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  • 17 Valentine's Day Gift Baskets, Boxes & Bags for Her

    by Melissa Bajda January 09, 2024

    Valentine's Day is approaching, and if you're anything like me, you're probably already starting to stress about finding the perfect gift for your special someone. But fear not, because we have the ultimate solution for you: Valentine's Day Gift Baskets and Boxes for Her.

    These beautifully curated baskets are the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for the woman in your life. Not only do they take the pressure off of finding the perfect individual gifts, but they also add an extra element of surprise and delight.

    So, if you want to make this Valentine's Day truly special, keep reading as we share our top picks for gift baskets and boxes for your special lady.

    1. Spa Luxetique Bath Set

    This Valentine's Day, pamper her with the Spa Luxetique Bath Set.

    Its eight-piece Rose Spa Basket includes two bath bombs for an effervescent soak, bubble bath and shower gel for a refreshing cleanse, body lotion and body butter for ultimate skin hydration, bath salt for a relaxing bath experience, and a bath puff for gentle exfoliation.

    It all comes elegantly packaged in the silver bathtub gift basket. It is a complete spa experience, wrapped up in one lovely gift set for special someone!

    2. Valentine's Wine Gift Set

    Toast to your love with the Valentine's Wine Gift Set. These Valentine's Day gift baskets for her feature two wine glasses with an engraved "SOUL MATE" design and a heart-shaped chrome bottle stopper.

    Add a touch of charm with the two wooden wine charms, available in six customizable engravings. The set also includes two slate coasters, perfect for protecting surfaces. A candle with a "Happy Valentine’s Day" design sets a romantic mood.

    This Valentine's Day gift delivery is housed in a box that you can personalize with a sentimental message. It's the ideal gift for any wine lover!

    3. Relaxing Bath Gift Bag

    Indulge her senses with the 11-piece Cherry Blossom Spa Relaxing Gift Bag.

    This exquisite tote bag with wooden handles is brimming with essentials for a tranquil bath experience. From nourishing body lotion and refreshing gel to a luxurious bubble bath and an aromatic diffuser, this Valentine's gift bag has it all. Even a bath puff is included, rounding out the essentials for a relaxing bath.

    These Valentine's Day delivery gifts are scented with enchanting cherry blossoms, promising a bath that's as fragrant as it is relaxing.

    4. My Heart in a Box

    Make her feel special with "My Heart in a Box". These Valentine's Day gift baskets for her contain a glitter bath bomb, a matchbox, a candle tin, and a geometrical design lip balm for an ultimate pampering experience. The star attraction is a personalized compact mirror labeled with her name.

    Add a touch of sentiment with a "hello beautiful" mini card and an extra sticker. Top off the box with a lid labeled with her name and a sweet message, making it a truly personalized Valentine's Day gift basket.

    5. Gift Box Filled with Love Popcorn and Candy

    Ignite her taste buds this Valentine's Day with the Gift Box Filled with Love Popcorn and Candy.

    These Valentine's Day gift baskets are chock-full of delectable gourmet treats such as irresistible cinnamon and brown sugar kettle corn. A unique twist on a classic favorite, it's guaranteed to make her heart pop with joy.

    Coupled with an assortment of candies, these Valentine's Day baskets for her provide a sweet token of your love.

    6. Organic Bath Salts Gift Basket

    Elevate her bath experience with the Organic Bath Salts Gift Basket.

    These perfect Valentine's Day gift baskets include five glass jars filled with soothing Epsom salts, Himalayan Pink Salts, Organic Raw Dead Sea Salts, aromatic Organic Lavender buds, and therapeutic Lavender Essential Oil. A wooden salt scoop is included for easy use.

    This holistic gift basket provides a variety of therapeutic benefits, making it an ideal choice for a mindful and rejuvenating bath experience this Valentine's Day.

    7. Valentine's Day Chocolate and Cookies Gift Basket

    Satisfy her sweet tooth with the Valentine's Day Chocolate and Cookies Gift Basket.

    This tight Valentine's Day gift basket includes chocolate-covered caramel grahams, dark and milk chocolate sea salt caramels, and even dairy-free and Vegan caramels, taking her taste buds on a delectable journey.

    Plus, nestled amongst the sweetness is a snuggly and adorable plush bear. It is a perfect mix of comfort and indulgence for this Valentine's Day.

    8. Valentine's Day Succulent Gift Box

    Gift her a bit of nature with the Valentine's Day Succulent Gift Box.

    This premium color printed mailer box houses two live 2-2.5” succulents, carefully packaged to maintain their freshness. A scented 2oz candle, paired with colorful matches in a glass jar, brings a calming ambiance.

    These Valentine's Day gift baskets also include a beautiful greeting card for a personalized message. Choose from a myriad of add-ons to further customize this lively, serene gift basket. It is the perfect gift for her green thumb and fondness for tranquility.

    9. Valentine's Day Care Package

    Surprise her this Valentine's Day with a personalized Spa Gift Box. This spa gift basket includes a custom wine tumbler or white mug with a spoon, the perfect vessel for her favorite beverage.

    The Valentine's Day gift basket also contains a delightful vanilla lip balm, a soothing 4 oz vanilla-scented candle, refreshing citrus bath salt, and nourishing oatmeal milk and honey soap. The experience is rounded out with a comforting oatmeal bath bomb and a box of matches.

    Tucked into a bed of white crinkle paper, this Valentine's gift box promises an unforgettable pampering session.

    10. Valentine Nut Assortment

    Treat her to a savory experience with the Valentine Nut Assortment.

    These gourmet gift baskets feature roasted salted pistachios in the shell, smoky house almonds, and luscious roasted salted cashews, offering a variety of crunchy delights.

