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    50 Best Gifts For Women: Blow Her Away With These Ideas!

    Her birthday is on the horizon, and if you are like most guys you are scrambling to find a thoughtful gift idea for the woman in your life. Withso many choices available, gift-giving can be more stressful than you’d think. Luckily, our professional gift-givers have a quick tip for finding theperfect gift for the women you care about!

    Ask yourself these questions when choosing a great gift she’ll love:

    • What are her interests and hobbies?
    • Is there something she’s wanted forso long but hasn’t bought for herself?
    • Does your gift idea suit her personal style?
    • Do you think she’ll wear or use your gift often?

    Still coming up with nothing? Don’t worry about it! We’ve rounded up our favorites and cobbled together this ultimate list of 50 great gifts she’s bound to love. Read on for the best gift ideas for that special woman in your life!

    50. For The Gal On The Go -Everyday Tote

    What are the best gift ideas for women that arealways on the go? The short answer: something practical.

    Whether she’s hard at work or running errands, this Everyday Tote from our website makes a stylish and valuable companion. She’ll never leave home without it!

    49. For The Bartending Babe -Personalized Wine Accessory Kit

    If the women in your life are wine connoisseurs, then you need to get the perfect gift to complement that. This customizable wine accessory kit houses a stopper, opener, and even a little knife to keep your girl’s favorite red flowing all nightin style.

    But the best part? You can have her name engraved on the case or even write a short and sweet message!

    48. Woman, Unplugged - Wireless 3-in-1 Charger


    It's the future, man – cords and wires are out of style. Wrap this modern 3-in-1 charger up in some sparkly Christmas paper and watch it become a mainstay on your girl's desk or side table. It's a no-brainer!

    47. For The Bendiest Yogi You Know -Lululemon Yoga Pants

    Is the woman in your life all about the zen of sunrise yoga? Then we have the ideal gift for her: Lululemon yoga pants

    A quality pair of yoga pants should stretch while providing support at the same time, and this checks all the boxes. It doesn’t matter if she’s furthering her practice or just relaxing – these pants can do it all!

    46. The Can-Drinking Contessa -Golf Ball-Textured Can Koozie

    Good gift ideas come in all shapes and sizes, and this one just happens to come shaped like a slim can. If your special lady loves sipping Red Bull while enjoying the great outdoors, then this Can Koozie ranksextremely high on our list of thoughtful gifts.

    This double-wall insulated slim can holder keeps its contents ice-cold or red-hot for hours on end. That means she can take her drink anywhere without worrying about that icky room-temp experience. 

    45. The Hot Hostess - Personalized Cheese Board With Utensils


    What are the best gifts for a woman that loves to have a friend or two over for wine and cheese? The answer: a personalized cheese board with utensils included. This sturdy rubberwood platter can even be embellished with her initials, making it an incredibly unique addition to any hostess’ arsenal of party tricks. 

    44. Wine-Sippin’ Woman -Marble And Acacia Coasters

    There is nothing worse than having company overjust to find out someone didn’t use a coaster. With these classy marble and acacia coasters, the dreaded moisture ring will be a thing of the past! That means no more wrecked tabletops or home decor while also elevating your home’s style factor. 

    A smart gift is a useful one, and we recommend these coasters for the hostess or wine mom in your life. 

    43. The Smart Home Savant -Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker

    Is your special lady a tech enthusiast? Does shelove the idea of your whole home being “smart” and interconnected? If so, we’ve got some great gift ideas she’ll love – starting with the Amazon Echo Dot

    It’s jam-packed with smart features that’ll turn your own kitchen into a command center. Setting appointments, organizing lists, and even making orders fresh off Amazon – it can do it all between playing your favorite songs. It reallyis a fun way to get boring tasks done!

    42. For The Carry-On Cutie -Sindhu Leather Crossbody Bag

    Have you ever seen Mary Poppins? If you have, you’ll know that women’s bags are a labyrinth. 

    Step up to the plate and make sure your special lady has the cutest labyrinth around with this Sindhu leather crossbody bag. It’s fashioned from a mix of high-quality velvet with leather patches, making it one of the best gift ideas for women that love fun and functional accessories. She won’t goanywhere without this unique statement piece. 

    41. Sleepless In Seattle -Minky Weighted Blanket

    Weighted blankets are agodsend for any girl who has trouble getting some shut-eye. Thank God Amazon produces a wide variety of weights and sizes! The pressure on these minky blankets washes away the stresses and anxieties of being a modern woman, letting her get some well-deserved beauty sleep. 

