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  • Trend Alert: 27 Hottest Golf Brands for Women Right Now

    by Melissa Bajda February 11, 2024

    At the recent PGA show 2024, we had the opportunity to explore the latest trends in women's golf fashion. The game has evolved, and so has the attire. With more options than ever before, women golfers can express their style and feel confident on the course.

    From chic and sleek to bold and vibrant, these trendy golf brands encourage women to showcase their unique personalities through fashion.

    Get ready to turn heads with our top 27 picks for the hottest golf brands for women right now.

    Golf Brands for Women

    Fore Fashion: 15 Must-Try Trendy Golf Brands for Women

    1. Puma Golf Women's Collection

    Puma is known for their innovative and stylish sportswear, and their golf collection for women is no exception.

    Their polo shirts come in a range of bright and bold colors and are made from breathable materials that will keep you comfortable on the course.

    Their new add-ons, like belts and pants, ensure you always play in style. Puma's golf collection is perfect for women who want to look fashionable while playing their best game. 

    2. Lohla Sport

    Lohla Sport is a women's golf apparel brand that is making waves in the fashion industry.

    With their sleek and modern designs, Lohla Sport creates golf clothes that look good and perform well on the green. Their line includes versatile vests, polos, and skirts that can easily transition from the golf game to a casual day out.

    But what sets Lohla Sport apart is its mission to empower women in golf. By offering stylish and functional golf wear, Lohla Sport is breaking down the traditional country club stereotype and promoting inclusivity in the game.

    3. Callaway Golf Apparel

    The Callaway Women's Golf Apparel range offers style and performance for women looking for quality golf wear.

    With sizes ranging from XS to XXL, female golfers of all shapes and sizes can find something they love. The brand offers a wide selection, including shorts, skorts, polos, and jackets in bold and classic designs.

    The brand also offers a women's plus size range, adding even more inclusivity. Callaway Golf Apparel is worth checking whether you're a seasoned golfer or just starting.

    4. EP Pro Golf

    EP Pro Golf is a trendy brand that combines fashion and function to create stylish and comfortable golf apparel for women.

    Their country club-inspired spring collection is a must-have for any golf enthusiast. EP Pro Golf was founded by two friends who decided to create golf clothing that was both practical and fashionable.

    The brand has since expanded to include tennis and country club apparel. With bold prints, bright colors, and high-quality fabrics, EP Pro Golf is perfect for women looking and feeling their best on the golf course.

    5. Adidas Golf Women's Collection

    Adidas Golf has been making waves with its women's collection. The brand famous for its tennis collection is now taking the golf world by storm with its trendy designs and comfortable wear.

    Adidas apparel encourages women to feel confident and stylish while they tee off. Adidas revealed its latest collection with bright colors and fun patterns at the PGA Show.

    With innovative technology and modern designs, Adidas Golf Women's Collection will help you play your best and look great. Hit the course in style and par your way to victory with Adidas Golf.

    6. Daily Sports

    Daily Sports is a Swedish golf brand providing high-quality and stylish golf clothes for women for over 20 years.

    Their unique and colorful designs make them stand out on the course, while their functional features make their clothes perfect for any golf style. They also have a new add to their line - their "Dreamy Dandelion" collection, which features a mix of bright colors and floral patterns.

    Daily Sports is a must-try brand for women who want to look and feel their best while playing golf.

    7. Lululemon Golf Collection

    Lululemon has always been at the forefront of activewear trends, and its golf collection is no exception.

    Designed with the modern woman golfer in mind, the Lululemon Golf Collection seamlessly combines fashion and function. With a focus on feel and fit, these pieces are made with performance fabrics that wick away sweat and keep you comfortable for the long haul on the course.

    And with streetwear-inspired styles, you'll turn heads on the fore with every swing.

    8. Tory Burch

    Tory Sport is a brand that seamlessly combines fashion and functionality in its tennis and golf attire for women.

