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    38 Thoughtful 10-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

    Time flies when you're in love, and before you know it, 10 years have passed since you exchanged your vows.

    As you celebrate a decade of love and commitment, it's important to find the perfect gift that conveys your appreciation for your partner. A 10 year anniversary is a milestone that deserves to be celebrated in a special way, and we've got you covered with a list of thoughtful and sentimental gift ideas that will make her heart skip a beat.

    From personalized necklaces to custom signs, we've curated a list of 38 perfect gifts that will show her just how much you love and cherish her.

    So, whether you're looking for something romantic or meaningful, these gift ideas are sure to make your 10 year anniversary one to remember.

    1. Infinity Metal Sign 


    After getting married or agreeing to be together, your goal is to make it to infinity and beyond.

    Give your woman this Infinity Metal Sign wall art that will be a lovely addition to your interior and a great reminder that you and she are bound to be together forever.

    This wedding anniversary gift is made of steel and is carefully laser-cut so that your personalization is made to perfection.

    2. 10 Year Collage Canvas


    This 10 Year Anniversary Photo Collage Canvas Print is a special gift to your spouse on the occasion. With this canvas print, you and your partner can revisit 20 moments during from your marriage. Despite ups and downs, and hardships in life, you have been through everything together.

    3. Record Print Custom Vinyl


    Turn your favorite song lyrics into a personalized framed piece of art! This personalized wedding song lyric art print showcases custom lyrics with names and a date. Perfect as a unique wedding gift or anniversary gift! Printed on high quality, textured watercolor paper!

    4. Where It All Started Anniversary Map

    Where We Met Map

    It's much more than just a gift - it's an enduring symbol of love that will bring joy to any space at home.

    Whether presented as a unique engagement or wedding gift or simply to revive your favorite memory together, this Romantic Map Sign is sure to be cherished for many years.

    Give a meaningful gift that will stand out from all other presents in durability and craftsmanship - get your hands on one today!

    5. Hand Casting Kit


    Capture a special moment in time to cherish now and forever, try our amazing hand casting kit, you won't be disappointed! With this kit you will capture great skin detail as well as jewelry! Makes a great gift idea for a special someone, wedding anniversary, engagement gift, aging parents, family keepsake and so much more!

    6. Tickets to an event


    Celebrate your special day with an unforgettable experience! Give the gift of cherished memories and excitement with our exclusive Anniversary Event Tickets. Whether it's a concert featuring their favorite artist, a thrilling sports match, a captivating theater performance, or a dreamy date night at an enchanting event, these tickets will whisk them away to a magical world of joy and togetherness.

    7. Aluminum Tin Ring Dish

    When you have been married for ten years, it is time to celebrate the special bond you share with your partner. What better way to do that than to give her a unique gift that she will cherish?

    An Aluminum Ring Dish is one of the best 10-year anniversary gifts for her. It's a simple and elegant gesture that shows how much you care about her.

    8. Zodiac Sign Hand Stamped Ring


    Thematic of your 10th anniversary, this Zodiac Sign Hand Stamped Ring made from pure 1100 aluminum also presents a lovely design of the zodiac constellation stamped in the middle.

    This 10th anniversary gift is lightweight, flexible, and won't tarnish or turn skin green.

    After all, women love more rings on their fingers.

    9. Anniversary Picture Plaque

    anniversary Plaque

    Do you have a song together? If so, this is the perfect way to say “I Love You” for years to come! The Personalized Couple Song Plaque is here to help make all your anniversaries special.

    This unique plaque will bring a fun and romantic twist to any couples' celebration, with personalized lyrics that honor the tune of their love story. Perfect as a gift or décor statement, each plaque is crafted with high-quality materials and comes with an elegant black frame.

    Surprise them with a heartfelt and witty way to show your true appreciation! Order your own couple's Anniversary Plaque today and let everyone know how much you two matter… so long as the soundtrack continues!

    10. Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin


    Staying married for ten years could not have been easy and keeping a home requires more effort. Give your wife, a much-needed break with this Farm Fresh Spa Experience Tin.

    This 10th anniversary gift is meant to bring aromatherapy to your lovely lady and moisturize her skin for a soothing spa experience at home.

