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    24 Gag Gifts for Women to Tickle Her Funny Bone

    Get ready to tickle her funny bone with these laugh-out-loud Funny Gifts for Women! Whether you are shopping for your best friend, sister, or significant other, these gifts are sure to bring a smile to any woman's face. From witty and sarcastic to downright hilarious, we've rounded up some of the funniest gifts that are guaranteed to make her day.

    Forget the typical flowers and chocolates, these funny gifts for her will show your loved one that you put some thought into finding something truly unique and entertaining.

    1. Custom Blow-Up Man

    Add an extra dose of hilarity to her day with this 5-Foot-Tall Custom Blow-Up Man.

    Perfect for the woman who appreciates a good laugh, this fun gag gift can feature the face of anyone you choose. It's essential to provide a high-quality photo, ensuring the final result is as realistic (and funny) as possible.

    Whether it is a close friend, an admired celebrity, or even a beloved pet, these funny gifts for women are guaranteed to be a conversation starter and a source of endless giggles.

    2. Shark Blanket Onesie

    Dive into a sea of laughter with the Shark Blanket Onesie.

    This cozy attire, crafted from plush, high-quality fabric, features an amusing shark design, complete with a fin and tail. Whether she's lounging on the couch or bracing a chilly night, this shark onesie will engulf her in warmth and humor.

    It is a fin-tastic blend of comfort and comedy that's bound to make a splash! A funny gift that's sure to have her grinning from fin to fin.

    3. I'm Kind Of A Big Deal Coffee Mug

    Add a dash of sass to her morning coffee routine with the "I'm Kind Of A Big Deal" Mug. Available in 11 or 15 ounces, this high-quality ceramic coffee mug packs a humorous punch with its bold statement.

    For an extra touch of personalization, fill it up with her favorite treats before gifting. Every time she sips her hot beverage, she'll be reminded of her 'big deal' status and get a good chuckle out of it.

    A perfect hilarious gag gift for a woman who loves a bit of humor with her caffeine kick.

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    4. Oversized Gag Undies

    Add a riotous twist to her bachelorette party with these Oversized Gag Undies.

    Made for hysterical photo-ops, these best gag gifts for women can comfortably fit up to seven humans, guaranteeing non-stop laughter. This silly piece of novelty underwear makes for a memorable keepsake and a great conversation starter.

    Every time she pulls these out, she'll have a hearty laugh remembering the crazy party antics. It's a humorously over-the-top gift perfect for a woman who loves a good gag.

    5. Party On A Wine Glass

    For a woman who loves a good vino and a hearty laugh, the Custom Photo-Engraved Wine Glass makes one of the unique gag gifts for girls.

    This 17 oz tempered glass is both sturdy and stylish, allowing her to sip her favorite wines in style. The engraving can be of a funny meme, a hilarious photo, or a personalized message, making each sip a reminder of the good times.

    An unbeatable blend of function and fun that she'll surely appreciate.

    6. Naughty Kitchen Apron

    Spice up her kitchen experience with the Naughty Kitchen Apron. These funny gag gifts for women who love to cook boast a risqué lingerie design, adding a fun twist to her cooking routine.

    Crafted from waterproof twill fabric, it is as practical as it is playful. Every time she slips it on to whip up her favorite dish, this funny present will add some heat to the kitchen.

    These best gag gifts for her will surely make your girl laugh!

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    7. Funny Meow Tumbler

    Raise a toast to her feisty feline side with the "I Love Your Meow" Tumbler. This naughty and playful gift showcases her love for cats with a touch of humor.

    Crafted with double-walled vacuum insulation, these birthday gag gifts for her ensure her beverage stays at the ideal temperature. So, whether she's sipping on a chilled margarita or a hot cocoa, this amusing tumbler will make her purr with laughter.

    8. 3D Hand-Painted Rat Earrings

    Introduce a playful edge to her style with the 3D Hand-Painted Rat Earrings. These unique, artisan-crafted earrings feature adorable, detailed rat designs, hand-painted to perfection.

    Ideal for a woman with an eclectic taste, who appreciates a good chuckle. Every time she catches a glimpse of her reflection, these earrings are sure to brighten her day with their whimsical charm.

