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    87 Best Personalized Gifts for Her

    Making her feel special with or without an occasion is a must. She will definitely fell loved an appreciated with a gift coming from you. Now that you know that she treasures gifts and that it is her love language, choose one that will express your love and concern for her. It can be a sentimental gift reminding her of your special love or a gift that tells her I am thinking of you and I want you to feel comfortable at all times. There are many ways to express your love but none says it more when it comes with a special gift that goes with it. 

    Here are 87 of the best personalized gifts that you can choose from: 

    87. Love Necklace

    This Love Necklace is an 18 karat gold necklace engraved with her initials. Get her this beautiful monogrammed pendant that she can wear for any fancy occasion. Add the signature gift box and you would be handing her the perfect gift. These necklaces are available in your choice of pink, black, mint, or white with a gold vinyl monogram letter of your choice.  

    86. Personalized Name Mug

    This Personalized Name Mug is a cute floral name coffee mug personalized just for her! It can contain 11 0r 15 oz of her favorite drink and is dishwasher and microwave safe. It can be personalized with a floral name graphic which will be printed on both sides of mug. 

    85. Velmar Large Beach Bag

    This Velmar Large Beach Bag is has a very professional and elite appearance with its woven make-up and natural color combination that comes side by side with the huge space inside for all her beach essentials. The bag itself comes in various color combinations and the font outside may come in different colors as well. 

    84. Bridesmaid Bangle Flask

    Allow her to show off this adorable statement jewelry piece that doubles as a flask. This bangle flask is handy and perfect for making your favorite drink available anywhere, anytime. Aside from making a fashion statement, she will have easy access to her drink with the flask’s unique shape and twist-off top. You can even have it personalized for her.

    83. Cammy's Cosmetic Clutch

    The Chloe Cosmetic Bag is available in two colors - white and black and uses shiny gold foil print for their names or their wedding party status. With just the right size to hold her essentials, this chic cosmetic bag becomes extra adorable as you personalize it with her name. 

    82. Crown Jewel-Ry Box

    An engraved Victorian Era-inspired jewelry box such as this is a stunning vintage-themed gift you may give her. This Crown Jewel-Ry Box deserves its label as it is crafted in a regal fashion. It is plated with nickel and has a cover that is hinged with a scroll design bordering the cover. The bottom of this box is lined with dark blue flocked cloth to protect the delicate contents inside from being scratched.

    81. Tote-tally Yours

    Saving the earth is her top priority. These beautiful tote bags eliminate the need for plastics altogether, and they even come in eight cute colorways! Stuff them with swag or gift them as-is – either way, you can be sure she will love them.

    This Rose Bookmark is a lovely personalized bookmark that makes for a great gift for the gardener or nature lover! It is a gift that is both practical and unique, and can be customized with either a name or a word of choice (up to 10 characters). It stands between 5"+ tall, depending on the length of word/name chosen. Each bookmark is handcrafted and gently hammered for additional strength and dimension. 

    79. Straw Babe

    This Straw Babe is something she can carry with her while strolling. This babe is made of straw and comes with cute black pompoms that accentuate its sexy visuals. No worries as it will not upstage your allure but will highlight you even more with your name lettered by hand in front.

    78. Pajama Set


    This Pajama Set ensures skin breathability and comfort. It radiates sophistication and classic simplicity. With a slightly cropped shirt featuring fine spun lace insets and trim, this pajama set seamlessly brings the classic PJ top and bottoms ensemble together in the perfect combination of comfort and style.

    77. Striped Pool Towel

    Protect her bare skin from the blistering heat of the pool deck, while looking hella cute as a cover-up. It doesn’t matter if she's on a beach trip, this striped towels deserve a spot in every poolside princess’ bag. 

    This Personalized Hairbrush is simple and elegant. These brushes make a great gift to add into her stocking this year. The brushes can be personalized with any name. It also comes in 3 sizes: Small - 10cm, Medium - 16cm and 
    Large - 20cm. The ribbon colour can also be changed. The font is made from a high quality vinyl, then sealed to protect it.

    75. Thirstaid Certified

    This silver insulated water bottle can be personalized with her name or a cheeky little message, so you can give her something to laugh at every time she goes for a hydration break. The best gift ideas are also the most useful. 

    74. Sun Hat

    The sun, the sand, and relaxation – these are the ingredients for a perfect vacation. Protect her from the harsh tropical heat (and look incredible in photos) with these giant sun hats

    73. Rich with Charm 

    Because special people deserve special gifts, give her this charming bracelet. Choose from 12 colors for the gemstone included in each chain with a toggle bar clasp. Let this jewelry piece add some glitter as you let her wear it on any occasion. Have it engraved with her initials to make it more personalized and special.

