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  • 19 Chic and Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts in 2024

    by Melissa Bajda December 10, 2023

    Gone are the days of a simple phone call or text message, it is time to make your creative bridesmaid proposal idea an exciting and unforgettable moment.

    Get ready to show your girls how much they mean to you and get them on board for the wedding journey of a lifetime. Get your notepads ready and let's dive into these bridesmaid proposal gifts.

    1. Dream Gift Set

    Dream Gift Set

    This Dream Gift Set includes everything your girls will need to feel special and appreciated. From a personalized robe to a beautiful necklace, this set has it all for your bridal party. 

    And the best part? You can customize each item with your bridesmaid's name for that extra personal touch. Get ready to make your bridesmaid proposal unforgettable with the amazing bridesmaid proposal gift box set!

    2. Pop And Fizz Gift Set

    Pop And Fizz Gift Set

    The Pop & Fizz Gift Set is the ultimate way to ask your girls to be a part of your special day! This curated collection is packed with goodies that will make your bridesmaid proposal unforgettable. From a stylish gold bottle opener to a cute vanilla fortune cookie with a special message, this gift set has it all.

    Your bridesmaids will love the glitter gold favor box, mini baroque frame/place card holder, black paper straw, “Cheers” stemless champagne flute, confetti push pop, and travel candle with a signature scent.

    3. Will You Be My Bridesmaid Wine Bags

    Will You Be My Bridesmaid Wine Bags

    The Will You Be My Bridesmaid Wine Bags are an ideal proposal gift for bridesmaids. 

    Crafted from cotton burlap, these bridesmaid gifts add a rustic charm to your bridesmaid proposals. They are both practical and stylish, perfect for presenting a bottle of wine or similar gifts. 

    These bridesmaid proposal ideas are designed with the heartfelt question, "Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" printed on them, making them a memorable way to ask friends to be part of your special day.

    4. Plain and Simple Gift Box

    Plain and Simple Gift Box

    This Plain and Simple Gift Box includes everything your bridesmaids will love, including a personalized compact mirror, a lip balm in their favorite color, a shatterproof flute with a gold foil "cheers" design, and a candle tin for a relaxing and soothing experience. 

    And to top it all off, this best bridesmaid proposal gift box features a heartfelt message asking them to be a part of your special day.

    5. Bridesmaid Proposal Candle Stickers

    Bridesmaid Proposal Candle Stickers

    The Bridesmaid Proposal Candle is a set of stickers designed for bridesmaid proposals. These stickers are a creative way to ask friends to join your future bridal party. They are suitable for sticking on candles, cocktail cans, gift boxes, or any smooth surface. 

    The stickers for bridesmaid proposal gifts are handmade and come in three sizes: small (5.5 cm x 5.5 cm), medium (8 cm x 8 cm), and large (14 cm x 14 cm).

    6. Vibey Bridesmaid Gift Set

    Vibey Bridesmaid Gift Set

    The Vibey Bridesmaid Gift Set is the perfect way to ask your girls to be by your side on your special day. This fun bridesmaid proposal gift set includes a variety of fun and trendy items that your bridesmaids will love, including socks, a necklace, sunglasses, and a pendant necklace with a customizable card. 

    You can even choose the color of the sunglasses and the text for the necklace card, making this bridesmaid proposal box set truly unique and personalized. 

    7. Elegant Magnetic Bridesmaid Box

    Elegant Magnetic Bridesmaid Box

    The Elegant Magnetic Bridesmaid Box is a luxurious and elegant magnetic gift box, perfect for wedding proposals or as a special keepsake. It features a magnetic lid, thick premium walls, and a ribbon bow, adding to its sophisticated look. The box can be personalized with a name or message, offering options for font style and color. 

    The size is 8.6x6.2x3.14 inches, making it suitable for a variety of gifts and mementos. This bridesmaid proposal box serves as a beautiful and practical way to ask bridesmaids to be part of a wedding party.

    8. Party Gift Box

    Party Gift Box

    Get the bridal party started with our Party Gift Box! These bridesmaid boxes for your flower girl are packed with goodies that your future bride squad will absolutely love.

    It includes a luxurious Silky Soft Lace Satin Robe in their size and favorite color, a calming scented soy candle with a proposal label, a personalized 16oz Mason Glass Jar, a satin scrunchie in a variety of colors for a perfect night's sleep, and extra heavy slouch socks personalized with their wedding role.

    To top it all off, we even include a "Just for You" gift card that you can personalize with each bridesmaid's name. 

    9. Bridesmaid Proposal Newspaper Bouquet

    Bridesmaid Proposal Newspaper Bouquet

    The Bridesmaid Proposal Newspaper Bouquet is a digital download product, offering a unique and creative way to ask friends to be bridesmaids. 

    These best bridesmaid gift ideas feature a personalized newspaper bridesmaid proposal card template and a newspaper flower wrap, both editable in Canva. The templates come in various sizes (8.5x11, A4, 11x17, A3) to suit different needs.

    This charming, DIY approach for your bridal party allows for a customized and memorable proposal experience, perfect for adding a personal touch to your destination wedding preparations.

    10. Charm Bracelet

    Charm Bracelet

    This Charm Bracelet includes a personalized card, a beautiful flower charm bracelet in silver or rose gold, and a customizable box with a ribbon in the color of your choice. You can even add your maid of honor or bridesmaid's name or a special message to make it extra personal. 

    These bridal party proposal ideas are the perfect way to show your girls how much they mean to you and ask them to be a part of your special day. 

    11. Bridesmaid Proposal Box

    Bridesmaid Proposal Box

    The Bridesmaid Proposal Box is a handmade, personalized gift box designed to create a memorable and special moment when asking friends to be bridesmaids. The maid of honor proposal box measures 24 cm in length, 18 cm in width, and 7.5 cm in height. 

