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    Groovy Girl Gifts Team

    After gaining extensive experience in the personalized gifts market and specializing in groomsmen and men's gifts, we became experts in the field. This led us to launch a unique website offering a diverse range of personalized gifts for women. Our goal is to stand out from the competition by offering a wider variety of gift options for girls. At the core of our business is personalization, as we firmly believe that engraving a name or special message on a gift makes it all the more meaningful.

    What woman doesn't love receiving a personalized gift? It shows that you put thought and effort into finding something unique that speaks to her favorite interests. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind birthday present, a meaningful anniversary gift, or a just because gift, ours is the collection of meaningful personalized gifts for any special lady in your life.

    We've got all sorts of personalized gifts that will make your loved ones feel special. From monogrammed wine tumblers and custom necklaces to personalized picture frames and engraved cutting boards, we've got something for every type of woman. And because each item is personalized just for them, they'll know that you took the time to find something truly unique - just like them.





    Chris Bajda - Chief Adventure Officer  Chris is a savvy entrepreneur who knows his way around the wedding industry.  He's also a man who understands the ways of the web.  Chris combines those attributes to create and run Groovy Girl Gifts.  it takes a highly analytical mind with a keen internet savvy to uncover new sites.  Chris had the the vision of Groovy Girl Gifts and ran with it.  He is a guy that knows how to build a site, and manage it along the way.  Chris has an undergrad from the University of Vermont in Information Systems and is a lifelong aspiring entrepreneur. 



    Kaleigh Panek - Head Customer Whisperer - Meet Kaleigh Panek , the ultimate night owl and morning person all rolled into one! This go-getter is a true workhorse, always putting in 110% to ensure that projects are done to perfection. But watch out, if you need her for a 9am meeting, good luck! She considers sleeping in a superpower and burning the midnight oil her hobby. But don't let her nocturnal habits fool you, she's a true creative genius and well respected by her colleagues and bosses. Just make sure to schedule all important meetings after lunch time. 



    Tyler Carter - Chief Opportunitator -Tyler has been working side by side with Chris from almost the beginning. Tyler is our Jack of All Trades, so-to-speak.  He is a pivotal part of the development and growth of Groovy Guy Gifts.  Between page designing, data entry, customer service manager, and vendor relation, Tyler does it all.  Tyler brings a great millennial vantage point to help understand our market, all while a skill set that aids in pushing our Groovy brand out in the guy world. 


    Melissa Bajda

    Melissa Bajda - Chief Gifting Officer - Melissa Bajda is a gift-giving expert and entrepreneur who has been running a successful gift-selling website for the past 10 years. With a passion for thoughtful, personalized gifts that truly make an impact, Melissa has built a reputation as a go-to source for unique and meaningful present ideas. Melissa's expertise in gift-giving comes from years of experience and a deep understanding of what makes a gift truly special. She is committed to helping her customers find the perfect gift that will bring joy and create lasting memories.


    Our Offices

    Interested in seeing some of our gifts before you buy? If so, stop by our offices at the address below, our standard hours are 10:00AM to 6:00 PM Monday through Friday.

    484 Pepper Street
    Unit A
    Monroe, CT 06484

    Be sure to check out our other store fronts in the personalized gift giving space:

     Our Offices