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    17 Best Personalized Cutting Boards For the Cooks in the Kitchen

    One of the most neglected kitchen necessities is chopping boards. Whenever we are either designing kitchens or purchasing wares to fill each cabinet, we easily cut off into our list of priorities the one thing that we thought we can cook without. Good thing the days of tacky and easily ignorable-looking cutting boards are over, and we now look forward to buying versatile and functional ones. You know, the kind that serves you as, well a cutting surface, and a kitchen decoration as well. Not to mention, if it’s customizable it may very well be a gift and token of appreciation. But there are so many choices in the market now so to help you pick the one that suits you best, we listed the 17 Best Personalized Cutting Boards for you.

    17. Personalized Home Sweet Home North Carolina Cutting Board


    Loving your state may also come by having a chopping board cut out like its figure on the map. This Personalized Home Sweet Home North Carolina Cutting Board is made of premium quality bamboo which is a 100%`renewable resource and is harder and denser than most woods. It has no artificial dyes or stains used and it is finely sanded for a smooth surface. If you are from North Carolina, hang it on your kitchen wall or display it on your countertops. If not, have your state made into a fine chopping board with your name in it.

    16. Family Tree Personalized Heart Shaped Cutting Board


    Your lineage, family, and their names will always be in your heart but showing it in eyesight makes the thought more heartwarming. This Family Tree Personalized Heart Shaped Cutting Board showcases the names of the member of your family and perhaps a few more in the family tree, in heart-shaped Maple wood. It can be personalized with up to 10 names and 2 lines of text that will be creatively engraved into the board along with the tree design.

    15. Personalized Record Cutting Board


    While the real vinyl recorded music may be hard to come by these days, its classic appeal never ceases. That is why it is endearing to see a high-fidelity reproduction of a classic LP in durable tempered glass that serves as a Personalized Record Cutting Board.  It is sized conveniently for chopping, slicing, and dicing. The center label is customizable with your choice of band and album name if you want to show off outstanding kitchenware that doubles as a prideful collection. 

    14. Write Your Own Personalized Football Shaped Cutting Board


    If you simply love football and adore cooking as well, this Write Your Own Personalized Football Shaped Cutting Board is meant for you. The intricate design of this Maple wood chopping board along with its featured juice wells along the side of the board makes this a rare but great find.  It may be engraved with up to 4 lines of the text of your choice and your font preference. Careful not to get carried away and throw it as you cook while watching a game.

    13. Personalized Mixtape Cutting Board


    Old school music lovers and old souls may still own several mixtapes. But if you wish to remember the golden era of rewinding a tape just to enjoy the music while playing one in a more upgraded manner, get yourself this Personalized Mixtape Cutting Board. You get to cook, cut, listen to music while reminiscing the days of using what it replicates. The cassette culture will live on and you will enjoy every cutting moment you spend on top of it.

    12. Couples Kitchen Personalized Puzzle Piece Cutting Board


    For couples who both love to chop, prepare and cook, this Couples Kitchen Personalized Puzzle Piece Cutting Board is a perfect match. Made in Maple wood, this board may serve anyone as matching chopping puzzle pieces, a rustic centerpiece, a charcuterie board, or a simple display piece. The beauty of this kitchen essential is that it fits together like a puzzle so in case you want to purchase multiple boards, you can guarantee they will land exquisitely on your kitchen table.

    11. Floral Monogram Personalized Round Glass Cutting Board


    If you love eating fruits or vegetables but finds preparing and presenting them a bit tedious, then this Floral Monogram Personalized Round Glass Cutting Board is for you. It is classy and pretty which is perfect for presentation, and it is made of tempered and textured glass which is durable and can take all the slicing and cutting. The hygienic, non-porous surface of this board resists stains, scratches and bacteria make it a perfect preparation and presentation piece for you.

    10. Personalized End-Grain Maple Butcher Block with Drip Edge and Rubber Feet


    Maple, known for its antimicrobial properties is the most popular material for cutting boards. This Personalized End-Grain Maple Butcher Block with Drip Edge and Rubber Feet is made of such material and makes it a nice butcher block for meats that requires heavy chopping. Its sturdy built and drip edge allows for a more hygienic and easy cutting. Worry not about the movement, this board can take the impact and will remain in its place due to its rubber feet.