    72. Stuck on You Tote

    Give her the joy of bringing such a cute and functional bag along with her experience. Stuck on You Tote is made up of 100% Burlap Fabric with a Laminated Interior for a beach-adapting look and functional build-up. This bag can even be personalized with up to 12 characters of names or any word of your choice. It is best for your personal use and gifting purposes.

    71. Gems and Jewel

    This  Gems and Jewel won’t just carry her pieces of jewelry and other wedding essentials, it’s also beautifully personalized with her monogram at the bottom. This trinket dish gift is available in Black, Mint, Light Pink, or White all with a gold finish. It's a perfect fit on her nightstand, vanity, or even on desks. It's great for holding anything and everything from earrings to paper clips. It's a gift she will surely treasure for a long time.   

    70. Floral Frames in Fabulous


    Protect her beautiful eyes with something equally stunning so as not to overshadow her optical assets. These Floral Frames in Fabulous are crafted with a floral design that is perfect for any woman to wear or for a bunch of bridesmaids to model on a sunny wedding day or bridal shower. Customizable with a golden and script font of either a name, a title (such as Maid of Honor), or initials, these gradient lenses attached to dainty frames are truly remarkable and not a bit shady.

    69. Hexagonal Hi Ball Glass


    For some strange but delightful reason, women love drinking beverages in a stylish glass such as this Hexagonal Hi Ball Glass. The beauty of its design and the style with which it was crafted somehow add up to the whole pleasant drinking experience. Made in glass, this 12.25 oz. tumbler may be customized with either a cursive or block font option up to 12 mixed case characters including spacing and punctuations. The frosted accent in front where the name is printed is an added zhuzh to this already classy piece.

    68. Swarovski Crystal Whistle Necklace


    Protection and style go side by side with this Swarovski Crystal Whistle Necklace as it presents a whistle that can be blown and used to ask for help when in danger and can be worn as an accessory. Made with 925 Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, Silver Plated, and Rhodium Plated, this accessory is also fashioned with a choice of birthstone and a choice of initials to be printed in the round initial charm. The whistle, the birthstone, the round initial charm all hangs in an adjustable snake chain.

    67. Personalized Maze Holder


    Talk about protecting that special lady in your life even during times when you are not there, this Personalized Maze Holder can conceal the pepper spray she is holding and make it look like an ordinary keychain. Customizable with any letter or initial (or both) you want, this Maze Holder may also be personalized with a choice of thread color and vinyl options. Now she is one level fashionably safer and this gift will make her know that the security it will provide was meant especially for her.

    66. Wooden Recipe Box

    Cooking is almost a push-button skill for women. Even if she has not even tried cooking her entire life, the minute she is taught how she almost instantly becomes an expert. In no time she will be crafting her menu and recipe that she specializes in and can call her own. This Wooden Recipe Box made of high-quality birch plywood finished with eco-friendly and vegan carnauba wood wax in brown color is just the perfect gift for a woman in the kitchen. Now she gets to keep her most treasured secret recipe and pass it on to the next generation in a rustic, stylish, and chest resembling box with her name engraved on it.

    65. Jewelry Dish

    Let her toss her ring and a few of her small accessories in this Jewelry Dish with her name in it and she will surely smile every time she takes a glimpse of it. Made in ceramic this small plate can be personalized with a choice of name or initials. Each tag is hand-designed and cut on black vinyl. Letter colors may be either Black, Gold, Silver, or Rose Gold depending on her favorite color or your preference for that special lady you are giving this to.

    64. Hummingbird Planter

    Her succulents would find their home with this Hummingbird Planter that is painted with flowers, hummingbirds, and your choice of personalization. This rustic garden box is hand-painted with acrylics and sealed with a light varnish to protect the artwork. Plant friendly, this nice wood planter may also be used as a decorative bin for small items on your desk, your room, or even on the entryway. Either as a plant holder or a catch-all bin, this wooden piece is a great addition to any interior.

    63. Stainless Steel Pint Glass


    Apart from making this Stainless Steel Pint Glass an ideal event favor, it may also be a nice gift to any woman who loves to drink at a party. If she wants to avoid wastage using several plastic cups and ensure that no virus will be transmitted to her during these events, then a pint cup like this is a must-have. Customizable through laser engraving with your choice of name, initial, monogram, message, and design, this cup will be a nice handheld at parties or even a household necessity. Choice of colors includes Black, Blue, White, Burgundy, Pink, Red, and Turquoise.