    Designed with a sporty yet chic aesthetic, Tory Sport's collection includes stylish polo shirts, skirts, pants, and outerwear, perfect for golfers looking good while staying comfortable on the course.

    With high-quality fabrics and attention to detail, Tory Sport is a go-to brand for women who want to elevate their tennis or golf wardrobe and make a statement on and off the green.

    9. Galvin Green

    Galvin Green is a popular golf brand that focuses on providing high-quality and stylish women's golf apparel that encourages women to perform on the golf course.

    Their line includes a variety of tops, bottoms, and accessories, all designed with the latest technology and fashion trends in mind. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just starting, you will discover something that fits your style and improves your game.

    Watch for the shop new add-ons, such as gloves and socks, to take your outfit to the next level.

    10. TravisMathew Women's Collection

    TravisMathew Women's Collection offers stylish and functional golf apparel designed specifically for women. With a range of sizes available, including options for XXL and XL, every golfer can find the perfect fit.

    The collection showcases the brand's signature modern and clean aesthetic with innovative designs and high-quality materials. TravisMathew Women's Collection has everything you need to look and feel your best on the golf course, from performance golf shirts to tailored pants and skirts.

    Don't sacrifice style for comfort, as TravisMathew has carved out a niche in the industry by providing both.

    11. RLX Golf by Ralph Lauren

    RLX Golf by Ralph Lauren is popular for female golfers looking for a stylish, high-quality brand.

    The Ralph Lauren collection offers a range of chic and functional clothes explicitly designed for the golf course. RLX Golf understands the needs of modern women golfers and creates garments that look good and perform well.

    Whether hitting the course or attending a golf event, RLX Golf by Ralph Lauren covers you with fashionable, performance-driven women's apparel.

    12. G/FORE

    G/FORE is a brand that brings a modern and stylish twist to the traditional golf look. With their vibrant colors and unique designs, G/FORE has quickly become a favorite among fashion-forward women golfers.

    Not only do they offer chic golf apparel, but they also specialize in high-quality golf shoes that combine fashion and function. G/FORE is continuously growing in popularity and has gained a reputation for its sense of style and attention to detail.

    G/FORE women's golf apparel is a brand to check out if you want to stand out on the course.

    13. J.Lindeberg Golf

    J.Lindeberg Golf is known for its stylish and functional compression tops, perfect for women on the golf course.

    These classy tops come in various sizes, ensuring the perfect fit for every golfer. What sets J.Lindeberg Golf apart is its commitment to creating cool and trendy golf apparel that doesn't sacrifice performance.

    With a mission to provide golfers with the best gear on the market, J.Lindeberg Golf is a brand that every fashionable female golfer should have in her wardrobe.

    14. Swing Dish

    Swing Dish is a stylish and trendy golf brand for women that offers a unique range of clothing and accessories.

    Their classic and retro polos come in various designs, including animal prints and bold colors. These women's golf apparel brands also provide skirts, shorts, and accessories like hats and gloves.

    With a focus on fashion and function, Swing Dish is a must-try brand for any fashion-forward golfer.

    15. Golfino Women's Golf Clothing

    Golfino is a brand that has been around for over 30 years, and they have made a name for themselves in the golf industry.

    Their stylish and functional golf clothing is designed to be worn on and off the course. Known for their attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, Golfino's pieces are made to carry you through any round confidently.

    This German brand has gained popularity amongst golfers worldwide and has been showcased at prestigious events like the PGA Show.

    16. Glove It

    When it comes to the top golf brands for women, "Glove It" undoubtedly makes the list. Specializing in women's golf accessories, the brand is known for its impressive range of visors & hats, golf gloves, golf bags, and other luxury ladies' golf apparel, all designed with a touch of feminine flair.

    Their products don't just look good; they also deliver on performance. In fact, "Glove It" has been recognized as a two-time award winner of the Best New Products at the PGA Merchandise Shows in 2005 and 2010, testament to their commitment to quality and innovation.

    The brand thrives on creativity, constantly introducing new designs and patterns to keep your golf wardrobe fresh and stylish.

