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  • Wood You Be Mine? 66 Thoughtful 5 Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

    by Chris Bajda January 10, 2024

    It is time to show your special someone how much you love them with the perfect five-year anniversary gifts for her.

    Celebrating a five-year milestone in your relationship is an excellent opportunity to express your devotion and appreciation for the special lady in your life.

    Here are 66 five-year anniversary gifts that will help show your love.

    1. Anniversary Elegance Charcuterie Board

    anniversary years charcuterie board

    Celebrate your timeless love and cherished memories with our Anniversary Elegance Charcuterie Board. Crafted with precision and designed with sophistication, this exquisite board is more than just a serving platter; it's a symbol of enduring affection and milestone moments.

    Made from high-quality acacia wood and adorned with an elegant anniversary-themed design, this charcuterie board adds a touch of refinement to any occasion. Celebrate 2 years together with this sentimental gift, making it one of a kind as you commemorate your love for one another.

    2. Wooden Memories

    Memories Etched in Wood

    We recognize the significance of preserving cherished memories and capturing life's most precious moments. This is why we take immense pride in crafting bespoke, top-notch photo engravings that you and your loved ones will hold dear for years to come. So put a smile on her face with this Etched Wooden Picture.

    But our commitment to excellence doesn't end there. We understand that incorporating a personal touch can elevate the significance of a keepsake. That's why we offer the option to include custom text in your engraving.

    3. Everlasting Love Luxury Anniversary Box

    luxury anniversary box set

    Indulge in the essence of enduring love with our Anniversary Luxury Box, a trio of romantic treasures designed to commemorate your timeless bond. Encased in a beautifully crafted wooden box, each element— a delicate, long-stemmed rose, and a shimmering crystal heart—embodies the essence of your first year together.

    Celebrate your first anniversary in style with our exquisite collection, featuring a wooden box adorned with heartfelt messages, a symbolic rose, and a crystal heart. Each piece preserves cherished memories and embodies the enduring strength of your connection, making it a timeless tribute to your love.

    4. Anniversary Wooden Ring Dish

    5 year anniversary ring dish

    Looking for a special and personal anniversary gift? Check out our Custom Ring Dish!

    Perfect for engagements, anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, or any other special occasion, this dish can be personalized for both men and women. Add a special message, name, or date to make it truly one-of-a-kind.

    5. Love You To Infinity

    love you anniversary sign

    Looking for the perfect anniversary gift for the special woman in your life? Look no further than our Beautiful Infinity Sign. Crafted with care from high-quality materials, this timeless piece symbolizes an unbreakable bond between two people.

    The infinity symbol is a perfect representation of a love that lasts forever, making it an ideal gift for an anniversary. With its delicate design and elegant curves, this infinity sign is a piece of jewelry that she can wear proudly every day. It's a reminder of your never-ending love, and the perfect way to show her how much she means to you.

    So, whether it's for your wife, girlfriend, or fiancée, give her the gift of infinite love with our stunning infinity sign.

    6. Keepsake Jewelry Box

    5 year anniversary jewelry box

    Embrace the timeless charm of our Cherry Wood Keepsake Jewelry Box. With its cherry wood finish and Spanish Cedar lining, it's not just a box; it's a cherished memory.

    Measuring 9" x 8.5" x 2.25", it offers both elegance and security, thanks to its internal locking hinges. Ideal for personalized gifts and anniversary celebrations, you can add names and dates to the front. But that's not all – open it to find a hidden, heartfelt message inside, making it a gift that speaks volumes.

    7. Heartfelt Harmony Puzzle Set

    sentimental personalized heart puzzle

    Introducing our Heartfelt Harmony Puzzle Set – a wooden heart-shaped puzzle paired with a personalized box, blending sentiment and elegance. This enchanting set symbolizes love and connection, with intricately engraved quotes reflecting your unique bond. As you piece together each segment, you embark on a journey mirroring your relationship's layers, culminating in a completed heart. Celebrate your anniversary with a truly sentimental and unique gift the two of you can enjoy again and again for years to come.

