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  • 27 Customized Leather Makeup Bags You'll Love

    by Sarah Barnes March 26, 2023

    Are you tired of rummaging through your cluttered makeup bag to find your favorite lipstick?

    Look no further! We've got the solution to all your makeup storage woes: personalized leather makeup bags! Not only are they practical, but they're also stylish and customizable to fit your unique personality.

    Imagine a sleek leather bag with your name or favorite quote engraved on it - it's the ultimate beauty accessory!

    So, grab a cup of coffee, get cozy, and get ready to explore the top 27 personalized leather makeup bags that will add a touch of glam to your beauty routine.

    1. Salon on the Go 

    Some ladies carry so much makeup that they seem to have a Salon on the Go inside their bags. This vegan leather makeup bag is just the right size to hold the essentials and beautifying paraphernalia that any woman will need.This cosmetic bag comes with small leather straps on both sides so that it can hang wherever you need to access it.

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    2. Cosmetics on the Go Bag

    Always access your press powders, lippie, and blush with this Cosmetics on the Go Bag.

    It is a personalized leather makeup bag that will hold the items you need to look their best on any occasion.

    Made of Vegan Leather and bronze metal, this cosmetic bag is small but mighty!

    3. Dual Travel Organizer 

    For women on the go who love to have it all too, this Dual Travel Organizer is a brilliant must-have that will make her wonder how she lived all these years without it.

    Crafted from soft vegan leather, this two-part organizer has a zippered pocket on top for cosmetics and toiletries and a bottom compartment for jewelry.

    4. Large Makeup Bag 

    Just because you cannot bring all your cosmetic sets doesn't mean you have to carry too few.

    This Large Makeup Bag will allow you to bring more and strip off regrets about why you did not get enough when you needed it.

    After all, they say it is better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

    5. Fillmore Vegan Leather Pouch

    Fillmore Vegan cosmetic bag is clean and classic with a modern appeal.

    Crafted from beautifully soft vegan leather, this all-purpose travel makeup pouch is the ultimate everyday accessory and cosmetic.

    With an oversized gold zipper closure to safely stow your makeup and more, this versatile pouch pairs perfectly with the same brand and can be personalized.

    6. Rectangle Makeup Pouch

    Rectangle Makeup Pouch may be common, but there is a certain appeal to something as geometrically familiar as this.

    Add the beauty of leather built, and this travel makeup pouch will be double the treat.

    The color options are Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Pink, Cognac, Yellow, Light Blue, Burgundy, Green, and Grey.

    7. Drawstring Pouch 

    Some makeup bags are classic; the design or inspiration goes way back when zippers and magnets are not yet a thing.

    This Drawstring Pouch is a merger of old fashion design and modern touch.

    Makers used genuine cowhide with a wax coating, which gives it a beautiful, stylishly distressed look.

    8. Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bag 

    If you are getting married and looking for a perfect leather cosmetic bag to give them, then this Bridesmaid Cosmetic Bag is for you.

    Measuring 6x4x4 inches, you can customize this pouch with the name or title of your choice.

    This cosmetic bag is available in White, Light Pink, Silver, and Champagne.

    9. Deluxe Makeup Bag

    Who says a cosmetic kit needs to be tacky? Let this Deluxe Makeup Bag scream class and elegance as you flaunt your excellent beauty products.

    Meticulously crafted and thoughtfully designed, this piece is built to last and is highly spacious.

    These leather cosmetic bags also come with a lifetime guarantee against any defects in materials or craftsmanship.

    10. Top-up Makeup Bag

    This Top-up Makeup Bag is made of durable full-grain cow leather, industrial-strength gold, silver-tone hardware, and waterproof lining.

    These leather cosmetic bags are large enough to store all your cosmetics and toiletry essentials and well organized to keep everything in order.

    This genuine leather bag has four flex pockets for bottles, tubes, razors, etc.

    11. Makeup Bag with Metal Buckle 

    Be confident to do your regular touch-ups in public areas or powder rooms because this Makeup Bag with Metal Buckle is something you can flaunt and be proud of.

    These personalized makeup bags are available in two sizes, small and large. It is also presented in five unique colors:

    It perfectly combines stylish design, spaciousness, and functionality.

    12. Personalized Leather Makeup Bag for Women 

    This Personalized Leather Makeup Bag for Women is a unique pouch that exemplifies vintage and elegant style.

    These personalized makeup bags are designed and handcrafted using true craftsmanship, allowing leather makeup bags to last a lifetime.

    This professional women's makeup bag is made of 100% handmade leather with a natural texture.

    13. Concourse 2-In-1 Cosmetics Case 

    Who says women can't have it all? At least for a makeup bag, this light brown Concourse 2-In-1 Cosmetics Case will make any lady feel she can bring more.

    This versatile leather makeup case is made from lightweight vegan leather and is perfect for travel and daily use if you wish.

    Unzip the main cosmetics case to reveal a bonus smaller makeup pouch!

    14. Bridal Party Faux Leather Makeup Bag 

    This Personalized Faux Leather Makeup Bag is perfect for the bride and bridal party for the big wedding day and beyond.

