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    A woman’s get-up is not complete without her handbag. Matched with the right accessories, make-up, and shoes, a chic handbag can be the perfect embellishment. This is why choosing the right handbag is an important task and this listing will make it easier for you.

    19 Great Handbags For Women

    Sling your bag of choice on your shoulder or make a woman happy with your choice.  Below are 19 great handbags for women for you to check and see which the perfect fit is.


    19. Everyday Tote



    The name says it all. This ultra-spacious Canvas Tote Handbag is an effortless choice for your daily outdoor activity. Whether you choose to go hands-free or not, the double top handles and adjustable strap makes the carrying part more comfortable. The inner zippered compartments allow you to keep your essentials safe as they are all enclosed in a zippered closure for security and easy access.  This 20”x17” Everyday Tote comes in 3 color options: Army Green, Coffee, and Gray.


    18. Women Fashion Set


    If you think a bag will make her smile, imagine what a set will do. This awesome Women Fashion Set quartet of a treat brings a handbag, a messenger bag, a wristlet, and a wallet. Other sets allow you to bring home a handbag, a clutch, a wallet, and a cardholder. Imagine a collection of things you need and want as a keeper of your essentials with your choice of combination, color, and design.


    17. Anti-Theft Women Soft Leather Backpack

    The need to move freely, allow your two hands to grab other things and the longing to secure your belongings must work side by side. But these two perks cannot work harmoniously if style and comforts are sacrificed. That is why this waterproof leather shoulder bag that converts to a pack checks everything on the list. The design of this Anti-Theft Women Soft Leather Backpack is sleek. It provides security and a hands-free mechanism and the straps are intricately designed to provide comfort as the bag gets heavier.


    16. Beach Bum Bag



    Summer is never a bummer when a beach vacation is on the itinerary. Bring this Beach Bum Bag along in that travel and you shall bum in the sand with glam. This bag is made of 100% Burlap Jute Fabric and comes with leather handles for sturdier confidence in carrying your essentials. It has a zippered closure and an inside pocket. Plus it can be personalized with vinyl lettering of her initials outside the bag.


    15. Puffy Shoulder Bag



    If you need an on-the-go bag for quick errands or just to keep your essentials close to you at all times, this bag can live up to that challenge. It's two separate large pockets that can be zipped makes for a secured location in keeping your wallet or phones. It is available in Red, Green, Blue, Black, and gray. Hook this Puffy Shoulder Bag and go along with your day carrying having what you need by your side.


    14. Kiwi Small Leather Backpack


    When a day is about to become busy, women need both their hands on deck. But they still need their bags with them for security reasons. The need to move freely or the must-have the bag with her, why choose? Carry a backpack. This 8”x10.25”x3.5” vegetable tanned Kiwi Small Leather Backpack is just the right size for a woman’s “daily must-haves” and is designed as a backpack for a comfortable hands-free carrying system.


    13. Canvas Weekender



    Going on a trip with a loved one? Planning to have a “me” time somewhere far? Packing for a few days business trip? Bring a lot of things to someone? Think no further because this classy essential is perfect for you. Made from durable wrinkle-free canvas, this Canvas Weekender bag will allow you to travel in style while carrying your clothes, your toiletries, and other stuff you wish to bring and can fit in a bag like this.


    12. Handbag And Matching Wristlet



    Some great things come in a set. This dainty 12”x9”x5.5” handbag has a spacious interior that may carry your “must-haves” and exterior pockets for easy access to your comb, hand sanitizer, or other on-the-go items. The 6”x45” wristlet matches perfectly to the bag as it may carry a small phone or a few bills for easy handling of frequently needed stuff. The sleek designs of each item are a match and their functions complement each other flawlessly. Surely this Handbag And Matching Wristlet is a must-have.


    11. Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag



    Some women need to carry stuff more than they used to. Laptops and papers have become a normal roommate of make-up and wallet in a lady’s handbag. With that transition in mind, this Waxed Canvas Messenger Bag is a fitting gift for a woman who needs to carry more and be more. The brass zippers and buckles with a magnetic connection and the double stitching prove durability for heavy stuff while the leather and canvas combination allows this bag to be stuffy in style.