    A small but mighty fun gag gift that perfectly encapsulates humor and style.

    9. Custom Women's Briefs

    Add some humor to her wardrobe with these Custom Women's Briefs.

    Made from 95% cotton for maximum comfort, this best Valentine's Day gag gift can be personalized with a hilarious face encased in hearts, alongside her name.

    Be it a funny picture of a pet, a silly celebrity snapshot, or even your own amusing face, this cheeky underwear will undoubtedly spark a hearty laugh every time she gets dressed.

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    10. Personalized Face Blanket

    Give her the gift of warmth and hilarity with the Personalized Face Blanket.

    This ultra-soft micro fleece blanket can be adorned with a multitude of faces, transforming it into a laughter-inducing, cozy keepsake. Every time she wraps herself in this top gag gift, she'll be engulfed by a sea of goofy faces, inducing fits of giggles.

    It is a comforting, funny gift that will have her rolling on the floor with laughter.

    11. Sexy Time Pillowcases

    Bring a playful twist to her bedtime with the Sexy Time Pillowcases.

    One side of these 100% cotton pillowcases cheekily states "Tonight", while the other side humorously retorts with "Not Tonight". This clever gift fits any standard or queen size pillow, adding an amusing element to her bedding.

    Whether it's a suggestive wink or a coy refusal, these unique gag gifts for wife will elicit laughter each time she hits the hay.

    12. Adult Funny Slippers

    Step up her comfort game with these Adult Funny Slippers. Made from soft, novelty plush, these slippers come in hilarious, naughty shapes that are sure to make her chuckle every time she slips them on. Plus, the anti-slip soles ensure she won't skid on her way to the kitchen for midnight snacks.

    It is a whimsical gift that combines comfort, safety, and a hearty laugh in one. A pair she'll absolutely love trotting around in!

    13. Red Heart Fanny Pack

    Add a pop of color and humor to her ensemble with the Red Heart Fanny Pack.

    This lightweight, waterproof design features a custom face in the heart, amplifying the fun factor. Whether it's a silly selfie or a goofy pet photo, the personalized image is bound to bring a smile to her face.

    Not only is this fanny pack a conversation starter, but it also offers practicality with its convenient size and durability. The best bachelorette gag gift she'll adore.

    14. Funny Nature 2024 Calendar

    Help her greet each new day with a giggle with the Funny Nature 2024 Calendar.

    Each month showcases a beautifully photographed nature scene. From mischievous designs to naughty body parts, these gag gifts for adults will keep her entertained all year long.

    It is a daily dose of humor and whimsy that will brighten her mornings, making it an excellent gift for any woman who appreciates nature and a good laugh.

    15. Tortilla Wrap Blanket

    Wrap her in laughter with the Burritos Tortilla Blanket. This skin-friendly, lightweight blanket, designed to resemble a tortilla, is an amusing addition to her relaxation time.

    Made from durable material that resists fading, it is as functional as it is funny. The sight of her transformed into a human burrito will surely be a conversation starter, delivering chuckles aplenty.

    A tasteful combination of comfort and comedy that she will savor. It is also available in other designs, from cookies, waffles to a funny pizza blanket.

    16. Bluetooth Banana Phone

    Go bananas with the Bluetooth Banana Phone! This hilarious wireless handset is shaped like everyone's favorite yellow fruit, offering both comedy and convenience.

    These best gag gifts sync easily with her smartphone, allowing her to take calls most amusingly. This rib-tickling, functional gift is a witty conversation piece that will make her phone calls a little more peeling.

    It is a quirky tech accessory that will drive her bananas, in the best possible way, making it perfect for a white elephant gift.

    17. Classy Sassy and a Little Bad Assy Socks

    Kick her day off on a sassy note with the "Classy Sassy and Bad Assy” Socks.

    This pair of comfy cotton blend socks deliver a relatable message with a playful wink. Designed with non-slip rubber lettering on the bottom, these socks are not just humorous but practical too.

    They make the best birthday gag gift for a woman who loves her morning coffee, evening wine, and a generous side of sarcasm to go with it.

