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    15 Best Personalized Jewelry Boxes

    A woman’s jewelry is one of her greatest material possession. She takes time choosing them, saves up to buy them, and prepares enough to match them with various outfits. It will be safe to say that cleaning and keeping them safe to maintain their quality are a few of her much-needed routines. This is why women invest in the best jewelry keeper and organizer they can find. The customizable touch if there may be any is a bonus they will surely not say no to. However, choosing the right one for a specific woman may be a bit of a challenge. To aid you, below are the 15 Best Personalized Jewelry Boxes you can choose from:

    15. Majestic Owl Jewelry Box

    Let her keep her accessories in an equally stylish and majestically looking jewelry box. Made of wood, this Majestic Owl Jewelry Box is crafted with an artistic Owl design on top that lifts to reveal a spacious room for her pieces of jewelry and presents a mirror on the inside of its artfully decorated top. A drawer on the lower part of the box is also fashioned into this intricately created piece of a wooden keepsake. Customize it with a message inside the drawer and she will accessorize it with a smile every time she sees it.

    14. Oval Jewelry Box

    Make her feel like royalty with this Oval Jewelry Box that is a dark silver box made of metal.  The appearance is classy and elegant on its own that it no longer has to flaunt what it holds inside to create a sophisticated vibe for anybody who touches it. The Top may be engraved with your choice of message, name, or wordings. This accessory keeper, however, is not only an eye-catcher but also a very functional gift as it protects the pieces of jewelry that it keeps from scratch with its black velvet lining inside.

    13. Birth flower Jewelry Box

    Make this Birth flower Jewelry Box stand out in her bedside table or make-up area as it serves the purpose of keeping her accessories while beautifully reminding her that the giver knows her birth month and birth flower. Handmade and crafted in wood, this wooden piece of art features two drawers and a spacious top compartment that is revealed upon lifting the top cover. Doing so will be a joy as the top cover may contain the name of the person you are giving this to in a stylishly cursive print along with the beautifully printed birth flower that matches the birth month of the recipient.

    12. Navy Blue Leather Jewelry Box

    Imagine organizing pieces of jewelry and accessories in style and elegance with this Navy Blue Leather Jewelry Box. Made in full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, this box is spacious and accessible. Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and rings may be kept in segments as the compartments dictate proper placements for each. It has two easy slide-out drawers and an upper compartment with dividers that are covered with the mirrored lid for more convenient and easy checking of the perfect accessory to wear. Since security is of the essence, this fashionable leather box is equipped with a lock and a dainty functional key.

    11. Amazing Wooden Jewelry Box

    Unique and stunning, this Amazing Wooden Jewelry Box is a magnificent gift suggestion as it is an awesome addition to a personal collection. Made of natural wood, this round piece of keepsake is laser cut for beautifully crafted and accurately etched edges. It is also stained with a special liquid that highlights wooden visuals and is decorated with metallic wax for wood. The ornament look and exquisite appearance look rich as it is eye-catching. But the totality of this accessory keeper is that it is a great place to store pieces of jewelry without worrying about moist ruining the quality because the design makes this box airy and classy.

    10. Ceramic Jewelry Box

    For women who have more than one jewelry box, this dainty piece of Ceramic Jewelry Box will be a welcomed addition. It may hold the smallest of rings or earrings even a single pendant without the worry of misplacing them or mixing them with bigger ones until they get lost or completely forgotten to wear. The refreshingly placed roses design on the lid matches the heartwarming customizable message inside make this heart-shaped treat more unique and meaningful. Delicate and smooth, this accessory keeper doubles as an accessory to any tabletop. This is a perfect gift for Mother's Day, Birthday, or Anniversary.

    9. Monogram Rectangle Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box

    Go back to the era when the most precious gems are kept in a box like this Monogram Rectangle Cherry Wooden Jewelry Box and have a classic vintage feel in the room as this is placed atop one table. Made of natural wood, this box opens to a spacious compartment which gives room for smaller boxes or dividers to organize accessories more. The rustic latch speaks of old-world craftsmanship that is still sturdy and reliable as it is fashionably exquisite to date. Like in the old times, this jewelry keeper may be personalized by placing a monogram on top of the lid and a personal message inside of it.