    8. Five Years Down Black Walnut Cutting Board

    Anniversary Black Walnut Cutting Board With Five Years Down Design

    Looking for a meaningful 5 year anniversary gift that combines both practicality and sentimentality? This anniversary themed walnut cutting board is the perfect choice. Not only does it serve as a functional kitchen tool, but it also commemorates your special milestone in a unique way.

    Crafted from real natural wood, this cutting board boasts durability and elegance. The laser engraved anniversary design adds an extra touch of charm, making it a one-of-a-kind piece. Personalize with your own text and font to create a truly customized keepsake that celebrates love and longevity every time you use it.

    9. Family Name Key Holder


    custom key plaque


    Looking for a special 5-year anniversary gift for the leading lady in your life? Look no further than the personalized Wooden Key Holder with personalized name!

    This elegant and practical accessory is the perfect way to celebrate your love and the years you've spent together. With its high-quality wooden construction and sleek design, it adds a touch of sophistication to your home while keeping your keys organized and easy to find.

    And with her name or initials engraved on the front, it's a sweet reminder of your love every time she reaches for her keys.

    10. Anniversary Bar Necklace

    Celebrate half a decade of love with our beautifully crafted Anniversary Bar Necklace. It's a thoughtful gift in either rose gold, gold, or silver, reflecting the strength and shine of your five-year journey.

    The bar's 1.4-inch width and 0.28-inch height offer a balance of presence and subtlety. Its 20-inch chain is a reminder of the unbreakable bond you've forged over these years.

    11. Custom Love Song Plaque

    anniversary song plaque

    Show your special lady how much you care this anniversary with a one-of-a-kind Custom Love Song Plaque. This personalized acrylic music print you can customize with your own photo and favorite song is the ultimate gift to say I love you this anniversary.

    12. Personalized Chic Wristlet

    Five years together marks a significant chapter in your journey. For this anniversary, the Personalized Chic Wristlet, crafted from exquisite faux leather, is a fantastic gift choice. Its sophisticated design, featuring 12 card slots and an additional ID slot, makes it a daily essential for the modern woman.

    The wristlet’s detachable strap offers flexibility in how it’s carried, adapting to her changing styles and needs. But the heart of this gift lies in the custom message inside, a heartfelt note that celebrates half a decade of love and shared experiences.

    13. Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set

    wine crate gift set

    Celebrate the essence of love with our luxurious Romantic Rendezvous Gift Set
    —a curated experience that unfolds in elegance and romance. Enclosed in a finely crafted wooden crate, this set is a symphony of thoughtful details.

    Indulge in the perfect anniversary gift—a testament to the beauty of shared moments, personalized expressions, and the timeless celebration of love. May your special day be filled with joy, romance, and the effervescence of her favorite wine. Cheers to love!

    14. Farmhouse Custom Monogram Throw Blanket

    Looking for a cozy and thoughtful gift for your one-year anniversary? Consider a Farmhouse Custom Monogram Throw Blanket.

    This thoughtful anniversary gift, available in four beautiful colors, can be customized with a monogram in various patch colors, sure to include one of her favorites. Made from 100% polyester, this blanket is perfect for snuggling up on the couch or adding a stylish touch to any room.

    It is a perfect gift that will make her feel special and loved. Going the extra mile with personalized gifts like this shows that you value and cherish your first anniversary together.

    15. Picture Perfect Frame


    family frame for anniversary

    If you want a unique gift to commemorate your five-year anniversary, consider getting her the Family Frame.

    This fun wood anniversary gift is made from sustainably sourced wood and features a custom photo of your choice. It is a one-of-a-kind fifth wedding anniversary gift that she’ll surely treasure for years.

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    16. 5th Anniversary Wooden Tray

    The 5-year anniversary is an important milestone in any relationship, and a special gift can help show your significant other how much you care.

    For added sentimentality, fill this fifth wedding anniversary gift with items that remind your partner of your relationship together.

    Wooden Tray is a great way to celebrate the wedding day, as it is a thoughtful gift for half a decade anniversary.