    18. Funny Custom Face Ring Float

    What's better than lounging in a pool? Lounging on a float with a giant, hilarious face on it, of course! These high-quality Custom Face Ring Floats allow you to imprint anyone's face you desire onto a sturdy inflatable ring.

    Whether it is a friend's goofiest selfie, a favorite celebrity, or even your mug, this unexpected and side-splitting gift will undoubtedly keep the giggles coming each time she dives into the pool.

    These funny gag gifts for women will have a cheeky twist on the standard pool float.

    19. Look at This Photograph - Wooden Frame

    Capture her favorite hilarious moment with the Look at This Photograph Wooden Frame. This high-quality frame can be personalized with a comical quote or caption, turning a funny photo into a timeless keepsake.

    Featuring a man on the frame imitating the "Look at this!" gesture, it's designed to incite laughter whenever she glances at it. An endearing and funny gift that brings humor into home décor.

    20. Listen B*tch! Affirmation Cards

    Inject a daily dose of sass and empowerment into her routine with the Listen B*tch Affirmation Cards.

    This deck contains 50 hilarious, explicit affirmations that aren't afraid to drop the F-bomb, serving as humorous reminders of her true worth. From the more profound self-love messages to the downright sassy ones, these cards are a surefire way to bring a smile to her face while empowering her to seize the day.

    These funny birthday gifts are a feisty, humorous, and uplifting way for her to kick-start each day with a good laugh and a boost of confidence.

    21. Mistaken Lyrics Coasters

    Get her laughing over her morning coffee with the Mistaken Lyrics Coasters.

    These cork coasters are inscribed with hilariously misinterpreted versions of famous song lyrics, transforming regular table protectors into a source of amusement at your dinner party. They are not only functional but also a conversation starter.

    Each time she sets her drink down, she'll be reminded of the light-hearted, mistaken lyric, sparking a giggle or two. A tuneful blend of utility and comedy for her home.

    22. Custom Face Funny Twilight Tee

    Inject some supernatural humor into her wardrobe with the Custom Face Funny Twilight Tee.

    This funny gift for single ladies hilariously places her face on Bella's body, next to a smitten Edward. A perfect gift for a Twilight Saga fan with a sense of humor.

    Every time she sports this amusing tee, it will not only showcase her team spirit but also elicit hearty laughs. A comical spin on fan merchandise that's certain to be a hit!

    23. Fish Flip Flops

    Splash into memorable moments with these hilarious Fish Flip Flops. These fish flip flops resemble realistic fish, right down to the scales and fins, adding an amusing twist to her footwear collection.

    Whether she is heading to the beach or just lounging at home, these fish flops will have her 'reeling' in laughter with every step. A lighthearted gift that combines comfort and comedy in a 'fin-tastic' manner!

    24. Toilet Night Light

    Illuminate her midnight bathroom trips with the Toilet Night Light.

    This original toilet night light lights up the toilet bowl in an array of colors, turning a mundane task into an amusing spectacle. Equipped with motion sensors, the light activates when she approaches, adding a dose of laughter to her late-night visits.

    This unexpected gift is a bright mix of practicality and humor, sure to lighten up her nightly routines.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What girls most like in gifts?

    Girls generally appreciate gifts that reflect their personal interests and style. Consider an adult coloring book for creativity, a chic scarf for fashion, a high-quality skincare set for self-care, or a Bluetooth speaker for music lovers. These varied options cater to different aspects of her personality and hobbies.

    Q2. What to get a girl who had everything?

    For a girl who seems to have everything, unique and thoughtful gifts can make a difference. A screaming goat figurine for a touch of humor, a personalized piece of art, a subscription to a gourmet food service, or a handcrafted piece of jewelry can be delightful and unexpected choices.

    Q3. What to buy for a girl crush?

    Choosing a gift for a girl crush should be about thoughtfulness and a hint of fun. Consider fish flip flops for a quirky twist, a stylish tote bag for practicality, a gourmet gift box for a cozy vibe, or a custom playlist of songs you think she’d enjoy. Adding a public toilet survival kit can be a humorous touch, reflecting a playful side of your personality.


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