    This specific weighted blanket also has rave reviews, with many of them citing the best sleep they’veever gotten as their favorite side-effect. 

    40. For Special Women On Their Big Day -Glitz And Glam Flask

    Looking for unique gifts for the bride-to-be in your life? This glitz and glam sip flask has you covered. 

    Everyone gets jitters on their big day, but it’s nothing a little bit of liquid courage can’t fix. Fill this sparkly receptacle with fine-aged ale, and she’ll be thanking you all the way down the aisle. Each flask can be custom engraved and can hold 6 fluid ounces –just enough to get her feeling loose and relaxed to take on her big day.

    39. For The Zen Goddess -D’aplomb Himalayan Salt Lamp

    Himalayan salt lamps are all the rage right now in zen girl circles because of their numerous benefits. Manufacturers claim these lamps have healing properties and uplift a room’s energy, which can be great for de-stressing after a long day. Whether these sit atop her kitchen counter or in her bathroom, its warm glow is bound to make any room feeltranscendental

    38. For The Aromatherapy-Obsessed Girl -Trendy Candle Gift

    Smell can change the ambiance and mood drastically – that’s why these colorful candles are the perfect gifts for women who like to build sanctuaries for themselves. Each soy and essential oil-based candle gift set comes in a selection of scents. Choose from lavender, lemon, fig, and spring scents! 

    37. Iron And Wine -Personalized Wine Bottle Holder

    This personalized wine bottle holder has all the makings of a good present, which is why it’s one of our favorite gift ideas for women that work their butts off. These classy and understated wine holders come in engraved stainless steel, which will look right at home in a high-powered woman’s corporate office or in her decked-out home relaxation center. 

    36. For The Home Chef In Your Life -Artisanal Olive Oil

    Is your girl a culinary savant with a knack for coming up with delicious recipes? If the answer is yes, then this gift idea is perfect for you.

    High-quality ingredients can elevate any dish – this ZOE Extra Virgin olive oil tin pack has that artisanal edge that’ll make you saypasta la vista to subpar flavor. You can even use this gift to cookfor her if you’re feeling particularlysaucy

    35. An Affordable Gift For A Makeup Lover -Maddison Makeup Bag


    Some women are fine with just a little coconut oil lip balm before taking on their day, but others luxuriate in the process of making themselves up. 

    You may have considered buying your makeup lover a lipstick or eyeshadow palette, but finding one she’ll love can beunexpectedly tricky. After all, every woman has her own makeup preferences!

    That’s why we think one of the best gifts you can give her is this Maddison Makeup Bag. There’s less room for error, plus its plush look will go with almost any girl’s vanity. 

    34. For The Girl WhoNeeds Her Coffee -Brewing Glass Carafe


    Any coffee lover knows that brewing a high-quality caffeine potion can be anexpensive hobby, but it doesn’t have to be! If the lady of the house loves everything coffee and cold brew, then she’ll appreciate this 34oz Ovalware RJ3 Brewing Glass Carafe. 

    Its airtight seal locks in each brew’s freshness for up to two weeks, so you and your girl can prep your joe way before you actually need it. Truly one of the more fab gift ideas for women that know their beans.

    33. For Silky Smooth Slumber -Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

    There’s nothing worse than losing sleep to a hot summer night. Did you know that simply swapping a regular pillowcase out for silk can make ahuge difference in keeping cool?

    That’s not all there is to these shiny and luxurious-feeling pillowcases. Tons of customers have reported that sleeping with these silky items also results in fewer wrinkles and next-to-no hair damage! This is definitely one of the best gifts for a girl that cares about her sleep quality. 

    32. When The Apple Watch Isn’t Her Style -Samsung Galaxy Watch

    As a brand, Apple makes resisting their uber-sleek products pretty challenging. But if your special womanjustisn’t into it, you may want to look into the Samsung Galaxy Watch instead! 

    It comes wrapped in a high-quality aluminum body that’s just light enough to be unobtrusive, which makes it easy to wear all day long. The watch communicates with your phone, tracks your heart rate, logs the number of hours you’ve slept, and even keeps you up-to-date with important news! 

    31. For The Tinkering Tea Drinker -Super Cute Clear Teapot

    If your special one is a bit of a loose-leaf savant – this gift idea is for her. The super-cute, super-clear teapot is elegant enough for high tea but not so delicate that it won’t suit a breezy summer picnic or impromptu poolside date! 

