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  • 30 Unique Personalized Serving Trays for Gift-Giving and Celebrations

    by Melissa Bajda October 12, 2023

    Personalized serving trays are the perfect gift for any family or home, especially if you want warmth and style in your kitchen or dining room table sets. These serving trays come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that it will be easy to find one that matches the décor of your kitchen or dining area. 

    They are also great personalized gifts to give to newlyweds, couples on their anniversary or who have just moved into their first home!

    Custom Serving Trays That Will Spruce Up Your Home 

    1. Custom Slate Server


    Serve guests in a combination of wood and slate with this Custom Slate Server and the food will not only be the one getting all the attention.

    This unique serving tray is made from light acacia wood and features a slate insert that can be personalized and removed at will.

    A customized serving tray like this is perfect for enjoying breakfast in bed or serving guests.

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    2. Wood Serving Tray with Metal Handles


    Crafted from either walnut/cherry or cherry/maple wood, this Wood Serving with Metal Handles serving tray will change the serving game in your homes and offices.

    It is also perfect as a gift for newlyweds or a newly transferred neighbor as a housewarming gift.

    For your pre-installed handles, you may choose between Oil Rubbed Bronze and Brushed Nickel to match your interior.

    3. Rawhide Leather Serving Tray

    If you want a unique and stylish way to serve your guests, look no further than the Rawhide Leather Serving Tray.

    These customized serving trays add a touch of rustic charm to your dining experience and can also be personalized with a name and EST for a truly special touch. The two sturdy handles make it easy to carry and serve your favorite dishes.

    Whether you are hosting a dinner party or want to add elegance to your everyday meals, the rawhide leather serving tray is a must-have accessory.

    4. Natural Rattan Round Tray


    Bring back your family and guests to an era when food and drinks are served in handcrafted trays with this Natural Rattan Round unique serving tray.

    It is a modern twist on classic coastal style, and it combines natural handwoven rattan with a sleek acrylic insert that's the perfect place for a pop of monogrammed color.

    Make it a housewarming gift too as this piece may be digitally printed with your choice of letter.

    5. Personalized Pearl Serving Tray

    A feel of dining with the royals and richest in town is what this Personalized Pearl Serving Tray will make you and your guest experience. Stunning and shiny, this wedding or anniversary gift will add pure luxury to your table.

    This serving tray is ideal for serving at cocktail parties or homes, wedding or housewarming personalized gifts, or as an additional home decoration.

    6. Black Leather Serving Tray

    Looking for a sleek and sophisticated way to serve your guests? The Black Leather Serving Tray is the perfect choice. With its black leatherette body and contrasting brown leather handles, this tray exudes elegance and style.

    The sturdy handles make it easy to carry and serve your favorite dishes. Whether hosting a formal dinner party or a casual get-together, this black leather serving tray is a versatile and timeless addition to your serveware collection.

    Impress your guests and elevate your dining experience with this chic and functional serving tray.

    7. Printed Acrylic Tray

    Any gathering will be livelier when you add a little color to it. If you must, then bring in this Printed Acrylic serving tray into the picture, and you will most likely have a play of hue all over while you serve treats and drinks.

    Crafted from a single piece of lightweight and durable acrylic, these acrylic serving trays are perfect for personalizing with your name, address, or special date of your choice.

     8. Handwritten Recipe Serving Tray

    No law prohibits any cook or food aficionado to be sentimental and these Handwritten Recipe unique serving trays will prove that to be true.

    A merger of elegance and personal touch, this anniversary gift for parents or grandparents may contain a recipe of your choice, printed on its surface with your actual handwriting or the handwriting of the person with whom the recipe came from.

    9. Wine Barrel Serving Tray


    Bring out the country vibe while your guests arrive with this Wine Barrel serving tray.

    Made of bourbon barrel, wine barrel staves, and equipped with brushed bronze handles, these personalized gifts was given a clear coat of polyurethane finish to protect it against spills.

    You may also choose your stain preference from Gray, Natural, Honey, Aged Barrel, Red Mahogany, Espresso, or Walnut.

    10. Scalloped Lacquer Tray


    Designed to sit beautifully on your bar cart, organize books on your coffee table or serve your favorite appetizers while you dine al fresco, this Scalloped Lacquer serving tray has scalloped edges with a high lacquer finish and sleek built-in handles.

    Such details add beauty and depth to this versatile tray that has two size options, small and large.

