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  • 86 Unique 1-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her That She Will Adore

    by Melissa Bajda January 10, 2024

    One year ago, you made a commitment to each other that would last a lifetime. And what a year it’s been! You’ve laughed together, cried together, and loved each other through thick and thin. As you celebrates your first anniversary, take time to reflect on all the wonderful memories you’ve made, and look forward to all the happy years ahead.

    Of course, no anniversary is complete without a gift! If you’re stumped on what to get her don’t worry – we’ve got you covered. Shop our list of creative, traditional (hello, paper!) and modern presents. Whether you’re looking for something thoughtful or something fun.

    To help you out, here are the best first-year anniversary gifts for her:

    Unique and Perfect 1-Year Anniversary Gifts for Her!

    1. Melody of Memories Shadow Box

    Marking the milestone of a 1st wedding anniversary, or any significant anniversary, is a truly momentous occasion. Whether you're presenting this to your partner or another special couple, the sentiment behind it speaks volumes.

    Encased within the Melody of Memories shadow box is a bespoke 3D house featuring the lyrics of your 1st dance song, wedding vows, or a personalized message of your choice. Crafted from off-white cardstock, the house stands against a backdrop of either light gray or kraft brown, adorned with black writing. Below the house, the couple's last name, wedding year, and the heartfelt quote "Home is wherever I'm with you" grace the space. Every element is customizable, so don't hesitate to reach out with your unique preferences! 🏡💑✨

    2. Where We Met Map

    light up map anniversary sign

    Are you looking for a romantic and sophisticated way to commemorate your first date or the story of how you met? Look no further than this romantic Where We Met Map, the perfect token to remind both of you where it all began!

    It's much more than just a gift - it's an enduring symbol of love that will bring joy to any space at home. Whichever anniversary you may be on, this Where We Met Map is sure to be cherished forever as a sentiment and symbol of your journey. Give a meaningful gift that will stand out from all other presents in durability and craftsmanship - get your hands on one today!

    3. Infinity Metal Sign 



    When two people begin a relationship, they are eyeing forever. What better way to symbolize such a goal than giving this Infinity Metal Sign on your first wedding anniversary? This first anniversary gift is made of steel and is carefully laser-cut so that your personalization is made to perfection. 

    You may hang it in a house you both live in as it has the details you prefer. It may be personalized with your name, her name, and the wedding date.

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    4. Everlasting Love Luxury Anniversary Box

    luxury anniversary box set

    Indulge in the essence of enduring love with our Anniversary Luxury Box, a trio of romantic treasures designed to commemorate your timeless bond. Encased in a beautifully crafted wooden box, each element— a delicate, long-stemmed rose, and a shimmering crystal heart—embodies the essence of your first year together.

    Celebrate your first anniversary in style with our exquisite collection, featuring a wooden box adorned with heartfelt messages, a symbolic rose, and a crystal heart. Each piece preserves cherished memories and embodies the enduring strength of your connection, making it a timeless tribute to your love.

    5. Keepsake Jewelry Box

    1 year anniversary jewelry box

    Behold our exquisite Cherry Wood Keepsake Jewelry Box, a marriage of elegance and sentimentality.

    This 9" x 8.5" x 2.25" treasure, lined with aromatic Spanish Cedar, features internal locking hinges and offers the perfect canvas for personalized touches. Engrave names and a date on the front, and nestle a custom message within.

    Ideal for anniversary gifts or as a personalized keepsake, this box is more than storage—it's a timeless testament to love and cherished moments.

    6. Anniversary Puzzle Keepsake

    Anniversary Puzzle Keepsake

    Celebrate your special anniversary with a uniquely personal gift. This anniversary puzzle features a cherished wedding photo, capturing a magical kiss with friends cheering in the background. The puzzle consists of 100 durable cardboard pieces, each permanently UV printed for long-lasting memories. 

    It ships with the puzzle unassembled inside gift box, ensuring a perfect presentation upon arrival in your personalized gift box. The gift box window showcases the puzzle and can be personalized with initials and a date, making it a truly memorable anniversary gift.

    7. Embroidered Sentimental Sweatshirt

    roman numeral embroidered sweatshirt

    The Embroidered Sentimental Sweatshirt redefines everyday comfort with a touch of elegance. Crafted from a luxurious blend of 80% Ringspun US cotton and 20% polyester, it offers unparalleled softness and lasting durability. The use of sustainably and fairly grown USA cotton underscores its commitment to ethical fashion.

    Adding a unique twist to this cozy garment are two exclusive embroidery options. Each design enhances the sweatshirt’s charm, making it a versatile piece for various styles and occasions!

    8. One Year Down Maple Paddle Cutting Board

    Anniversary Maple Paddle Cutting Board With One Year Down Design

    Looking for the perfect 1 year anniversary gift? Look no further than this exquisite maple paddle cutting board. With a personalized laser engraved design that celebrates love and commitment, this unique piece will surely touch the hearts of any couple celebrating their special milestone.

    Crafted from real natural maple wood with a convenient handle for easy carrying, this cutting board is not only functional but also adds an elegant touch to any kitchen. The customized text and font options allow you to create a one-of-a-kind gift that symbolizes everlasting memories shared together. Give the gift of romance and functionality with this timeless anniversary themed cutting board.

