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  • 20 Essential Gifts to Support and Celebrate New Moms

    by Tobey Bajda February 09, 2024

    Becoming a new mom is an exciting and challenging journey. It's a time filled with precious memories and new experiences. 

    As new parents, they deserve all the love and support they can get. And what better way to show your appreciation than with a thoughtful gift? From practical essentials like baby carriers to pampering treats like the Bump Kit from Honest Beauty, there are countless options for gifts for new moms. But if you're looking for something truly special and unique, we've curated a list of 20 of the best gifts for new moms. 

    From a luxurious gift box filled with self-care goodies to a silver dollar candle store to create a cozy ambiance, these gifts are sure to make any new mom feel loved and appreciated during this special time in her life. Let's explore these amazing gift ideas that will not only bring joy to the new mom but also help her navigate through the early days of motherhood with ease.

    1. Mom Hustle T-shirt

    Mom Hustle T-shirt

    One of the best gifts for new moms is a fun, stylish 'Mom Hustle' T-shirt. Made from 100% airlume combed and ringspun cotton, this comfortable tee is ideal for the hardworking new mom on the go. It comes in 32 unique singles and is available in various sizes and colors. 

    This T-shirt combines fashion and functionality, offering a playful nod to the hustle of motherhood.

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    2. Body Wash Shampoo Conditioner

    Antler and Flowers Cheese Board

    For the new mom, this British glass body wash, shampoo, and Conditioner set is the ultimate welcome gift. Made from recycled glass, the black glass bottles have a sleek design, with a choice of metal pump color and size. It's a chic addition to any bathroom and a practical piece of baby gear. 

    Your mom friends will appreciate the thoughtfulness and quality of this luxurious gift, making bath time a breeze for new moms.

    3. Antler and Flowers Cheese Board

    Antler and Flowers Cheese Board

    Add a rustic touch to her kitchen with the Antler and Flowers Cheese Board. Made from sustainable acacia wood, this cheese board includes a leather strap for easy hanging. The best part? The engraving is permanent, requiring no maintenance. 

    Personalize the board with 'The (custom) Family' text for that extra special touch. Ideal for serving cheese, crackers, or shea butter spread during get-togethers with new mom friends.

    4. Personalized Diaper Bag

    Personalized Diaper Bag

    Upgrade her diaper bag game with a personalized one. This game changer Personalized Diaper Bag is made from rugged fabric, lined with polyester and includes insulated bottle and zipper sections. A few hours out with the baby are simplified as this bag also houses baby clothing with ease.

    Its heathered fabric, faux leather, and metallic accents give it a stylish edge. An embroidered name in your chosen thread color adds a personal touch. Its rigid opening, side pocket, and zipper organizer section enhance convenience.

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    5. Custom Birthstone Bracelet

    Custom Birthstone Bracelet

    Showcase your love with a Custom Birthstone Bracelet, a minimalist piece adjustable to a length of 7.5 inches. Available in brass, gold, rose gold, or silver finish, it features a cable chain style with a secure lobster claw closure. 

    You can choose the birthstone of the baby’s birth month, adding a touch of personalization. Also, customize the bracelet with your preferred font, making it an elegant and sentimental keepsake for the new mom.

    6. Name Charm Necklace 

    Name Charm Necklace

    The Name Charm Necklace is a heartwarming gift made from high-quality solid 925 sterling silver, available in sterling silver, gold plated or rose gold plated finish. This piece of personalized jewelry allows you to choose its size and style. 

    To make it extra special, you can customize it with a name, making it a beautiful and sentimental keepsake.

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    7. In My Mom Era Sweatshirt

    In My Mom Era Sweatshirt

    Step into the mom era in style with this trendy "In My Mom Era" Sweatshirt. Made from a cozy blend of cotton and polyester, it offers comfort in those few moments of downtime for a new parent. 

    This sweatshirt is customizable, allowing you to choose the perfect size and color to suit the new mom's style. It's a simple yet stylish statement of her new, exciting role as a mother.

    8. Personalized Slate Coasters

    Pregnancy Journal

    Elevate her everyday with Personalized Slate Coasters. These coasters, featuring rough-cut, natural-looking edges, add an element of rustic elegance to any home. Underneath, the pads protect surfaces from scratches. 

    You can customize the coasters with a special message or family name, making them a charming addition to her home décor.

    9. Pregnancy Journal

    Pregnancy Journal

    Pregnancy Journal makes an intimate and cherished gift for any mom to be. This baby book is bound in elegant linen, and filled with acid-free, archival paper that will beautifully preserve her precious memories. 

    The lay-flat design and stunning gold spiral binding make it easy and delightful to record all the precious moments of motherhood, from pregnancy onwards.

    10. Organic Belly Oil

    Organic Belly Oil

    Gift a mom-to-be with Organic Belly Oil, a superb blend of Organic Herbal Infused Olive Oil, Organic Grapefruit Oil, Organic Orange Peel Oil, Vitamin E Oil, and Organic Avocado Oil. 

    This belly oil aids in keeping the skin supple during pregnancy and helps in reducing stretch marks post giving birth. Choose the volume that best suits her needs.