    62. Graduation Peg Doll


    She may not be able to walk on the stage with her Graduation Toga and there will be no photos to commemorate that glorious event, but this Graduation Peg Doll will make the restrictions brought by the pandemic, a bit more bearable. This memento is customizable with the gender, hair color, and mini-me in the right robes for the University she is graduating from and the award she is receiving. A message on the platform may also be personalized. It comes gift boxed with labels, tissue, and butchers string decoration on which colors are your preference.

    61. “The Day My Life Changed” Metal Wallet Insert Card


    Keeping in mind the most amazing day she said “yes” or “I do” to you may be one of your woman’s best skills. However, giving her this “The Day My Life Changed” Metal Wallet Insert Card will not only make her keep it with her but also it will make her realize how important that date is, to you. This sentimental piece is brushed silver, made from aluminum, and presents a calendar with the month of your anniversary and the highlighted date using a heart outline. Below write the words “The Day My Life Changed” and under it is the personalized message and name. Simple and Sweet, this card proves that your heart can fit in her wallet as well.

    60. Rose Gold Perfume Atomiser

    Her favorite scent may be stored in a huge bottle, and she prefers not to carry it around when she goes out of the house. Giver her this Rose Gold Perfume Atomiser and watch her leave her refreshing aroma anywhere she goes. This perfume holder may also be in Silver and Pink depending on her preference. It is customizable with up to 4 initials for a more personal touch on her carry-on scent. Wrapped in a velvet gift pouch that matches the color of the atomizer, this gift idea is truly one of a kind.

    59. Painted Acrylic Keychain


    For the modern, bold, and perky woman that she is, this Painted Acrylic Keychain is suitable for her key dangling needs. Crafted in a wide variety of color choices such as Sky Blue, Antique Pink, Water Green, Powder Grey, Soft Pink, Lilac, Mint Green, Blue, Hot Pink and White, this gift idea may also be for bridesmaids or as a token for any event as it can match almost any motif. Made of Acrylic, Vinyl, Paint, and Tassel, this keychain, designed with loud colors, her name, and a matching tassel will make finding her set of keys easier and more visually appealing.

    58. Personalized Trifold Wallet


    Available in Black, Red, and Blush Pink, this Personalized Trifold Wallet is a nice gift suggestion to that minimalist lady in your life who avoids carrying a large wallet and cannot rock handling a small unstructured coin purse. It is made from faux leather, contains 4 card slots, 1 transparent ID slots, and is closed with a button to keep all the contents secure inside. This trifold leather wallet comes with a free love heart charm and may be personalized with initials or name in either Gold, Rose Gold, White or Black font.

    57. Monogram Gloves

    Keep those hands you love to hold and make sure you are grabbing the right one with this Monogram Gloves. Handmade and customizable with the use of the highest quality heat transfer vinyl on the gloves, these hand-warming garments come in 12 different colors like Brown, Green, Yellow, and more. The monogram also varies depending on your choice, it may come in white, black, red, pink, blue, gold, silver, green, yellow, or purple.

    56. Memory Wooden Keepsake Box

    Perhaps she is the type who keeps letters you sent her or stuff you used on a particularly special day. If she is, then this Memory Wooden Keepsake Box is a perfect gift for her. Available from small to extra-large dimensions, this wooden keeper made of plywood may be customized using laser cutting and engraving for a more heart-warming and personalized touch. Choose a box design, decide on whether you want an outside or inside engraving or both and be on your way to keeping memories with her in a stylish piece.

    55. Personalized Sunflower Necklace

    Make her open a gift from you that is already the actual treat with this Personalized Sunflower Necklace that presents a beautiful sunflower that cuts in half and swivels to the side to open in an engraved pendant with a name or initials of your choice. The zinc alloy charms are lightweight so her neck can wear this necklace all day and they are durable, so they are long lasting. Choose between Gold, Rose Gold, or Silver, either way, this necklace is classy and elegant.

    54. Rustic Milk Glasses

    Gone are the days when our favorite fresh cow’s milk is delivered to our doorsteps in reusable bottles or glasses. The emergence of plastic ones quickly made them obsolete and our nicely shaped glass containers were nowhere to be found. Fret no more as these Rustic Milk Glasses are back in the market and it comes with a name on them. Now we can drink the exact amount of liquid in one sitting that these bottles provide, and we get to do it in style. Give it as a gift to her and her friends and she will organize a milk or juice drinking party in no time, inviting you of course.

    53. Beautiful Sight Beholds


    The vision is clear, and the beauty is revealed. This Beautiful Sight Beholds truly reflects the wonderful image of any woman who will use it. The beautiful and intricate floral designs are instant charmers and will put a smile on her lips even before she opens them. An accessible make-up and beautifying tool that not only cheers up the user but also ensures that her face will look stunning before going out, or even before going to bed. Give it as a gift to a dear friend or use it as a bridesmaid’s token.

