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    Best 1 Year Anniversary Gift for Ladies

    You have loved her and captured her heart for a year now. Whether you got married or got a “yes” to being her boyfriend a year ago, a celebration of such a breakthrough is on point. Since ladies love to celebrate almost every milestone in their relationship, it is but right to also give her a fitting gift. However, you have to start the anniversary gift-giving momentum in such a way that it will not be too simple or small to make her feel unvalued, nor too grand or big that it will anticipate a silver or golden anniversary present. Yes, it may be a tough ordeal for a paper anniversary, but if you get it right, it will get you through the coming years with a record of acing the gift-giving department. To help you out, here are the Best One Year Anniversary Gifts for Ladies:


    33. Monogramed Pashmina

    For your first anniversary, prove to her that papers are not the only ones that can be printed with lovely wordings and messages. Write your wedding monogram on this Monogramed Pashmina and remind her of that special day a year ago when your names and your hearts are joined together as one. This stylish piece of garment will keep her cozy and reminded of how warm your love is and will be even as the years go by. It can be worn in various ways too: over the shoulder as a cover-up, like a poncho over a tank top, or simply like a scarf wrapped around your neck.

     32. Personalized “First Year Together” Gift

    Over the past year of being together, you surely have collected several photos on your phone or computer. However, few deserve to be presented and seen regularly as it strikes a happy vibe and good memory. Give this Personalized “First Year Together” Gift to your beloved lady you will hand her a daily dose of joy at the same time. This box is very versatile as it may be given as a box with an added treat inside, or it may be laid out flat or you may put it in a fridge since this box is magnetic.

     31. Paper Rose in Glass Globe

    Talk about encapsulating romance in a single gift, this Paper Rose in Glass Globe captures your special message of love for the one year you have been together and placing it in a sturdier flat bottom glass globe. This way the endearing flower worded with either your message or lyrics or poems will be displayed and seen by all as a declaration of a lasting love even just in the first year. The hanging glass globe is made of high boron silicon heat resistant glass that is lightweight and ideal for hanging and has a flat bottom that can also be great as tabletop décor.

     30. Custom Book Fold

    Whether you have a library at home or you just love collecting and reading books, this Custom Book Fold will not only be a great paper anniversary gift but will also be an amazing decoration for the house. This custom folded book art sculpture is a very classy reminder of your anniversary date and a unique way of declaring that your memories are all in the book; which in this case, it literally is, in the book. The neat and intricate folding of the pages makes for an amazing visual any time of the day.

     29. Our First Year Journal

    She needs a paper to write your entire amazing journey together and the past year has just swiftly gone by. Hand her this gift for your anniversary and watch her fill each page with awesome write-ups. Our First Year Journal is inspired by culture, art, literature, history, and pop culture. You also have a choice of notebook size and type of paper inside. The front cover is made of 80lb cover recycled kraft paper as well as the inside ones. The back cover is heavyweight chipboard to add a little extra sturdiness. All notebooks are coil bound by hand using black bindings.

    28. Handmade Cherry Blossom Card Pop Up

    A card is a classic gift that is never out of season. One can never underestimate the power of a handwritten message on a piece of paper or in the case of this Handmade Cherry Blossom Card Pop Up, it’s a pop-up one. This card shows a 3D scene with a stunning pink cherry blossom tree in full bloom the minute you open it. A cherry blossom adds romance to the already romantic gesture as it is a symbol of warm love and best wishes. The next challenge for you after choosing this gift is crafting the most amazing message to put in, one year may be short but your love letter need not be.

    27. The One Where “We Were Quarantined” Mug

    If you are one of those valiant couples who got married during the first break of quarantine, then the message on this The One Where “We Were Quarantined” Mug is fitting for you as you might be celebrating a year of marriage while still under quarantine. This high gloss ceramic piece of kitchen addition serves as a usual mug with up to 11 or 15 fluid ounces. The design will be printed on both sides and it comes in white and black, white and red, white and blue and white and pink.