    11. Mama Coffee Mug

    Mama Coffee Mug

    Gift the new mom a personal touch with the "Be-you-tiful" Mama Coffee Mug. Made of premium glass, this 10-ounce capacity mug is perfect for her morning brew or evening tea. 

    The empowering message printed on the mug will remind her of her beauty, strength, and the wonderful journey she's embarked on as a mother.

    12. Baby Blanket

    Baby Blanket

    Delight new moms with an incredibly soft cotton Baby Blanket, a perfect addition for a new baby or a second baby. These blankets double as an ideal picnic blanket and come in various colors. 

    Make it a personalized gift by adding the baby's name or birth date, creating a special keepsake that new moms will cherish.

    13. Pregnancy Gift Box

    Pregnancy Gift Box

    This Pregnancy Gift Box, also known as the bump kit honest beauty box, makes a great gift. The gift recipient will be thrilled with a selection of items including two bath soaks, a tension release roller, an Amazing Mother gift, magnesium cream, organic belly oil, herbal tea, lip and skin balm, cozy socks, and a magnetic photo frame. 

    In support of mental health, it includes a thoughtful gift note. This is all delivered with shipping included.

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    14. Nursing Cover

    Nursing Cover

    Invest in a quality Nursing Cover for the new mom in your life. Available in soft materials like cotton, knit, and modal, these covers provide comfort and privacy during breastfeeding sessions. 

    A nursing cover is not just practical but also stylish, available in a variety of prints and colors to suit any mom's taste.

    15. Menstrual Panties

    Menstrual Panties

    Menstrual Panties make an essential gift for a postpartum mama. Composed of 95% cotton, 5% spandex, they include a waterproof Polyurethane laminate (PUL) fabric layer and 100% cotton dark lining in the crotch area. 

    They are designed to provide comfortable and worry-free protection during the postpartum period. Available in different sizes and colors, they can be personalized to her preferences.

    16. Nursing Bra

    Nursing Bra

    A good Nursing Bra, like a crossover nursing bra made of 92% Nylon and 8% Spandex, is a must-have in any breastfeeding journey. These bras are not only comfortable but also practical, offering easy, one-handed nursing access.

    They come in various colors and sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect one that suits her needs and preferences.

    17. Nipple Cream

    Nipple Cream

    Delight new moms with the Tiny Human Supply Co's Nipple Cream. This 1.8-ounce nipple balm is an excellent gift for all skin types. Designed to soothe, moisturize, and protect sore nipples, it's safe for both mom and baby, even when breastfeeding. 

    This cream is beneficial during the initial weeks of breastfeeding when breast milk starts to flow.

    18. Jewelry Box

    Jewelry Box

    Consider gifting a beautiful Jewelry Box with a cherry wood finish. This box, lined with Spanish Cedar, features internal locking hinges, providing hands free convenience. The best part? You can personalize this keepsake by adding a name, date, or a special message. 

    It's an essential gift for any new mom to store her beloved trinkets. Hill House Home offers a unique collection to choose from.

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    19. Postpartum Care Kit

    Postpartum Care Kit

    Ease the transition into motherhood with Mama & Wish's Postpartum Care Kit. It's packed with postpartum wardrobe essentials and care products to aid in recovery after the baby's arrival. 

    This kit includes everything from a practical labor and delivery gown to cooling pad liners. What's more, it's beautifully giftable, making it a thoughtful choice for expectant mothers.

    20. Baby Car Seat

    Baby Car Seat

    The 5-in-1 Luxe Cover in Jade is a versatile new mom essential that doubles as a car seat cover, offering added privacy during breastfeeding. Additionally, it can serve as a carrier, stroller, high chair, shopping cart, and lounger canopy. 

    This is more than just a newborn essential, it can also be used as a stylish nursing top. Choose from a variety of colors to suit the new mom's preference.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: What is the best gift for a new mom?

    A1: The best gift for a new mom often revolves around providing support, comfort, and a touch of self-care. Consider thoughtful options such as spa vouchers, a personalized piece of jewelry with the baby's initials, or a cozy blanket. Gifts that prioritize the mother's well-being and relaxation can make the early days of motherhood more enjoyable.

    Q2: What to get a new mum gift?

    A2: When selecting a gift for a new mum, consider practical and sentimental options. Personalized items like a custom photo frame, a spa day, or a beautifully curated gift basket with essentials and treats can bring joy. The key is to choose something that acknowledges her individual preferences and provides a moment of respite amid the demands of new motherhood.

    Q3: What gift to give a woman after giving birth?

    A3: A thoughtful gift for a woman after giving birth is one that recognizes her strength and offers comfort. Consider items like a cozy robe, comfortable loungewear, or a postpartum care package with soothing skincare products. Gifts that focus on her well-being and relaxation can make the recovery period more comfortable and reassure her of your support.

    Q4; What does a new mom need?

    A4: A new mom often needs practical and emotional support. Essentials such as baby supplies, nutritious meals, or help with household chores can be immensely valuable. Additionally, offering a listening ear, providing encouragement, and being understanding of her needs are intangible yet crucial forms of support during this transformative period.


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