    17. Wooden Anniversary Cutting Board

    wooden anniversary cutting board

    Celebrate your and your anniversary with a gift that you and your lady will be thrilled to use. This personalized cutting board is a perfect way to show off your love in the kitchen. When you or your man isn't using this beautiful board, it makes for a wonderful display piece.

    This board is handcrafted from American Lumber so each board is unique for your home. The board is then hand-finished with food-safe oils to preserve the beauty of the natural wood for months. This is available in a Walnut or Maple stain and comes in multiple sizes. Make this cutting board even more unique by adding your personalization, creating the perfect sentimental gift for your 5th anniversary!

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    18. Sentimental Treasures Gift Set

    Celebrate your special five-year milestone with the Sentimental Treasures Gift Set. This set elegantly combines personalization and luxury, offering a leatherette jewelry box, a necklace that can be customized in gold, silver, or rose gold, and a unique coffee cup.

    It is a perfect way to symbolize the growing and enduring love that has blossomed over half a decade.

    19. Lovers Arrow Tumbler

    Surprise Her with the Lovers Arrow Tumbler. Reflect on half a decade of cherished moments with this beautifully crafted tumbler, a thoughtful reminder of the journey you've embarked on together and the exciting path that lies ahead.

    It is a gift that elegantly captures the essence of your five-year journey, filled with love and shared experiences.

    20. Live Edge Serving Tray

    Introducing our Black Walnut Live Edge Serving Tray - a stunning combination of natural elegance and functionality.

    Handcrafted from the finest Black Walnut wood, this versatile piece enhances any dining experience with its live edge design, seamlessly blending organic and contemporary elements. With meticulous engraving, it's an ideal gift for your mom or girlfriend, suitable for casual gatherings or upscale events.

    Available in three handle colors: gold, black, or satin nickel, it complements any decor, making it a must-have addition to your culinary arsenal. Elevate your dining with style and substance.

    21. Etched In Love Wooden Necklace

    Crafted with care and creativity, our Wooden Photo Necklace is more than an accessory—it's a wearable piece of cherished memories. Engrave the laughter of your family, the gaze of a loved one, or the playful spirit of your dogs onto the smooth wooden surface, creating a one-of-a-kind keepsake that stays with you, always close to your heart. Elevate your style with a touch of sentimentality and carry your precious moments with you wherever you go. 

    22. Luminous Love Keepsake

    Luminous Love Keepsake

    Illuminate the essence of your love story with the Luminous Love Keepsake – a customizable masterpiece serves as a timeless symbol of commitment, featuring space for the couple's names and the cherished year of establishment. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the sleek design seamlessly blends with any décor, adding a touch of warmth to your living space.

    Glowing softly from within, this sentimental anniversary gift creates a captivating ambiance, casting a gentle glow that symbolizes the enduring flame of love. Whether it graces your bedside table, mantelpiece, or becomes the centerpiece of a special occasion, this personalized light-up box transcends its functional purpose, becoming a cherished memento that radiates the love and commitment shared between two individuals.

    23. Charcuterie Gift Set

    Add a touch of elegance to your 5-Year Anniversary gift options with our Charcuterie Gift Set. This curated collection includes a slatted spatula and a serving spoon, both essentials for sophisticated hosting.

    The set also features a refined 12"x17" Cotton Turkish Towel adorned with an engraved leather patch and a beautifully engraved bamboo cutting board. Ideal for couples who love entertaining, this set blends functionality with style, making it a perfect 5-year anniversary gift.

    24. Wood You Believe It Anniversary Card

    Celebrate your five-year anniversary in style with a unique, Custom-made Wooden Card!

    This traditional fifth anniversary gift is the perfect way to commemorate five years of love and commitment.

    This anniversary gift has a unique design featuring a heart and "5 Years" on the front, creating a lasting memory that will always remind your loved one of your anniversary.