    Elegantly presented in a wooden tray with carved handles and tied with a festive red Valentine ribbon, this gift adds a flavorful twist to your Valentine's Day surprises.

    11. My Valentine Bear & Sweets Basket

    Endear her with the My Valentine Bear & Sweets Basket. This adorable set features a lush bear with an arrow, bow, and wings, symbolizing the arrow of Cupid.

    These best Valentine's Day baskets include Popcorn Factory Butter Toffee Popcorn for a crunchy treat, and Too Good Gourmet Red Velvet Batter Cookies for a sweet nibble.

    Finally, the Dark Chocolate Raspberry offers a gourmet chocolate experience, delivering a sweet end to this charming basket. It is a cuddly and tasty combo she'll love!

    12. Very Special Valentine Fruit & Sweets Box

    Delight her with the Very Special Valentine Fruit & Sweets Box. These Valentine's Day gift baskets include the natural sweetness of Red D'anjou Pears and Braeburn Apples with the indulgent taste of Ghirardelli delicious chocolates and marshmallow hearts enrobed in dark chocolate with sprinkles.

    The box also includes a variety of candies, chocolate-covered almonds and malt balls, making it a treasure trove of delectable surprises. Wrapped with a "Happy Valentine's Day" ribbon, this gift box is a delightful fusion of fruitiness and chocolaty goodness.

    13. Valentine's Ferrero Rocher Gift Box

    Sweep her off her feet with the Valentine's Ferrero Rocher Gift Box.

    Inside, she'll discover a heart-shaped box filled with Ferrero Rocher's signature hazelnut chocolates, an irresistible treat that'll make her swoon. The box is accompanied by an adorable plush teddy bear, bringing an extra dose of sweetness.

    An artificial rose bouquet with three stems adds a romantic touch, and everything is neatly packaged in a Valentine-themed gift bag, ready to surprise her this Valentine's Day.

    14. Green Herbal Tea Box

    Stir up an aromatic romance with the Green Herbal Tea Kit.

    These unique Valentine's Day baskets offer nine herbs and three varieties of green tea, allowing her to craft her unique tea blend. From soothing chamomile to invigorating peppermint, the possibilities are limitless.

    Whether she's a tea enthusiast or a curious newbie, she'll appreciate this Valentine's Day basket. It is a wonderful way to say "I love you" through the language of tea.

    15. Honey Care Gift Basket

    Cozy her up this Valentine's with the Honey Care Gift Basket. These Valentine's Day gift baskets for her feature a snuggly pair of socks, perfect for a chill night in.

    A soothing honey candle fills the room with a warm, sweet scent, while a jar of delectable honey awaits to be savored. Paired with a mug and tea, she can relax with a comforting hot brew.

    This Valentine's Day basket is an invitation for her to unwind and bask in the sweetness of your affection.

    16. 50 Exclusive Exotic Japanese Snack Box

    Excite her palate with the 50 Exclusive Exotic Japanese Snack Box.

    A handpicked assortment of 15 to 50 authentic Japanese treats, these Valentine gift baskets offer an array of unique flavors and textures. From mochi to Pocky sticks, green tea Kit Kats to traditional rice crackers, this gourmet snacks box journey of taste exploration.

    Ideal for the adventurous foodie or Japanophile, these perfect Valentine's Day gift ideas will bring a touch of the Far East right to her doorstep this Valentine's Day.

    17. Valentine's Day Brownie Gift Box

    Sweeten her Valentine's Day with the Brownie Gift Box.

    These decadent brownies will melt her heart, packed with an irresistible mix of fudge walnut, chocolate chip, chocolate chunk blondie, and butterscotch blondie. This charming selection of delicious treats arrives in a cute gift box, adding a layer of charm to this indulgent surprise.

    It is a delightful fusion of rich, chocolatey goodness that's perfect for your brownie-loving Valentine!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is the best gift for a girl on Valentine's Day?

    The best gift for a girl on Valentine's Day is one that resonates with her unique interests and shows that you've thought about her preferences. Personalized gifts, like custom jewelry or a bespoke piece of art, can be incredibly meaningful. Experiences such as a romantic dinner, a spa day, or a special outing are also highly appreciated. The key is to choose something that aligns with her personality and reflects the bond you share.

    Q2. What do you put in a Valentine's hamper for her?

    A Valentine's hamper for her should be a blend of romance and personal touch. Consider including items like gourmet chocolates, a bottle of fine wine or champagne, scented candles, luxurious bath products, and a handwritten love note. You can also add personalized items, such as a custom photo frame or a book by her favorite author, to make it more special.

    Q3. What are the 3 most popular Valentine's Day gifts?

    The three most popular Valentine's Day gifts typically include decadent chocolates, flowers, and jewelry. Chocolates, especially heart-shaped or in elegant boxes, symbolize sweetness and indulgence. Flowers, with roses being the most traditional, represent beauty and romance. Jewelry is a lasting token of affection, often chosen for its personal and enduring nature.

    Q4. What does every girl want for Valentine's Day?

    For Valentine's Day, many girls appreciate gifts that show thoughtfulness and effort. This could be a heartfelt handwritten letter, a carefully planned date or experience, or a gift that ties into her hobbies and interests. The common thread is the desire for something that demonstrates you understand and value her, whether it's an item of sentimental value or a shared experience.


    Delight her on Valentine's Day with our Exclusive Gift Sets, thoughtfully curated to create unforgettable moments and celebrate your love.

    Surprise her this Valentine's Day with our Personalized Gifts, uniquely tailored to celebrate your love and make her feel truly special.

    Choose the perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Your Boyfriend's Mom, thoughtfully selected to celebrate this day of love with a special gesture of appreciation.

    Show appreciation to educators this Valentine's Day with Thoughtful Gifts for Teachers, designed to express gratitude and admiration.

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