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    Best 5 Year Anniversary Gifts

    So you have been married for 5 years. Just like your relationship that has withstood quite a few challenges and has become more solidified, wood is as durable and long-lasting. It represents the 5th anniversary period and symbolizes the strength of your marriage bond. Listed here are the Best 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for you to choose from so you can look forward to the next years in joyful anticipation of what’s to come.

    33. Leora Wooden Garden Bench

    You found your love and forever seatmate in life, so on your fifth year of being together, why not give her a gift that represents your wooden anniversary and your steady relationship? Why not give her a couple's love seat? This Leora Wooden Garden Bench is crafted from solid acacia wood and is durable enough to carry both of you during coffee time, wine session, or simply cuddle time. Place it on the terrace, your garden, your backdoor, or even on your porch. After all, anywhere you sit together is a bench of romance.

    32. Vintage Acacia Wood Carved Serving Bowl

    She prepares the dishes and meals in your home for 5 years now and she deserves a piece or a collection of good ones. For your wood anniversary, this Vintage Acacia Wood Carved Serving Bowl is a fitting choice. Made of acacia wood and hand-carved in a tapered shape, this wood salad bowl will be an amazing addition to the table as it is sturdy and visually appealing. She may use it for your salad or even as a presentation bowl for your fruits and other dishes. It is easy to clean and wonderful to keep as it may also be a kitchen decoration.

    31. Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

    For your 5th wedding anniversary, take her on a picnic date, and do it with something she can bring back home after a romantic afternoon. This Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier is a great wood anniversary gift as it is made from cherry wood and brass. It is a picnic table that converts into a wine carrier or vice versa. Handmade in Jacksonville, Oregon, this wooden piece of functional picnic and wine essential is sawn and sand by hand and can be engraved with your family name for a more personal appeal. Preserve with mineral oil after cleaning with mild soap and water. 

    30. Personalized Wine Serving Tray

    If she simply loves wine and having guests around, this Personalized Wine Serving Tray will be a willing partner for her and an amazing gift to give her. Crafted intricately to fit a standard bottle of wine and slide in four stemmed wine glasses sturdily and comfortably. No more wiggling and sliding on top of a flat tray as this mango wood piece of functional art and class holds the stemmed wine glasses in place until you reach your guests. Getting their glass will be like taking it out on a unique wine glass dispenser for a more interactive feel.

    29. Olde-Fashioned Wooden Tree Swing

    Whenever anybody sees a swing, there is a certain urge to ride it and feel free. That is why this Olde-Fashioned Wooden Tree Swing may be a great addition to your collection of gifts for her over the past anniversaries. For your wood anniversary, tie this swing made of wood, jute, manila rope, Tung oil, and Cypress to your back yard and let her feel the wind on her cheek once more while freely moving in her seat. Your gift is themed and her joy will be genuine.

     28. Wood and Rope Lanterns

    Lanterns are timeless and classic gifts to anybody. For your beloved, it will be a stylish and elegant addition to her porch as it is a rustic-themed reminder of how you will never allow her path to go dark nor your relationship to go cold. This Wood and Rope Lanterns not only completes your wooden porch set but also adds up to the brilliance of your home. The glass sides protect the candles from the wind and make the light brighter because of its reflection and the rope handles offer an option to hang the lantern from a hook.

    27. Heart-Shaped Sapphire and Round Diamond Pendant

    Sapphire gemstone is the stone for the 5th anniversary so on the 5th year of your marriage, give her something that symbolizes success in lobe and is said to keep its color when in sympathy with its wearer. Diamonds are forever as what the song says, so is your love for one another. This Heart-Shaped Sapphire and Round Diamond Pendant is a combination of two amazing gemstones that not only depicts elegance and love but also symbolizes the years of your relationship. The heart shape is just a dainty add on to this jewelry.

    26. “I Love You to the Moon and Back” Wood Photo Frame

    As if a framed romantic photo of you and your beloved is not enough, this “I Love You to the Moon and Back” Wood Photo Frame proves that if your love can be so much, so can photo displays.  This wooden piece can hold one 4”x6” photo and has a love quote that says “I Love You to the Moon and Back”. But when the frame is hung on the wall, the matching wooden clips can attach other photos of your choosing to enrich the decoration. The retro style makes this photo frame versatile and a timeless classic that can be either hung or placed on top of a table.

    25. Wood Cuff Bracelet

    Unleash her inner “Wonder Woman” but make it look rustic with this Wood Cuff Bracelet that not only looks like a classy piece of a bangle but is also themed for the wooden anniversary you are celebrating. Made from sustainably forested cherry or walnut wood and hand-formed aluminum, this cuff will be a welcomed addition to her collection of accessories. The contrast of metal and wood gives a striking sense of fashion. It is lightweight so it is very comfortable to wear even daily.

    24. Personalized Heart Shaped Cutting Board

    Generally speaking, almost all cutting boards are the same. But since your wife is no ordinary woman, your marriage for 5 years has been an extraordinary journey as well. Add this Personalized Heart Shaped Cutting Board to her kitchen collection and you can guarantee that meals will be made of love more than what she used to put in it. This maple wood gift will be a welcomed newbie in her set of wooden kitchen stuff and will not serve only as a cutting board but a décor when not in use. It is easy to clean and may be preserved with mineral oil.

