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    17 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

    The day for lovers and the day of hearts should be every day. But since tradition and history gives a specific day for such a lovely occasion, all of us are given 364 days to think and plan for the best gift and gesture. To help you choose the best present for a very special lady and bring the romantic vibe out, here is the list of 17 Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Her:

     17. Floral Compact

    This simple yet elegant gift suggestion is not just bridesmaids or giveaway during a flowery event. The beauty and classic functionality of this Floral Compact makes for a dainty Valentine’s gift to any woman in your life who knows how to take care of her face and enjoys seeing a reflection. Each compact mirror comes in a choice of gold, silver, or rose gold and may be personalized with a name on a black floral background. The box that it comes along with presents a cute foil printed heart that makes for a great heart’s day handout present.

    16. The Kissing Mugs


    The Kissing Mugs presents a porcelain coffee companion shaped like faces kissing pretty much what any couple would like to do in an early Valentine’s morning. When the mugs touch, the pouting lips kiss, and the handles form a heart shape. The curves fit perfectly together just like you and your beloved lady. Give her the other pair and keep the matching one so that during breakfast of February 14 and all the succeeding coffee bonding you will have, your cups can kiss while giving a smooch to your lovely wife or partner. 

    15. Magnificent Pink Rose & Lily Bouquet


    A collection of beautifully arranged and delightfully scented flowers is a classic gift that will never go out of fashion. This Magnificent Pink Rose & Lily Bouquet presents one dozen pink long-stem roses paired with six multi-bloomed Asiatic lilies that are all picked fresh from around the world. All the said flowers are arranged in an elegant pink glass vase designed with graceful contour and delicate fluting. Imagine her reaction when she wakes up to a vision and aroma of fresh flowers beside her bed or upon coming out of her room and realize that it’s a “Happy Valentine’s Day” greeting from you, with love.

    14. Handwriting Bracelet

    Level up your sweet gesture by handwriting a romantic message and have it made into a bracelet she can wear and see any time, any day. This Handwriting Bracelet is an 18k Gold vermeil, sterling silver, or Rose vermeil in a minimalist design that is sure to add more glamour to her wrist. Available sizes are from XS to XXXL to cater to all wrist diameters. On Valentine’s Day, let your special lady wear your message in her hand and her heart.

    13. Engraved Heart Necklace


    Unleash romance with this Engraved Heart Necklace that is designed to be openable in a minimalist style. It is fashioned to slide open on both sides revealing a heart that can be customized with an initial or a name. The cover is surrounded with Zircon gemstone and creates a wing-like figure that adds to the exquisite visuals of this fashionable neck dangle. Your name is in her heart and hers will be in this Valentine’s day token you are giving her. Crafted with a lobster closure, it will surely stay in her body as you stay in her heart and mind.

    12. Love & Romance Dipped Strawberries in Heart Box


    A love as sweet as yours and your lady should be savored just like this Love & Romance Dipped Strawberries in Heart Box. In this box, 9 succulent strawberries are generously dipped in either brown chocolaty confection with a red chocolaty drizzle; dipped in milk chocolaty confection with a brown chocolaty drizzle, or dipped in white chocolaty confection with red chocolaty drizzle. Make her Valentine’s day even sweeter with these berries enclosed in a lovely powder pink decorative heart-trimmed box with red ribbon.

    11. “I Love You” Wood Card

    Some women have a simple idea of romance. Just tell them you love them or say it in a letter form, and their eyes sparkle with hearts in them. This Valentine’s Day, go back to basics with this “I Love You” Wood Card brings you back to an era when carving a message or name on the tree was a grand romantic gesture. Remind her of your love by giving her a wooden card made of Alder wood, laser cut to reveal an “I love you” in front and is engravable with your custom message at the back.

    10. Two Hearts as One


    In the emergence of environmental awareness, more and more women ventured into planting whether outside or inside their homes.Two Hearts as One is a set of two lush hoya succulents that has an adorable heart-shaped silhouette contributing a unique stamp to any space. Nestled in a decorative and dainty ceramic pot, these classic green plants will not only make a great decoration to her room but will also fill her environmental advocacy. This Valentine’s gift suggestion will make her care for another living organism as she nurtures your relationship as well. 