    52. Wood Pen and Pencil Set

    Whether she is an office girl or just a simple woman who loves to scribble some pages, this Wood Pen and Pencil Set is an awesome gift suggestion. The Rosewood pen features a twist-action and a locking mechanism that prevents the point from retracting or embedding in the body while writing. The matching Rosewood pencil has the same functional mechanism that not only makes the pair outstanding but also convenient to use. It comes with an equally nice case that can be personalized and doubles as a pen stand.

    51. Custom Monogram Cell Phone Stand


    Regardless of what phone you own, this Custom Monogram Cell Phone Stand will make your mobile stand and stand out at the same time. The wooden makeup and balanced design make for a sturdy and reliable cellphone accessory. Bring out the innovative and artistic side of you as this simple stand may be laser cut to bring out your design of monogram or initials and add a more personal touch to this equally stylish gift idea. Make it a wedding favor, a token or a giveaway for your events, the power to choose its recipient is yours to decide on.

    50. Custom Sand Bijoux Bracelets

    Discover how something so small can hold so much with this Custom Sand Bijoux Bracelets. Pack in all the memories of your 3 favorite sandy getaways in the spinning beads fashioned in this bracelet. Fill the said beads with a pinch of granules taken from your choice of shorelines around the globe. Personalization has never been this gradient and unique. Now every time you wear this bracelet, it will lovingly remind you of your awesome time on three different beaches.

    49. Personalized Stainless steel Drinking Straw

    As the pandemic and global awareness limit stores from providing straws along with your favorite drinks, you might as well bring your own Personalized Stainless steel Drinking Straw. Not only does it ensure your accessibility to a sipping tool but also it will protect you from virus transfers as you are the only one who touches and has access to it. It also subtly helps the environment by lessening the use of disposable plastic ones. It may be personalized with your name, your monogram, and even a message for gift-giving purposes. These stainless drinking buddies are functional and fashionable, a nice combination rare to a straw.

    48. Personalized Songbird Vase

    Embellish her table with a vase that can hold flowers you are yet to give her with this Personalized Songbird Vase. It exudes romance in one glance as it highlights the beauty of the floral arrangement it holds. This nature-inspired vase is crafted with a silhouetted pair of “lovebirds” in the middle of leafy branches that brings a refreshing visual wherever it may be placed. But wait, there is more! Beyond displaying fresh flowers, this vase may also be fitting for organizing her kitchen utensils and even a wine cooler when refrigerated. Personalize it with two sets of initials and a special date.

    47. Personalized Wine Rack

    Wine drinker or not, this Personalized Wine Rack is a nice gift to any woman who loves organizing things and entertaining guests, which is practically every woman. No assembly required this rack holds 6 wine bottles on top and 4 wine glasses below. Made in thick solid wood with a light brown rustic stain, this wine-displaying and glass-hanging piece of timber is a great decorative addition to any interior. It may be wise to give it to her with the glasses already in the picture. As for the wines, let her guests bring that to the table.

    46. Script Bamboo Utensil Set


    Always, for kitchen tools or utensils, a set is a lovelier idea, even if some women dare not admit it. Beautifully crafted, this Script Bamboo Utensil Set includes a Serve Joy Wooden Spork, Mix in Giggles Bamboo Spatula, and Taste Happiness Bamboo Serving Spoon. Spice up her kitchen with these astonishingly engraved bamboo utensils that use script-style text. Now, cooking will be more exciting and meals will be a guaranteed yum with a set like this on her hand.

    45. Custom Monogram Cell Phone Ring Stand


    Give any woman this Custom Monogram Cell Phone Ring Stand and you will see a giggle instantly. This guaranteed charmer is a pop-out ring stand that keeps her phone in a secure position, safe from a sudden snatch or even falling recklessly. It attaches to any phone permanently with adhesive to the back of the mobile or its case. The pop-out rotating ring can function as a stand as well that is perfect for steady vision during movie viewing. The most amazing part is that it may be personalized with a monogram that can make any phone a classy gadget with one simple attachment.

    44. Customized Bedding Sheets


    Let her bring home your embrace with this Customized Bedding Sheets and put your image in it as well as a sweet message you will always want her to see. After a long and tiring day, she will want to lie in her bed, but a personalized bed sheet will alleviate her stress faster when she gets reminded of your love and care. Made of Polyester Sateen, the comforts that this cover will give her will be doubled if your message is printed all over for her to read and imbibe.

    43. Personalized Pots

    Give a home for her favorite and most loved succulent and you will gain her affection. Put her name or her face in it and she will even double her appreciation. Made of wood, this Personalized Pots are the perfect place to let her tiny plants grow and she will be able to easily transfer its location because of its lightweight. The personalized touch to this garden-inspired gift will not be in vain as it will make this box a nice décor to any tabletop or window.  

