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  • 28 Perfect Tennis Gifts for Women Who Love the Sport

    by Chris Bajda April 20, 2023

    Any severe sports enthusiast will tell you that the great tennis gifts for women always help them to enjoy their sport even more.

    With that in mind, here are 28 of the best tennis gifts today.

    If you are shopping for a tennis player this holiday season, consider one (or all) of these fantastic options!

    1. Rally Ready Tennis Tote

    custom initials tennis tote for her

    Elevate your game in style with our Rally Ready Tennis Tote, the perfect companion for the court-savvy woman who demands both functionality and fashion. Crafted with the discerning athlete in mind, this tote seamlessly combines performance features with personalized flair.

    With ample space to accommodate your racket, balls, water bottle, and essentials, this tote ensures you're fully equipped for every match. Multiple compartments and pockets keep your belongings organized, while the durable yet lightweight construction offers effortless portability.

    What sets our Rally Ready Tennis Tote apart is its customizable touch. Add a personal touch with your initials elegantly embroidered onto the tote, transforming it into a bespoke accessory that reflects your individuality and style.

    2. Personalized Tennis Towel

     tennis towel

    She hits different the courts regurarly but having Personalized Tennis Towel will make every practice an even more amazing experience. 

    This personalized tennis towel is extremely absorbent and is embroidered with the initials of the recipient. It comes with a hook so it can be easily attached to a racquet bag

    These personalized tennis towels are made for pros or beginners. 

    3. Tennis Jewelry Dish

    If you have a friend who loves tennis and has a lot of jewelry, this Tennis Jewelry Dish is perfect!

    This tennis gift is also great for storing other items like watches or rings. You can personalize the dish with a name on the front and the tennis racket and ball at the bottom.

    This dish will make a great gift.

    4. Personalized Tennis Wine Tumbler

    PERSONALIZED TENNIS wine tumbler 

    Any tennis player or athlete in general needs to hydrate post game with a good vino. 

    A personalized wine tumbler is the perfect way to add a touch of fun and personality to your drinking experience. A customized wine tumbler is a stylish and practical way to enjoy your favorite beverage. With its durable construction and insulated design, it's the ideal accessory for any wine lover on the go. Swerve your favorite tennis player up in style.

    5. BALLS / Tennis (Hard Court) Duffle Bag


    Once a tennis player, always a tennis player. 

    Even off-court, an athlete can still carry stuff and wear things that exude the kind of sport they play. 

    In this case, this tennis balls Duffle Bag can be your next favorite gym bag and travel go-to, as these tennis bags feature crisply printed designs on durable, canvas-like material. 

    6. Tennis Charcuterie Board

     tennis themed charcuterie board

    Elevate your serving aesthetics with the Tennis Charcuterie Board, a fusion of sophistication and personal touch. Crafted from enduring acacia wood and slate, this board measures 13 3/4" x 9 3/4" x 1/2", and features an elegant design with crossed tennis rackets etched into the slate, offering a subtle yet classic homage to the sport.

    Personalize this functional showpiece by etching your name into the slate, transforming the board into a treasured keepsake or an ideal present for tennis lovers. It serves as a unique centerpiece at any event, blending the love for sports with a flair for style, and ensuring your culinary presentations are always served with an added personal 'ace'.

    7. Sterling Silver Tennis Racket Earrings with Freshwater Pearls

    Your partner or tennis-loving friend will love a piece of jewelry inspired by her favorite sport.

    Make her look stunning with these Sterling Silver Tennis Racket Earrings with Freshwater Pearls on each racket. 

    These best tennis gifts are made of 925 sterling silver for that shining visual, and freshwater pearls that will look like small tennis balls in both ears. 

    8. Wimbledon Alliums Tea Towel


    Make that tennis player's loved one or a friend of yours wipe her sweat like a champ with this tennis gift: Wimbledon Alliums Tea Towel

    This tea towel is part of the Wimbledon Allium Print collection and features a repeat Championships logo pattern. 

    Complete the set with matching napkins and kitchen textiles from the Wimbledon Allium Print collection. 

    9. Queen Of The Court Tumbler

    The Tennis Tumbler is a fantastic cup that tennis fans will absolutely love. It's super sturdy because it's made from tough stainless steel. What makes it special is its unique design with a slim bottom, making it easy to hold. You can use it for both hot and cold drinks, and it even comes with a lid and a straw for convenience.

    You get to pick from 8 different colors and 4 awesome designs, so you can match it with your style or mood. And guess what? It can hold a whopping 40 ounces of your favorite drink, which is perfect for long tennis matches or just relaxing. Whether you're a tennis lover or want to surprise someone special, this tumbler is a winning choice!

    10. Performance V-Neck Tennis Dress


    A play on iconic Seventies sportswear, this Performance V-Neck Tennis Dress is the kind of thing any tennis-playing woman would love to flaunt. 

    Perhaps not always inside the court, but also when strolling around for a quick errand or lunch date. 

    On the court, pair this tennis gift with our seamless shorts; off-court, she may just enjoy the breeze as her legs flaunt when she walks.

    11. The Ultimate Stylish Tennis Bag

    tennis bag

    Are you looking for stylish and functional tennis bags to take to your next tennis tournaments? Look no further than these best tennis gifts: Tennis and Pickleball Backpack

    This backpack is made from fine-grained vegan leather and includes a beautiful drawstring closure with tassel ends.

    Perfect for tennis balls and other accessories!

    12. Silver Tennis Ball Pendant Necklace


    Add a little shine to the game with this Silver Tennis Ball Pendant Necklace which is simply a sterling silver tennis ball necklace. 

    That special lady you wish to give this to may wear this lightweight accessory while playing tennis without affecting her game. 

