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    17 Best Personalized Picture Frames

    In this day and age, a lot of means to immortalize a memory have been springing out in the open. But capturing an image of a moment that matters most and encapsulating them in a frame is still one of the most classic ways of making it last longer, if not forever. A personalized one is even more appealing so listed here are the 17 Best Personalized Picture Frames that you may choose to put in your precious photos.

    17. Sisters Personalized Wooden Picture Frame


    They say when you have a sister or sisters, you will have best friends for life. But even the best of our lady siblings need to go away for school, work, and life. Capture moments with them and put them in this Sisters Personalized Wooden Picture Frame so you may stare at them all the time and give them to your sisters as a remembrance too. It may be engraved with your name and your sister’s name as well as your choice of a quote that you both love.

    16. Name Meaning Picture Frame


    Our name is one of our most important identifiers. However, most people do not just give their children names, but it sprung from a well-meaning word that fits or declares its definition to their child. Flaunt your image and name together with its meaning with this Name Meaning Picture Frame. Your name and its meaning will be laser cut and laser engraved into the wood for a classic and lasting effect. Frames may be CBG Honey, CBG Black, Architect Honey, Classic Cherry, and Classic Walnut.

    15. Sports Team Photo Collage Personalized Frame


    Achievements from the sport of your choice are a must to be immortalized and captured.  This Sports Team Photo Collage Personalized Frame will not only present winning images but also the name of the team that wins them. You may choose from 6 matboard colors to be custom cut with any name, title, or sports team am then insert your favorite photos within the cut-out letter shapes. The glass front insert will protect the photos you hold precious and dear.

    14. Acrylic Magnetic Desktop Picture Frame


    Shoot those high-resolution photos, and keep it in that condition for long with this Acrylic Magnetic Desktop Picture Frame. It is double side transparent and clear and has magnets. You may choose to use it as a single or double-sided frame as it can hold two pictures back-to-back. And images may be displayed vertically or horizontally. So you may display your chosen photos in this classy and nearly one-inch-thick crystal with magnets that make the frame and picture stable in both landscapes or portrait positions.

    13. Forever Frame

    An image that showcases your lasting friendship with your bridesmaid is a remembrance that has a lasting effect. This Forever Frame will make both of your feel like you have been friends forever as it immortalizes the love and joy you both shared. Customizable with the name and the title of your bridal party, this picture frame has an easel back that allows desk display and easy standing on tables or countertops plus it comes in different sizes that can house various image dimensions.

    12. Personalized My Best Friend Frame


    Some fur-parents love to put the image of their pets on display especially if they have passed on but their memories need to be relieved over and over. This Personalized My Best Friend Frame will make any human best friend’s longing to see their pets’ photos and captured moments fulfilled beautifully. The frame measures 8 3/4" x 6 3/4" and can hold a 3½" x 5" or 4" x 6" photo. It has an easel back to allow desk display in case you want to always take a glimpse of your pets while they disappear to play.

    11. Picture This


    Picture This, you and your best friend together on your wedding day as Bride and Bridesmaid. Now isn’t that a sight to behold? This glass picture frame will be a lovely reminder of how you both shared that wondrous moment of your wedding as you wear your white gown beside her. This frame is available in 4” x 6” size and has an easel back to allow for a desk display. Make sure you take the most amazing photo with her to put in this awesome frame.

    10. Picture Frame with Genuine Felt Letter Board


    Capture and print a photo of your family and display it using this Picture Frame with Genuine Felt Letter Board. It allows you to encapsulate the most precious moments taken via camera as well as present a family name or quote or verse of your choice. You may customize a unique message, date, or quote to caption your favorite photos as it comes with over 160 letters, emojis, & symbols included with a canvas bag for storage. Go ahead and bring your creative side on!

    9. Forever Flower Polaroid Frame


    Allow your friends and families to commemorate a special moment for a lifetime in a delicate frame with a hand-picked selection of pressed flowers and greenery that complement their photo. Give them this Forever Flower Polaroid Frame.  It is a floating 4x6 inch glass frame available in a Gold, Silver, or Matte Black finish. You may even add gold flakes, personal messages, lyrics, or quotes if you may. A polaroid photo of your choice will be included in this elegant and lovely piece.