    42. Personalized Coordinate Bracelet


    Is there a place so significant in your life that it honed you and made you the better person you are today? Do you wanna keep a memoir of such a location? This Personalized Coordinate Bracelet will do that for you as it contains the exact coordinates of that special location. For some who like to wander around in different places, wearing a bracelet with the coordinates of their homes will ensure that when they get lost, they will still find their way. Both sides may be stamped if preferred.

    41. Personalized Wooden Bowl

     Made with jujube wood with natural paint for coloring, this Personalized Wooden Bowl is a great match for wooden utensils and other wooden kitchenware she might own. Create your own design and pattern and have it engraved in this bowl so that every time she prepares salad or soup, she will remember you. Make the drawing, monogram, or initials a stand out and this bowl will immediately turn into a meal favorite and appreciated addition to a rustic-themed kitchen.

    40. Engraved Wooden Utensil Holder

     Partner this Engraved Wooden Utensil Holder with equally dainty wooden utensils and you have yourself a great gift idea. This functional wooden piece is crafted from solid bamboo in richly varied golden shades. Eco-friendly and adaptable in any home design, this custom engraved holder is the perfect addition to a collection of wooden or bamboo kitchenware. No longer will your utensils scatter but it will be within reach every time you play the role of a chef-wanna-be. 

    39. Custom Wooden Plate Set

    Give your mom, your wife, or any of the special women in your life this Custom Wooden Plate Set and add a rustic touch to her kitchen or even in the living room. This set includes one mother plate that is perfect for pasta, steamed fish, or even chicken lollipops to line up, and three individual serving bowls that are great for snacks or even tiny non-edible things to be displayed in the living room. Each of these is carved from a solid piece of plantation-grown acacia wood which is one of the most popular woods worldwide because of its versatility, function, sustainability, and undeniable beauty.

    38. Custom Face Wooden Spoon

    Complete her collection of astonishingly personalized wooden kitchen stuff with this Custom Face Wooden Spoon and level it up a notch. Ideal for sauce mixing, serving, adding ingredients, or taste testing, this wooden spoon will surely serve its purpose while creating a heartwarming vibe every time it is lifted and emptied as it reveals a laser engraved image of her favorite person. A personalized portrait of her inspiration or idol will place her into a joyful mood while cooking.

    37. Bonnie’s Baseball Cap

     Few women can nail a baseball cap, so if you are one of them, grab this Bonnie’s Baseball Cap and take a stroll outside. Available in White, Black, and Navy, this pre-curved visor with an unstructured finish, six-panel and low-profile design, is a perfect match to jeans and shirt, shorts, and tank tops with a flowy polo blazer even with a sleek dress and sneakers. The customizable print in front just adds to the boldness and confidence level that can be emulated from this modern headgear.

    36. Embossed Pebble Grey Vegan Leather Weekender

    Compared to the tons of totes she probably owns already, this Embossed Pebble Grey Vegan Leather Weekender is a step further in the handbag game. Made with Vegan leather and metal hardware, this bag is perfect for carrying heavy stuff without looking bulky as its leather built guarantees durability, and the accents and classy visuals ensure stylish handling. Below is a shoe bag or a bottom zippered compartment for slippers or other essentials that may fit. The main compartment can hold clothes for a weekend getaway and has two side zippers and 2 open pockets for the ready-to-grab must-haves. The personalized initials will seem like the brand of this elegant bag.

    35. 3-16 Piece Heart Name Jigsaw Key Ring

    Sometimes being a part of something special, makes you feel special. This 3-16 Piece Heart Name Jigsaw Key Ring is a great example of an inclusive gift that can be bought as a whole and can be given individually. Each part of the puzzle may contain different names to be given to equally unique and wonderful women in your life as these pieces can be pieced together forming a heat. Such a feature represents that without each of them, your heart will not be whole. As for the recipients, this oak veneer key ring reminds them that they may hold single pieces, but they all belong to one big heart.

    34. Black Name Ring

    A piece of jewelry is always a welcomed gift for women and it is made even more special when it’s personalized. This Black Name Ring is fashioned in a minimalist style so it can adapt to any outfit and occasion but will not overpower her style. The Aluminum, brass, and gold materials of this recycled piece of elegance make for a fine accessory. It is adjustable so it is sure to fit any of her fingers without ruining the design. Her name may appear on the other end while a miniature heart meets that on the other end. The black color makes this ring simple but not too much for it not to stand out in that special woman’s finger.