    25. Shining Love Anniversary Plaque

    5 year anniversary gift

    Celebrate your never-ending love with this stunning Anniversary Light-Up Plaque. Perfect for anniversaries, this plaque features the names of the happy couple and the date of their special day, beautifully lit up for all to see. Display it in your home or office and let it shine as a symbol of your love.

    Made from high-quality materials, this plaque is built to last and will serve as a lasting reminder of your love story for years to come. Light up your love today with this one-of-a-kind Anniversary Light-Up Plaque.

    26. Vineyard Vista Serving Tray

    five year anniversary gift serving tray

    Immerse yourself in the rich design that pays homage to the world of wine with this Personalized Charcuterie Tray. It's not just a beautiful piece but also highly functional for hosting occasions.

    Whether it's a quiet evening with a glass of wine or hosting a larger gathering, this tray is versatile enough to suit any event, making it a practical and thoughtful five-year anniversary gift.

    27. Personalized Date Triple Tea Light Box

    Show your partner how much you treasure your relationship with the Personalized Date Triple Tea Light Box.

    This anniversary gift is a perfect way to commemorate your fifth anniversary. Each box holds three different tea lights.

    Give her a meaningful and lasting reminder of your love with this romantic five-year anniversary gift.

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    28. Toast To Love Anniversary Tumbler

    Imagine celebrating your special day with a touch of sophistication. That's what our Cheers to Anniversary Tumbler is all about. 

    It is tough and enduring, made from high-quality stainless steel, so it is built to last. Thanks to its vacuum insulation, your drinks will stay perfectly hot or cold.

    But it doesn't stop there. These anniversary tumbler ideas come complete with a lid and a straw, making every sip a breeze, with no worries about spills. Its unique narrow bottom isn't just eye-catching, it's practical too, fitting comfortably in your hand and most cup holders.

    More than just a tumbler, it's the ideal anniversary gift for her, a symbol of your lasting love. And whether you prefer a warm coffee or a cool beverage, it has got you covered, with a generous 40-ounce capacity for all your toasts and celebrations. Here's to your beautiful journey together!

    29. Personalized Wooden Spoon

    If you are looking for a unique and meaningful five-year anniversary gift for her, a Personalized Wooden Spoon is a great option.

    With these wedding anniversary gift ideas, you can have her name, a wedding date, or a thoughtful message engraved into the wood.

    It is the perfect gift to commemorate your five-year anniversary together!

    30. Personalized Wine Collection Box

    Celebrate your 5-year anniversary with our specially designed Wine Box. Compact at 13"(L) x 3 3/8"(W) x 4"(H), it's perfect for commemorating this milestone.

    Inside, find a decanting pourer, a multifunctional corkscrew with a foldout knife, bottle opener, and boot lever, a foil cutter, and a stopper. Its magnetic closure symbolizes the strength and security of your five-year journey together.

    31. Wooden Shadow Box

    Wooden Shadow Box is an ideal fifth anniversary gift for her.

    This beautiful wooden jewelry box is both decorative and functional. It is perfect for displaying keepsakes, photographs, or even your anniversary gemstone.

    The clear acrylic provides a unique display case for your special items and creates an eye-catching 3D effect when light shines through it.

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    32. Fifth Wooden Five Log Slice Frame

    For a special fifth anniversary gift, consider a fifth wooden anniversary Five Log Slice Frame.

    This wooden frame is made from natural wood logs and beautifully celebrates your 5th year of marriage. The rustic look of the logs gives the frame an organic, outdoor feeling.

    This great gift is a thoughtful, personal, and unique way to celebrate your fifth anniversary.

    33. Customizable Memory Map

    Customizable Memory Map is an excellent option if you want a unique and creative gift for your loved one’s fifth anniversary.

    This 5-year anniversary gift will be a beautiful reminder of your time together and will always be something you can look back on to remember the unforgettable moments you have shared.

    Plus, this hand-carved fitting gift is a unique and beautiful way to celebrate your fifth anniversary.

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    34. Forever Tree

    anniversary picture

    What's the best way to show your loved one how much you care this anniversary? A Forever Picture! This gorgeous black and white canvas print features a heart with your carved initials in the trees. Ready to hang in any home, this stunning piece will be cherished by you and your loved one forever!