    9. Acrylic Couple's Photo Frame

    Celebrate your first year together with the Acrylic Couple's Photo Frame, a symbol of your blossoming relationship. This magnetic acrylic frame, designed with two sleek blocks and magnets in the corners, beautifully encases your cherished memories. It's a testament to your first year of shared experiences and promises.

    The frame's free-standing design and double-sided display feature allow you to showcase two favorite moments from your first-year side by side. This frame isn't just a holder of pictures; it's a window into the year that laid the foundation for your journey together.

    10. Anniversary Elegance Charcuterie Board

    anniversary years charcuterie board

    Celebrate your timeless love and cherished memories with our Anniversary Elegance Charcuterie Board. Crafted with precision and designed with sophistication, this exquisite board is more than just a serving platter; it's a symbol of enduring affection and milestone moments.

    Made from high-quality acacia wood and adorned with an elegant anniversary-themed design, this charcuterie board adds a touch of refinement to any occasion. Celebrate 2 years together with this sentimental gift, making it one of a kind as you commemorate your love for one another.

    11. First Year Anniversary Journal

    anniversary journal

    What could be more special than commemorating your first year of marriage with a one-of-a-kind journal? The Anniversary Journal will help you capture the cherished amazing memories of your first or second year as a married couple. 

    Starting with the details of how you met and moved through dating and engagement, this paper anniversary gift will highlight all of the romantic moments from each year of your marriage.

    12. Anniversary Photo Tumbler

    anniversary photo tumbler

    Immortalize your most cherished moments with our Custom Anniversary Photo Tumbler, a masterpiece of personalization and warmth for your loved one. This exquisite piece transforms your favorite anniversary photo into a work of art, etched with precision on premium stainless steel. 

    It is not just a gift; it's a timeless memento that encapsulates the essence of your love and shared memories.

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    13. Anniversary Wine Gift Set

    anniversary wine gift set

    Celebrate your anniversary with a gift that's as timeless as your love. Our Anniversary Wine Gift Set is thoughtfully curated to make your first anniversary unforgettable. Inside, she'll discover elegant wine glasses, a romantic heart-shaped bottle stopper, and charming wooden wine charms. The set is completed with a set of chic slate coasters and an ambiance-setting candle, all encased in a beautiful box.

    The magic of this set is in the details. The box itself is a canvas for your affection, offering the option to engrave a personal message. Select from nine exquisite design options to capture the essence of your shared journey. This gift set isn't just an item; it's an experience, a keepsake, and a celebration of your union.

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    14. Anniversary Bar Necklace

    Mark the first chapter of your journey together with our Anniversary Bar Necklace. Choose from rose gold, gold, or silver to suit your partner's style. Its modest size, with a width of 1.4 inches and a height of 0.28 inches, makes it a delicate token of love. The 20-inch chain is perfect for everyday wear, symbolizing the start of many more years of happiness.

    15. Leather Journal

    The emergence of electronic devices to record daily activities has brought a slow run for paper and pen writing. However, some women still enjoy the experience of journaling in an old-school manner. So, for your lady on your paper or leather anniversary, give her this Floral Blossoms Leather Journal

    This paper wedding anniversary gift will allow her to faithfully record her thoughts privately.

    16. Timeless Anniversary Fringe Throw

    anniversary throw blanket

    Celebrate your love in style with our anniversary throw blanket, a unique testament to your journey together. This 38'' x 70'' multifunctional marvel isn't just a cozy addition to your home; it transforms effortlessly into a chic picnic blanket, an elegant beach accessory, or even a trendy sarong. Crafted from premium pesthemal material, renowned for its superior absorbency and rapid drying, it's as practical as it is stylish. Choose from a palette of 11 vibrant colors to find the perfect match for your special occasion.

    17. Love's Starting Point Sign

    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this beautiful 12x18 personalized sign adorned with rich leatherette is more than just a sign; it's a heartfelt tribute to love stories.

    Customized with the significant coordinates of that cherished day, whether it's where you first met, got engaged, or exchanged vows, this sign captures the essence of your unique journey. Your names and the location are elegantly engraved, adding a personal touch that makes this piece a true keepsake.

    18. Built In Love

    lego photo printed gift

    Transform your living space with our Personalized LEGO Photo gift, turning cherished moments into vibrant brick-built memories. From your first date to your anniversary or ant favorite moment together, capture the joy in a snapshot and hang it proudly.

    Choose your favorite photo and watch it come to life in LEGO brilliance—a perfect gift for every family member and LEGO enthusiast. Made with high-quality materials, this gift is not just decoration but a lasting tribute to the joy your memories bring. Hang it proudly and let the magic of LEGO and your moments shine.

    19. Anniversary Etched Wood Photo

    etched wood photo anniversary frame

    Immortalize your most cherished moments with our Custom Etched Wood Photo Panel, a masterpiece of personalization and warmth for your home decor. This exquisite piece transforms your favorite anniversary photo into a work of art, etched with precision on premium wood, and elegantly framed to match any interior design. It's not just a gift; it's a timeless memento that encapsulates the essence of your love and shared memories.