    11. Two Peas In A Pod Necklace


    As a couple, both of you are two of a kind, and that is why this Two Peas In A Pod Necklace is a great way to send a message to your love on your 10th anniversary that nothing has or will ever change between your dynamics.

    This 10th wedding anniversary gift has your choice of birthstones wrapped in a little piece of recycled sterling silver.

    12. 10th Wedding Anniversary Memory Book


    Women, regardless of age, are never beyond making mementos and scrapbooking. So, celebrate your years together with this Wedding Memory Book wedding anniversary gift.

    It is a thick, eco-friendly & high-quality scrapbook that commemorates love and rejoices in achieving your tenth anniversary!

    This 10th anniversary gift has dozens of wonderfully illustrated pages for a more creative keeping of mementos.

    13. Funny Tenth Anniversary Mug


    A lot of effort, tons of patience, billions of loves, and a dash of humor.

    This Funny Tenth Mug wedding anniversary gift is an excellent representation of such comedic relief that you two shares now and then.

    This 10th anniversary gift is made of high-quality material and is dishwasher and microwave-safe so that just like your marriage, it can last for years too.

    14. Anniversary Gift Set

    anniversary gift set

    Celebrate your special milestone with our Personalized Anniversary Gift Set. The set includes a beautifully crafted wooden keepsake box that can be customized with your names and anniversary date.

    Inside, you'll find a custom journal, matching wine opener, and wine tumbler. This unique and thoughtful gift is perfect for commemorating your special day and will be treasured for years to come.

    15. Where It All Began Map

    Create a personalized map of the place where your relationship started, and relive the memories of where it all began. Mark a special spot with a chosen symbol and make this the cutest anniversary gift! 

    16. Couples Puzzle Keychain


    Please keep it simple but meaningful; this Couples Puzzle Keychain that comes beautifully packaged in a velvet cloth jewelry pouch is an excellent symbol of your celebration for your 10th anniversary.

    This wedding anniversary gift is a set of 2 puzzle pieces that fit each other perfectly, just like the two of you.

    These meaningful gifts will be printed with "Ten Year Down," while the other will be printed with "Forever To Go."

    17. Date Night Dice


    Even after ten years, it is still adorable to be the one to choose what to do and where to eat for anniversary date nights.

    To give her a bit of authority over the matter, hand her this Date Night Dice for your 10th anniversary.

    This way, she thinks she has a say, but everything in the dice is excellent for you. It has 36 possible combinations to decide the perfect dinner and movie night idea for a couple.

    18. Anniversary Tumbler

    Anniversary Tumbler

    Let this personalized Anniversary Tumbler remind your husband of how much you love him daily. Whatever her drink of choice this tumbler can handle it all while letting her know how much you care 10 years later. 

    Related: More personalized tumbler ideas.

    19. 10 Years of Marriage Card


    Go back to basics by giving this 10 Years of Marriage Card to your lovely wife on your 10th anniversary.

    Put a well-thought-of message and write it down on this card designed with an aluminum wire heart.

    Such design and intricacies made this piece of paper 3D and unique. 

    20. 10 Years Tally Bangle


    While others may not be counting the years of marriage that you and your wife have had, you are.

    Let this 10th anniversary Tally Bangle be a cute token your wife can hold on your anniversary.

    Inside, it is encrypted with "Ten Down, Forever To Go" or your choice of words that best describe the years of your love story.

    21. Tin Photo Frame


    Regarding gifts, you can always depend on an added home décor such as this Tin Photo Frame.

    Each 10th anniversary gift is handmade and may vary slightly in size, color, and design, making this craft unique and special.

    It will be best if you give it to her with a great image of choice matched with a note in it.

    22. Personalized Wedding Ring Box


    Ten years of wearing your wedding ring awards you the bragging rights for keeping it together for that long.

    Keep them safe while putting them on subtle display with this Personalized Wedding Ring Box.

    This wedding anniversary gift is a laser-engraved acrylic wedding rings box and can be personalized with your choice of name and wedding date.

    23. Original Check-In L Multiwheel Luggage


    Ten years of journeying with you award her the right to travel and have fun elsewhere.

    Give her a travel ticket along with this Original Check-In L Multiwheel Luggage that not only represents your traditional tin anniversary.