     23. Walnut Wood Insulated Stemless Glass

    This Walnut Wood Insulated Stemless Glass is a great wood anniversary to your wife especially if you intend to go all the way with your thematic rustic celebration. Your celebratory wine will be better sipped in this triple-insulated stainless steel tumbler with ergonomic flat sides, non-slip silicone bottom, and easy-grip sides that ensure this stemless glass stays in your hand as she stays by your side for the coming years. It also has a spill-resistant lid so you may walk in the woods, or sit in the part without spilling your drinks.

     22. Forever and Always Engraved Wedding Ring Bearer Box

    Rings on the wedding are not usually carried on a box, but this Forever and Always Engraved Wedding Ring Bearer Box makes a rustic-themed wedding more into it by holding the most precious jewelry on that day with its wooden make-up and compartments. However, this piece of heart-shaped ring box may also be given as a gift for your wooden anniversary as it aligns to the theme and it is functional as a jewelry box. Made of natural Alderwood, this box features half-heart inner compartments that swivel out for storage. The inner compartments are constructed with a soft velveteen lining that will not scratch her jewelry.

    21. 5 Piece “Friends” Wooden Spoons

    Five pieces of FRIENDS Themed kitchen cutlery that is wooden and stylish, now that is a clever and fun wood anniversary gift. This 5 Piece “Friends” Wooden Spoons will not only decorate her kitchen more rustically but will also remind her of the most awesome romantic and friendly show there ever was every time she cooks for you. You can guarantee that when she scoops a soup or turns over a fried dish, she will be smiling knowing that you know how much she loves the show and she will always know how much you love her.

    20. Anniversary Wine Box

    Some wines taste better in time and your relationship grows stronger as the years go by. That is why on your 5th-anniversary give her this Anniversary Wine Box to ensure that you will celebrate the coming years of your marriage with a bottle of nice tasting wine, kept to make it more flavorful. This birch wood and aspen wood mini wine cellar will not only keep your wines for you as you wait for the next anniversary but will also be a decorative reminder that your love is worthy of celebration every day.

    19. Wowanoo Wood Earrings

    An accessory is always a timely gift for any occasion and a wooden one for your wood anniversary is just clever and fancy. This Wowanoo Wood Earrings is a dainty piece of wood and alloy fashioned into a teardrop design or a hollow droplet that looks both elegant and charming. The smooth finish and rustic design of this jewelry make it suitable for almost every outfit on every occasion. Partner it up with a wooden bangle and a wooden jewelry box and you have yourself one happy woman and one set of great anniversary gifts.

    18. Rustic Jewelry Organizer

    Complete her set of jewelry, boxes, and organizer with this Rustic Jewelry Organizer and be in tune with your anniversary theme in the 5th year: wood. Her bracelets and necklaces will be protected from tangle and damage with the separate hanging spots that can even make her easier to see which one to wear for the day. Now it will save her time preparing for a date night as well. It is easy to install and may also function as a rustic decoration for your house or room. 

    17. Engraved Wood Serving Tray

    She may not always opt to stay in the kitchen over the last 5 years of your marriage, but she surely appreciates anything classy and organized. This Engraved Wood Serving Tray is a perfect serving-partner for those small parties you hold at home or even for the private snacking and drinking session you will have. Her hands will be carrying a much-organized set of wine glasses or snacks and still be stylish. The rustic-style engraving makes this tray a perfect gift, home decoration, and presentable serving platter.

    16. Wood Anniversary Sign

    Everything that happened in your relationship within the last 5 years has been monumental. As your marriage solidifies and gets stronger, embed the most significant dates into something as sturdy. This Wood Anniversary Sign is a representation of how you lovingly commemorate the date and the place of the most memorable happenings in your relationship. You may print the actual map location of those memories in this wooden frame and make it last longer.

     15. Wooden World Map

    Over the last five years, there surely was a discussion about changes in the house, names of children and places you want to go. Placing a map on the wall of your house where you can always see it is like creating a huge vision board in which all your energy, faith, and hope are channeled towards accomplishing those goals and vision. Giving this 3D Multi-layered Wooden World Map as a gift not only speaks of voluntary participation in visions to travel but also adds up to the beauty of your household as this present is such a work of art.

    14. Photo on Wood

    This Photo on Wood is literally what it is. Instead of carving names on the tree and encircle it with a crooked heart to immortalize your love, imprinting your photo on a piece of that tree is the modern way to do it. Preserve and present your image with your loved one in wood that is as solid and sturdy as your 5 years bond. This piece of art is made of 100% solid natural wood.

    13. Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game

    Your love for one another is no game. That is a fact and you have proven that for the last five years. But hearts are won and this Personalized Hearts Four-Across Game can be a great representation of that. This clever idea of a gift will ignite the inner competitive spirit in both of you as it tickles your heart while aiming to win this game of hearts. Since it’s personalized based on your preference, the thrill becomes higher but the stakes are lower because you can never lose playing with the one you love.

