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    Personalized Coasters

    A personalized coaster set is a great way to show off your personality with your home decor. With so many fun and unique designs to choose from, you can find the perfect one for your style. Whether you're a new home owner or just looking for a great coaster gift set, a personalized coaster is a great addition to any home.
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    29 Great Personalized Coasters For Her Home

    She will spend each day remembering how you have made her feel special by giving a personalized coaster. Not only to protect her table but also to adorn them with something that is lovely to look at or simply to have a special place for her favorite jewelries. Coasters are the perfect functional and practical gift that she will always treasure. It won't just be used on her dining table each time but one that will surely remind of how you carefully chose a gift specially for her. Choose from a variety of materials, designs even fonts and wordings to make it even more special for her. 

    Here are 29 of the best personalized coasters you can choose from: 

    29. Gold Butterfly Coaster


    The beauty of black and gold, matched with the astonishing visuals of full spread wings of a butterfly are merged in this Gold Butterfly Coaster.  It has soft brushed fabric on top, with open cell rubber backing. The image is heat pressed to the fabric surface so it won't fade, crack or peel. This coaster has a unique, soft, velvety feel with vibrant, rich colors. Add a little touch of sweetness by putting in a name, an initial, or any text of your choice. This can be a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or housewarming.

    28. Watercolor Photo Personalized Coaster

    Join the beauty of watercolor mixtures with the heartwarming image of a loved one and put it in a thing that you put your celebratory drink on, and you will get this Watercolor Photo Personalized Coaster. Each coaster measures 3 3/4" square and can hold standard mugs, glasses, and cups. This wood composite coaster features a high-gloss laminate front that is simply delightful and a cork backing to prevent it from slipping outside place. Choose from the 16 color options including Blush, Coral, Light Blue, Navy, and many more. Print it with any image you like that matches the watercolor hue of your choice as well.

    27. Animal Design Coasters

    If you or the one you are giving coaster to simply loves animals and pets or have children in the house that shall enjoy them, then these Animal Design Coasters are for you. They are created with the perfect blending between Beech and Walnut to create a high contrast between light and dark colors. These wooden coasters are handcrafted by master wood makers to ensure that wooden animal faces and paws are finished to perfection and leave no detail left unchecked. Get a sense of its high quality by the smooth, perfectly rounded edges to the touch, and the beauty of graphic designs printed by laser engraving techniques.

    26. Custom Resin Coaster

    Vibrant in color and durable inbuilt, this Custom Resin Coaster is one of the top picks when it comes to coasters. Made with food-safe and scratch-resistant epoxy resin, acrylic paint, and metal powders this coaster also has hand-painted edges in gold, silver, or copper. To protect your tables from scratches, three rubber stamps on the bottom are placed. Choose from the color options that will match your event or home decoration theme: Purple, Pink, Black, Blue, and Green. As for the personalization, pick your text, message, name, or initial of choice and choose from the font style options to print on your resin coasters.

    25. Personalized Couples Ceramic Face Coasters

    Another unique but awesome material to use for coasters is Ceramic. This Personalized Couples Ceramic Face Coasters features the caricature or painted version of you and your loved one’s face printed in the thing you put your mugs and cups to. Stylish and on-trend, this kind of coaster is the perfect accompaniment to your cup or bottle. More than being functional, this coaster can be a joyful experience as you personalize each (the one for you and the one for your beloved). You may choose the color of hair, the tone of skin, and even the style of glasses if you may. Whichever may make the image closer to how you both look.

    24. Round Wooden Cute Coaster

    Fur-parents will love this Round Wooden Cute Coaster not only for home decoration but also as a functional table and kitchen use. It is made from high-quality & durable MDF wood and is laser cut to achieve smooth, flat edges and no thorn finish. So, you will not need to sand it and it won’t cut your hands. Plus, it is exquisitely handmade giving the beautiful and unique look every time. Healthy and harmless, this coaster is made of natural high-quality 3mm MDF, with no preservative coating, no glossy coating, and no melamine. It comes in 8 different styles and has different decoration feelings.

    23. Initial Impressions Glass Coaster Set of 4

    Give a family of four or purchase this Initial Impressions Glass Coaster Set of 4 for different recipients and you will still have given each of them a classy and elegant gift. Made of glass and measuring 4" x 4" x 3/16" thick, this coaster comes with a beveled edge too. A clear protective pad is attached to each corner to protect your table. It can be laser engraved with your choice of initial and font. The skillful, reverse-laser engraving process provides a stunning transparent mirage, creating a magnificent memento for display. When not in use, such exquisite kitchen and barware can also be an added decoration to any home.