    20. Personalized Chic Wristlet

    Celebrating the first year of togetherness is a momentous occasion, and finding the perfect gift is crucial. The Personalized Chic Wristlet, made of luxurious faux leather, is an ideal choice for this special milestone.

    It's a symbol of the year you've spent together. With 12 card slots plus an ID slot, it offers practicality and elegance in equal measure. The custom message inside serves as a tender reminder of your first year, making it more than just a wristlet—it's a keepsake of your shared memories.

    21. Custom Anniversary Printed Song Lyrics

    first anniversary sign

    This Fantastic Personalized Anniversary Printed Lyrics is perfect for remembering your most unforgettable memories on this first anniversary. You enter your song title, and our clever designers will take care of the rest! 

    The result is a beautiful personalized piece of art that will be treasured for years.

    22. Personalized Marble Charcuterie Board

    Our exquisite Marble Charcuterie Board with a touch of elegance! Measuring 15"x9" and adorned with a stunning gold edge, this engraved board is the perfect centerpiece for any gathering.

    Whether you're celebrating a special occasion, searching for unique Christmas or birthday gifts for her, or looking for personalized housewarming gifts, this luxurious board fits the bill. You can even add a matching coaster made of the same material, and personalize it with any name to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

    Elevate your hosting game with this personalized charcuterie board, a cherished gift for mom and an ideal choice for any occasion.

    23. Illuminate Love-Custom Anniversary Sign

    custom light up anniversary sign

    Do you have somebody special in your life that you want to celebrate? There’s no better way to do so than with the gift of a Custom Light Up Heart Name Sign!

    This romantic and modern personalized night light is perfect for anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, or any special occasion.

    24. Snazzy Jewelry Box

    Mark the first chapter of your forever with a gift that combines modern elegance with a personal touch.

    This Compact Leatherette Jewelry Box, measuring a perfect 4” x 2” x 4”, is an ideal first anniversary gift that echoes the beauty of the past year. With custom embossing available, inscribe it with your partner’s name or your shared initials to celebrate your one-year milestone.

    The box’s compartments are designed to protect and organize everything from the simplest ring to the most elaborate necklace, making it a daily reminder of your love's young journey.

    25. Custom Photo Car Air Freshener

    Looking for a unique and personalized gift to celebrate your first anniversary? Consider a Custom Photo Car Air Freshener.

    This 1-year anniversary gift is made from high-quality clear acrylic and allows you to proudly display a favorite photo of yourself and your partner. Every time she gets into her car, she'll be reminded of your special bond and all the years you have spent together.

    It is a thoughtful and sentimental gift that shows how much you care. Plus, it will make her car smell amazing, too!

    26. Farmhouse Custom Monogram Throw Blanket

    Looking for a cozy and thoughtful gift for your one-year anniversary? Consider a Farmhouse Custom Monogram Throw Blanket.

    This thoughtful anniversary gift, available in four beautiful colors, can be customized with a monogram in various patch colors, sure to include one of her favorites. Made from 100% polyester, this blanket is perfect for snuggling up on the couch or adding a stylish touch to any room.

    It is a perfect gift that will make her feel special and loved. Going the extra mile with personalized gifts like this shows that you value and cherish your first anniversary together.

    27. Necklace with Vows or Song

    Celebrate your first wedding anniversary or your first year as a couple by giving her a piece of jewelry with your vow or the lyrics of your favorite song.

    This Necklace with Vows or Song paper wedding anniversary gift will have your special words professionally inscribed onto silver paper, so she can wear them close to her heart, forever. 

    The first anniversary gift is made of sterling silver, features an 18" chain and 1" pendant. The paper where your customized words will be inscribed is protected under glass.

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    28. Custom Love Song Plaque

    Preserve the magic of your wedding day with a custom love song plaque. Crafted with high-quality clear acrylic, this thoughtful anniversary gift is worth celebrating.

    Choose your favorite wedding song and have the lyrics beautifully engraved on the Song Plaque, keeping your memories alive forever. Hang it on your wall or display it on your nightstand and let the lyrics of your special wedding song fill your heart with love and nostalgia.

    The custom love song plaque is the perfect anniversary gift to commemorate the bond you share with your partner and remind you of the joyous moments you have shared.

    29. Luminous Love Keepsake

    Luminous Love Keepsake

    Illuminate the essence of your love story with the Luminous Love Keepsake – a customizable masterpiece serves as a timeless symbol of commitment, featuring space for the couple's names and the cherished year of establishment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sleek design seamlessly blends with any décor, adding a touch of warmth to your living space.

    Glowing softly from within, this sentimental anniversary gift creates a captivating ambiance, casting a gentle glow that symbolizes the enduring flame of love. Whether it graces your bedside table, mantelpiece, or becomes the centerpiece of a special occasion, this personalized light-up box transcends its functional purpose, becoming a cherished memento that radiates the love and commitment shared between two individuals.

    30. Anniversary Succulent Gift Box

    She is in every way nurturing and loving. And as your relationship reach a milestone, give her this Anniversary Succulent Gift Box that will relax her and add greenery to her immediate vicinity. 

    These first wedding anniversary gifts includes a natural scented candle and real-life succulent that will bring life into her room and takes minimal effort. This box also comes with a beautiful greeting card with a personal message from you to your girl, so make it as romantic as possible.

