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  • 23 Portable Tumblers with Straws for Active Lifestyles

    by Melissa Bajda December 18, 2023

    Welcome to the world of convenience and style with our range of tumblers with straws! These tumblers are not just about keeping your drinks at the perfect temperature; they are a statement of your lifestyle.

    Designed for on-the-go hydration, whether you are sipping iced coffee, smoothies, or infused water, these straw tumblers combine functionality with sleek design. Each one comes equipped with a durable straw, making it easier than ever to enjoy your favorite beverages without spills or hassle.

    Perfect for busy professionals, fitness enthusiasts, or anyone who appreciates the blend of practicality and style, our tumblers with straws are a must-have accessory for your daily routine.

    1. Deluxe Tumbler

    Deluxe Tumbler

    Upgrade your on-the-go hydration game with the Deluxe Tumbler! This premium straw tumbler is designed with convenience and style in mind.

    It is made from BPA-free materials, ensuring that your beverage stays safe and free from harmful chemicals. The vacuum insulation technology keeps your drinks hot or cold for longer, perfect for those busy days. With an interchangeable lid, you can easily switch between a straw or a flip top for your hot beverages. 

    The 27-ounce capacity gives you plenty of room for your favorite drink, and you can choose from a variety of colors to suit your style. Plus, you can personalize it by adding your name.

    2. Sippin Pretty Tumbler

    Sippin Pretty Tumbler

    Upgrade your sipping game with the Sippin Pretty Tumbler! This straw tumbler not only keeps your drinks cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours with its copper vacuum insulation, but it also looks stylish with its double-wall powder-coated finish. 

    The clear push-on lid and matching straw add convenience to your sipping experience. Choose from a variety of styles and colors to match your personality, and make it your own by adding your name.

    3. Mug Tumbler

    Mug Tumbler

    The Mug Tumbler is the ultimate companion for your morning coffee or afternoon tea! With its convenient handle and straw lid, you can enjoy your favorite hot beverage on the go without any spills or leaks. This reusable insulated stainless steel coffee mug with handle has a generous 50oz capacity, giving you plenty of room for a large drink. 

    With its double wall insulation, your beverage will stay hot for longer periods, perfect for those long commutes or busy workdays. Plus, you can choose from a variety of colors to suit your style. 

    4. Tikes Tumbler

    Tikes Tumbler

    The Tikes Tumbler is the perfect choice for those who want a smaller-sized straw tumbler with all the great features. With its 12oz capacity, it's just the right size for a quick drink on the go. The vacuum insulation keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature, whether it is hot or cold. 

    The clear push-on slider lid ensures a secure seal, while the included straw makes sipping a breeze. Made with outdoor vinyl and featuring a stylish double-color design, this straw tumbler is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

    5. Crystal Clear Tumbler

    Crystal Clear Tumbler

    If you're someone who likes to see exactly what you're drinking, our Crystal Clear Tumbler is perfect for you.

    Made from durable material, this plastic tumbler with leak proof lid and reusable straw holds 16 oz. (473ml) of your favorite beverage. The suction-sealed press on the lid ensures a secure and leak-proof seal, and the included straw makes sipping easy. 

    The best part? You can choose from a variety of styles and colors to match your personal taste. And if you're feeling extra creative, you can even personalize your straw tumbler with your name.

    6. Lenox Tumbler

    Lenox Tumbler

    The Lenox Tumbler is a beautiful addition to your tumbler collection. With its unique Blue Bay Ikat pattern, it adds a touch of elegance to your on-the-go routine. Made from stainless steel, this straw tumbler has a generous 1.5-pound capacity, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day. 

    The BPA-free clear lid and straw make it easy to sip your favorite beverage without worrying about spills. And with its golden color straw, it adds a little extra flair to your drinking experience. 

    7. Wildflower Wonder Tumbler

    Wildflower Wonder Tumbler

    Introducing the Wildflower Wonder Tumbler, a stunning straw tumbler that combines functionality with a touch of beauty. With a generous capacity of 40 fluid ounces, this cupholder friendly tumbler is perfect for those who need a little extra hydration on the go. 

    The double wall insulation keeps your beverages icy cold for up to 24 hours or piping hot for up to 12 hours. Cleaning is a breeze with the rigid and removable straw. But what truly sets this tumbler apart is the option to personalize it. 

    8. Leopard Tumbler

    Leopard Tumbler

    Introducing our fierce and fashionable Leopard Tumbler! Made from durable acrylic and 16 oz. volume, this plastic tumbler with leak proof lid is perfect for sipping on your favorite drinks with style. The eye-catching leopard design adds a touch of wild elegance to your day, while the option to personalize it with your name makes it truly unique. 