    These anniversary gift ideas feature TSA-approved locks that can be opened by security during airline baggage checks without causing any damage.

    24. 10 Year of Marriage T-Shirt


    Give this 10 Year of Marriage T-Shirt and make her wear it on your anniversary or days after that, and watch how people smile and be proud of what you two have accomplished.

    Made of 100% Cotton for solid colors, these anniversary gift ideas are lightweight and perfect for everyday use.

    This wedding day gift of adoration will be for both of you.

    25. Anniversary Love Heart Necklace


    If this Anniversary Love Heart Cubic Zirconia diamond jewelry has a 10 in the center, people will ask her what it means, and she will gladly respond.

    Then the audience will know that the two of you have accomplished something unique over the past ten years.

    The box chain measures 45 cm with a 5 cm extender and is secured with a lobster clasp.

    26. Personalized Keepsake Box


    Over the years, she has probably collected so much jewelry from you, and she needs a place to keep them safe and protected.

    This Personalized Keepsake Box will be your perfect pick for the need and the special occasion.

    This wedding anniversary gift is a heart-shaped box with a bright silver-plated removable top and bottom.

    27. Wedding Anniversary Engraved Sundial

    This Custom 10th Wedding Anniversary Engraved Sundial is the most precise and customizable sundial in the world.

    All you need to do is provide your address where it will use the sundial, and the makers shall create a custom, elegant version engineered precisely for your location and your site only.

    Now that is an excellent gift for a woman who is meant for you only.

    28. 10 Years Our Little Family

    Our Little Family Wooden Frame is the perfect gift for that special lady in your life.

    You can customize this unique and creative wooden frame for one or two adults and up to four children.

    The frame is engraved with the words Our Little Family and is a reminder of all the beautiful times you have had together.

    29. 10th Anniversary Tin Rose

    Tin roses are a timeless and romantic gift for your t0th anniversary. They signify the pure and lasting love you have for each other.

    This Tin Rose is made with solid pure casted 100% tin, making it an extra unique and meaningful gift.

    The color symbolizes the love that has stood the test of time, becoming stronger as the year's pass.

    30. Aluminum Spoons With Special Message

    10 year spoon

    Celebrate your 10-year anniversary with a sweet and sentimental touch with this set of ice cream spoons engraved with love messages.

    Each spoon is inscribed with a heartwarming message that will remind you and your partner of the love and memories you've shared over the past decade.

    Whether you're enjoying a bowl of ice cream together or just looking for a special keepsake to mark this milestone, these spoons are the perfect way to commemorate your special day.

    31. Ten Years License Plate

    A personalized 10-year anniversary gift for her will surely be a hit and make her feel extra special. Why not surprise her with a Customized License Plate?

    You can choose from various designs, colors, and slogans to craft the perfect license plate for her.

    She'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and originality that went into creating this unique gift!

    32. Personalized Oval Serving Tray


    Made from recycled sand-cast aluminum, this Mariposa String of Pearls Personalized Oval Serving Tray is a fitting wedding anniversary gift for any wife or partner who loves serving food and beverage.

    Avoid extended contact with water and salty or acidic foods to maintain their luster.

    33. Tin Year Mugs

    Are you looking for a special 10-year anniversary gift for her? If so, consider getting her a Tin-year Mug!

    Not only do they look stunning and will last a lifetime, but they also make thoughtful and meaningful presents that she will love.

    This traditional gift is perfect to commemorate the 10th anniversary of your relationship.

    34. Funny Soy-Scented Candle

    Are you looking for the perfect 10th-anniversary gift for your special someone? Why not consider a Funny 9oz Soy-scented Candle as an unexpected and creative surprise?

    These traditional gifts are an excellent choice for an 10th anniversary gift because they provide a natural, long-lasting scent that can linger in the air.

    Our scented candles will bring laughter and light into your home and relationship.

    35. 10th Anniversary Family of Three Plaque

    If you want to enjoy life's biggest moments, consider gifting her a Happy 10th Anniversary Family of Three Plaque.

    This wedding anniversary gift will make a lasting impression and remind her of your undying love for years to come.

    This thoughtful keepsake is sure to make this 10-year milestone an unforgettable one!

    36. Collage Photo Canvas

    When it comes to unique 10-year anniversary gifts for her, a personalized Collage Photo Canvas Wall Art is a great choice.