    35. Personalized Cutting Board

    5 year anniversary cutting board

    Personalized Cutting Board is a great way to show your love for her on your fifth anniversary.

    After five years together, you likely have many stories and memories to share, and what better way to commemorate them than with a custom cutting board?

    Whether she is a passionate home cook or a frequent baker, you will surely appreciate these fifth anniversary gifts.

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    36. Travel Partners For Life Gift Set


    Give your beloved a timeless gift to commemorate your special anniversary. Our Travel Partners For Life gift set features a passport holder and luggage tag that comes in a beautiful anniversary design of your choice. A perfect way to remind your partner how much you appreciate them, and of your love during all of your future adventures!

    37. Custom Engraved Wooden Music Box

    anniversary wooden music

    If your partner loves music and all things romantic, consider getting her a Custom-engraved Wooden Music Box for your 5th anniversary.

    These wood anniversary gift are timeless, classic gifts that will always remind her of your special day.

    This wood gift box will last a lifetime, as she can enjoy it whenever she winds it up and hears the beautiful melodies.

    38. Matching His And Hers Anniversary Bracelets

    5 year anniversary gift bracelets

    Looking for the perfect anniversary gift? Look no further than these gorgeous Matching Cuff Bracelets!

    Made with high quality stainless steel and genuine European leather, these bracelets are not only beautiful, but built to last. The black titanium finish gives them a modern and chic look that any couple would love. And because they come in a set of two, they're a perfect symbol of the strong bond between two people.

    Whether you're looking for a first anniversary gift, 5th anniversary, or just a way to show how much you care, these bracelets are sure to make a lasting impression.

    39. 10 Reasons Why I Love You Bamboo Box

    The 10 Reasons Why I Love You Bamboo Box and Personalized Hearts set is a unique gift for your special someone.

    Not only do these wood anniversary gifts symbolize the length of your relationship, they also serve as a reminder of why you love her and what she means to you.

    The personalized hearts are made from real wood and have a beautiful, natural finish.

    40. Romantic Picture Frame

    This picture frame makes the perfect anniversary gift for her. It will remind her just how special she is to you. The frame holds a 4 x 6" photo and stands or hangs on wall. This is a quality frame with ink lettering for a gorgeous finish.

    41. Sexy Time Box

    sexy time anniversary Gift box

    Looking for a unique gift for the naughty lady in your life this anniversary? Look no further than the Sex In A Box Gift Set! This kinky gift set includes boxers and personalized restraints, plus a candle to set the mood. Whether you're looking to spice up your anniversary or give her a special treat, this gift set is sure to please. So make your anniversary extra naughty with the Sex In A Box Gift Set!

    42. Our Adventure Book

    Anniversary Gift Book

    You have shared so many special moments together and taken tons of pictures, pick out the best ones and have a memory that will last forever with this anniversary gift. Once you add the pictures of your and your gal's journey together, the Our Adventure Scrap Book is a perfect anniversary gift for her.  

    43. 'The Story of Us' Collage Photo Frame

    It's a wonderful documentation of the course of your unique love story starting with your courtship and proposal, to your wedding day and honeymoon. Let her be constantly reminded of the greatest thing that happened to her life - your love story. 'The Story of Us' Collage Photo Frame is a celebration of your relationship that features a plastic frame finished in crisp white. It comes with a gold script at the top and white lettering with a black background at the bottom. 

    44. Sterling Silver Personalized Bar Necklace

    5 year anniversary necklace

    Celebrate your anniversary with a special sterling silver necklace. Our Personalized Vertical Bar Necklace is the perfect way to show your love. Made with sterling silver, it's dainty and delicate, yet strong and durable. It's the perfect accessory to wear alone or to layer with other necklaces.

    Whether she's dressing up for a special occasion or just accenting her everyday outfit, this necklace is sure to add a touch of glamour. This is such a special gift to give your significant other for your 5th year anniversary.