    9. Personalized Maple Fillet Board


    Poultry meats get huge chopping boards, and their needs may be quite different from fish. Hence the existence of this Personalized Maple Fillet Board which is specifically dedicated to fish meats. It has a 20” ruler engraved into the wood at the top for those measured cutting and filleting needs, a built-in honing tool at the corner which ensures a consistently sharp knife that does not shatter the delicate meat of the fish, and built-in grip handles on each side for easy carrying and transferring if need be.

    8. Bamboo Cutting Board


    Keep in your heart the lessons and recipe for a happy life that your father taught you. If you cannot memorize them, have them engraved… on a chopping board. This Bamboo Cutting Board made of quality bamboo wood may be engraved with a message of name or any text of your choice. Now every time you prepare food and cook as a part of your living, you will be reminded how to do so in the most inspirational way.

    7. Custom Engraved Recipe Cutting Board


    Papers get wet and decompose, but a wooden engraved wood is more lasting and durable. This Custom Engraved Recipe Cutting Board allows you to remember, write and immortalize the most famous recipes handed down to you by your ancestors by digitally inscribing them. The good news is you can pass it down to the next generation as the material on which it will be written will take a lot of beating before it disappears into thin air. And the best part, the recipe is handwritten so you can keep on seeing the penmanship of the owner of the original recipe as though she had just written it down for you.

    6. The Man, The Meat, The Legend Personalized Extra Large Cutting Board


    Some meats are small and easy to cut, but some require a lot of strength, a super big and sharp chopping knife, and an enormous and sturdy chopping board. This The Man, The Meat, The Legend Personalized Extra Large Cutting Board is usually used by men as they have more agility and vigor to cut through large and hard pieces so much so that it feels like it’s a battle against the man and the meat. At the end, who becomes the legend or the loser will be determined by how durable the tools used are.

    5. Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board


    Fashioned from the Star War’s most famous smuggling ship and freighter, this Millennium Falcon Wooden Cutting Board is a state-of-the-art piece. Its wooden parts are made from glued solid wood, and it has a natural leather handle that is attached with stainless bolts for easy hanging and displaying. This wooden spaceship replica has oil covering that adds durability and helps to keep safe from water effects and makes it a lasting functional kitchen accessory.

    4. Reclaimed Wood Cutting Board Bowl


    Versatile and convenient, that is a rare find for a chopping board but this Reclaimed Wood Cutting Board Bowl functions as a chopping surface and a shallow container in one. Use the smooth side for cutting, slicing, and dicing, and then flip it for your serving or storing needs. It is made using sustainably reclaimed wood and is hand-finished with organic oil. This one is a keeper and a guaranteed mainstay in the kitchen.

    3. Personalized Amp Cutting Board


    Made from durable tempered glass, this Personalized Amp Cutting Board will surely amp you to shred, slice and dice. This board replicates the garage rocker’s indispensable companion with all the jacks, knobs, and labeling of the real thing. It has rubber feet that protect your counter or any surface as well as give stability as it works as a prep surface or trivet in the kitchen, table, or bar. It comes with an optional stand in case you want to show off your rocking board.

    2. Word-Art Wine Bottle Cutting Board


    A lover of words, art, wine, and cooking? Such a combination is rare and awesome. It’s a great thing then that there is a Word-Art Wine Bottle Cutting Board such as this. Made from earth-friendly bamboo, this prep surface has a leather strap for displaying purposes on the wall or hook. The words to be written may be your preference and it can be personalized with the name of your choosing. The wine bottle figure is not only exquisite but also functional as the neck serves as a sturdy handle as you chop.

    1. Personalized Cutting Board


    Prepare food with a tasteful and functional keepsake such as this Personalized Cutting Board that is handcrafted from richly grained maple. Its personalization is on top of its game as it features the name of your family or the names of the couple hand-cut along the top of this board. Chop, dice, slice, and cut all you want in this durable wooden prep surface and when you are done, let it stand in the corner as it doubles as a nice display and added decoration in the kitchen.