    33. Personalized Rolling Pin

    Women take pride in their cooking and their baking. So if they want to create something so sumptuous and delightful, they would somehow want to get credit for it. Of course, they will not brag, but this Personalized Rolling Pin will allow them to keep their mouths shut and still get the credit for baking a nice cookie. It imprints their name or initials to any dough they will roll this into. It’s like creating an edible personal banner and people will not complain about it as they get to eat the advertisement for free. This wooden baking essential may also be a great tool to surprise a loved one with the message encrypted or embedded on the baked goodie.

    32. Beautiful Watercolor Flowers Personalized Face Shield

    The recent pandemic caused so many restrictions and social distancing protocols. Whether women would like to admit it or not, covering half their faces with face masks ruins a fully made-up face. But there goes the face shield for another layer of cover. Good thing it is transparent so it may still show the remaining area of her face that is fixed and with make-up. However, in time it made them look monotonous and dull, this Beautiful Watercolor Flowers Personalized Face Shield will add life to a daily errand and will give a dash of color to any outfit. The watercolor finish of the floral design gives a fresh visual and coordinates well with any make-up combination she may be wearing. Give her stylish protection with her name on it so that people will know it’s her face shield.

    31. Watercolor Eucalyptus Green White Personalized Adult Cloth Face Mask

    In this season of COVID, everybody needs to wear a face mask. But because we are not used to covering our faces with a piece of cloth we tend to look for something that will at least add color to our face and contribute to our fashion statement. Who says you cannot be protected while being stylish? This Watercolor Eucalyptus Green White Personalized Adult Cloth Face Mask will help mitigate the spread of the virus with its eucalyptus decorated face-covering features. It has adjustable ear loops and nose wire to ensure a great fit. It may also provide extra layers of filter protection as you can insert a disposable mask on its built-in insert slot inside. Now that’s double protection in a cool way!

    30. Personalized Yarn Bowl

    If you are looking for a unique and heart-warming gift for that weaving, crocheting, or knitting frenzy loved one of yours, then this Personalized Yarn Bowl is truly a catch. This stoneware bowl features their names etched into the ledge and is handcrafted with a hooked slot to keep skeins of yarn untangled as they create their masterpieces. Available in three rich glazes and complete with holes to rest their needles while not in use, this gift will not only add color to her side table but will also create a more encouraging atmosphere to her sewing room. Get ready for her awesome creation alongside your amazing gift.

    29. Personalized 40th Birthday Gift

    This Personalized 40th Birthday Gift may be a starring suggestion for women celebrating their 40th year of existence but it may also be a stunning gift to any woman in your life whom you wish to inform that you know them well enough. A poem, especially if it is made for a specific person matching her personality or your message for her, will always be personal in the highest form. Putting into rhythmic and rhyming words all the things about her that you want to say or people to know is simply heat-warming. Add a favorite photo with you or a complementing one and you have yourself a hall-of-fame for a gift.

    28. Harry Potter Gift Tea Spoon

    Add a dash of magic to her every serving of tea or coffee with this Harry Potter Gift Tea Spoon that is printed with a personalized name, message, or spell you can both relate to. The words are engraved in Harry Potter style’s font which makes the whole experience enchanting. This uniquely designed colored cutlery is made of metal and is dishwasher safe. You can guarantee that the engraving will not fade over time nor will it change color as it is done via a high-quality laser engraving machine. Go ahead and make your fellow Potterhead enjoy this piece of commonality with you. 

    27. Photo and Message in a Bottle

    Simple yet meaningful, this Photo and Message in a Bottle is a great gift for your best friend, sister, mother, or any woman who you value so much in your life. The glass vial will hold hand-cut messages from you and a photo collection of your choice. It will be made more stunning by the star sequins at the bottom of it that will bounce on and off upon motion, making your photos look like they are dancing in stars. This gift will be sealed with a cork stopper and embellished with a metallic silver ribbon.

    26. Custom Photo Watch

    Bring a smile on her face every moment she checks the time on her wrist with this Custom Photo Watch. Surely she hates being away from you or if she is a mom, she hates her time away from them, and every ticking second counts before she goes home to see you all again. This heart-warming chronometer is powered by an accurate Japanese Citizen Quartz movement 2035 which means it is more accurate than a mechanical movement. Water and scratch resistant, you can guarantee she will use it daily and longer. The design is made more sunning by silver or rose gold-plated case and a durable leather strap.

    25. Personalized Pet Portrait Keychain

    Some girls just love their pets, sometimes a little too much. If you love her enough, you will simply get along with her love for animals. This Personalized Pet Portrait Keychain makes for a dainty gift to that pet-loving woman in your life. This keyring is delicately styled for easy carrying and may be printed with the name and photo of her pet. The fancy font choices levels up the whole personalization game. It comes in Gold plated, Rose Plated, and Silver Plated variance. IF she comes across a fellow animal lover, she will be identified so will her beloved pet.