    26. First Anniversary Gift for Her

    It has been one year of love, joy, and surpassed challenges. If anybody asks who is counting, proudly say… ME! This First Anniversary Gift for Her is a specialized and customizable gift that can present the number of years you have been together including the months, the weeks, the days, the hours, the minutes down to the seconds. It may also include photos that you hold most valuable of clever to put in a frame and to hand over to your girl as a gift. However you want to make this, keep in mind that this is a memento for the one year you have been together.

    25. First Dance Music Sheet

    Both of you may not be too musically inclined to play or read a music sheet. But this First Dance Music Sheet is an awesome and unique reminder of how beautiful is the sound of your first dance and how magnificently you graced your way into it during your wedding day. This piece of gift, however, is not limited to just your first dance song, it may also print the music sheet of your wedding song if you may. Have those beautifully put-together notes printed on cotton, rag, or deckled edge paper and make it look more bizarre in a frame.

    24. Personalized Monochrome Couple’s Names

    Since it has only been a year since you said “I do”, a simple yet memorable gift will be fitting. This Personalized Monochrome Couple’s Names is a dainty piece of a reminder of that special day when not only your names and hands were joined but also your hearts and lives will forever be bound together in the sacred matrimony. Your names will be printed in a stylish font joined with a little cute heart to add spice to the monochromatic theme plus the date of your wedding day. Simple yet elegant and does the trick of making your paper anniversary memorable.

    23. Toilet Paper Gag Gift

    Humor is an important part of a relationship and most marriages that last understands that a subtle pun or a well put together gag adds more joy and spice. This Toilet Paper Gag Gift is a welcomed pun as it is also functional. But if you put so much love in the personalized message, she might not even use this for how it should be. She might even just display this for people to see that even in wiping parts of her body, your love is always there because your words and your gift reminds her. Make her laugh and remind her of your love in this roll of cleverness and sweetness.

    22. “Where Our Story Began” Map

    Every relationship has a starting point and it also has a starting location. This “Where Our Story Began” Map is a fine paper anniversary gift as it brings you back to that first place where you met her, or you said “I Love You” to her, or even the place you got married. The choice is yours as to where your story relay began. The map will be printed in museum-quality paper using archival ink.

    21. 52 Date Night Ideas Swatch

    It is normal to admit that you do not always have the greatest ideas when it comes to date night. This 52 Date Night Ideas Swatch will give you 52 original date ideas bound together using Chicago screw. Keep your dating relationship fresh with the freshest date night activity ideas in this swatch. Your romance will level up a notch as you prepare for more years of well-anticipated and lovingly-thought off bonding moments. Give this to her as a gift so she may get to choose the date night fun she wants to have.

    20. Custom Significant Venue Watercolor Illustration

    A year after your wedding, everything is still fresh and new. However, you are both aware that as time flies, things tend to change; in appearance and quality. This Custom Significant Venue Watercolor Illustration will immortalize the look of a significant place, location, or venue that you wish to remember all the days of your lives. The watercolor illustration of a house or building brings more light and vibrance to its memories. This is a perfect paper anniversary gift especially if you do not have the talent to paint or draw or if you simply want it done by a professional.

    19. Wedding Vow Anniversary Gift


    In this day and age, fewer people use typewriters especially in printing important stuff such as a wedding vow. This Wedding Vow Anniversary Gift captures the very words you both said during your wedding in a vintage 1920’w underwood typewritten prints in handmade linen paper. The vintage feel and the personal touch make this a great Valentines Day giftand a truly romantic one as it reminds each of you of the promises you made and how much your love for each other will make you both work hard to keep them.

    18. Love Never Fails Sentiment

    Yes, you have made it for a year and you are bound to make it in the years to come. So for your paper anniversary write your message in a paper, or this case, a bracelet. This Love Never Fails Sentiment reminds her that love never fails and yours will last forever. This 12K gold plate or sterling silver plated piece of jewelry is handcrafted in Tennessee. Make her wear your promise of unfailing love in style and elegance for your anniversary.