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    31. Personalized “First Year Together” Gift

    Over the past year of being together, you indeed have collected several wedding photos on your phone or computer. However, few deserve to be presented and seen regularly as it strikes a happy vibe and good memory. 

    Give these Personalized "First Year Together" wedding anniversary gifts to your beloved lady. You will hand her a daily dose of joy at the same time. This traditional anniversary gift box is very versatile as it may be given as a box with an added treat inside.

    32. Paper Rose in Glass Globe

    Talk about encapsulating romance in a single gift. This Paper Rose in Glass Globe traditional anniversary gift captures your special message of love for the one year you have been together and places it in a sturdier flat bottom glass globe. 

    This way, the lovely flower worded with your message, lyrics, or poems will be displayed and seen by all as a declaration of lasting love, even just in the first year.

    33. Together Home Sign

    Celebrate a year of unity with this "Together Home Sign", a testament to your growing bond. Sized at a noticeable 18" wide and 12" high, it's crafted from elegant leatherette, exuding a modern yet timeless appeal. Easily mounted with a sawtooth hanger, this sign is not just a decoration, it's a year-long journey encapsulated in a stylish keepsake.

    34. Custom Book Fold

    Whether you have a library at home or love collecting and reading books, this Custom Book Fold will be a great paper wedding anniversary gift and an amazing decoration for the house.

    This traditional wedding anniversary gift is a very classy reminder of your wedding date and a unique way of declaring that your memories are all in the book, which in this case, literally is in the book. 

    35. Custom Anniversary Slate Decor

    custom photo slate decor

    Celebrate your first anniversary with our Custom Engraved Slate Home Decor, a timeless piece that beautifully commemorates your love and dedication. Crafted from premium, natural slate, each piece is unique, with its own distinct texture and edge, ensuring that no two pieces are exactly alike. This bespoke home decor item is not just a gift, but a keepsake that will be cherished for years to come.

    36. Book Lover's Keepsake Set

    Surprise the special book lover in your life with this beautiful keepsake set. Personalize the tumbler, journal, and bookmark with a name and thoughtful message—the perfect way to show you care. Perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. Add a personal touch to her next relaxation and reading experience.

    37. Coffee Love Mug Anniversary

    Anniversary Coffee Mug

    This beautifully Etched Coffee Mug is a unique gift to impress your significant other. 

    These first anniversary gift ideas are perfect for any momentous occasion, she will think of you whenever he sips her coffee or tea!

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    38. First Anniversary Gift for Her

    This First Anniversary Gift for Her is a specialized and customizable gift that can present the number of years you have been together, including the months, the weeks, the days, the hours, and the minutes down to the seconds. 

    This one-year anniversary gift may also include photos you hold most valuable or clever to put in a frame and hand over to your girl as a traditional gift.

    39. First Dance Music Sheet

    You may not be too musically inclined to play or read a music sheet. But this First Dance Music Sheet is an excellent and unique reminder of how beautiful is the sound of your first dance and how magnificently you graced your way into it during your wedding day. 

    These wedding anniversary gifts are not limited to just your first dance song, it may also print the music sheet of your wedding song you may.

    40. Personalized Monochrome Couple’s Names

    This Personalized Monochrome Couple's Names is a dainty reminder of that special day when not only your names and hands were joined but also your hearts and lives will forever be bound together in the sacred matrimony. 

    Your names will be printed in a stylish font and a cute little heart to add spice to the monochromatic anniversary theme and the wedding date.

    41. Heartfelt Hometown Sign

    Explore the allure of our "Heartfelt Hometown Sign" – a seamless blend of refinement and personal sentiment. This elegant piece, meticulously crafted from opulent leatherette, boasts dimensions of 18" in width and 12" in height, making it a statement of pure sophistication. More than just a sign, it serves as a canvas for cherished narratives, an ideal choice for housewarming or anniversary gifts.

    Infuse it with your personal touch by customizing it with your home state, names, and a significant date, enhanced with a heart symbolizing your town. This transforms it into a distinctive keepsake, encapsulating the essence of special moments.

    Complete with a convenient sawtooth hanger, it stands ready to grace any wall, effortlessly transforming a mere house into a cherished home. Witness its timeless allure and personalized charm elevate your living space.

    42. Wedding Vow Anniversary Gift


    Only some people use typewriters, especially for printing essential things like wedding vows. This Wedding Vow Anniversary Gift captures the words you both said during your wedding in vintage 1920 underwood typewritten prints in handmade linen paper. 

    The vintage feel and the personal touch make this a great Valentine's Day gift and a truly romantic one, as it reminds each of you of your promises and how much your love for each other will make you both work hard to keep them.

    43. Custom Where We Met Map

    Create a truly special and sentimental 1-year anniversary gift with a Custom Where We Met Map. This one-year anniversary gift allows you to relive the moment you and your partner first crossed paths.

    Choose the map shape and color best suits your style and customize the marker shape and color to represent your special connection. Add your names, the date of your first meeting, and the location. For an extra touch, include the exact address for the map pin.

    You can easily get a digital download of this personalized map, making it a convenient and thoughtful keepsake.

    44. Watercolor Wedding Venue Portrait

    Capture the beauty and memories of your wedding day with a stunning art print: Watercolor Wedding Venue Portrait.

