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    Personalized Gifts: The Best Way to Impress Your Lady

    No matter what language of love that special lady in your life has, gift-giving will always be a welcomed and appreciated gesture. While most women make it seem like any gift will do, as long as it came from you, the reality is that they will always appreciate and put more premium on a well thought off and creatively-given gift. So why take a chance on giving a sloppy one, when you can ace the deed with a little add-on, personalization. However, customizing a gift takes more effort and innovation from your end, not to mention having to know her deeper to ensure a bulls-eye on what to buy. With that in mind, here are a few reasons why you should get a personalized gift for your lady to get you onboard doing this modernized ancient tradition of transforming a gift into a treasure she will want to keep.


    Personalizing a gift…


    Makes women feel more SPECIAL. Women are big on ownership or being the “only one” that’s why it matters more to them when the gift you are giving has their name or initials on it. This means that the gift is intended for them, and no one else. It tells them, you were thinking of them when you bought that gift. Having them on your mind as you scour the stalls and stands of each store and planning the engraving of their gift makes them create a happy place in their brains that they would want to visit every so often.

    Makes women feel SECURE about their gifts. It is no secret that a girl practically owns a lot of accessories, bags, and stuff. Every so often, they lend it to someone or some friends just borrow it without permission. If it has her name on it, she probably won’t even let another human being touch it or if it somehow gets lost or accidentally placed in another girl’s possession, she can easily claim it back. If someone sees your engraved property in their midst, they will know who to return it to. Another person will think twice before stealing a personalized item as it is rendered useless to them the minute you heighten the purpose of it for your girl.

    Makes women feel SAFE about personal belongings. Personalized and named items such as bathrobes, towels, hairbrushes, and even toothbrushes are safer from being used by others because of the names or images written on them. People will think twice before borrowing or using a towel to dry them off if someone else's image or name flaunts on the said item. Crowded bathrooms and powder rooms force women to carry their essentials with names on them to avoid an accidental exchange of toiletries and beauty tools and to promote a more hygienic environment wherever they may be.

    Makes women feel SASSY. The sassiest stuff women adore is usually those that are branded and named after an actual person, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Kate Spade, and so on. So imagine if a bag or a wallet that has your girl’s name on it, it will be like that bag’s brand is her name and that is feisty. It makes her a notch more important and famous not to mention playful for wearing her name like a brand and feeling confident about it. A bag, a piece of jewelry, or even apparel, if her name, initial, image, or your message appears in it, it immediately unleashes the bold and sassy side of every woman.

    So whether it is her birthday or your anniversary, you can step-up your game by giving her a heart-warming, love-tickling, personalized gift. Check out some of the items women usually appreciate having embedded with a personalized touch. 


    May it be a tote or a Dopp kit; women always carry them whenever they go outside. They flash each side intentionally or not and the appearance and functionality of these items are of utmost importance. Having their initials, names, or images on them will guarantee a spot in the “favorite” section. This goes for the bags and most especially, you.


    This polyester Fiora Tote Bag may look fantastic at first glance but the beautifully written name in front added to its glamor. 

    Her makeup sack should be as dainty and stylish as she is, add a little twist of putting her initials on it and this Maddison Makeup Bag transforms into more than just a toiletry keep-sake. Her treasured beauty tools rest in class and safety with this quilted must-have.



    You know what they say, when it comes to making a woman feel special, you can never go wrong with jewelry. Handing over or making a woman wear something that shines and sparkles somehow alleviates bad mood and springs joy in the heart. Make it more personal and you get yourself a double-treat for that special lady. 



    It's not every day that you get to find a woman as special as the lady you have now. Giving her a dangling reminder of your undying love is a classic gesture that will all the more be awesome if her name is on it. This "I love you always and forever" Heart Necklace is sure to bring a smile to her face and to anyone who will have a glance at it. 



    Maybe your girl loves to wear earrings and is also a fan of classy, unique, and sophisticated jewelry. This Personalized Birth Flower Earrings will not be taken from her by accident as it belongs to her alone, matched to her birth month. 



    So she wants to wear your gift close to her pulse connected to her heart. This Personalized Engraved Bracelet is an awesome piece of reminder that she is forever cuffed to your heart and she is to yours. 

    It need not be an engagement ring or wedding ring to make it special. It may just be a representation of how you thank the universe for her existence. This Personalized Birth Flower Ring is a cute piece of multi-purpose and various-meaning jewelry that you would want your beloved to wear on her finger. 


    These collections are the ones she wears and hugs her body. Since her heart belongs to you now, you might want to ensure that the body covering that heart is also covered with something stylish with a ton load of sweetness. 


    If your special lady is your mom or a mom already, and if you or her kids play Baseball, then a shirt like Baseball Mom T-Shirt will surely make an impression on both amazing women mentioned. 



     This Day at the Spa Kimono will ensure nothing else will cover your lady's body after a spa or bath, but this name-printed robe. 


    If her bags are tagged, so should her beauty and personal care stuff. After all, they go side by side every time it is "me" time. You can never have so much of a reminder of how much you want her things to be named and personalized. A collection of her stuff with your efforts in it will surely make a girl happy. 


    Some women share combs, but this Custom Wooden Comb and Hairbrush will make the brush-borrowing days, a thing of the past. It's just too personal to share and lend to someone especially with her name on it. 

    Anyone who sees this Personalized Towel Set will hesitate to use it without confirming it from your lady. If her pet's face is on it, they will think it's not for humans. And if her face is on it, it will be way awkward to wipe your face with another face. 


    This Personalized Bamboo Toothbrushhas an invisible but glaring warning that screams "If your name is NOT on it, DON'T put your mouth in it". Guess that warning works for your beloved's lips too. 



    When her day ends and her body and heart just want to rest in your presence, whether through a phone call or video call, she will most probably do it, in her bedroom. Needless to reiterate, the best place to put memorabilia of you is a place you are not usually into especially when the day has concluded. Looking around after a tiring day and seeing her things from you with her name or image on them will take a gloom out of the room.




    Coming home and going under the sheet filled with her family's photos or your image can equate to a much-needed embrace and stress relief. This awesome Personalized Fleece Blanket is an extravagant upgrade to old-fashioned embroidery at the end of the blanket.  


    While you may be the light of her life right now, she still needs a lamp to illuminate her way around her bedroom at night. What better way to stay consistent but to give her a Personalized Wooden LampBefore she closes her eyes and the minute she opens it, whether, in the middle of the night or the day after, the light you gave her and the sight of your name or her name will spark joy in her soul. 


    If a personalized blanket can make her feel like you are embracing her, this Personalized Throw Pillow will give her a feeling like she is hugging you. So print your face on it so that she can hug and kiss you anytime even if it's in a form of a pillow. This way, you can keep her cozy as she rests and make her sadness of missing you a little more bearable. Careful not to hurt her though, as this pillow will surely take the hit.