    11. Acacia Wood Tray

    Known to have a naturally fine texture, acacia is highly resistant compared to other hardwoods. Such qualities will be found in this Acacia Wood serving tray which is also crafted to be an essential addition to your houseware.

    Pick from the 15 design options and craft the name, date, or message you would like to appear as you serve your guests using this sturdy and smooth tray with golden handles.

    12. Custom State Cheese Boards

    Impress your guests with a Custom State Cheese Board! Made from durable bamboo, these wedding gifts are functional and showcase your love for your home state.

    Whether hosting a patriotic-themed party or want to add a unique touch to your cheese platters, these unique serving trays are the perfect addition.

    Choose your favorite state and enjoy serving your favorite cheeses in style. With its engaging design and personalized touch, this cheese board will be a conversation starter at any gathering.

    13. Personalized Wine Barrel Stave Serving Tray

    Are you looking for a unique and stylish serving tray? The Personalized Wine Barrel Stave Serving Tray is the perfect choice.

    Made with staves and metal from retired wine barrels, these unique serving trays add a rustic charm to any occasion. It is available in two finishes, Walnut or Whitewash, to match your style. The best part? You can customize it with your engraving, making it a unique piece.

    Whether you are hosting a wine tasting or want to add wine-inspired decor to your home, this anniversary gift is a must-have. Cheers to personalized elegance!

    14. Serving Tray with Embedded Photos

    Declare ownership of this Embedded Photos serving tray and be blatant about it.

    You may use one photo for the whole tray or as many as you want in a collage to make your serving tool double as a kitchen accent or added decoration.

    The images will not be glued but embedded into the insert so you can guarantee that it stays there longer.

    15. Engraved Wood Serving Tray


    A round wooden accent in the center of your countertop and table?

    This Engraved Wood serving tray features a circular makeup that includes a rustic-style engraving with a name or date or message of your choice.

    These popular serving trays may be a personalized gift to your fiancé’ and have his last name or yours in the center.

    16. Customized Lazy Susan Board

    If you are looking for a unique way to serve your hors d'oeuvres and appetizers, look no further than this personalized serving tray.

    The Lazy Susan turns on its axis for easy access to all of the items at once, and it can be used as a cheeseboard or a rotating charcuterie plate.

    These serving trays have two bowls and utensils, so you will have everything you need to entertain guests.

    17. Personalized Wood & Metal Serving Tray

    Personalized Wood & Metal tray is a great way to spruce up your home and make it feel more like home.

    Whether redecorating your living room or setting up an impressive brunch buffet for guests, these personalized trays add a stylish touch.

    These serving trays are easy to carry, clean, and sturdy enough to support anything you decide to place on it.

    18. Snack Serving Tray

    Snack Serving Tray is a food serving dish that is perfect for hosting an impromptu party at home.

    These personalized gifts are also great for storing your favorite snacks in the home kitchen or as decorative pieces in other rooms of the house.

    You can make these serving trays as simple or elaborate as you like!

    19. Engraved Family Name Round Serving Tray

    If you are looking for a personalized serving tray to spruce up your home, then the Engraved Family Name Round Serving Tray is perfect. 

    The engraving adds an individual touch, and you can personalize it with your family name, for example, The Smiths or The Jones.

    20. Personalized Wooden Anniversary Tray

    Personalized Wooden Anniversary Serving Tray is a unique way to show that you care.

    These serving trays are made from high-quality bamboo, and there is plenty of room for all your goodies. Customize the tray with a name or phrase.

    It also makes an excellent gift for 5th wood anniversary.

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    21. Cozy Christmas Platter

    Get into the holiday spirit with the Cozy Christmas Platter! Made from a high-performance polymer, this platter is durable and perfect for serving all your favorite Christmas treats.

    Personalize it with any message you want, whether a festive holiday greeting or a family name and watch as the platter becomes a cherished part of your holiday traditions.

    It is made in the USA, so you can feel good about supporting local artisans. Whether you're hosting a Christmas party or looking for a unique gift, the Cozy Christmas Platter will spread joy and cheer all season long.

    22. The Farm Wooden Tray

    Are you in need of a personalized serving tray? Well, we have just the thing for you! Our Personalized Last Name and Established Year Farm Serving Tray will spruce up your home and impress guests.

    This handmade piece is the perfect gift for anyone who has everything but needs that one thing to tie their space together.