     12. Light Up Message Box

    It is always classy and amazing to receive a lamp as a gift for any occasion. Illuminating a dark room to have a glimmer when all the lights are out, is a nice symbolic gesture for anyone. This Light Up Message Box is a level higher than other lamps as it can be personalized with your message and her name on it. Now every time the room is dim and an ounce of encouragement is needed, one switch-on of this lamp and a beaming light of love and romance shines.

     11. Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

    Some days are just meant for a luxury bath. When the stress of the world is already taking a toll on her, a long submerging bubble bath is just what a woman needs to place her in a good mood. This Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray is a great match to that dream as it holds her bath essentials and even other things she cannot let go of even while she is relaxing. Made of Bamboo, Chrome, and Nylon Fabric this unique wood anniversary gift is waterproof, sturdy, and built to last just like your relationship. It is also adjustable and slip-resistant.

    10. Photo Engraved Wood Watch

    Time flies so fast and it has been five years since you married the love of your life. For your anniversary, give her more of your time and make her see it pass by every day with her with this Photo Engraved Wood Watch. The photo engraving on this wooden watch matches your wood anniversary and how you always want to see each other. The next time she looks at her wrist, she will lift her head with a smile remembering that the watch was from the man in the photo just attached to her, by accessory and by marriage.

    9. Aurora Borealis Opal Necklace

    Seeing the northern lights may be one of her wishes and a dream destination for an anniversary celebration. But as life gets in the way, a trip to Iceland may be further away from reality than expected. However, this Aurora Borealis Opal Necklace can bring that dream closer as she wears an Opalite, Wood, and Resin-made necklace that depicts the Aurora borealis. Until the day you both can finally witness that majestic phenomenon, she can wear this representation of love and wish that will someday come true.

    8. Bamboo Tumbler

    Set apart your 5th-anniversary gift from others with this Bamboo Tumbler because not only is it made of wood that represents the symbol of your 5 years marriage, but also it is a very dainty and functional gift. You are expressing your care and concern to keep her hydrated while carrying your personalized gift around in style. This tumbler matches any outfit and bag which makes it a perfect daily buddy, just like you are to her.

    7. Wedding Song Lyric Engraved


    Commemorating your wedding in the fifth year is symbolic if you write the song lyrics of your first dance in wood to symbolize your wood anniversary. Reminisce every word that touched you and resonates your relationship with this Wedding Song Lyric Engraved and write the lyrics in heart shape. You no longer have to go to the woods and carve memorabilia of your love into a tree. Personalize this piece of wood, hang it onto your wall and you are good to go. The rustic feel and look will fit most designs of homes and this gesture will surely overflow her heart.

     6. Wooden Organizer

    Organizing stuff is almost part of every woman’s DNA that is why a gift that helps us organize stuff or place them in order better is very much a good one. This Wooden Organizer is made of walnut, ash, natural wood, wax, and oil which make it a fitting gift for your wood anniversary. Engrave her name on it and she will carry it or place it in locations where people can see it to flaunt your amazing anniversary gift.

    5. “How my wife tells me time” Mugs and Wine Glasses Holder

    If your relationship for 5 years is as clever as the pun in this “How my wife tells me time” Mugs and Wine Glasses Holder then it is no wonder that your marriage has gotten this far. It will surely go further as you keep on making her smile, giving her presents or in this case, doing them both. Made of wood to symbolize the more solid and stronger bond you have over the past 5 years, this holder can keep 2 mugs that signify it’s time for breakfast and coffee in the morning and 2 wine glasses that give a cue for an evening wine time.

    4. Wood Anniversary Necklace

    The simplest form of a reminder that you have each other for 5 years and you will always have each other in the years to come, may be a dainty wooden necklace that symbolizes your 5th anniversary. This Wood Anniversary Necklace is a Pau Ferro rectangular wood pendant with a 14K Gold-filled inlay design. The inlay design is the 5 dots placed in an abstract pattern for a more exquisite look.

     3. Wood Greeting Card

    Going back to basic is tricky. That’s why writing your spouse of 5 years an anniversary card needs to be a notch higher. Good thing this Wood Greeting Card has got you covered. Now all you need to think about are the words you want to write on this card and let it immortalize it for you or at least make it last longer. The durability of wood and its rustic and wild visual makes for a lasting keepsake for your heart-warming message.

    2. Wood Polarized Sunglasses

    Your love and loyalty to her for 5 years have protected her eyes from looking for someone else. This time, protect her eyes from the harmful UV rays and make her see things better even under the blinding sunlight with this Wood Polarized Sunglasses. Not only is this eyewear classy because of its bamboo design but also it is functional with its 9-layer polarized lenses. It comes with a free bamboo protective case.

    1. Personalized Gourmet 5pc Cheeseboard with Utensils

    Your wife of 5 years is probably the one who has been preparing most of the meals you enjoyed so much. On your wood anniversary, give her a worthy addition to her kitchen and a special partner to the cheese she serves for your wine parties or your sandwiches. This Personalized Gourmet 5pc Cheeseboard with Utensils consists of a very stylish cheeseboard and 4 necessary utensils to slice or serve the cheese more appropriately.