    This personalized print is created on 200 gsm matte finish fine art paper, ensuring vibrant colors and a timeless aesthetic. Whether you display it in your home or gift it to your spouse, this unique anniversary gift will be cherished for years.

    Immortalize the place where you said, "I do", and let the watercolor strokes bring your wedding venue to life in a truly special and sentimental way.

    45. 1st Anniversary Token Coin

    You did not flip a coin when you found her, and she did not do that too, when she said "Yes" to you. But on your first anniversary, tell her she is a rare find with this 1st Anniversary Token Coin

    This traditional gift will be engraved "1 Year, 12 Months, 52 Weeks, 365 Days, 8760 Hours, 525000 Minutes, 31536000 Seconds and Counting..." on one side and "Happy Anniversary" on the other.

    46. Custom Anniversary Picture

    1 year anniversary gifts

    This anniversary picture is the perfect way to commemorate your love story! 

    The Black and White Canvas Print features a heart with your carved initials in the trees. Ready to hang in any home, you and your loved one will cherish this stunning piece forever!

    47. Anniversary Tumbler

    Anniversary Tumbler

    Let this personalized Anniversary Tumbler remind your girlfriend or wife how much you love her daily. This first wedding anniversary gift from Groovy Girl can handle whatever her drink of choice is while letting her know how much you care. 

    From the beach to the office, wherever she goes, she will be thrilled to know her drinks stay at the perfect temperature for hours.

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    48. Personalized Street Sign

    Make her feel like the queen of her own street with a Personalized Street Sign for your anniversary.

    This one-year anniversary gift allows you to customize street signs with your names, wedding date, or a special message. It is a thoughtful and sentimental gesture that she can proudly display in your home. Not only is it a beautiful keepsake, but it also serves as a reminder of the love and commitment you share.

    This anniversary gifting idea will make her smile and make her excited for future anniversaries together.

    49. Custom Photo Wine Glass

    Capture a cherished memory with a Custom Photo Wine Glass. This unique and personalized gift for wine lovers is perfect for celebrating your one-year anniversary. Choose a favorite photo of you and your partner, and our amazing artist will expertly etch it onto a stemless wine glass.

    The first-year anniversary gift holds 17 oz of your favorite beverage and is made from tempered glass, ensuring durability and longevity. Every time she enjoys a glass of wine, she'll be reminded of your love and the special moments you've shared.

    50. First Anniversary Origami Paper Clock

    Looking for a unique and creative gift for your first anniversary? Consider a First Anniversary Origami Paper Clock. This handmade clock combines the traditional and modern gift themes of paper and clocks, making it a meaningful and symbolic present. The clock is meticulously crafted from colorful origami paper, creating a stunning and eye-catching design.

    You can also personalize it with a custom message to make it even more special. It is a beautiful and thoughtful way to celebrate your first year together and will constantly remind you of the love and memories you've created.

    51. Custom Birthstone Bracelet

    Introducing the Custom Birthstone Bracelet, the perfect way to show your love and appreciation for someone special in your life!

    These anniversary gift ideas can be customized with any birthstone and initial of your choice, making it a truly unique and personal gift. 

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    52. Spa Birthday Gift Box

    Your girl has had a long year, so it's time for her to take time some time for herself. We can all agree that she works overtime, so get her this Gift Box as a way to let her unwind and take the time to relax.

    After receiving this thoughtful gift set, she will be as good as new and ready for the next year.

    53. Custom Wedding Dress and Suit Illustration Portrait

    A year after your wedding, the sparks may still fly, and that great day's giggles may still be in the air. This Custom Wedding Dress and Suit Illustration Portrait is an 8x10 inches illustration of you in the wedding dress and suit you wore that day. 

    You may even choose between color mixed media or blank ink for the color of the drawing. Plus, you may also request to add your wedding venue to be illustrated as well.

    54. Purple Peony Paper Flower Bouquet

    Flowers are one of the best gifts for any occasion. But in this case, one made from high-quality Mulberry paper will be symbolically pretty for your first anniversary. 

    Made in a small studio in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Purple Peony Paper Flower Bouquet was specially colored to make it look realistic and natural. Like freshly picked flowers, this unique anniversary gift ideas are perfect for her.

    55. Personalized Mrs. Love Sweatshirt

    Introducing our Personalized Mrs. Sweatshirt, a cozy blend of sentiment and style. Crafted from a premium 50/50 cotton-polyester mix, it's a cocoon of comfort. The tear-away label adds convenience, ensuring pure bliss in every wear.

    Designed for versatile unisex sizing, including larger options, it envelops you in warmth and coziness. The professional vinyl transfer bestows an elegant touch, preserving cherished memories.

    What sets it apart is the option to personalize with the last bride's name, creating a unique and meaningful garment. Perfect for anniversaries or as a special gift "for her," it embodies love and commitment.

    56. Personalized Scratch Away “Reasons Why I love you”

    Share that feeling of consistently winning every time you look at her with this Personalized Scratch Away "Reasons Why I love you"

    Each gold heart reveals your personalized reasons for why you love her, and she can scratch it like a coupon in which the prize is that jubilance of knowing ten or more reasons why she is perfect for you.