    8. Close to Her Heart Wooden Heart Jewelry

    Keep the names of her loved ones and her beloved pieces of jewelry close by with this Close to Her Heart Wooden Heart Jewelry that is constructed of Alderwood. It has two inner compartment swing out and is joined together when closed. Each compartment has soft velveteen lining to better protect the precious cargo it holds. This heart-shaped wooden box is small enough to be carried in a bag pocket for more accessibility of accessories, especially during travels. The unique customization it offers allows numerous names on top of the box that adds to the exquisite appearance of this gift-worthy piece.

    7. Mele and Co Harmony Cherry Finish Wood Jewelry Box

    If she owns a dozen or more rings, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets then this Mele and Co Harmony Cherry Finish Wood Jewelry Box is the perfect jewelry box to give to her. It has three spacious pull-out drawers, a top compartment with dividers for smaller accessories, two swivel door-type necklace hangers, and a mirrored lid. These compartments and features all come together in one beautiful piece as the box closes. Consider this roomy keepsake a mini-cabinet for accessories. The smooth wooden finish adds up to the already elegant look that this box posses and it can very much be an embellishment to any household as well.

    6. Travel Size Jewelry Box

    Surely she does not always fix herself at home and wear her jewelry in her room. There may be instances when an overall preparation for an occasion is called for and it has to be somewhere else. That being said, packing her most precious accessories need not be a problem as this Travel Size Jewelry Box will do the trick for her.  This compact and dainty jewelry case is made to hold rings, earrings, bracelets, and even necklaces in a precise position to keep her confident and not worry about losing them as she travels. The smooth lining inside protects the luster and quality of her accessories and the customization adds to the security feature and modern design of this box.

     5. Rose Gold Glass Keepsake Box

    For extremely stunning pieces of jewelry that feasts the eyes of whoever looks at them, this Rose Gold Glass Keepsake Box is a perfect display case as it also serves as its house for safekeeping. This glass storage box features rose gold metal piping with antique-inspired feet that add up to its elegant feature. The canvas bottom is specifically placed to protect valuables and for a more cozy display on her vanity. The elegantly polished glass lid may be engraved with a name or a personal message for a bonus romance or sweetness.

    4. Large Personalized Jewelry Box

    A large and non-bulky feminine jewelry keepsake is always a fun addition to any woman’s collection. Make it look luxurious with various choices of colors plus a ballerina in the middle and this Large Personalized Jewelry Box will be a favorite.  Made in Medium Density Fiberboard, this jewelry box has a velvet inlay to safely store accessories and maintain their quality. It may be personalized with permanent and adhesive vinyl and this wooden box will not just bring music and functionality but also a style that no one can imitate.

    3. Star Jewelry Box

    This Star Jewelry Box will be a center of attention once placed on a table or a room because of its intricate design and old-fashioned luxurious style. It features sparkling star accents and has a velvet-lined interior that protects those valued accessories and maintains its quality. The spacious main room has multiple compartments for a more organized keeping of embellishments. It can hold all shapes and sizes of pieces of jewelry and the top plate may be customized with a name, design, monogram, a significant date, or a heartfelt message.

    2. Personalized Swirls and Hearts Mirrored Jewelry Box

    For the modern woman that she is, this Personalized Swirls and Hearts Mirrored Jewelry Box will be a nice gift. It has a clean and bold hearts and swirls design with a mirrored finish for added sparkle. Now it gets to keep things that shines and glimmers while showing her reflection or serving as an actual mirror to help her choose the best adornment to wear. Made of glass, this stunning box is spacious enough to keep watches, cuff links, bracelets, and more. Give her a stylish and elegant keepsake and place her name on top with a sweet message that she can read as she sees herself in this box.

    1. Her Heart Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box

    A graceful, elegant, and heartwarming gift such as this Her Heart Ballerina Musical Jewelry Box is perfect for any occasion. It brings a nice memory of the classic “Swan Lake” story as its music plays upon opening this box. Along with the astounding tune is a ballerina figure that spins and creates fantastic scenery while you choose her accessory. The box features a beveled mirrored glass top and side details with a pink glitter inlay on top for that feminine elegance every woman looks for. It is also fashioned with a pink fabric-lined interior to prevent scratching the jewelry and a fitted closure when the choosing is done.

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