    This unique gift celebrates all of the fantastic memories you have shared over the last decade and is something she can display proudly in her home.

    A personalized collage photo canvas is easy to customize with photos from your relationship.

    37. Wedding Song on Tin

    If you are looking for a unique 10-year anniversary gift for her, why not consider something that will last forever? A Custom Wedding Song on the Tin is a perfect way to commemorate the occasion.

    This wedding anniversary gift allows you to capture the special moments of your love story in a personalized engraving song that will stay with her forever.

    38. Tenth Anniversary Card

    Is your 10th anniversary coming up? Why not get creative and gift a card to her? A Personalized Card expressing your love and wedding vows will touch her heart.

    No matter how you decide to make it, an anniversary gift card will make her smile on this special day.

    Make sure to get creative and make something as unique as your relationship!

    Traditional 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

    When it comes to celebrating a 10 year anniversary, traditional gifts can be a great way to honor the milestone. The traditional gift for a 10 year anniversary is tin or aluminum, which may not sound very exciting at first, but there are actually plenty of creative and thoughtful gift ideas that incorporate these materials.

    One idea for a tin or aluminum gift is a personalized keepsake box. This can be a beautiful and practical gift that she can use to store jewelry, trinkets, or other special items. Another option is to give her a piece of jewelry made from tin or aluminum, such as a bracelet or necklace. These pieces can be simple and elegant, or more elaborate and eye-catching, depending on her personal style.

    For a more practical gift, consider a set of tin or aluminum cookware. This can be a great choice for a woman who loves to cook or entertain, and it will last for years to come. Alternatively, you could give her a set of tin or aluminum garden tools, which can be a thoughtful and useful gift for someone who loves to spend time outdoors.

    Overall, traditional 10 year anniversary gifts for her may not be the most glamorous or flashy options, but they can be meaningful and thoughtful choices that show your appreciation for her and your commitment to your relationship.

    Modern 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

    When it comes to celebrating a 10-year anniversary with your significant other, finding the perfect gift can be a daunting task. However, with the help of modern gift ideas, you can make this special day even more memorable. Here are some modern 10-year anniversary gifts for her that are sure to impress.


    Jewelry is always a classic gift idea for a special occasion like a 10-year anniversary. Consider gifting her a piece of jewelry that incorporates the traditional 10-year anniversary gemstone, which is diamond. Some modern jewelry ideas include:

    • Diamond stud earrings
    • Diamond tennis bracelet
    • Diamond pendant necklace

    Fashion Accessories

    If your significant other loves fashion, then consider gifting her a modern accessory that she can wear with her favorite outfits. Here are some ideas:

    • Designer handbag
    • Silk scarf
    • Sunglasses

    Home Decor

    Home decor gifts are perfect for couples who love to decorate their home together. Here are some modern home decor gift ideas:

    • Customized wall art
    • Decorative throw pillows
    • Modern vase with fresh flowers

    Overall, these modern 10-year anniversary gift ideas for her are sure to make your special day even more memorable.

    Personalized 10 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

    When it comes to celebrating a 10 year anniversary, finding the perfect gift can be a challenge. Personalized gifts are always a great choice, as they show thoughtfulness and care. Here are some ideas for personalized 10 year anniversary gifts for her.

    Custom Art

    Custom art is a unique and meaningful way to commemorate a 10 year anniversary. Whether it's a painting, drawing, or sculpture, personalized art can capture the essence of a relationship and create a lasting memory.

    One option is to commission a portrait of the couple. This could be a traditional painting or a more modern digital illustration. Another idea is to have a custom piece of art created that represents a special memory or inside joke between the couple.

    Engraved Items

    Engraved items are another popular choice for personalized 10 year anniversary gifts. From jewelry to home decor, there are many options for engraving a special message or date.

    One classic option is to give a piece of jewelry with a personalized engraving. This could be a necklace, bracelet, or ring with the couple's initials or wedding date engraved on it. Another idea is to give a personalized picture frame or keepsake box with a special message engraved on it.

    Overall, personalized 10 year anniversary gifts are a thoughtful and memorable way to celebrate a milestone in a relationship. Whether it's custom art or engraved items, these gifts are sure to be cherished for years to come.

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