    This first anniversary gift ideas will make your woman's heart pound faster and beat even deeper in love for you.

    57. Personalized Stylish Wine Box

    Mark your first year of marriage with a gift that’s as unique as your journey - the Personalized Stylish Wine Box. Perfectly sized at 13"(L) x 3 3/8"(W) x 4"(H), this box is ideal for a romantic evening, complete with a bottle of wine.

    Inside, it houses essential wine tools including a decanting pourer, a corkscrew with a foldout knife, bottle opener, boot lever, a plastic foil cutter, and a stopper. The magnetic closure keeps the contents secure. This wine box is more than just a gift; it's an experience, perfect for celebrating the first of many happy years together.

    58. Printable Anniversary Card

    A first wedding anniversary card with their man's heartfelt message on them perfectly declares how much he values her over the first year of their relationship.

    This Printable Anniversary Card may be personalized according to your choice of words or images or artwork outside, and your message might as well be handwritten for a more "loving" touch.

    59. Personalized Pull Out Photo Album Token Gift

    A photo album is a classic gift for anniversaries. Since this is your first one, you should not overdo it yet. This Personalized Pull-Out Photo Album Token Gift is a petite version of the collection of your favourite photos. 

    Although you may have tons in the cloud or on your phone, you may have a few printed-on paper for your paper anniversary.

     60. Dance Song Sound Wave Art

    You did your symbolic "First Dance" during your wedding, which was purely magical. You captured the moment in your wedding video, but you can do more with this gift. 

    Capture the sound wave image of your first dance or even your favorite song with this Dance Song Sound Wave Art and immortalize the moment. It is a unique and fitting paper anniversary gift as it prints the sound waves in the paper and a photo of your choice.

    61. Personalised Couples Date Night Dispenser

    These Personalized Couples Date Night Dispenser one-year anniversary gifts have already listed the activities you may do with the thrill of not knowing when you will do it by placing it in a dispenser that only she can take from. 

    The power to choose is hers, but you have already prepared the activities. The 20 tear-off gloss finish papers inside contain romantic date ideas you will love.

    62. White Origami Desk Clock-Luna

    Time flew so fast, and it had already been one year since that extraordinary day. Give her this artfully created White Origami Desk Clock-Luna for your paper anniversary, delicately handmade using origami on durable polypropylene material. 

    This practical sculptural art piece with a touch of elegance is a nice reminder of your first anniversary.

    63. Love-ly Bar Necklace

    Looking for a beautiful and personal way to say I love you? Check out our Custom Bar Necklace! You can personalize this stylish necklace with your initials and a choice of metal finish, ranging from gold, silver, or rose gold.

    Add the most personalized engraving of your initials, name, custom message, or coordinates. This dainty, minimal, and classic necklace is our favorite choice.

    64. Romantic Letter and Card

    You can make your lady feel like royalty by handing her this romantically crated letter filled with your heartfelt message and sealed with your initial. 

    These Romantic Letter and Card 1-year anniversary gifts are perfect for your paper anniversary as you will write in handmade materials, which are fibers interwoven as they were taken out of the water to form a complete piece of paper.

    65. Love Coupons

    A year has passed, and it is appropriate to level up your game. But most of the time, no matter how you try, buying thoughtful gifts for your girl is difficult, especially for an first wedding anniversary. 

    This awesome gift suggestion will advance your gift-giving gifts a notch higher. Love Coupons has 60 cards with favors you are willing to do for her, plus six blank ones in case you want to be more creative.

    66. Love Note in a Bottle

    Gone are the days when people had to write their notes on paper and put them in a bottle, then toss them in the sea, hoping that someone would get them and reads them. Now you do not have to randomly send it to anyone and pray it will be read. 

    You may make the old-fashioned gesture with a modern twist. So write your message in this Love Note in a Bottle and hand it to your beloved. The 1-year anniversary gifts with a love note written on paper.

    67. Custom Lyric and Vows Art

    During your wedding, you mean every word as you proclaim your love through your vows. A year after that, you still want to remind and reiterate that you aim to fulfil those words daily. 

    What better way to make it solid than by printing it and hanging it on the wall where she can always see it and be assured? This Custom Lyric and Vows Art may also go well as a 1st anniversary gift for a girlfriend by placing lyrics of your song as a couple or a message from you that you will always want her to read and remember.

    68. To The Moon And Back Sign


    Having spent a year together, the love between the two of you is already tested and proven. The To The Moon And Back wall art sign will blatantly represent the famous quote that men say, "I love you to the moon and back". 

    These first-year anniversary gifts are handmade to perfection and lasts with its precise laser design. She can hang this piece on the wall easily, so all she will need to focus on is how lovely and reassuring it is.

    69. Custom Map Coordinates Bangle Bracelet

    Celebrate places that will forever hold you and your wife in thrall with this Custom Map Coordinates Bangle Bracelet. This bold design features a personalized map showing the locale of your choosing. 

    The satin silver finish pewter is lead and nickel free and mimics sterling silver. This 1st anniversary gift is designed to fit a hand size of 8″ or less and can be engraved with any message of up to 25 characters.