    17. Birdie Girl Golf

    Another fantastic addition to the list of top golf brands for women is "Birdie Girl Golf". This brand was birthed out of a simple yet vital need - founder Lindzee couldn't find a fun and unique ball marker for women.

    She found the market saturated with options for men but little to nothing that spoke to the vibrant and vivacious spirit of women golfers. Therefore, she ventured to fill this gap and began with creating her own unique line of ball markers.

    Today, "Birdie Girl Golf" has expanded beyond ball markers and offers a range of women's golf products, including stylish golf clothes for women, towels, drinkware, and gift sets. The real gem of their collection remains their unique golf ball marker necklaces, which are both fashionable and functional.

    18. Golftini

    In the realm of stylish women's golf apparel, Golftini stands out. The brand's journey began almost two decades ago when Susan Hess, the owner, and designer, felt the void of fashionable golf attire for women.

    On a mission to revolutionize the golf clothing industry, she took to the NYC garment district, designing her first skort. Before long, Susan started selling her creations to friends and local golf shops, quickly gaining recognition. A major breakthrough came when she attended the PGA golf trade show, leading to her first substantial order.

    Today, Golftini offers a broad spectrum of the best golf clothes for women, ranging from their signature skorts to tops, and beyond. These designs cater to the modern woman golfer, marrying style with functionality, and comfort.

    19. Best of Golf America

    A true classic in the world of golf, "Best of Golf America" has earned a spot among the most trusted golf wear brands for women. Its reputation is built on providing high-quality golf wear and accessories tailored to the modern woman golfer.

    The range of products offered by "Best of Golf America" is extensive, encompassing everything from golf wear to ball markers & clips, fun accessories, divot tools, gloves and much more. Whether you're a competitive player looking for performance-enhancing gear or a recreational golfer seeking style and comfort, "Best of Golf America" caters to all your golfing needs.

    The brand's commitment to quality and style has earned it a loyal customer base and widespread recognition in the golf community.

    20. Pirdie Golf

    Pirdie Golf, a women's golf company, was birthed from a bond of three friends, wives, and moms who found solace in the game of golf during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    This quality golf wear brand offers a range of golf apparel from golf skirts, tops, and bottoms to elegant dresses that meets the style needs of the modern women golfer. But Pirdie Golf is not just about style; it's about empowerment.

    Pirdie Golf skirts are a particular standout, merging functionality with a feminine touch. Their collection presents the perfect blend of fashion and performance for women who love golf.

    21. Birdie & Ace

    Birdie & Ace, a fledgling brand, emerged in the golf scene in 2022. Despite being a new entry amongst fashionable women's golf apparel brands, Birdie & Ace already stands out for its commitment to quality.

    They offer a refreshing line of skorts, polos, slim fit shirts, and visors. This home-grown brand prioritizes quality over quantity, ensuring each piece in their collection elevates your game while adding a chic touch to your golfing ensemble.

    With Birdie & Ace, women golfers can now strike the perfect balance between functionality and style on the course.

    22. Jaye Bird Golf

    Founded on the ethos of functional beauty, Jaye Bird Golf brings a unique perspective to women's golf attire. The brand has a keen eye for detail, incorporating features like silicon waistbands for a snug fit, collar buttons for a sleek look, ample pocket space for essentials, and undershorts made from fabric that sculpts and smooths the body.

    They scour the globe to source the finest materials, from high-end European fabrics and Japanese silicon to Swedish labels and sustainable buttons from Hong Kong. Each piece in the Jaye Bird Golf collection speaks volumes about the brand's commitment to quality and functionality.

    As soon as you don the attire, the difference is palpable. The fabrics offer UV protection and 4-way stretch for unrestricted movement, coupled with wrinkle-resistance and anti-pilling features for a pristine appearance.

    23. Fore All

    Launched by a dynamic duo of women golfers who believed in inclusivity and accessibility in the sport, Fore All made its mark by organizing successful golf events in 2021.