    17. Proposal Photo Box

    Although this gift makes for a good proposal gift to her or her bridesmaids to be, it may be repurposed as a first-anniversary gift as it is a very personalized and dainty box. Proposal Photo Box includes a label with a photo, name, and short message. Here you may add your wedding photo or if you are not yet married, a favorite picture of the two of you will do. Add a message of your love and write her name on the box cover. Of course, that is just the first part; the content of this box will still depend on your choice after scrolling the entire list. But with this box on your basket, the job is already almost done.

    16. Custom Wedding Dress and Suit Illustration Portrait

    A year after your wedding, the sparks may still be flying and the giggles of that great day may still be in the air. This Custom Wedding Dress and Suit Illustration Portrait is an 8x10 inches illustration of you in the wedding dress and suit you wore that day. You may even choose between color mixed media or blank ink for the color of the drawing. Plus, you may also request to add your wedding venue to be illustrated as well. This is a subtle reminder of that beautiful day and the stunning outfit you wore.

    15. Purple Peony Paper Flower Bouquet

    Flowers are essentially one of the best gifts for any occasion. But in this case, one made out of high-quality Mulberry paper will be symbolically pretty for your first anniversary. Made in a small studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Purple Peony Paper Flower Bouquet was specially colored to make it look realistic and natural. Like freshly picked flowers, this bouquet was arranged by floral designers so you can guarantee that your lady will feel as joyful receiving this collection of paper peonies, eucalyptus, and astilbe. This one though, will not wilt nor wither over time, just like your love for her. 

    14. Your Unique Star Map by Date


    The day she said “yes” or “I do” to you, the universe conspired and the stars aligned. They could not have shined any brighter than that special moment when your hearts are in tune as well. Capture the unique alignment of stars in a place and time that you will choose and have her display that unique constellation in her room or anywhere she prefers. You may even personalize Your Unique Star Map by Date even more by adding a special message for her that may go along with the star map.

    13. Personalized Scratch Away “Reasons Why I love you”

    It felt like you won the lottery the day she married you or the day she agreed to be yours. A year after, you still feel the same or maybe even better. Share that feeling of always winning every time you look at her with this  Personalized Scratch Away “Reasons Why I love you”. Each gold heart reveals your personalized reasons as to why you love her and she can scratch it like a coupon in which the prize is that jubilance of knowing 10 or more reasons why she is perfect for you. A woman’s heart will pound faster and beat even deeper in love for you.

    12. Facet Strass Swiss Ladies Watch

    Her time belongs to you now and in harnessing a deeper and more stable relationship with one another. What better way to celebrate her saying “yes” to making her heartbeat for you and her time tick for the goal of making you happy, but by giving her this Facet Strass Swiss Ladies Watch. It is made of stainless steel with Pave Set Rhinestones, gloss polished with rose-gold plating with watch glass tempered with diamond-cut over the whole surface and with a glossy alligator-embossed genuine leather strap. This fine piece is a classy message to your lady that her time is valued and she is the most important handler of yours.

    11. Printable Anniversary Card

    Never underestimate the simplicity of a deeply-thought-of and well-written piece of a man’s heart. Ladies are big on the declaration of love but they are also aware that most men never really say it loudly nor often. A card with their man’s heartfelt message on them is a perfect declaration of how much he values her over the first year of their relationship. This Printable Anniversary Card may be personalized according to your choice of words or images or artwork outside and your message might as well be handwritten for a more “loving” touch.

    10. Personalised Pull Out Photo Album Token Gift

    A photo album is a classic gift for anniversaries. Since this is your first one, you might not want to overdo it just yet. This Personalised Pull Out Photo Album Token Gift is a petite version of your collection of favorite photos. Although you may have tons in the cloud or on your phone, you might as well have a few printed on paper for your paper anniversary. It features 5-7 of your favorite images that may tell a story, be thematic or be completely random. They will be folded neatly in either manilla or black box with a personalized outer sleeve.