    22. Genuine Leather Coaster

     In an office filled with leather-covered sofas and chairs, this Genuine Leather Coaster will be the added spice you may need. Made with Genuine Full Grain Leather, this coaster comes in a set of four and can be personalized with fire-branded designs for free. However, if you wish to have your firebrand stamp, company logo, or personal designs printed on it, they may come with a charge. Give each of your officemates a birthday gift or Christmas present they will appreciate and use for a long time. After all, no one is beyond using coasters if they drink from a cup, a bottle, or a mug. Plus with their names on it, it will be doubtful that they will ignore it.

    21. Custom Vintage Map Coasters

    A map shows the location, and it also tells so many stories that one may want to hear. Since storytelling goes best with drinks, might as well print the maps in something you can use for such an event. So, let this Custom Vintage Map Coasters be your gift to your friends who are getting married or just transferred abode. These stone coasters are treated with commercial-grade paver sealant on both front and back to preserve the beauty of the stone and image. The design is decoupaged to the tile and is treated with 3 coats of waterproof, heat-resistant sealant on the top. So, choose the location and map it out then print it in these stone coasters and let the stories unfold.

    20. Baltic Birch Wood Coasters

    This Baltic Birch Wood Coasters speaks for itself when it comes to its intricate design and rustic features. Made of quality Baltic Birch, each item is carefully grained 2 times to make sure they are smooth, and no sign of burn is left. Two layers of high-quality eco-friendly stain are applied for that sleek look and each coaster passes 3 stages of quality control before it is packed. It comes in four amazing wooden colors: Natural Wood, Umber, Grey, and Chestnut. It can be a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, and even as a favor for rustic-themed weddings.

    19. Personalized Marble Coasters


    A little heavy but durable and visually appealing, these Personalized Marble Coasters are just a nice pick for coasters. They are hexagon-shaped cups and mugs resting spots with a grey/white marble color. Having 4"x 3.5" x 0.25" dimensions, each coaster is handmade so no two hexagon marbles are the same. The veined pattern of white and grey will vary with each coaster. Small coasters may be more white and some more grey. These marble goodness may be personalized with names, initials, or any text of your choice. To make the look more elegant and thematic, choose between Gold, Rose Gold, or Black for your font color.

    18. Drawn Together By Love Personalized Tumbled Stone Coaster Set

    Feel the vibe of the mountains and the wild by putting down your mug, cups, and bottles in stones. This Drawn Together By Love Personalized Tumbled Stone Coaster Set is made of genuine marble stone and comes in a set of 4. More lovers and friends will enjoy its beauty as this coaster can be personalized with two initials, linked or drawn together with a heart that symbolizes the love that attracts them. Each coaster has a full cork back to protect your furniture and can be cleaned with soapy water. Keep in mind though that tumbled stone tile is a natural product. Variations in color, texture, plus noticeable cracks, and flaws are to be expected as that is the nature of the product. Due to this, print colors may vary from tile to tile and you may see graining or crystallization.

    17. Soundwave Personalized Coaster

    Singers, music enthusiasts, or even just a loving human being values the sound of a favorite song with a beloved. Sure, you can keep it in records but visually you may preserve it with this Soundwave Personalized Coaster. Coasters feature black text with the artist's name and song title with the soundwaves of the song below and the text "our Song" at the bottom. This is a perfect gift for your beloved on your anniversary or even for friends with who you share a significant song favorite. The simple color combination adds to the appeal of this unique piece.

    16. Glass Photo Frame Picture Coasters


    Line up these Glass Photo Frame Picture Coasters in your kitchen, dining table, or bar and it will instantly be an added decoration while you are not using it. Each coaster has 3 non-skid pads to prevent slippage and to protect the surface they are sitting on. Pick a photo of your choice and have it printed on a glass coaster that will make it look like a glorified and functional picture frame. Since a stylish black wooden storage rack is included in the purchase, you may rest these coasters for when they are not in use or if you do not want to expose them yet. This way they are safe and clean; ready for use when you need to.

    15. Rose Petal Resin Coaster

    This Rose Petal Resin Coaster is a lovely handmade coaster that can be personalized as a gift for your special someone. Each coaster contains a wooden scrabble letter surrounded by either pressed flowers and foliage or rose petals and gold flakes which are embedded in high quality epoxy resin. It also comes with 3 rubber domed feet underneath it to keep it secure on any surface and to prevent scratches.