    70. Amazon.com Gift Card


    You may still be trying to perfect your gift-giving game, but your anniversary is approaching closely, so you must think fast. The Amazon.com Gift Card is your best bet as it will give her the liberty to buy what will make her happy without activating your fear of overspending. 

    The 1st anniversary gift card is nested inside a speciality gift box and has no fees or expiration date. The card is redeemable for millions of items storewide at Amazon.

    71. Beauty Product Subscription


    Nothing beats the joy of receiving monthly gifts that abide with a woman's vanity. A Beauty Product Subscription is a great anniversary gift for any woman whose love for beauty goes beyond a first celebration. 

    This kind of subscription is available for 12 months, six months, three months, and monthly.

    72. Sentimental Anniversary Gift Set

    anniversary gift set

    Presenting a Heartwarming Gift Set for Women, designed to convey your profound love and appreciation. This thoughtful set comprises three personalized items, carefully selected to capture cherished moments and emotions.

    The 1-year anniversary gift set includes a personalized anniversary journal, ideal for capturing and preserving special memories. A personalized tumbler accompanies the journal, providing a stylish and practical vessel for her favorite beverages. Finally, a customized opener serves as a timeless keepsake, symbolizing the enduring strength of your affection.

    This good anniversary gift is perfect for commemorating your special paper anniversary or any other special occasion.

    73. Picnic Backpack


    Whether a man wishes to admit it or not, your lady is the one who packs things during a picnic getaway. 

    Give her a Picnic Backpack on your first anniversary, and you shall easily enjoy your outdoor dates as she gets to pack everything, she needs without worrying about where to put it. 

    This great anniversary gift for 1-year is already loaded with melamine plates, goblets, flatware, and napkins for four, a bread knife, a wooden cutting board, salt and pepper shakers, and a sommelier's corkscrew.

    74. Wooden Music Box


    Indeed, you were not able to help to fall in love with your wife or girlfriend. So, for your first or fifth anniversary, give her a Wooden Music Box that plays the lovely and romantic music of "Can't Help Falling in Love". 

    The lyrics are organized into a heart shape and are engraved onto the music box. This modern gift is made of superior quality natural wood with no harmful substance.

    75. Heart in Sand Glass Block


    If her trip on the beach is accompanied by an aim to write your name on the sand enclosed in a heart outline, then this Heart in Sand Glass Block will be your best bet for a first anniversary gift. 

    She may be a sand and beach lover, but the current lockdown and quarantine scenarios made going to the nearby ocean harder. 

    This modern gift is made of glass and features an image of your name "traced" in the sand, encircled by a heart.

    76. Where It All Began Memento Box


    Suppose you ask a couple when, where, and how their love story began, the woman will probably get all the answers and details right. 

    Honor your lady by giving her the Where It All Began Memento Box on your anniversary so she may start and continue collecting and preserving all your cherished keepsakes. 

    This first anniversary gift can be personalized with any message up to 25 characters, names/messages up to 25 characters, and your anniversary date.

    77. Ceramic Utensil Holder + Tablet Stand


    The new age era prevented women from staying in the kitchen preparing meals for their loved ones. However, technological advancements alongside the modern age paved the way for an easier and more entertaining cooking scenario. 

    With this stylish stand, this Ceramic Utensil Holder + Tablet Stand first year anniversary gift can ensure her tablet is safe while keeping her cooking utensils at her fingertips.

    78. Couples Keepsake Shadowbox


    Allow her to display her most cherished favorite memories of your relationship with this Couples Keepsake Shadowbox and make her feel that she may immortalize them even after a year of being together. 

    Made of wood and glass, this thoughtful gift box comes with an optional picture mat to display two 3″ sq wedding photos and includes grey background and adhesive. This first anniversary gift can also be engraved with any 1-line sweet message with up to 30 characters.

    79. Love & Laughter Wood Wine Rack


    Made of wood and metal, this Love & Laughter Wood Wine Rack first anniversary gift will be a home décor your wife will adore as a gift.

    Not only will it blend with any vintage interior, but it will also be a functional bar and kitchen tool. It measures 17.75″Lx15.25″Hx5″D and can hold up to four 750ml bottles of wine and hangs up to 4 wine glasses.

    Personalize it with any 1 to 2-line message up to 50 characters each line and anniversary date to make it more romantic.

    80. Reasons I Love You Stones


    Some words leave a mark in the heart, while others are marked on stones for two lovers to commemorate them when necessary. These Reasons I Love You Stones will be the romantic reminder you can give your beloved lady for your first anniversary. 

    Yes, these first wedding anniversary gifts are not for skipping but for making your wife's heart skip a beat because they are adorable reasons why you love her so that she can get out whenever she feels otherwise.

    81. Happy Anniversary Double Heart Figurine


    She caught your eye the minute you saw her, so give her an equally eye-catching gift such as this Happy Anniversary Double Heart Figurine. This first or modern third anniversary gift features two delicate hearts with dangling crystals suspended inside and hangs above a "Happy Anniversary" inscribed banner. 

    Crafted with 24K Gold and studded with precision-cut Matashi Crystals, you can be sure that the highest quality materials are used for this display of your one-year relationship achievement.

