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    Personalized Necklaces

    A personalized necklace gift is the perfect way to show any woman in your life how much you appreciate them. A touch of sparkle will add a bit of glamour to any day. From beautiful name necklaces to best friends necklaces check out our selection perfect for all the ladies in your life.

    Accessories are a part of our outfits. For women, one of their most common embellishments is a necklace. They wear different kinds for different occasions and purposes. However, no matter how they vary in style and purpose, a personalized touch will always be a welcomed addition.

    17 Best Personalized Necklaces For Your Lady

    Here is a list of 17 Best Personalized Necklaces for her so you can get that special girl a very special gift fitting her neck. Let your appreciation dangle in style and elegance, choose one or more from the list below:


    17. “I Love You Forever and Always” Heart Necklace

    Love can be spoken in different ways. Sometimes we show it through service, through quality time, or in this case through a gift: a neck dangling jewelry that speaks beauty and strength, pretty much like your love. This “I Love You Forever and Always” Heart Necklaceis plated with 18K White Gold that is guaranteed to retain color and shine. The stone is made of Swarovski Crystals and this entire necklace is made to last a lifetime just like his love for you or your love for that special someone you want to give it to.

    16. Mom Necklace in 18K White Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystals

    Whether you are a mother or you love your mom so much, this Mom Necklace in 18K White Gold Plated with Swarovski Crystals will pass for a decent gift. Plated with 18K White Gold, this hypoallergenic and comfort fit piece of jewelry is sure to fit your mother’s delicate neck while your message of love fits her heart. The stones surrounding it are Swarovski Crystals for a more elegant look and sparkling appearance.

    15. Birth Month Birth Flower Necklace


    Your birth month matches a certain birth flower. If you are born in June, then Roses are your birth flowers and if you happen to be born in this world during May, then it’s Lily of the Valley. These are “good-to-know” facts but they get even better when used to personalize your jewelry or gift. The Birth Month Birth Flower Necklace presents a top-of-the-line personalization as your Birthdate, Birth flower, and name or title get to appear in your necklace as you wish.

    14. Circle Interlocking Name Necklace

    Your birth month matches a certain birth flower. If you are born in June, then Roses are your birth flowers and if you happen to be born in this world during May, then it’s Lily of the Valley. These are “good-to-know” facts but they get even better when used to personalize your jewelry or gift. The Circle Interlocking Name Necklace presents a top-of-the-line personalization as your Birthdate, Birth flower, and name or title get to appear in your necklace as you wish.

    13. Custom Moon Phase Necklace

    The day you were born, the universe need not conspire for a star to shine your location, the moon glaring above has got that part covered. Whether your birthdate happens to fall on a New Moon, Full Moon, or Crescent Moon, this Custom Moon Phase Necklace can make your accessory more lunar and unique. The next time someone looks at your neck accessory, they will be oozing with wonder and amusement with the Brass and Glass material combination and overall look of this fine thing.

     12. Personalized Colorful Name Necklace

    A woman who wears necklaces with their names on them or the names of someone important to them wants those names to show and be seen. However, sometimes the lettering drowns in the monochrome and the outfit. This Personalized Colorful Name Necklace can ensure that the name you chose to dangle in your neck will be seen with its vibrant color and sophisticated font- both your choices including the choice of chain length.

    11. Forever Together Engraved Birthstone Necklace in Silver

    Since a woman has no issue wearing a symbol of love and relationship, why not give this to her as a gift? This Forever Together Engraved Birthstone Necklace in Silver is a perfect gift suggestion for your girl as it carries both your birthstones and your names joined together and connected in a heart-shaped figure. It’s a loud yet subliminal way of saying “you were born for each other and were meant to love one another”  Not only is this necklace full of amazing messages, but it also looks classy and elegant, perfect for a woman’s accessory.

    10. Disney Name Necklace

    Every woman will always have a child in them and what better way to present it but with a famous image from the happiest place on earth. This Disney Name Necklace presents a name written in the unique Disney font with Mickey Mouse in the end all hanging via Rolo chain in your neck. It is made of Copper, Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver. Go on and unleash the inner Disney fanatic in you and wear something that will surely make you happy every time you see it.