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    45. Anniversary Wine And Cheese Set

    anniversary wine and cheese set

    Introducing the perfect anniversary present for her – a personalized wine and cheese set! With witty little touches she'll love, this gift is an elegant way to show your appreciation for the special lady in your life.

    Our Anniversary Wine and Cheese Set provides all the elegance you need, with a sophisticated twist. This comes complete with two hand-monogrammed glasses and two delicious cheeses that were carefully selected by master cheese artisans. Each glass will bear the sweet couple's initials and date, perfectly engraved so the loving message endures throughout time.

    46. Personalized Romantic Pillows

    No more boring pillows for her! Let her know how special she is to you as you give her these beautiful Personalized Romantic Pillows. With six designs to choose from, surely you’ll find the one that perfectly re-sounds your love story.

    It is made of 100% polyester and went through a dye -sub process so the design feels like its part of the pillowcase when completed.

    47. Wooden Love Photo

    personal anniversary wooden photo

    Be reminded of your special day every time you pass by this Custom Wooden Photo Mount.

    You can display any special photo onto this wooden board to use as home decor, so that when your guests come over you can showcase your love for one another. She will definitely love this anniversary gift! 

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    48. 5th Anniversary Gift Bucket List

    This 5th Anniversary Gift Bucket List journal is made of soft cork leather and decorated with hand printed bucket with small gold heart. It has the words: "Our bucket list" and "The best is yet to come" inside the cover. It's carefully bound with strong gold thread.

    The journal is closed with a gold elastic band. She will surely treasure this gift from you. 

    49. Infinite Love Home Sign

    Elevate your home decor with our personalized Infinite Love Home Sign, perfect for commemorating weddings, anniversaries, or expressing everlasting love. Handcrafted with care from cold-rolled steel in our Utah workshop, each sign symbolizes eternal unity and intertwining hearts.

    Available in sizes ranging from 13" to 36", these timeless pieces add a touch of elegance to any space, whether hung above the bed or displayed prominently in your living room. With customizable options, including three styles and the ability to personalize with up to 11 characters per name, these signs are a heartfelt way to celebrate cherished relationships.

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    50. Custom Tree Heart Ornament

    This Custom Tree Heart Ornament is made from beautiful aromatic cedar wood, and comes engraved with a last name or two first names and the year of your choice. It comes finished with a non-toxic food safe oil to protect the wood and enhance its natural beauty. Gift box includes a length of hanging ribbon in the bottom of the box. 

    51.  5 Years of Marriage Photo Frame

    The  5 Years of Marriage Photo Frame is made from top-quality natural solid wood. The picture frame measures: 7 1/2" x 9 1/2" and holds a 5" x 7" photo. It has curved beveled edges and comes complete with glass front plus back stand easel for table display. Wall-hanging clips are also included for wall mounting. 

    52. Love Coupons

    Give her these Love Coupons that can be claimed anytime she wants. This gift speaks of love in a very cute way. But seriously, these coupons can either be her pass to be the boss for a day or a loving excuse to spend more time bonding with you. Either way, it’s a guarantee she will love this and use it.

    53. Anniversary Journal

    anniversary gift journal

    Give this Anniversary Journal to her and see how she fills it with dates, events, experiences, and thoughts. This may be her personal memory book for her relationship with you. Preserved and constantly relived memories are gifts that are worth keeping.

    54. Carved With Love

    anniversary carving gift

    You passion for her carved into a tree as a symbol of everlasting love. She will definitely be delighted with this beautiful art piece. Bring this tradition right into the center of your home and watch how your love for each other continuously grow.  

    55. Wood Anniversary Gift Box

    This gift will become a mutual memory for many years to come. This Wood Anniversary Gift Box is all she needs to brighten up her day. It speaks of all the reasons why you love her and its engraved in wood hearts and packed in an engraved cozy wooden box. 

    56. Anniversary Wind Chimes

    5 year anniversary wind chimes

    Anniversaries are a time to reflect on all that's happened in the past year. What joys we've experienced, what sorrows we've endured, and how much we've grown. It's a day to celebrate the love that binds us together, and there's no better way to do that than with our Anniversary Monogrammed wind chime.