    24. Personalized Copper Wine Glass

    If you are celebrating a copper anniversary with her, this wine glass may be a fitting celebratory gift for your drinking session later in the day. However, wine lover or not, anniversary or birthday, this Personalized Copper Wine Glass is a dainty addition to her kitchen, bar, and her collection of awesome gifts from you. Made of metal, this 500 ml wine glass will quench her thirst for whatever beverage or liquor she may prefer to place on it. She can sip the entire full content and be tipsy without worrying about breaking the glass in case she drops it. After all, this wine tumbler is not made of fragile glass.

    23. Modern Best Friends Forever Photo Collage Bestie Throw Pillow

    If you are to remind her of your closeness all the time, go big. And if you want to print your face on a pillow, why print just one, make a collage. This 16” x 16” Modern Best Friends Forever Photo Collage Bestie Throw Pillow is made of high-quality Simplex knit fabric that is soft and wrinkle-free. It has a hidden zipper enclosure and includes a synthetic-filled insert. The heavyweight stretch material enhances the color definition of your design making this throw pillow an awesome and huggable addition to her couch or her room.

    22. Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print

    Every great love story she has probably known either came from a book, an experience told by someone she knows, or a great movie. That being said, it is not a wonder that most women long for a love story that is almost like the movies or they make themselves the star of their movie. This Personalized Movie Marquee Photo Print will be a nice and clever gift to her if you are either married or in a relationship with her. Make your title or create a rendition or a pun of a famous one, the power to choose is yours. Add in the date of your anniversary and place the name of your co-star. Choose from full color, film noir-inspired black and white or classic sepia. Pay tribute to the greatest love story of all time with this piece.

    21. Love Intertwined Personalized Wall Sculpture

    This Love Intertwined Personalized Wall Sculpture is a nice personalized gift to a woman whose life has been intertwined with yours. Like a tree that is deeply rooted and ever-growing, your relationship with her deserves a visual representation in an artistic interpretation. Made from 16 gauge mild steel, this artwork is as strong as your bonding and the little red apple design symbolizes that you “picked” each other. Your names are included as well as your anniversary year in this stunningly crafted wall decoration.

    20. Personalized Herringbone Throw

    Put your name or initials in a blanket and wrap it around her and surely she will feel cozy while remembering you. Made from 100% cotton, this Personalized Herringbone Throw has decorative fringes on top and bottom and may be embroidered with initials, name, or monogram to give this gift a more personal touch. This piece of a garment may be thrown and placed in the living room couch or bedroom or anywhere that needs an added decoration and comfort. Wrap up a gift that embraces her with warmth and love every time she uses it.

    19. Thank You Gift for Her


    If you are overflowing with gratitude for that one special lady in your life, you might as well give it in bulk. This Thank You Gift for Her set blasts thankfulness with its mug that says “Sometimes You Forget You’re Awesome So This Is Your Reminder” and its additional treats: a lid, a spoon, an absorbent coaster, a coffee sock, and a greeting card you can use to express your appreciation.

    18. Friendship Throw Blanket 

    Speak your appreciation through a personal message and scream your love with a hug as this Friendship Throw Blanket allows you to do both. Whoever she is in your life, this 50”x60” Turquoise blanket made of durable and soft materials will surely capture her heart. It’s also lightweight she may bring comfort and warmth anywhere and feel your love even when you are not there.

    17. Antique Vintage Music Box



    Your lullaby brought her to a sound slumber when she was a baby, and this Antique Vintage Music Box will once again bring calmness to your daughter upon hearing its sound. Craft your message of appreciation for your female offspring and engrave it in this lightweight and portable gift. She will open this treasure chest with a smile and a heart filled with love and music from you.

    16. Women's Duffel Bag 

    When it comes to gifts for women, you can never go wrong with bags. Personalize and customize them and you’ll witness one happy girl in front of you. This Women's Duffel Bag includes customizable bow color options and textured gift tags, removable shoulder strap with metal clasps, and more. It can also be personalized with the name of your choice in a white vinyl script.

    15. Engraved Necklace

    Wearing something that has your name or the name of someone important to you has always been a fashionable thing on its own rights. This Engraved Necklace can be personalized with your choice of name, characters, and font. Now you have wider options and you may order the item in bulk for all your female loved ones, but engrave them first with their names on it.

    14. Personalized Cuff Bracelet



    Carrying a name with you via jewelry is nothing new for women. If they don’t wear it around their necks or fingers, they wear it on their wrists. This stainless steel, adjustable Personalized Cuff Bracelet, however, will allow that special woman to wear, not just a name, but a message of your choice. So go ahead, let her see, and wear your encouragement daily.