    30. When Everyday’s A Special Occasion -Sterling Silver Bracelet

    Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but charming silver bracelets are a lifelong partner. This delicate bracelet with a dainty chain is perfect for anyone who likes to wear more understated items. The elegant, circular charm complementsany skin tone, making your special lady lookand feel like she’s glowing. 

    29. For The Sunrise Stretcher -Eco-Friendly Yoga Mat

    It can be tempting to stay in bed all morning, but a good yoga mat might just change her mind. This eco-friendly option is made from biodegradable and recyclable materials. This yoga mat will leave her feeling refreshed in both body and mind. Plus, it comes with its own carrying bag!

    28. The Woman That Loves A Nightcap -Heart-Shaped Stopper For Wine Bottles

    Does she love nothing more than curling up with a glass of wine and watching Netflix? This heart-shaped stopper will be one of the best gifts for her. It’s cute, romantic – and it keeps things fresh (literally)!

    27. For The Urban Gardener -Self-Watering Planter For Fresh Herbs

    Who even has the space for a giant garden when you live out in the urban jungle? If your girl’s got a green thumb and a hankering for fresh herbs, pick up these self-watering planters as a pleasant surprise! It’s one of the best gifts on our list because they’re practical, beautiful,and low maintenance.

    26. For The Budding Hairstylist -Dyson Ionic Hair Dryer

    Is she the friend that’llalways do everyone’s hair, no matter the occasion? Elevate her hair artistry with this Dyson Ionic hair dryer, making tough styling and mane-taming a walk in the park. It dries your hair quickly and it’s easy to use – she’ll be able to create those hot holiday hairstyles in record time!

    25. For The Pavement-Pounding Audiophile -Waterproof JBL Portable Speaker


    For the friend who loves to spend her days off lost in the great outdoors, this waterproof JBL speaker is the perfect present. Its sturdy, life-proof construction can keep the tunes rolling through thunder and fair weather, staying alive for hours on just one charge. 

    24. For A Woman With A Back“That’s Killing Her” -Zyllion Shiatsu Back And Neck Massager

    We’ve all been there: lying completely still in bed because our backs arekilling us, waiting for some kind of relief. If your special girl struggles with chronic back and muscle pain, this shiatsu massager helps soothe sore muscles and ease tension from head to toe.

    23. The Fashion-Forward Friend -PX Black Wallet

    If you’re shopping for a friend who loves fashion, then we've got a great gift idea for you. This sleek black wallet is an everyday staple that won't go out of style. But that's not all – it comes with tons of slots for cards and cash, all while being undeniably stylish.

    22. For The Globe-Trotting Gal -Stylish Passport Cover

    If your girlfriend loves to travel, then you'll need a gift that pairs perfectly with an adventure. This stylish passport cover is just the thing for any globetrotter with big plans, with plenty of pockets to fit everything from cash, cards, to her all-important passport.

    21. The Bookworm Barbie -Kindle Paperwhite

    Books are wonderful, containing humankind's collective knowledge, fictional universes, and even life-changing advice. But lugging books around can be a huge hassle, especially if you like to have options.

    That's where the Kindle Paperwhite comes in. Your friend will never have to choose between bringing two books ever again – she can bring her entire library with her!

    20. For The Girl Who Keeps It Clean -Plain & Simple Gift Set

    The best gifts are ones that make the recipient feel pampered, just like this gift set of everyday essentials that will have your friend feeling loved and cared for. Each kit contains a cute floral matchbox, a scented candle, a shatterproof champagne flute, and a stick of lip balm – all the ingredients for a perfect night in.

    19. For Your Favorite Neat Freak -Dyson Cordless Vacuum

    Is she the kind of girl that meticulously vacuums every inch of her home? Make her life easier with this cordless Dyson vacuum, which is lightweight and easy to fit into those finicky nooks and crannies. Dust bunnies, be gone!

    18. For Your FavoriteLazy Neat Freak -Robot Vacuum


    A robot vacuum may seem like a luxury, but it's actually super affordable and convenient. This Alexa-compatible model is easy to set up and use - perfect for the girl who just wants to sit back, relax, and let the machines do the work.

    17. The Girls WithSo ManyCards -Amelia Leather Wallet

    She collectsallcards.Allof them. Membership cards, credit cards, discount cards, gas station cards, and even rewards cards. Help her get organized with a wallet that's just as card-crazy as she is! The Amelia wallet has tons of space for cards and cash, so she'll never have to scramble for the right one ever again.

    16. For The Woman In Your Life With No Time To Cook -COSORI Air Fryer

    Air fryers are all the rage among people that just don't have time to cook, and this 5.8 QT COSORI model is one of the best. With a ton of nifty features like personalized times and a built-in cooking history, your special girl can get consistent, delicious results without the hassle!