    82. Twist Candlesticks


    Keep the fire of your love burning and celebrate it romantically as you reach a wonderful milestone in your love story with these Twist Candlesticks

    Made of Zinc Alloy, these first wedding anniversary gifts measure 10.25″Hx2.5″ diameter each. Like two kindred spirits linked together in a loving embrace, this graceful pair will create a romantic focal point wherever you choose to display them. 

    83. A Date To Remember Pendant

    Take your wife on a trip back in time with this stunning A Date To Remember Pendant featuring a cherished date of your anniversary in Roman numerals. The pendant measures 1.25" in diameter, and the chain is 18" Long. 

    It will not be like an ordinary anniversary date necklace as it features the numerical system that only a few people can read in this modern day and age.

    84. Personalized Mrs. Shirt

    The Personalized Mrs. Shirt isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a symbol of love, commitment, and individuality. 

    Crafted with attention to detail and designed to reflect your individuality, this anniversary gift can be personalized with your name and cherished EST (established) date.

    Plus, you have the freedom to choose from a stunning array of 17 Comfort Colors, allowing you to select the shade that best suits your taste and personality.

    Related: For more best gifts, check out this collection of anniversary gifts.

    85. First Anniversary Custom Paper Map

    first anniversary custom paper map

    Celebrate your first anniversary with a heartfelt gift, a Personalized Map featuring the location of your special day. Whether it is the city where you met, the place you got married, or any other significant spot, this first wedding anniversary gift makes a lovely commemorative piece. 

    Choose any location worldwide and let us custom-heart it for you.

    86. Token Stretch Bracelet, Love

    The message in the card included in this Token Stretch Bracelet is that Love fits for your first anniversary. Lovely words written on paper, and presented with jewelry, make for an excellent paper Anniversary Gift

    She may choose a token that she may wear as a daily reminder, but since you are giving this, remind her of your love and make her wear it daily. Handcrafted in Tennessee, this sentimental gift is stretchable and will fit most wrists.

    Unique 1-Year Anniversary Ideas for Her

    If you want unique and thoughtful 1-year anniversary ideas for her, we've got you covered! From personalized items to luxurious spa treatments, these ideas will help you celebrate your special milestone in style.

    1. Engraved Jewelry

    Surprise her with beautiful jewelry, such as a necklace or bracelet engraved with your initials or a special message. It's a gift she can cherish forever.

    2. Adventure Experience

    Plan an exciting day of adventure, whether a hot air balloon ride, a helicopter tour, or a hiking trip to a picturesque destination. This will create lasting memories and strengthen your bond.

    3. Weekend Getaway

    Treat her to a romantic weekend getaway at a cozy bed and breakfast or a luxury resort. Enjoy quality time together and pamper yourselves with spa treatments and candlelit dinners.

    4. Customized Love Letter

    Instead of a traditional love letter, surprise her with a customized one. Write down why you love her and frame it as a keepsake.

    5. Subscription Box

    Sign her up for a subscription box tailored to her interests- beauty products, books, or gourmet snacks. It's a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

    6. Couples Cooking Class

    Take a cooking class together and learn how to prepare a gourmet meal. It's a fun and interactive way to bond and try something new.

    7. Personalized Playlist

    Create a playlist of all the songs that hold special meaning in your relationship. It's a heartfelt gift she can listen to whenever she wants to reminisce.

    8. Spa Day at Home

    Create a spa-like experience at home with scented candles, bath salts, and face masks. Pamper her with a relaxing massage and a homemade meal.

    9. Custom Photo Book

    Gather all your favorite photos from the past year and create a personalized photo book. It's a sentimental gift that showcases your memories together.

    10. Surprise Date Night

    Plan a surprise date night, take her to her favorite restaurant, or try something new. Show her that you still know how to sweep her off her feet.

    11. Concert Tickets

    It is the perfect way to create lasting memories and share a special night. Whether she loves pop, rock, or country music, finding a concert that aligns with her taste will show how much you know and appreciate her.

    These unique 1-year anniversary ideas will make her feel special and loved. Choose the one that best suits her personality and interests, and create a day filled with love and celebration. Here's to many more years of happiness together!


    Anniversaries are a special time to celebrate your love and commitment to each other. Whether its your first, second or fifth it’s a time to reflect on all the happy moments you’ve shared together and look forward to all the wonderful moments yet to come.

    On your anniversary, take time to re-connect as a couple and remember why you fell in love in the first place.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. What is the traditional 1-year anniversary gift?

    The traditional 1-year anniversary gift is paper. This dates back to the Victorian era when couples would exchange paper gifts to symbolize the fragile and delicate nature of their first year together.

    Today, paper gifts can range from personalized love letters to custom photo books, allowing you to create a meaningful and sentimental gift representing the love and memories you've shared.

    2. What can I get my girlfriend for our 1-year anniversary?

    When choosing a gift for your girlfriend on your 1-year anniversary, it is important to consider her interests and preferences. Personalized gifts, such as custom jewelry, photo gifts, or even a surprise date night, are always great.

    You could also plan a romantic weekend getaway or an adventurous experience to create lasting memories together.

    3. Should I get my girlfriend a gift for 1 year?

    While getting your girlfriend a gift for your 1-year anniversary is not mandatory, it is a thoughtful gesture that can make her feel loved and appreciated. It is a way to celebrate and commemorate the milestones you've reached in your relationship.

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