    13. Initial Canvas Tote Bags 


    Simple yet beautiful. This Initial Canvas Tote Bags is practical for a woman who loves to just stroll around. The sturdy canvas construction and 17”x 19” x 2” measurement of this “women essential” is good for daily use. Plus, you may have the initial of the name of that special woman in your life, printed outside the tote in a classy font for a more personalized approach.

    12. Personalized 3D Moon Lamp

    An amazing woman brightens a room the moment she walks in. This 3D moon lamp makes for a great gift not only for a wife but also for a mom or a daughter. Personalize it by having it printed with protruding messages of appreciation that will seem like you wrote a message for her to the moon. Now every time she lights it up, so will her heart.

    11. Personalized Apron

    Whether she is a professional cook, baker, or a simple woman who wants to do both, this Personalized Apron will surely look dainty on her. Made with ultra-lightweight poly-cotton twill, this kitchen “must-have” comes in different colors, two front pockets, and an adjustable neck strap. Print the front with your personal choice of words and design, and she might wear it everywhere.

    10. Personalized Make Up Bag

    Almost every woman carries a make-up bag inside their actual one. In case they need touch-ups within the day or they want to change looks along the way. This 19x18x9cm Personalized Make Up Bag, made from sturdy heavyweight 100% cotton canvas can be personalized with your choice of names, hashtags, dates, etc. She can use it for a long time and she will always identify which one is hers.

    9. Personalized Women's Flask

    If you are looking for a classy and clever gift for a special woman in your life, this flask might just be the one you are looking for. This 4”x4” Personalized Women's Flask can hold up to 6oz of her favorite beverage. Plus, it can carry her name so it will not be mistaken for someone else’s. You can keep her hydrated, in style.

    8. Personalized Wine Tumbler

    Treat that woman in your life with this made from a combination of metal and plastic and keep her hydrated with its 12 oz liquid capacity. This stainless steel Personalized Wine Tumbler with dual wall insulation and rubber seal insulation is dishwasher safe and comes with a BPA free clear lid. Laser-engrave her name and she will carry it with her all day.

    7. Personalized Dopp Kit 

    She may be a traveler or simply an organized woman, so a Personalized Dopp Kit is ssential for her. This classy toiletry bag is made of genuine leather and with a metal buckle. It comes in 5 colors: True Black, Rustic Red, Smokey Blue, Hunter Green and, Tobacco Brown. You may even personalize it by either engraving her initials on the clasp or adding an embossed tag.

    6. Personalized Photo Puzzle

    Of course, you want to capture a significant moment in your life together with that special woman in your life and keep it forever, or maybe as long as you can. This clever idea of a Personalized Photo Puzzle will give your favorite photo of each other a unique presentation. Not to mention, putting it together can be a sweet activity you will enjoy together.

    5. Personalized Candle Gift 

    A lit candle usually calms people down, so does the presence of a loved one. This 100% Natural Soy wax Personalized Candle Gift  is eco-friendly and dye-free. All are handmade to order. They may be in 4oz mini jar, 8oz jar, or 16 oz Mason jar. Personalize it with your message of appreciation and as the candle burns so will your love for each other.

    4. Personalized Robes 

    Personalized Robe can be both a necessity and a sexy luxury. But for whatever purpose it may serve the ladies, it will still be more awesome if it is personalized. This 100% Polyester Satin robe is a great gift idea for bridesmaids, brides-to-be, or even someone who just enjoys wearing a robe. Personalize it with their names, titles, or initials at the back.

    3. Ice Shaker Tumbler with Flex Lid and Straw 

    Keep your woman hydrated and do it in a cool style. This Ice Shaker Tumbler with Flex Lid and Straw carries up to 26oz of liquid and comes in a variety of color options. Customize the body with a laser engraved name that creates a permanent smooth metallic silver engraving that will not chip or fade. Its lid features an air-tight flip-up tab and a centered straw hole with an attached rubber stopper.

    2. Personalized Scarf

    Whether to add style to an outfit or to prevent a lady from getting cold.  A Personalized Scarf has always been a fashionable embellishment. Handing it as a gift will never be a bad idea, especially if it has the girl’s initials or monogram. The added personal touch to this handmade, 100% Acrylic and Tassel Trim piece of stylish ornament can go a long way.

    1. Personalized Leather Clutch


    Female purses and clutches hold their most valued ID’s and cards. More importantly, it holds their money. Since a woman can never have too many Personalized Leather Clutch and the like, a gift like this with an added personal touch is a winner. This fold over purse is made of genuine leather with a YKK zipper. It is very roomy that it may even hold a smartphone if she may.