    13. Golden Retriever with Tennis Ball Pouch


    Some tennis lovers love dogs or other animals. 

    This Golden Retriever with Tennis Ball Carry-All Pouch can serve as a constant reminder of their favorite tennis ball boy while carrying their essentials in style. 

    These tennis gifts are made from durable canvas-like material, making them perfect for toiletries, art supplies, makeup, and smaller electronics. 

    14. Custom Tennis Tumbler

    tennis tumbler

    The Custom Tennis Tumbler is the perfect accessory for any tennis player or fan.

    Made from durable stainless steel, this tumbler features double-wall vacuum insulation that keeps your drink at the perfect temperature for hours. The spill-resistant lid and convenient slider make it easy to take your drink on the go, and the custom tennis ball and racket design adds a unique touch.

    With a 20-ounce capacity the custom tennis tumbler is the perfect way to show off your love for the sport while staying hydrated in style.

    15. Tennis Player Teddy Bear 


    This Tennis Player Teddy Bear may not play tennis like she can but having a cute and cuddly reminder of how neat she wears her uniform may just be delightful. 

    Ready for action on Center Court wearing its Wimbledon-approved on-court whites and complete with a headband and logo embroidery on the paw, this soft and fluffy plush bear is suitable for all ages. 

    16. The Original Tennis Pointer


    The Original Tennis Pointer is a great tool for tennis players of any age that will help you fine-tune strokes so players can hit the sweet spot more and more and cut out on the shanks.  

    This perfect tennis gift is perfect for beginners who aim to improve their game quickly and accurately. 

    17. Tennis Cosmetic Bag

    Tennis Cosmetic Bag is a perfect gift for any woman, especially if she loves tennis.

    This one from The Letter Gift is stunning and can be used anywhere from the tennis court to a casual outing.

    This tennis gift features a zipper closure and one main compartment, making it easy to store cosmetics.

    18. Court-Ready Cool Sipper

    A Court-Ready Cool Sipper is an essential accessory for any tennis player, whether you're a beginner or a pro. Staying hydrated during matches and practice sessions is crucial for maintaining your performance and preventing cramps and other injuries.

    With a tennis water bottle, you can easily bring water or your favorite sports drink with you to the court, ensuring that you have easy access to hydration whenever you need it.

    Whether you're practicing your groundstrokes or playing a high-intensity match, a water bottle is a must-have accessory for any tennis player.

    Related: 44 Best Slim Can Koozies to Keep Your Drinks Cold

    19. 4-Piece Hand Painted Resin Handle

    This 4-Piece Hand Painted Resin Handle with Stainless Steel Knife is a perfect tennis gift for woman who enjoys hosting dinner parties, cooking, or eating!

    The handles are made of resin and have a comfortable grip so that they won't slip through your fingers.

    The blades are sharp stainless steel and can easily be cut through cheese or butter.

    20. Tennis Racket Bracelet

    This Tennis Racket Bracelet is made of sturdy charm and features a tennis racket charm on the top.

    You can choose from 29 different colors to find one that suits you.

    It would be a perfect tennis gift for any woman in your life who loves tennis and wants to wear it on her wrist.

    21. Tennis Mug

    Your mom, sister, girlfriend, or friend can enjoy their favorite drink from a Tennis-themed Mug.

    These best tennis gifts are a great way to show them how much you care about them and always think of them.

    A tennis related gift mug is not just for women; they come in all shapes and sizes, so there is something perfect for any man.

    22. Dainty Tennis Necklace

    Dainty Tennis Necklace is a simple but classy way to show your love of tennis.

    The delicate design and diamond accents on this dainty tennis necklace are perfect for any woman who loves playing or watching tennis.

    23. Tennis Tote - Custom Carry All

    tennis tote 

    Perfect for anyone who loves tennis and/or comfortable places to sit, this Tennis Ball Style - Large Bean Bag Chair will be one of the best tennis gifts suggestions any time of the day. 

    While this bean bag is great tennis gift for kids, its large size allows adults to also take comfort in sitting in it for quick relaxation.

    When a beanbag is unoccupied, it comes back to its full form to become a great interior centerpiece.

    24. Personalized Teen Girl Tennis Print

    This Personalized Print is perfect for any tennis fan.

    Every time they look at their wall, your favorite tennis players will be reminded why they love this sport.

    This cute design can be found on Etsy and would make a thoughtful gift for any young girl who enjoys tennis.

    25. Tennis Keychain

    Tennis Keychain is a great gift for any tennis lover. You can personalize this keychain with a loved one's initials, and it can carry keys or other personal items.

    A tennis ball and racket keychain is simple but meaningful tennis gift that you can use daily and does not take up much space!

    26. Monogrammed Tennis hat

    Want to show off your love of tennis? What better way than with a monogrammed tennis hat?  

    Monogrammed Tennis Hat is perfect for all occasions, from sporting events to hanging out with friends or family members.

    You can use these great tennis gifts for women during games or on the sidelines.

    27. ZERØGRAND Winner Tennis Sneaker


    This ZERØGRAND Winner Tennis Sneaker will make playing Tennis a little more fun and a lot more amazing, especially if such a gift came from you. 

    It has supportive textile uppers with suede details and breathable mesh that makes lateral movements a breeze, while a padded bootie locks the heel. 

    The dual-density GRANDFØAM midsole provides a soft, springy landing.

    28. Personalized Tennis Player Ornament

    We know you are busy this time of year, so we have done all the shopping for you!

    Choose a player, and they will personalize this Personalized Tennis Player Ornament with her name.

    It will make a perfect gift that they can hang on their tree to remind them that they are an MVP in your eyes.

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