in a gold zipper or a natural colored one with a rose gold zipper. Both are decorated with cheetah prints. Of course, take pride in your sophisticated choice of bag and place your name in this Cheetah Sisters Bag with up to 12 characters.

    3. Hey Gorgeous

    You will surely hear a “Hey Gorgeous” call upon receiving this petite but sweet cosmetic bag. This bag is pretty and sturdy just like you who is such a strong beauty. Whether you aim to get this for yourself or your friends as a gift, the power to choose is in your hands. Zipper colors are Rose gold and gold, while each has its own set of color palettes on its pocket. Rose Gold Zipper Bag Colors: Denim, Grey, Peach Blush, and Purple. Gold Zipper Bag Colors: Black, White, Mint, Pink, and Aqua Blue.

    2. Personalize Beauty Bag

    Have you ever had a makeup bag that can stand alone, literally? Aside from its elegant design that can make this pouch go solo even without contents, its structure allows it to stand as you put it down. This Personalize Beauty Bag has two versions: the small one for your cosmetics and the big one for toiletries or anything you want to stuff it with. Get them both for a matching cuteness inside your main bag.


    1. Cammy’s Cosmetic Clutch



    Going back to basics with a combination of Black or white and gold is a classic move for a makeup pouch. You can never go wrong with a durable cotton canvas bag with an inside feature lined in satin and zipped in gold. Add an intricately written name and you have yourself a decent and functional gift for your gal pals. This kind of beauty is one you want to share with friends, so grab Cammy’s Cosmetic Clutch for yourself, and your lady friends.