    9. Celestial Constellation Necklace


    The universe conspired and the stars aligned when the two of you got together. This Celestial Constellation Necklace is a nice reminder of how you will always thank the heavens above for bringing her into your life. Made of 14k gold filled necklace made with zodiac constellation pendant set with mini cubic zirconia diamonds. Hand her this piece of jewelry on Valentine’s Day and make her wear something that sparkles aside from your glaring affection to her.

    8. 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster


    Cleverly give a fun and unique gift with this 100 Dates Bucket List Scratch Poster. It is comprised of a carefully selected list of 100 dates with tastefully designed images reflecting each date selected for the poster. Scratch off your bucket lists together and reveal a date idea or activities you are to do as a couple during Valentine’s Day or especially romantic moments. Make her post it on her wall to remind her of the joyful activities you have done and the sweet ones you are yet to do.

    7. Gold Heart Earrings Stud

    On Valentine’s Day, give your beloved lady your heart in a form of two miniature golden jewelry with this Gold Heart Earrings Stud. This minimalist earlobe accessory will be a dainty and cute addition to almost any of her outfits and style. Accentuating femininity and tenderness these tiny heart studs are made of sterling silver and plated with 24k gold. So, on your Heart’s Day date, she will be wearing your heart in her ears and your love in her heart.

    6. Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate


    Needless to explain, Valentine’s Day is one of the few occasions when eating chocolate is not only allowed but also encouraged. So, for that sweet and wonderful woman in your life, let this Godiva Chocolatier Classic Gold Ballotin Chocolate be a gift she carries and devours on that romantic day. Inside the box, are 19 chocolates filled with milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolates with classic Belgian fillings. Give her a taste of quality and craftsmanship in these Godiva treats and boost a delightful experience in every bite.

    5. Date Night Dice

    Spice up your Valentine’s Date night with this Date Night Dice and you are sure to have an adventurously fun experience. It is comprised of three dice and a booklet with ideas that are perfect for adding twists and originality to your plans and some spontaneity to whatever comes after. Roll the dice and discover how much clever and fun you can have while being romantic and competitive at the same time.

    4. Pure Silk Ultimate Beauty Sleep Gift Set


    A good night's sleep makes a woman’s skin glowing and puts her in good mood. Give her this Pure Silk Ultimate Beauty Sleep Gift Set and she will surely have a great slumber. This set includes a sleep mask to protect her eyes from disturbing lights, a silk pillowcase that can reduce pressure on creased skin as it allows the skin to glide on the pillow, 1 big and 2 skinny scrunchies to keep her hair in place and not suffocate her during sleep. A treat of a deep slumber will surely not make her sleep out a romantic night with you. 

    3. Medium Forever Roses


    Forever may not be enough to prove your love for her and a thousand Valentine’s Day may even be short to make her feel your endearment. This Medium Forever Roses subtly fulfills a silent promise of an eternal showcase of your affection. Vacuumed sealed to perfection, these roses went through processes that conserve their beauty in such a way that they don’t lose their elegance and color even after a long time.

    2. Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Wired)



    A gadget on a day for lovers is a unique and guaranteed delight and this Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Wired) is an exceptional choice. It turns on and connects automatically as it is easy to set up for all Apple devices. Just double-tap to play to skip forward. For your equally techy girlfriend or wife, these Apple AirPods will be a blast of a present for Valentine’s Day.

    1. Fashion Love Heart Bracelet and Bangle Eternal Love Pendant Stainless


    Classy and classic, this Fashion Love Heart Bracelet and Bangle Eternal Love Pendant Stainless is a gift with a heart as it is charmed with a heart pendant. Made in Zinc Alloy, this sophisticated bracelet is trendy and customizable with your choice of name, initials, monogram, or message. This wrist dangle is available in Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver to match any outfit or look that she plans to wear on your Valentine’s date.