    It includes a variety of items such as customized boxes and greeting cards, hair ties with a "Will you help me tie the knot?" message, two scrunchies, two hair clips in gold and pink, a personalized tumbler, a polka dot pen, two transparent gold foil hairpins, and a wristband flower.

    12. Personalized Bridesmaid Card

    Personalized Bridesmaid Card

    This Personalized Bridesmaid Card comes with two girls' designs, you can customize the card to reflect your bridesmaid's appearance, from hair color and skin tone to dress style. Add her name for that extra special touch. 

    And of course, the heartfelt message at the bottom says it all: "I Couldn't Do This Without You! Will You Be My Bridesmaid?" This unique bridesmaid proposal gift will make your bridesmaid feel cherished and excited to stand by your side on your wedding party.

    13. Bridesmaid Wine Glass

    Wine Glass

    Toast to your girls with a personalized Wine Glass! Choose from a variety of elegant designs and add your bridesmaid's name to make your bridal party surprises extra special.

    Whether you want a simple gold foil decal or a custom message, this best bridesmaid gift will be a classy and memorable way to ask your girls to be by your side. 

    Plus, you can choose the design of the box and even add a closing message to the side panel.

    14. Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle Card

    The Bridesmaid Proposal Puzzle Card is a unique and personalized way to ask your friends to be part of your wedding day. This handmade puzzle features a customizable photo of you and your friend, adding a personal touch to the proposal.

    The puzzle is made from sheen finished paper attached to hard chipboard, measuring 6" x 6" with 16 pieces. It comes with various packaging options, including a clear cellophane bag, an organza bag with a satin drawstring, or a pillow box with a burlap wrap.

    The puzzle offers an engaging and memorable way to ask, "Will you be my bridesmaid?"

    15. Ceramic Jewelry Dish

    Ceramic Jewelry Dish

    The Ceramic Jewelry Dish is the perfect gift for your bridesmaids to give after the bridal shower.

    Made from high-quality ceramic material, this perfect proposal gift is both stylish and practical. With its "I could never say 'I Do' without you. Thank you for standing with me on this special day, as you have so many times before. 

    I'm so lucky you're part of my life!" text, it's a heartfelt way to ask your girls to be a part of your wedding. They can use it to hold their jewelry, trinkets, or even as a decorative piece in their home.

    16. Tribe Gift Set

    Tribe Gift Set

    Get ready to celebrate with your tribe with our Tribe Gift Set!

    This bridesmaid proposal gift set is all about bringing your future bridesmaids together and making them feel like a part of something special. The rose gold or gold ombre stemless wine glass, complete with their name in lowercase, will make them feel like a VIP. And with the hand-poured soy scented candle and floral gradient lens sunglasses etched with "Bride Tribe," they'll be ready to enjoy your wedding party.

    The diamond ballpoint pen adds a touch of elegance, and the best part is, you can personalize it with each bridesmaid's name.

    17. Heart In a Box

    Heart In a Box

    The My Heart In A Box gift set is the perfect way to ask your bridesmaids to be by your side on your big day. This beautifully curated gift set is sure to make their hearts melt.

    Inside the personalized round gift box, they'll find a glitter bath bomb for some well-deserved relaxation, a matchbox to light up their world, a candle tin to set the mood, a personalized compact mirror for those touch-ups on the go, a lip balm to keep their lips kissable, and a "hello beautiful" mini card to remind them how special they are.

    18. Bridesmaid Pull Out Box

    The Bridesmaid Pull Out Box is a unique and customizable gift box for bridesmaid proposals.

    This bridesmaid proposal gift features a personalized sleeve with the recipient's name and unfolds to reveal a magnetic photo strip filled with chosen pictures. The bridesmaid or maid of honor gift box measures 2.7 × 2.7 × 1.2 inches and the photo strip are 13 × 2.4 inches.

    Made with luxury Italian paper, these bachelorette party gifts for bridesmaids provide a soft and lustrous touch, and the photos are printed using a professional thermal photo printer for lasting quality.

    19. Keychain Proposal

    Keychain Proposal

    This Keychain Proposal is the perfect idea for you! With our 100% Soft Cotton threads, you can choose the color and card design that suits your style. And the best part? You can customize the keychain with each bridesmaid's name, making it a truly unique and thoughtful gift for your bridal party.

    Add a heartfelt message to the recipient and let them know just how much they mean to you. It is also one of the best bachelorette party favors.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: How do you propose to a bridesmaid?

    Proposing to a bridesmaid can be personal and heartfelt. Consider a one-on-one conversation, a surprise gift box, a one small gift such as mason jar, tote bag, and tumbler, or a creative card expressing your appreciation for their role in your wedding.

    Q2: What do you say in a bridesmaid proposal?

    In a bridesmaid proposal, convey excitement and gratitude. Share why you value their friendship, expressing the honor it would be to have them by your side on your wedding day. A sincere and personalized message in a letter, card, or during an in-person moment creates a memorable proposal.

    Q3: How do you plan a bridesmaid proposal party?

    Planning a bridesmaid proposal party involves considering your friends' preferences. Choose a location or theme that reflects your friendship, and include personalized gifts or a shared meal to make the occasion special, setting the tone for upcoming wedding festivities.

    Q4: How do you start a bridesmaid proposal letter?

    Begin a bridesmaid proposal letter with a warm greeting and express gratitude for your friendship. Share memories that highlight your bond, and explain why you envision them as a crucial part of your wedding day. Clearly state your desire for them to be your bridesmaid, adding a personal touch for sincerity.


    Explore our exclusive selection of gift sets, perfectly tailored for bridesmaids and the maid of honor, to add an extra touch of appreciation and style to your special day.

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