    15. If She’s Got Cold Feet -Cute Snow Boots

    When snow falls, your hands and feet are the first victims of the cold. Do your friend or girlfriend a solid and pick up theseadorable snow boots to keep her feet warm and insulated, even in the deadliest winters. There’s no reason you can’t be cute while freezing your butt off, right?

    14. The Dehydrated Damsel -YETI Full-Sized Bottle (It’s Insulated!)


    No one wants to be the dehydrated damsel in distress, especially if there’s no ice-cold water around! Enter the YETI Bottle, perfect for anyone that loves an icy beverage on a hot summer day or next to their fireplace during winter. It’s insulated and will keep your drink at the desired temperature all day long. 

    13. For The Impasta -High-Quality Pasta Maker

    This is the perfect gift for someone who loves to cook and eat pasta as much as they love quick and easy prep time. Give your girlfriend a break by gifting her this high-quality pasta maker – getting fresh homemade noodles has never been easier.

    12. For The Work-From-Home Woman -Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion

    One of the pitfalls of working from home is inescapable back pain. It's a good thing your lucky lady has you to purchase this memory foam support cushion! She'll breeze through those long Zoom meetings and seemingly endless emails, feeling as spry as a spring chicken. 

    11. For The Hollywood Star -Lighted Makeup Mirror

    A woman can never have too many makeup mirrors, but this one is a standout. It's not just for putting on her face, though. It also features several light settings so your girlfriend can see how her makeup is going to look in all lighting situations. 

    The best part? It's super affordable.

    10. For The Fitness Guru -TRX Suspension Training System


    If your lady loves working out, this gift is for her. The TRX system has been around since 2005 and is one of the most effective single pieces of equipment you can have. 

    You can do everything from bodyweight exercises to strength training with just two straps! It's a complete home gym in disguise, but it takes up just as much space as any old piece of wall art. 

    9. If She’s Big On Video Game Streaming -Elgato Stream Deck

    Is your girlfriend an up-and-coming streamer? Level up her sweet setup with this Elgato stream deck! It has 15 customizable keys for all sorts of macros and transitions. It's literally like having an editor sitting right on your desktop. Nowthat'spogchamp. 

    8. For The Girl Who KnowsExactly What She Wants -A Gift Card

    A gift card to a favorite store or restaurant is the best way to give someone a big present without actually having to buy anything. There aresomany possibilities,and you can make sure sheactually likes what she gets.

    7. Woman, On The Go - Personalized Weekender

     womens engraved gift duffle

    It's the future, man – cords and wires are out of style. Wrap this modern 3-in-1 charger up in some sparkly Christmas paper and watch it become a mainstay on your girl's desk or side table. It's a no-brainer!

    6. The Girl Who JustLikes Things That Float -Levitating Plant Pot (Seriously!)


    This one is admittedly a little out there. But if your girl isobsessed with the idea of having a unique airborne device in her home, then she'll love this floating plant pot. It's perfect for anyone who wants to add some greenery to their space – and it also levitates! A conversation starter and excellent piece of decor all in one. 

    5. The Meditative Maiden -Colorful Floor Cushion

    A comfortable seat is one of the best things you can give someone. This floor cushion will do the trick and make her feel like she's floating on a cloud while relaxing in total bliss. It comes in different colors for that extra happy feeling, too!

    4. The Active Gamer -Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

    Envision a life where games and exercise can coexist easily – that’s exactly what Nintendo set out to do when they made Ring Fit Adventure. Gift this kooky package to the girl in your life that’s serious about her fitness and her games, and she’ll be strong enough to carry you through virtual realityand in real life!

    3. If She’s Sick Of Her Sheet… Mask -Sheet Mask Subscription Box

    Sheet masks are an irreplaceable part of any skincare routine, but sometimes mixing things up can give you better results than using the same product again and again. Sign your adventurous beauty up for a few months of this sheet mask subscription and watch her unearth her natural glow!

    2. For The Budding Photographer -Instax Mini 11

    It isso easy to snap a good image on your phone and upload it straight onto InstaTwitterBook, but physical photos have a unique charm that’s impossible to outdo. Consider getting the budding photographer in your life this Instax Mini 11, but be ready to smile for every single photo. 

    1. For The Cat Lady -Kitty Cat Measuring Spoons

    There's no better present for the person who loves all things cats than these kitty cat measuring spoons. They would make any baker’s life 1000% easier and their kitchen about 500 times more adorable.