    Whether you're enjoying your morning coffee or staying hydrated throughout the day, the Leopard Straw Tumbler is the perfect accessory for any trendsetter.

    9. Skull Tumbler

    Skull Tumbler

    Embrace your edgy side with the Skull Tumbler! This eye-catching straw tumbler features a stylish design of skulls and flowers, perfect for those who want to make a statement. With its pink insulated stainless steel construction, it keeps your beverages hot or cold for hours. 

    The 20oz capacity ensures you have plenty of room for your favorite drink, and the included straws and lid make sipping easy and spill-free. 

    10. Wine Tumbler

    Wine Tumbler

    Raise a glass with our stainless steel Wine Tumbler! Perfect for wine enthusiasts on the go, this 12oz coffee mug is a stylish and convenient way to enjoy your favorite vintage wherever you are.

    The clear lid keeps your wine secure while the individually wrapped straw adds a touch of sophistication. With a range of colors to choose from, you can sip in style. 

    Personalize it with your name or initials and select your preferred font color for an extra special touch.

    11. Stylish Tumbler

    Stylish Tumbler

    Upgrade your style with our Stylish Tumbler. With its 20oz capacity and sleek design, it's the perfect accessory for any fashion-forward individual.

    The clear push-on slider lid ensures a secure seal, while the Tritan straw allows for easy sipping. Not only is it functional, but it's also aesthetically pleasing with its beautiful double-color design. 

    And the best part? You can personalize it with your name, adding a unique touch that truly makes it yours.

    12. Personalized Studded Tumbler

    Personalized Studded Tumbler

    This Personalized Studded Tumbler is as unique as you are! With its 24 oz capacity and included straw, this straw tumbler is perfect for staying hydrated on the go. But what sets it apart is the ability to personalize it with your own logo or design in your choice of color. 

    Whether you want to add your name, a special message, or even your favorite sports team's logo, this straw tumbler allows you to make it truly yours. 

    13. Love Tumbler

    Love Tumbler

    The Love Tumbler is just what you need that screams love! With its 20-ounce capacity, plastic straw, and clear lid, it is perfect for sipping on your favorite drinks with a touch of romance.

    But that's not all! Our Love Tumblers are printed with high-quality ink and can include up to 6 photos, so you can customize them with pictures that hold a special place in your heart. 

    The straw tumbler also features a heart design, adding an extra dose of love to your everyday routine.

    14. Wonder Woman Tumbler

    Wonder Woman Tumbler

    This Wonder Woman Tumbler will showcase your love for Wonder Woman! With its vibrant and bold Wonder Woman design, this straw tumbler is the perfect accessory for any superhero fan. 

    Made with stainless steel and double-wall insulation, it keeps your drinks hot or cold for longer periods. The 24 oz capacity ensures you stay hydrated throughout the day, and the included straw makes sipping easy. 

    15. Mermaid Tumbler

    Mermaid Tumbler

    Dive into a world of enchantment with our Mermaid Tumbler! This whimsical tumbler is the perfect accessory for any mermaid lover. With its 20oz capacity, it's big enough to hold all your favorite drinks. 

    The Tritan straw is shatterproof, ensuring durability and easy sipping. Choose from a variety of colors and add your name in a beautiful font of your choice.

    16. Acrylic Rose Gold Tumbler

    Acrylic Rose Gold Tumbler

    The Acrylic Rose Gold Tumbler with elegance to your on-the-go routine! With its stunning rose gold lid and clear straw, this plastic tumbler with leak proof lid is both stylish and practical. Its 16 oz capacity ensures you stay hydrated throughout the day, and you can personalize it with your name for a unique touch. 

    Whether you're heading to work or hitting the gym, the Acrylic Rose Gold Tumbler is a must-have accessory for any busy individual. 

    17. Arroyo Tumbler

    Arroyo Tumbler

    The Arroyo Tumbler is a must-have for anyone who wants a stylish and practical tumbler on the go.

    This stainless-steel straw tumbler comes with a lid and straw, ensuring that your drink stays secure and spill-free. With its double-walled thermal design, your beverages will stay hot or cold for longer periods. 

    The matte blue ridge color adds a touch of sophistication to your tumbler collection. Plus, with its generous 30 oz capacity, you'll have plenty of room for your favorite drink.

    18. Stainless Steel Tumbler

    Stainless Steel Tumbler

    This Stainless Steel Tumbler is durable and stylish! Made with high-quality stainless steel, this coffee mug is built to last.