    8. "To Our Loving Parents" Picture Frame 


    Our parent’s love is insurmountable and without them, none of us will be here. Make their most glamorous shot a classy reminder of how they will always be with us even if they pass on eventually with this "To Our Loving Parents" Picture Frame . It comes in two options, a white or black veneer made-to-fit frame. For those getting married, this frame is perfect as the engraving on top reads "To Our Loving Parents" followed by "Thank you for your unending love and support on this day and all the days of our lives."

    7. Engraved Love Poem Glass Frame


    Take a pic and make it quick, add up all your romantic emotion into rhythm and rhyme, and put them all in this Engraved Love Poem Glass Frame. Made of heavy-weight glass, this classy piece features beveled edges on all four sides and has golden brass frame trim around your photograph. It measures  8" x 11" and can hold a 4" x 6" photograph. The personalization is etched directly into the glass and this frame also includes clear easel legs for tabletop display.

    6. Personalized Baby Picture Frame

    The most common creature to ever be photographed with such awe and wonder are babies. Especially if they are your own, you might want to capture moments and frame them for life so even as they grow up so fast, you can slow down the time when you look at the images. This Personalized Baby Picture Frame is all-encompassing memorabilia for your baby. It comes with a glass cover, air-dry clay for your baby’s first foot and handprint, alphabet stencil tray, a wooden roller, double-sided tape, paint with a paintbrush, 2 cutouts with 2 colors, and illustrated instructions. This can be displayed in tabletops or mounted on walls.

    5. Couple’s Picture Frame


    Keep the memory of one of your special moments in this Couple’s Picture Frame that features a beachy visual for that timeless appeal. It displays beautiful beach scenery with a heart etched in the sand and two lovers' names in the middle. The frame fits a standard 4 x 6 picture that will be displayed on the side of the scenery. Measuring 8”x10”, this frame can hold a 3.5"x5" or 4"x6" photo and can either be displayed in tabletops or mounted on a wall. Pick your best image and immortalize it in this frame. 

    4. Best Bridesmaid Forever Picture Frame

    Your bridesmaid is usually your best friend, and if she is, you can practically guarantee that she will be the best bride tribe member you will have. So, on your wedding day, look pretty, hug your bestie, strike a pose then frame that captured image in this Best Bridesmaid Forever Picture Frame. You may personalize it with 2 lines of text or message of your choice up to 10 characters per line. Thinking of what to put in it will not be so hard for what this 8”10” frame holds is a 4”x6” image of one of the best ladies in your life.

    3. Eight Photos Picture Frame with Letterboard

    Family gatherings, events, and vacations are simply the best! Memories are made each time you and your loved ones get together so take a souvenir in each occurrence and frame it in this Eight Photos Picture Frame with Letterboard. More than keeping your most beloved images, it can be personalized with your own choice of quotes, jokes, sayings, or details of the event when the photos were taken, placed on the letterboard area using the 110 letters, 22 numbers, and 12 symbols included in the package.

    2. Couple In Love Engraved Photo CubeBottom of Form


    Unique and elegant looking, this Couple In Love Engraved Photo CubeBottom of Form can be your gift for your anniversary or any event you can think of. It is quality constructed of natural colored wood grain and features 4 separate photo openings, each measuring 2.5" x 2.5" that can hold  3" x 3" photos. The whole photo cube frame measures 4.5" square and will fit perfectly in tabletops or display shelves. Whichever side people will look at, they shall always see the love between the couple and their names engraved on top of it.

    1. Maid For Each Other Frame


    Of all the ladies in your wedding tribe, only one is given the honor of being your Maid of Honor. So as she stands by you on your wedding day, capture that lovely moment and frame it in this Maid For Each Other Frame. As you and your beloved are made for each other, your best friend is also made to be there for you even after your wedding. Made of glass, this frame has an easel back to allow your Maid of Honor to display memorabilia of you and her on her tabletop.

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