    23. Taylor Signs Wooden Tray

    Taylor Signs offers a beautiful wooden tray with metal handles. This personalized serving tray is perfect for any occasion and will spruce up your home.

    These serving trays are excellent for guests who visit and need something to put their drinks on or if you want a place to set your phone down when you're lounging on the couch.

    24. Personalized BBQ Tray

    Personalized BBQ Tray is a great way to spruce your home for the warmer months.

    This solid wood serving tray is perfect for any occasion, whether you're celebrating the end of a long week or hosting an intimate BBQ party.

    You can use one of our personalized serving trays to serve your guests' favorite drinks and appetizers.

    25. Antler and Flower Cheese Board

    The Antler and Flower Cheese Board is a beautiful, handcrafted serving tray that you can use for all occasions. This serving tray is made of acacia wood with a natural finish and then engraved with your family name.

    Whether it is to display your favorite cheese and wine at the dinner table or to use as a gift box, this board will do the job.

    Related: If you're looking for more boards, take a look at our unique collection of personalized charcuterie boards.

    26. Custom Map Serving Tray

    Create a unique and personalized serving experience with the Custom Map Serving Tray. This tray lets you showcase a special spot by engraving a detailed map onto its surface.

    Whether it is a cherished hometown, a favorite vacation destination, or the location of a memorable event, you can commemorate it on this tray. With a star-shaped marker on your chosen location, you can highlight the significance of that place.

    The natural or burnt solid wood finish adds a rustic touch to this one-of-a-kind serving tray. Elevate your hosting game and impress your guests with these unusual serving trays.

    27. Personalized Rustic Serving Tray

    The Personalized Rustic Serving Tray is the perfect addition to your farmhouse-inspired decor. Made from a handmade pine wood board, these custom serving trays exude rustic charm.

    What sets it apart is the personalization options. You can choose to engrave your family name or even your zip code on the tray. The antique-inspired cast iron handles add a touch of nostalgia and make it easy to carry and serve your favorite dishes.

    Whether hosting a cozy dinner party or looking for a unique gift, this personalized rustic serving tray will impress.

    28. Grill Boss Platter

    Impress your Grilling Dad this Father's Day with the ultimate personalized gift: the Grill Boss Platter. Made from a high-performance polymer, this platter can withstand even the hottest grills.

    Personalize it with any name and watch as "Grill Boss" proudly appears on the surface. And the best part? It is microwave and dishwasher-safe, making it perfect for easy cleanup after those delicious BBQ feasts.

    Give your Grilling Dad the recognition he deserves with this unique and practical gift that will elevate his grilling game to the next level.

    29. Personalized Cheese Serving Tray

    Impress your guests with a Personalized Cheese Serving Tray. These custom serving trays are made from luxurious marble and mango wood and adds an elegant touch to your cheese platters.

    With laser-engraved personalization, you can customize it with any name or message you desire. The tray even comes with matching design custom coasters, completing the set and ensuring a cohesive look.

    Whether hosting a wine and cheese night or giving it as a thoughtful gift, this Personalized Cheese Serving Tray will be a hit. Elevate your cheese serving experience with this unique and stylish accessory.

    30. Personalized Serving Board With Creative Handles

    The Personalized Serving Board With Handles is the perfect kitchen or dining room addition.

    Made from durable beech trees, this serving board is functional and adds a touch of elegance to any table setting. The spoon and fork-designed handles make it easy to carry and serve your favorite dishes, adding a charming and unique touch to the board.

    Personalize it with a name or message of your choice to make it truly one-of-a-kind. Elevate your serving game and impress your guests with this stylish, personalized serving board.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What is a serving tray called?

    A serving tray is also known as a serving platter or a serving dish. It is a flat, shallow container used for carrying and presenting food and drinks.

    Q2. What is the use of a serving tray?

    The main purpose of a serving tray is to make it easier to transport and serve food and drinks. It adds convenience and elegance to any dining experience, whether a casual gathering or a formal occasion.

    Q3. What is a service tray?

    A service tray is another term for a serving tray. It refers to a tray that is specifically designed for serving and presenting food and drinks to guests.

    Q4. What sizes are serving trays?

    Serving trays come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different serving needs. Common sizes include small cocktail trays, medium-sized platters, and large buffet trays. Your size depends on the amount of food and the number of guests you plan to serve.

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