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    Personalized Skinny Tumblers

    Stay hydrated in style with our chic personalized skinny tumblers. Ideal for hot or cold beverages, these slim, insulated cups are perfect for the on-the-go individual. Customize with names, monograms, or unique designs to create a one-of-a-kind accessory or a thoughtful gift.
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    17 Super Cute Personalized Skinny Tumblers

    Whether the sun is up or the rain is pouring, the need to be hydrated is always on top. And while there are lots of other containers you may choose from that will serve the purpose, a slim one will ensure more comfortable handling of your drink. To make the “choosing” part easier, here is a list of 17 Great Skinny Tumblers.

    17. Sippin Pretty Tumbler

    Summer moments will be enjoyed more as you sit beautifully while drinking your refreshment in this Sippin Pretty Tumbler. comes in three beautiful colors - Carnation, Rose Gold, and Seafoam. The double-wall construction and powder-coated finish protect against chips and scratches, while the copper vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours. It also comes with a clear push-on lid and matching straw and it’s non-toxic and BPA-free. This tumbler can hold 20oz of liquid.

    16. Succulent Personalized Tumbler

    Whether you love plants or you just like surrounding yourself with greeneries, this Succulent Personalized Tumbler will be the best one for you. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this piece is double walled and insulated so it keeps your drinks hot or cold. You may choose from 20 oz or 30 oz capacity and the background may be teal, pink, or purple ombre. It comes with a plastic straw and has a rubber bottom that prevents slipping/sliding. The beautiful design is pressed into the tumbler using sublimation with only the highest quality ink, so it will not scratch or fade.

    15. Pretty in Rose Gold 

    Let’s be honest, who does not want to be Pretty in Rose Gold.  This cute and travel-ready, custom-printed clear tumbler has a sleek rose gold lid and a clear straw that makes it more classy and a super worthy water bottle alternative. Made of Acrylic, this 16 oz container is the best way to minimize the usage of one-time-use plastic bottles and beverage containers, which is good for nature. It is BPA Free and may be personalized with up to 12 characters of text including spaces.

    14. Messy Bun Tumbler

    A funny gift for yourself and for your ladies in case you are looking for Bridesmaids gifts is this Messy Bun Tumbler. It is a 20 fluid ounce Metal tumbler that is printed with a woman in shades wearing a messy bun. You may choose the scrunchie color and place the name of your choice. The designs are printed directly on the cup so no need to worry about glitter or decals falling off. Plus this tumbler is double walled so it can keep drinks colder longer - and with no condensation!

    13. Agate Shimmer Skinny Tumbler 

    A rock formation designed things makes a unique gift for any person who wishes to be hydrated. Apart from holding a generous 20 oz amount of liquid, this Agate Shimmer Skinny Tumbler  is double-walled and vacuum insulated so it can keep drinks cold or hot. Not to mention it is made of stainless steel which is a contributory factor to keeping the temperature of the beverage steady. This set includes plastic straw and a lid. The bonus part is the personalization feature of this tumbler.

    12. Infuser Tumbler


    This Infuser Tumbler is a stylish and unique way to keep your water intake. It is a personalized iridescent glass travel infuser mug that is perfect for tea or lemon. Your water will be tasting great and your health will be prioritized with something as beautiful. Whether you're on the go or just relaxing at home, these bottles make staying hydrated easy and chic. Plus it may be personalized with a vinyl name or word of your choice.


    11. Tropical Tumbler  

    Sip and relax! This 20oz skinny tumbler is double-walled and vacuum insulated, keeping your drinks cold for 12+ hours. Nothing to do but stay hydrated (or get dehydrated) with this unique tumbler.  Whether you're using it for water on the go or something a little more interesting after work, this tumbler is perfect for any occasion. We can personalize it with any name and title of your choice, making it a great gift for yourself or someone else. 

    10. Sparkling Tumbler 

    You may shine bright as an awesome person and you should hold a Sparkling Tumbler  as you hydrate yourself constantly. This tumbler is designed to keep your drink cool and your hands dry. No sweaty palms anywhere you go, ( at least not from this tumbler). A double-walled and vacuum insulated tumbler provides a sweatproof and condensation-free cup exterior that ensures no slipping while holding. The simple, wide-mouth design comes with a rubber gasket and BPA-free sip lid that allows you to take your drink on the go.