    With a 20-fluid-ounce capacity, it's perfect for staying hydrated on the go. The copper vacuum insulation technology keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours. But what makes this stainless steel insulated straw tumbler truly special is the customization options. 

    You can choose to add a birth flower design for a personal touch, select your preferred color, and even add your name. Plus, you can choose the color of the straw for added style

    19. Personalized Tumbler

    Personalized Tumbler

    Make a statement with a Personalized Tumbler! This 20oz metal tumbler is not only practical but also beautiful and unique. With laser engraving, you can customize it with your own design or message. The straw tumbler is anti-drop, ensuring it will withstand your on-the-go lifestyle. 

    The thermal insulation keeps your drink hot or cold for hours, while the included cover and straw make sipping easy and spill-free. Plus, it's made from safe and non-toxic materials, so you can sip with peace of mind.

    20. Fame Tumbler

    Fame Tumbler

    Introducing the Fame Tumbler, a stylish and glamorous accessory for your on-the-go lifestyle.

    Made from durable acrylic, this plastic tumbler holds 16 oz. of your favorite beverage, keeping it at the perfect temperature throughout the day. The gold lid adds a touch of luxury, while the included clear straw makes sipping a breeze. 

    And the best part? You can personalize the Fame Tumbler with your initials, adding a personal touch that truly sets it apart.

    21. Best Friend Tumbler

    Best Friend Tumbler

    The Best Friend Tumbler is a perfect gift for your bestie! This adorable straw tumbler features a cute design of two girls standing side by side, and you have the freedom to customize their appearance to match you and your bestie.

    Add your names for a personalized touch. Made from high-quality metal, this straw tumbler has a 22-fluid-ounce capacity, perfect for holding your favorite drink. It also features double-wall vacuum insulation to keep your drink hot or cold for longer. 

    The included slider lid helps prevent spills, and it even comes with a metal straw. And on the back, you'll find a beautiful quote about the bond between best friends.

    22. Matte Black Tumbler

    Matte Black Tumbler

    Upgrade your tumbler collection with the sleek and stylish Matte Black Tumbler! Made from durable metal, this straw tumbler has a capacity of 24 fluid ounces, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the day. With its removable bumper, you can customize it to match your style. 

    The stainless steel construction and included straw make sipping your favorite beverage a breeze, while the lid keeps your drink secure and spill-free. Add your name for a personal touch and sip in style with this matte black tumbler.

    23. Wavy Ripple Glass Tumbler

    Wavy Ripple Glass Tumbler

    Upgrade your tumbler collection with the unique and eco-friendly Wavy Ripple Glass Tumbler! Made from high-quality glass and featuring a beautiful wavy ripple design, this coffee mug is a stylish choice for any on-the-go individual. 

    With its bamboo lid and glass straw, you can enjoy your favorite beverage while reducing your plastic waste. The 16 oz capacity ensures you stay hydrated throughout the day, and the glass material keeps your drinks tasting fresh.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Q1: What are tumblers used for?

    Tumblers are versatile vessels designed for holding and enjoying various beverages, suitable for both hot and cold drinks. They offer a convenient and portable way to savor your favorite drinks at home or on the go.

    Q2: What are the two types of tumblers?

    There are two main types of tumblers: glass and insulated. Glass tumblers, made of materials like glass or crystal, provide a classic look, while insulated tumblers, often crafted from stainless steel, maintain beverage temperature for extended periods, ideal for keeping drinks hot or cold.

    Q3: What do people drink out of tumblers?

    Tumblers are used for a variety of beverages, including water, juice, coffee, tea, and alcoholic drinks. Their versatility makes them a popular choice for daily use, whether at work, during travel, or as an everyday drinking vessel at home.

    Q4: How do drink tumblers work?

    The functionality of drink tumblers depends on their type. Glass tumblers serve as straightforward containers, while insulated tumblers use double-walled construction to maintain beverage temperature. This insulation, achieved through a vacuum or insulating materials, keeps drinks hot or cold for an extended duration, catering to preferences for specific beverage temperatures, especially on the move.


    Browse our extended collection of tumblers with straws, perfect for adding convenience and style to your hydration routine!

    Explore our range of personalized tumblers, customize your hydration experience with your unique style!

    Check out our sleek, personalized skinny tumblers, tailor-made for your style and perfect for on-the-go sipping!

    Discover our personalized coffee tumblers, custom-designed to add a unique touch to your morning cold brew iced coffee!

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