     9. Dance Song Sound Wave Art

    During your wedding, you did your symbolic “First Dance” and it was purely magical. You captured the moment in your wedding video but with this gift, you can do more. Capture the sound wave image of your first dance or even your favorite song with this Dance Song Sound Wave Art and immortalize the moment. It is a very unique and fitting paper anniversary gift as it prints the sound waves in the paper along with a photo of your choice.

    8. Personalised Couples Date Night Dispenser

    You got through dating and being with each other for a year. Surely you must have run out of ideas on what to do next to spice up the relationship. This Personalised Couples Date Night Dispenser has already listed the activities you may do together with a thrill of not knowing when you will do it by placing it in a dispenser that only she is allowed to take from. The power to choose is hers but the activities are already prepared in advance by you. The 20 tear-off gloss finish papers inside contain romantic date ideas that both of you will love.

    7. White Origami Desk Clock-Luna

    Time flew so fast and it has already been one year since that very special day. For your paper anniversary, give her this artfully created White Origami Desk Clock-Luna that is delicately handmade using origami on durable polypropylene material. Various tones are created throughout the day as the clock interacts with light changes in the surrounding. This practical sculptural art piece with a touch of elegance is a nice reminder of your first anniversary.

    6. Love Struck 18KT Gold Plated Layered Necklace

    After a year of being in love, you are still “love struck” and no one can seem to bring you down from the clouds. This Love Struck 18KT Gold Plated Layered Necklace is a reminder that a year of being with her is amazing and that your love is growing deeper than ever. Jewelry is never a bad gift for a woman especially on occasions such as this. This 18k gold plated with multiple chain layers has two heart pendants on it, one is yours, and one is hers.

    5. Romantic Letter and Card

    In ancient times, royalties would write letters to express their love to one another. Since a more advanced system was not yet in place, they will seal the letter or card in an envelope with melted wax and embed it with their initial or monogram sealer. You can make your lady feel like royalty by handing her this romantically crated letter filled with your heartfelt message and sealed with your initial. This Romantic Letter and Card is perfect for your paper anniversary as you will write in handmade materials, which are fibers interwoven as they were taken out of the water to form a complete piece of paper.

    4. Love Coupons

    A year has passed and it’s appropriate to level up your game. But most of the time, no matter how you try, buying gifts for your girl is difficult, especially for an anniversary. This awesome gift suggestion will advance your gift-giving gifts a notch higher. Love Coupons has 60 cards with favors you are willing to do for her plus 6 blank ones in case you want to be more creative. She may cash it in at any time and having the feeling of getting a treat from you 60 times and more will make the next years a joyfully anticipated one.

    3. Love Note in a Bottle

    Gone are the days when people have to write their notes on paper and put them in a bottle then toss it in the sea along with the hope that someone gets it and reads it. Now you do not have to randomly send it to anyone and pray it will be read, you may do the old-fashioned gesture with a modern twist. So write your message in this Love Note in a Bottle and hand it personally to your beloved. A bottle with a love note written on paper for your paper anniversary.

     2. Custom Lyric and Vows Art

    During your wedding, as you proclaim your love through your vows, you meant every word. A year after that, you still want to remind and reiterate that you aim to fulfill those words every single day. What better way to make it solid but by printing it and hanging it on the wall where she can always see it and be assured. This Custom Lyric and Vows Art may also go well as a gift for a girlfriend by placing lyrics of your song as a couple or a message from you that you will always want her to read and remember.

    1. Token Stretch Bracelet, Love

    The message in the card included in this Token Stretch Bracelet, Love is a fitting one for your first anniversary. Lovely words written on paper, presented with jewelry make for a nice paper anniversary gift. She may choose a token that she may wear as a daily reminder but since you are the one giving this, might as well remind her of your love and make her wear it every day. Handcrafted in Tennessee, this bracelet composed of 6mm pyrite beads is stretchable and will fit most wrists.

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