    Following this triumph, they've now teamed up with World Wide Golf, a leading retailer, to unveil a comprehensive golf apparel line in March 2023.

    Fore All's forthcoming collection features an array of soft material tops, bottoms, outerwear, accessories, skirts, and dresses, creating a diverse portfolio of options for women golfers. This brand signifies more than just apparel; it signifies a movement. It's all about catering to every modern woman golfer, ensuring they feel seen and considered.

    24. The Pines Clothing

    Celebrating the timeless heritage of country club sports, The Pines Clothing, a women-owned and operated brand, introduces a new paradigm to Women's Golf Wear. This brand, rooted in golf culture, reinvents the golfing wardrobe by presenting an elevated style that is both chic and sporty.

    Their clothing line encapsulates everything from dainty dresses and skirts to functional tanks, specially crafted to cater to the style-conscious woman golfer. Each piece in The Pines Clothing line is more than just apparel; it's a statement.

    The fabrics are carefully chosen to ensure comfort, while the designs reflect sophistication, allowing you to swing your club with confidence and grace.

    25. Victoria Paulsen

    Victoria Paulsen's eponymous brand stands as an ode to the modern woman golfer. This brand came into existence when Paulsen, an ardent golfer herself, noticed a gaping void in stylish women's golf apparel. She then embarked on a journey to design a limited yet luxe collection that aims to inspire both seasoned and aspiring women golfers.

    Victoria Paulsen's collection, which made an impressive debut at the PGA show, features slim fit polos, skirts, and caps. Each piece reflects a perfect blend of style and functionality, creating a high-end golfing experience.

    The wide selection of apparel resonates with the dynamic needs of women golfers, without compromising on fashion.

    26. Hand Candy Gloves

    Hand Candy Gloves are the first stop for women seeking a bit of flair on the fairway. A product of Best of Golf America, these gloves are far from your ordinary golf accessory.

    Breaking from the traditional, these gloves come in full finger and half finger designs, offering flexibility for every golfer's preference. With vibrant designs and colors, Hand Candy Gloves pose the question, "Who says modern and fun gloves are only for men?" These gloves for any modern woman bring a feminine touch to the golf course without compromising on performance.

    They are meticulously designed to offer excellent grip, ensuring your swing is always on point. Despite their style and functionality, Hand Candy Gloves are reasonably priced, making them an affordable addition to your golfing wardrobe.

    27. Groovy Golfer

    Trendy Womens Golf Brand Groovy Golfer


    Groovy Golfer's collection of golf gifts for women is a testament to their position as a trendy golf brand for female golfers. Their carefully curated selection caters to the specific needs and preferences of women in the sport, offering personalized golf equipment, stylish apparel, and unique accessories. This attention to detail and customization options demonstrate a deep understanding of their target audience.

    Moreover, the range of products, from practical golfing essentials to fashionable accessories, ensures that every woman golfer, regardless of her skill level or style preference, finds something appealing. Groovy Golfer's commitment to quality and style, combined with their focus on the women's golf market, makes them a go-to destination for female golfers looking for items that are both functional and fashionable, embodying the essence of a modern, trendy golf brand.

    Why Fashionable Golf Gear is Important for Women?

    Gone are the days when golf was seen as a predominantly male sport. Women are now taking the sport by storm, and with that, there has been an increasing demand for fashionable golf gear. Golf attire has evolved over the years, and now women have access to stylish and comfortable options that are functional and fashionable.

    Regarding golf gear, women shouldn't have to compromise style for functionality. From golf bags to shoes and golf apparel, the right equipment can boost confidence and improve performance on the course. Plus, who doesn't love feeling stylish while hitting a ball on the green?

    Additionally, fashion has a way of bringing people together. Whether through conversations about someone's outfit or a shared love for a certain brand, stylish golf gear can create connections and make women feel part of a community.

    Fashionable golf gear is essential for women because it enhances the overall golf experience, boosts confidence, and creates connections with others.


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