    9. Engraved Triple 3D Vertical Bar Necklace Stainless Steel

    Wear the name of your husband and two kids, your Mom and Dad’s name plus yours, or any combination of names you want to dangle from your neck with this Engraved Triple 3D Vertical Bar Necklace Stainless Steel that is beautifully crafted to showcase durability and elegance. Now you can wear stainless steel bars hanging from a Rolo chain, in style.

    8. Eternal Love Heart Necklace


    The heart symbolizes love while an infinity sign means forever. Put these two together and make it a necklace and you get an eternal love emblem hanging on your neck. Made with Stainless steel with a pendant embellished with 37 White Swarovski Crystals, this Eternal Love Heart Necklace is both elegant and endearing. Give it as a gift or by it for yourself as a symbol of your self-love; that will work too. Chains are adjustable and a pouch is included upon purchase.

    7. “I Love You Mom” Heart Necklace

    This “I Love You Mom” Heart Necklace is a scream of our hearts message for your mother. Not only does the message get to be engraved in a heart, which means your love for her will always be in your heart, but also it contains a gem inside that represents your one and only mother. Made with 18K White Gold with a pendant surrounded by Genuine Swarovski Crystal, this necklace is made to last a lifetime and guaranteed to retain its color and shine. It shall hang on your mom’s neck via a boxed chain that is both durable and classy.

    6. 4 Names Necklace with Birthstone

    So you want to put more names in a necklace and add up their birthstones, the power to do that is yours. This Art deco-styled necklace comes in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. Wearing a more personalized accessory has never been this grand with this 4 Names Necklace with Birthstone. The gemstone placed on each slot is Quartz making this gift sophisticated and heart-warming. Now a mother with 4 kids or simply a woman who cherishes the 4 most amazing people in her life can get to wear a pendant with their names and birthstones as a symbol of her appreciation.


    5. Esme Initial Birthstone Necklace

    Uniquely designed but equally amazing, you can set apart Esme Initial Birthstone Necklace from other necklaces as it carries your name in a circle flat pendant written in a very sophisticated font and it also features your birthstone dangling in front of your name pendant. Now every time you wear it there will be an activity going on in your neck as your birthstone bounces and reflects light each time you move. Your accessory will surely get attention, so will you.


     4. Infinity Love Anchor Necklace

    Are you a very diverse and versatile type of woman? If you are then your man or anyone who has an infinite love for you must get this Infinity Love Anchor Necklace. It is a unique combination of many things that makes a woman and a relationship with her complicated and endearing at the same time. Made of stainless steel embellished with Swarovski Crystals, this necklace presents you with an infinity sign using the intertwined vine of a rose connected to an anchor and eventually transforms into the cursive word “Love”. Not to mention a gem in the middle that makes this jewelry sparkle all the more.

     3. Personalized Love Between Mother Tag Necklace

    This feminine version of a soldier’s Nametag is a cool rendition of a representation of durability and resilience. Pretty much like a soldier’s tag, the love between a mother and a daughter is meant to withstand and weather all kinds of challenges and hazards the world may throw at them. To the very end, that love should be memorabilia of an amazing journey and relationship that brought the two women closer to each other. This Love Between Mother Tag Necklace is made of solid stainless steel.


    2. Mom Charm Bracelet or Necklace

    Maybe you say it often, maybe you don’t. Let this Mom Charm Bracelet or Necklace say what is in your chest and make her feel appreciated on her special day. This gift is perfect for birthdays, Mother’s day, or any day. After all, you can never say too much “I love you” to that one woman you love the most. This vintage gold-toned heart will warm the heart of that special mother you wish to give it to. The pride of wearing anything that says “mom” never goes out of style.

     1. Zodiac Ladies 

    These girls are your best friends for life. Let them know how much you appreciate them by asking them to be your bridesmaids with these cute astrological sign necklaces. Get each of your girls a necklace representing their astrological sign that they can wear on your wedding day and for years after while thinking of how special you made them feel on your big day. This necklace includes one necklace with the astrological sign of your choosing, including a personalized note all in a cute gift box. No girl can resist this gift. The gold necklace is 14K Gold with a zodiac design engraved onto the front. From the wedding day to nights out this necklace will be a go-to for all your girls.