    9. Boys Lie Tumbler 


    Be the funny gift giver in your group and give your lady friends this Boys Lie Tumbler. It may serve as a warning before they go dating around or just a laughable reminder that “Boys lie!” Truthfully though, this tumbler measures 8.5 inches tall and holds up to 20 oz. Made of BPA-FREE, Non-Toxic Kitchen Grade Stainless Steel, this container is vacuum insulated and can keep cold drinks cold for 24 hours and hot drinks remain hot for 12 hours. 

    8. Dog Mom Tumbler

    There are so many fur moms around the world nowadays and the most famous one is a dog mom. If you are one or you wish to honor someone with the same love for their puppies, get this Dog Mom Tumbler. Sturdy and stylish, this tumbler will keep you hydrated as you run errands or take your dog for a walk. With a tight-sealing lid and easy-to-grip design, this slim container is perfect for any busy pooch mom.

    7. Boss Lady Tumbler 


    You are in control of your life and your work. Whether you are on top of one or both, you are a Boss Lady. Hence you deserve this Boss Lady Tumbler. It is a stylish and practical way to keep hydrated and healthy so you may remain on top of your game. Vacuum insulated, this piece comes with a push-on lid and a stainless steel straw so you can drink while you are on the go. IT fits any standard size cup holder and may be personalized as you wish.

    6. Leopard Print Skinny Tumblers

    A lover of the Safari? Or you simply love animal prints. If that is the case, then this Leopard Print Skinny Tumblers is for you. Using this as you hydrate connects your wild side to the people you also wish to give this to. It comes with a metallic rose gold lid and clear straw. Plus you can customize it with names of your choice in pretty white vinyl. Give it to yourself or give it away, either way, you will have earned your spot in the animal kingdom of hydrated species.

    5. Pastel Matte Tumbler

    Let the beauty of pastel color matched with matte finish make this Pastel Matte Tumbler a perfect choice for a gift to your lady friends and yourself. It’s a skinny tumbler that screams style and hydration in one look. Available in Yellow, Orange, Coral, Pink, Lilac, Mint, Teal, Sea Foam, Blue, and Black, this tumbler may be personalized with any name of your choice. Vinyl color options are silver glitter, gold glitter, black glitter, glossy black, and more.

    4. Beach Bevy 


    Get your beach-wedding-ready Bridesmaids, a gift that will make their memory of your special day a cute one by giving each of them this Beach Bevy. It is made of durable stainless steel and can be customized with your girls’ names. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps drinks hot or cold for hours, making it ideal for a day at the beach, pool, or anywhere you wish your ladies to be hydrated. It is made to be personalized so add that touch to this gift.

    3. Geode Tumbler

    Geode Tumbler is a visually enticing piece of liquid container that is both an awesome keepsake and gift. Each Tumbler comes with a clear lid and either a Rainbow or Silver Stainless Steel straw and will come wrapped in bubble wrap and are packaged individually in white boxes upon delivery. Friends, male and female alike will appreciate holding a skinny tumbler that looks artistic in one glance. Not to mention rock frenzy recipients will love having one like this.

    2. Fame Tumbler

    This is the perfect inexpensive tumbler to gift to only the best of friends. Pair this gift with a bridesmaid proposal box or gift it as a gift of its own. Anyway, it is gifted we guarantee your ladies will love it! Monogram Bridesmaid Tumblers make a useful gift for bridesmaids or a friend's birthday. Personalized Acrylic Water Bottles come with a monogram written in metallic vinyl, a gold lid, and a clear straw.

    1. Shiny Sipper

    A shining shimmering splendid giveaway for your wedding or event, this Shiny Sipper is one to please the guests. It is a Durable and stylish double wall 18/8 stainless steel thermal tumbler that is copper vacuum insulation so it keeps your drink fresh and retains desired temperatures.  Designed with seemingly embedded fine glitters, this shiny tumbler may be customized with laser engraving.