    However, if you are not getting married yet and wish to own or give a friend something as lovely, this makeup pouch is for you too.

    These light brown personalized makeup bags can be embroidered with any name and optional title in thread color.

    15. Personalized Black Leather Toiletry Bag 

    Black is beautiful and versatile. Should you ask your husband or boyfriend to carry your makeup bag at one point, let it be this Personalized Black Leather Toiletry Bag so they will not hesitate to say "Yes!".

    This leather makeup case features large main compartment and side pockets for shampoo, toothbrush, cologne, and more. This bag has a side handle for easy transport and zipper closure.

    16. Personalized Leather Cosmetic Bag

    To reiterate, a girl needs to have a Personalized Leather Cosmetic Bag. It is elegant and durable, the perfect carrier for your most beloved beauty products.

    Made of Genuine Italian leather with a slightly pebbled finish, this makeup pouch has a zippered closure with a leather pull tab and canvas-lined interior.

    You can personalize this leather makeup case with gold embossed with any name, initials, or text.

    17. Besties Cosmetic Bag 

    Besties Cosmetic Bag is not just a makeup bag made for you, but a bonding tool made for you and your closest friend too.

    So, get this genuine leather makeup pouch that can hold all her cosmetic essentials to better prepare her for any special occasion and retouch moments.

    Unsnap it to quickly make it more significant to produce way for more of your beauty tools.

    18. Hey Love Cosmetic Bag

    Vegetarian genuine leather is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional leather, offering a stylish and sustainable way to store your makeup and beauty essentials.

    With its signature softness and versatility, Vegetarian Leather is the perfect material for crafting beautiful, personalized leather makeup bags.

    19. Toiletry Bag PU Leather

    Are you looking for a stylish and functional way to store your makeup? Personalized leather makeup bags are an excellent solution.

    Crafted from PU High-quality Leather, these genuine leather bags feature multiple font and color options that allow you to personalize your bag to fit your unique style.

    Not only are personalized leather makeup bags great for organizing your cosmetics, but they also make an excellent gift for someone special.

    20. Cheetah Sisters Cosmetic Bags

    The rose gold or gold zip of a personalized leather makeup bag adds a touch of luxury to your beauty routine.

    Cheetah Sisters leather cosmetic bag with a name on cheetah design can be a great way to store and organize your makeup products.

    Not only does it look stylish, but it also helps keep your products safe and protected.

    21. Сustom Initial Makeup Bag

    These classic, durable full grain leather bags are made from naturally Distressed Cowhide Leather and come with your choice of custom initial for a truly unique look.

    With their roomy interior and secure zippered closure, personalized leather makeup bags make life easier by providing an easy way to organize and store your cosmetics and other beauty products.

    Makeup application and touch-ups will be a breeze with these beautiful bags!

    22. Velvet Makeup Bag

    When it comes to storing and organizing your makeup, there is nothing better than a Luxurious Velvet makeup bag.

    The full grain leather bag's high-quality lining and soft velvet protect your makeup items from dust and dirt while adding a touch of elegance to your beauty routine.

    Velvet makeup bags are ideal because they are both fashionable and functional.

    23. Petite and Bold Bag

    Are you looking for the perfect gift for a unique bridesmaid? Look no further than personalized leather makeup Petite and Bold Bags!

    These stylish and excellent quality cotton polyester blend makeup bags are perfect for keeping your bridesmaid's cosmetics and other beauty items organized and within easy reach.

    They come in black and white zebra design to match any style.

    24. TLC Canvas Cosmetic Bag

    The TLC Canvas Cosmetic Bag is a perfect alternative for personalized leather makeup bag.

    This great quality bag features a brass or nylon zipper closure and a wide, flat bottom that allows it to sit upright when opened.

    It also has an interior pocket with multiple compartments to organize your essential items. Whether you carry makeup, toiletries, jewelry or other things, this bag has enough room to store it all!

    25. Leather Make Up Pouch

    When storing your favorite beauty small items, why settle for any makeup bag when you can have a personalized leather makeup bag?

    A glitter bottom personalized leather makeup bag is the perfect way to ensure your cosmetics are always stored in style.

    This full grain leather Makeup Pouch is made from genuine leather, is incredibly durable, and lasts for years.

    26. PU Gradient Cosmetic Bag

    Nothing beats the convenience of personalized leather makeup bags when storing and organizing your beauty essentials.

    Made from great quality premium leather, these PU Gradient Cosmetic Makeup Bags offer a luxurious look and feel that is perfect for anyone who loves to take their makeup on the go.

    Not only are these makeup pouch stylish and durable, but they also have plenty of space to store all your cosmetics.

    27. Embroidered Cosmetic Bag

    You cannot go wrong with an Embroidered Cosmetic Bag when finding a gift your friend will genuinely appreciate.

    These travel makeup pouch come in various vibrant colors and feature neat lines and smooth zippers for easy opening and closing.

    Personalized cosmetic bags make a great gift for a birthday, anniversary, or to show your love and appreciation.


    Get a Personalized Leather Makeup Bag to Organize All Your Cosmetics!

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