    10. Striped Canvas Tote Bag


    Talk about versatility, this striped canvas tote bag can be brought during a beach trip or worn daily.  The space that this 14”x14”x5” chic tote allows your essential stuff to fit inside while still having room for other things. It has a zipper closure and an inside pocket for those easily-lost small items. Now that is space, security, and style in one bag. Grab one Striped Canvas Tote Bag for yourself or give it as a gift.


    9. Galaxy Waxed Lily Tote



    Sturdy waxed material, a multitude of compartments, and cool modern design. These are but a few of what this bag has to offer. Galaxy Waxed Lily Tote can carry more than what you usually do while providing a secure and sturdy build that will not drop your essentials and your expectations. Its unique design even offers a pouch for your yoga mat so you can run to your gym and relax after a long and jam-packed day.



    8. Prism And Proper Tote Bag



    Stylish. Sophisticated. Modern. If this is what you look for in a bag, you have to sack this one because it is a match! Made with cotton and polyester, this 49 cm Prism And Proper Tote Bag features a metal snap closure, has soft cotton rope handles, and presents a bold geometric pattern printed over a neutral color to fit any outfit and style. It can be personalized with a monogram in your choice of color and font.


    7. Leather Organizer Handbag


    Flying abroad for a business trip? Leaving town longer than a week? You cannot put all your stuff in a suitcase and struggle to access them anytime you need them. This 26cmx12cmx25cm Leather Organizer Handbag is big enough to carry your essentials and more. The versatile interior design allows you to put in the necessary things you might need to easily pull out at any time and the detachable shoulder strap adds to the wow factor of its design.


    6. Handbag For Women



    The simplicity and unique combination of colors make this Handbag For Women a part of every girl's wish lists. Its structured build allows ladies to put down the bag without fear of watching it fall on the side. The tassel embellishment adds up to the classy appearance while its detachable strap made it versatile. Made with premium PU leather, this ladylike treat is durable and easy to clean. It is suitable for any adult age and any occasion.


    5. Chanel Inspired Handbag



    Once or maybe even more, a woman attends an event, an occasion, or a gathering that requires a formal outfit or a cocktail gown, with which always comes a great pair of shoes and a handbag. This 26cmx16cmx8cm Chanel Inspired Handbag is made of jacquard material, has an interior sloth pocket, and has a heavy metal handle. Now you can stride in those red carpets or hallways while carrying your essentials in style and class.


    4. Kanji Peace Love And Hope Bag



    Since women differ in so many ways, it is no surprise that they differ in their preferences as well, especially in a bag. Kanji Peace Love And Hope Bag caters to those women who love to embrace the culture and wear something fashionable but gives a strong statement. The artwork in this handbag is one of the 3 original pieces created by a designer in Thailand making it a functional bag and a piece of art too. Made with polyester and has plastic buckles.


    3. Bucket Bag



    This handmade whiskey-colored bucket bag brings women back to the time when zippers are not yet a thing. Made with 100% genuine leather, this “back to basic” sack’s clean design gives a stylish appearance to anyone holding it. Bucket Bag is also versatile because the long strap is removable depending on the need of the user. The size may look small but it can fit more female necessities than what it appears to offer.


    2. Turquoise Spirit Desert On-The-Go Twill Tote



    Who says women cannot pack and bring lunch while still look classy? This cool-colored Turquoise Spirit Desert On-The-Go Twill Tote is perfect for carrying those well-prepared packed meals, or for shopping in style. Made with polyester and twill, this water-resistant bag has an insulated lining which provides not only less worry for spillage but also ensures that food will stay cold or warm a little longer. So prepare that food and pack it in, let this bag add a little “wow” to that meal.


    1. Weekend Royalty Bag



    A glamorously looking bag without the price tag you will wish to escape from. This Weekend Royalty Bag is versatile with its design and color that it may be used for packing for a weekend getaway, a vacation and even merely going to the gym. You may carry your clothes, shoes, and many more with this 45.72cmx22.86cmx22.86cm bag made of 20oz cotton canvas. Travel in style and pack like you can bring everything you like.