    14. Resin Coaster for Mom 

    This Resin Coaster for Mom comes in a set of two epoxy resin geode coasters. It is high quality and hand cast so you can be sure it will be used for a long time. These coasters can be used as a drink holder, jewelry holder plate, a housewarming gift, or just a beautiful decoration piece for her place. 

    13. Gold Agate Coasters 

    These Gold Agate Coasters are a timeless piece which will make a beautiful thank you gift and keepsake of her special day. It can be personalized with the guest’s name, and can also double as place cards on the wedding tables. It comes in gorgeous white frosted color on the top and bottom with gold edges all around.

    12. Gold Leaf Flakes Coaster

    This Gold Leaf Flakes Coaster comes in unique WHITE × GOLD and is perfect as a house warming gift, birthday, Valentine's day or any special event for your loved oneTreat her to a unique coaster for her bedside or coffee table. These elegant coasters will compliment any room. She can use this for her coffee, wine, or simply as an accent to her table set up. It's also a beautiful way to display her jewelry.  

    11. Personalized Coaster Place Card 


    These Personalized Coaster Place Card are not only a unique table chart idea, but also a great party favor as a take home coaster or a decorative item! It comes in vinyl lettering to ensure consistency and durability. These coasters feature a cork backing to protect tables too. It's one gift you know she will treasure for a long time. 

    10. Monogram M | Car Coasters 

    Let these Monogram M | Car Coasters adorn her car. These coasters have a protective rubber backing to prevent scratches in your cup holder. Made of polyester and rubber, it gives it a low profile look that won't slide around. It's the perfect accessory for her car.

      9. Personalized Coaster and Bookmark Set

      Let this Personalized Coaster and Bookmark Set remind her of how thoughtful you are. This set is handmade using resin, mica powder and a vinyl decal. It's her perfect companion while reading a book and getting refreshed with her favorite drink.  

      8. Two Tone Marble Table Drink Coaster

      This gorgeous Two Tone Marble Table Drink Coaster can be personalized with the Initial of your choice in a variety of colors. These are a beautiful simple, sleek style with anti-slip feet included. Due to the nature of the product material being marble each coaster may have different pattern adding to a beautiful unique and natural style. It's simply perfect for a beautiful gift.

      7. Customizable Coasters


      These Customizable Coasters are made from slices of genuine acacia wood, known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns. Each round coaster is unique. The kitchen pads have a nice and fresh smell of wood unlike silicone mats that may have a toxic smell. These classic eco-friendly coasters are the preferred pick among professional bartenders, home entertainers & everyday families.

      6. Personalized Resin Coaster

      This Personalized Resin Coaster is made to order in high quality epoxy resin, glitter and vinyl wording. You may choose from a variety of colors as well as the wordings you want for this gorgeous gift. It's one gift she will surely always remember you by. 

      5. Marble Texture Coasters

      These Marble Texture Coasters is made from absorbent stone to absorb drips, spills and condensation. This cork-backed coasters won't damage her furniture, counter or desk. All four coasters feature the same artwork and is proudly printed and packaged in the USA. It certainly makes a great gift for friends or family. 

      4. Personalized Slate Coasters 

      These luxurious Personalized Slate Coasters are hand painted in a colour of your choice - Gold, Silver or Copper. The letter of your choice is engraved in the center of the coaster using 2 different font options - Bold Block Letter as shown on the silver ‘B’ coaster or the Cursive Handwritten Font as shown on the Copper ‘L’ coaster & Gold ‘A’ coaster. There are a range of shapes available too: Round, Heart or Hexagon. These coasters would also fit perfectly into any interior design, from living rooms, to kitchens to bedrooms. 

      3. Rose Quartz Coaster 

      This unique Rose Quartz Coaster is perfect as a house warming gift, birthday, or any special event for your loved ones. Treat her to a unique coaster for her bedside or coffee table. These elegant coasters will compliment any room. She can readily use them for her coffee, wine, or simply as an accent to her table set up. It's also a beautiful way to display her jewelry or unique alternate to writing guests names on them as wedding escort cards.

      2. Sugar & Spice Unicorn Coaster

      A gift that is sure to bring a smile on her face. This Sugar & Spice Unicorn Coaster is the perfect choice for anyone who loves all things unicorn, rainbows and candy. It features a gorgeous pastel colored doodle artwork that she will surely adore. These coasters are glossy and have a real look of quality about them.

      1. Personalized Wooden Coaster Circle

      This Personalized Wooden Coaster Circle make a lovely gift or addition to her home. They can be used for all occasions; birthday, valentines, wedding, baby shower, bridal party, Christmas, new home etc.. It features a wooden – white gloss finish with hardback base. It's one gift she will always remember to thank you for.