    This beautiful wind chime is crafted from durable materials and features a lovely monogrammed design. It's the perfect size for hanging on the porch or patio, and it emits a relaxing, soothing sound when the wind blows. Whether it's your first anniversary or your fiftieth, this wind chime is a beautiful way to commemorate the special day that changed everything.

    57. Love Beneath The Red Moon



    The Love Beneath The Red Moon is a picture of snuggle lovers sitting under a full red moon. This gift will create a romantic atmosphere and add a warm, comfortable glow to any room, every night. It will always remind her how special your love is for each other.

    58. Birth flower Jewelry Box



    Make this Birth Flower Jewelry Box stand out in her bedside table or make-up area as it serves the purpose of keeping her accessories while beautifully reminding her that the giver knows her birth month and birth flower. The top cover may contain her name in a stylish cursive print.

    59. Leora Wooden Garden Bench

    You found your love and forever seatmate in life, so on your fifth year of being together, why not give her a gift that represents your wooden anniversary and your steady relationship? Why not give her a couple's love seat? This Leora Wooden Garden Bench is crafted from solid acacia wood and is durable enough to carry both of you during coffee time, wine session, or simply cuddle time.

    Place it on the terrace, your garden, your backdoor, or even on your porch. After all, anywhere you sit together is a bench of romance.

    60. Wooden Anniversary Knife

    damascus wood anniversary knife

    Introducing the Damascus Folding Knife – the perfectly crafted pocket knife for any occasion!

    The exquisite Damascus steel finish adds richness to this sharp tool, making it an ideal anniversary gift for the woman who appreciates quality. The unique pattern of its blade lends itself incredibly well to personalization, so you can add her initials or special message to the handle.

    Every time she takes it out of her purse or pocket, she'll be reminded how much you care.

    61. Vintage Acacia Wood Carved Serving Bowl

    She prepares the dishes and meals in your home for 5 years now and she deserves a piece or a collection of good ones. For your wood anniversary, this Vintage Acacia Wood Carved Serving Bowl is a fitting choice. Made of acacia wood and hand-carved in a tapered shape, this wood salad bowl will be an amazing addition to the table as it is sturdy and visually appealing.

    She may use it for your salad or even as a presentation bowl for your fruits and other dishes. It is easy to clean and wonderful to keep as it may also be a kitchen decoration.

    62. Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier

    For your 5th wedding anniversary, take her on a picnic date, and do it with something she can bring back home after a romantic afternoon. This Personalized Picnic Table Wine Carrier is a great wood anniversary gift as it is made from cherry wood and brass. It is a picnic table that converts into a wine carrier or vice versa.

    Handmade in Jacksonville, Oregon, this wooden piece of functional picnic and wine essential is sawn and sand by hand and can be engraved with your family name for a more personal appeal. Preserve with mineral oil after cleaning with mild soap and water. 

    63. Personalized Wine Serving Tray

    If she simply loves wine and having guests around, this Personalized Wine Serving Tray will be a willing partner for her and an amazing gift to give her. Crafted intricately to fit a standard bottle of wine and slide in four stemmed wine glasses sturdily and comfortably.

    No more wiggling and sliding on top of a flat tray as this mango wood piece of functional art and class holds the stemmed wine glasses in place until you reach your guests. Getting their glass will be like taking it out on a unique wine glass dispenser for a more interactive feel.

    64. Olde-Fashioned Wooden Tree Swing

    Whenever anybody sees a swing, there is a certain urge to ride it and feel free. That is why this Olde-Fashioned Wooden Tree Swing may be a great addition to your collection of gifts for her over the past anniversaries.

    For your wood anniversary, tie this swing made of wood, jute, manila rope, Tung oil, and Cypress to your back yard and let her feel the wind on her cheek once more while freely moving in her seat. Your gift is themed and her joy will be genuine.

    65. Personalized Anniversary Key Holder

    5 year anniversary gift


    Is she always misplacing her keys? Well, we have the perfect solution for you. This Anniversary Key Holder is the perfect way to keep those pesky keys in one place while reminding her how much you love her.

    Plus, it is personalized with your  names. This key holder also makes a great gift for any occasion. Whether you are looking for a birthday present, an anniversary gift, or just a little something to show your appreciation, this key holder is sure to do the trick.

    Remind her how much you love her every time she leaves the house with this special anniversary gift.

    66. 5th Anniversary Coffee Mug

    A 5-year anniversary gift Coffee Mug is a great way to show your appreciation and love for her.

    Not only does it provide her with a unique and memorable anniversary gift, but it also serves as a reminder of the special occasion.

    With these anniversary gift ideas, your partner will be sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    Understanding Five Year Anniversary Traditions

    When it comes to celebrating a five-year anniversary with your partner, it's important to keep in mind the traditional gifts and symbols associated with this milestone. Understanding these traditions can help you choose the perfect gift for your significant other.

    The traditional five-year anniversary gift is wood, which represents the strength and durability of a relationship. Wood can be incorporated into a gift in many ways, such as a personalized wooden photo frame, a wooden sign for your home, or even a custom wooden cutting board for the couple who loves to cook together.

    Another popular tradition for five-year anniversaries is the giving of silverware. This symbolizes the elegance and sophistication that comes with being together for five years. A set of personalized silverware or a beautiful silver-plated serving dish can make for a memorable and thoughtful gift.

    In addition to these traditional gifts, there are also modern and contemporary options to consider. For example, the modern five-year anniversary gift is silver, which offers a more modern twist on the traditional silverware gift. Other popular contemporary gifts include tech gadgets, personalized artwork, or a romantic weekend getaway.

    No matter what gift you choose, it's important to keep in mind the meaning behind the traditional symbols associated with five-year anniversaries. By incorporating these traditions into your gift, you can show your partner just how much you value and cherish your relationship.

    The Significance of Wood as a Five Year Anniversary Gift

    Wood is a traditional material for fifth-anniversary gifts, and for good reason. It symbolizes the strength and durability of a marriage, as well as the growth and development that occurs over the first five years of marriage.

    Wood is a versatile material that can be crafted into a wide variety of items, making it easy to find a gift that suits your partner's tastes and interests. From hand-carved jewelry boxes to rustic picture frames, there are countless options to choose from.

    In addition to its symbolism and versatility, wood is also a sustainable and eco-friendly material. Choosing a wooden gift can be a way to show your commitment to the environment and support responsible manufacturing practices.

    When selecting a wooden gift for your partner, consider their personal style and interests. A wooden watch or a set of wooden coasters might be perfect for someone who appreciates minimalist design, while a handcrafted wooden chess set or a personalized cutting board might be more suited to someone who enjoys cooking or playing games.

    Overall, a wooden gift is a thoughtful and meaningful way to celebrate five years of marriage and the growth and strength of your relationship.

    How to Make Your Five Year Anniversary Gift More Special

    Adding a Personal Touch

    When it comes to making your five-year anniversary gift more special, adding a personal touch is a great way to show your partner how much you care. Consider customizing your gift with your partner's name, initials, or a special message. You could also create a scrapbook or photo album filled with pictures of your time together over the past five years.

    Creating a Romantic Setting

    Another way to make your anniversary gift more special is to create a romantic setting. This could include setting up a candlelit dinner at home or booking a weekend getaway at a cozy bed and breakfast. You could also surprise your partner with a romantic picnic in the park or a sunset walk on the beach.

    Incorporating Shared Memories

    Incorporating shared memories into your anniversary gift is a great way to show your partner how much you cherish your time together. Consider creating a gift that incorporates a special moment from your relationship, such as a piece of jewelry that matches a necklace your partner wore on your first date. You could also create a memory box filled with mementos from your time together over the past five years.

    By adding a personal touch, creating a romantic setting, and incorporating shared memories, you can make your five-year anniversary gift more special and meaningful for your partner.

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