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  • 30 Best First Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms

    by Melissa Bajda April 14, 2024

    Mother's Day is a special day to celebrate the amazing moms in our lives. But this year, there is an even more special reason to shower the new mom in your life with love and appreciation. It's her first Mother's Day! This is a momentous occasion that deserves to be commemorated with unforgettable gifts. Whether she's a first-time mom or recently welcomed a new addition to the family, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. 

    But fear not, we have compiled a list of 30 best first Mother's Day gifts that are sure to make her day extra special. From sentimental keepsakes to practical items, these gift ideas are perfect for the new mom and her precious bundle of joy.

    So, let's make this first Mother's Day a memorable one for the new mom and her baby with these thoughtful and heartwarming gifts.

    1. First Mother's Day Photo Frame

    The First Mother's Day Photo Frame is a beautifully eco-friendly bamboo frame, specially designed to commemorate a mother's first Mother's Day.

    This natural bamboo frame exudes a serene, earthy charm and features a delicate engraving of "First Mother's Day" at the top, making it an ideal keepsake for this significant occasion. Available in three sizes (4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, and 8” x 10”), it offers versatility in display options, capable of being oriented either horizontally or vertically.

    This sweet first Mother's Day gift can be personalized with the names of the mother and child, ensuring this frame is a heartfelt testament to the unique bond they share.

    2. Blissful Mom Spa Retreat Gift Set

    The Blissful Mom Spa Retreat Gift Set is the ultimate indulgence package, meticulously curated to provide an extraordinary woman with everything she needs for a moment of relaxation and rejuvenation.

    This sweet first Mother's Day gift set includes a variety of spa essentials such as a cloud blue headband, lavender bath bomb, rejuvenating face masks, and fragrant bath teas, along with nourishing cream and revitalizing under eye patches.

    Each item is chosen to encourage a serene spa experience right at home. Additionally, the set can be personalized with a heartfelt message inside the box, making it a perfect gesture of love and appreciation for any mom needing a blissful escape.

    3. Custom Mother's Puzzle Piece Sign

    The Custom Mother's Puzzle Piece Sign is an elegant and sentimental addition to any home.

    Crafted from high-quality gray leatherette, this first Mother's Day gift features a heartfelt inscription, "You are the piece that holds us together," which beautifully symbolizes a mother's integral role in the family.

    The 18"x12" sign can be personalized with children's names, making it an exceptionally thoughtful gift for Mother's Day or any special occasion.

    4. Mother's Love Song Keepsake

    The Mother's Love Song Keepsake is a uniquely sentimental item that immortalizes a favorite melody within an elegantly designed 5” x 7” song light box.

    Crafted from high-quality wood and acrylic, these personalized new mom Mother's Day gifts display a cherished photo alongside the title of a meaningful song, creating a beautiful tribute to the loving relationship between a mother and her child.

    This first Mother's Day gift allows you to add a photo, song name, and a personal message, serves as a melodic journey that lights up with love.

    5. Sentimental Mother's Candle

    The Sentimental Mother's Candle is an elegantly designed piece that combines a durable stainless steel structure with a lightly frosted glass exterior, topped with a sleek silver metal lid.

    This first Mother's Day gift is filled with all-natural wax, promising around 40 hours of burn time and releasing the refreshing scent of fresh linen. The subtle yet modern design seamlessly fits into various decor styles, making it a wonderful gift for Mother's Day or to show appreciation to any mom.

    The 7oz candle can also be personalized with children's names, adding a special touch to this thoughtful gift.

    6. Memories Etched in Wood Frame

    The Memories Etched in Wood Frame is a beautifully crafted picture frame made from genuine Red Alder wood, designed to capture and cherish moments of maternal affection.

    Available in two sizes to accommodate either a 4” x 6” or a 5” x 7” photograph, these no-fail presents for new moms feature a warm, light brown color that adds a cozy feel to any room. The frame can be displayed either horizontally or vertically, equipped with two sawtooth hangers and an easel for versatile placement.

    Personalization options allow for a custom message to be inscribed on the wood, enhancing the sentimental value of this elegant keepsake.

    7. Maternal Blossoms of Love Photo Frame

    The Maternal Blossoms of Love Photo Frame is a beautifully designed keepsake that celebrates the enduring bond between a mother and her children.

    Crafted from a blend of natural wood and translucent acrylic, this unique first Mother's Day gift is not only visually appealing but also highly functional.  This allows the frame to illuminate, highlighting the "Blooming In Love" inscription and the vibrant flowers associated with each child's name.

    Ideal for Mother's Day or as a cherished gift, this 5” x 7” frame brings a warm, cozy touch to any home decor, making it a lovely tribute to the nurturing spirit of a mother.

    8. Mom's Love Charcuterie Board

    The Mom's Love Charcuterie Board is a beautifully crafted piece made from genuine Black Walnut wood, designed to be both a functional kitchen tool and a sentimental piece of decor.

    Measuring 20 inches by 12 inches and 5/8-inch-thick, this board showcases a striking variegated pattern of light and dark wood grains. It can be personalized with the word "MOM" and space to add children’s names, making it a unique and loving tribute.

    Ideal for handwashing only to preserve its quality, this charcuterie board serves as a daily reminder of family love, making it a perfect gift for new moms.

    9. Heartfelt Memory Leather Frame

    The Heartfelt Memory Leather Frame is an elegant faux leather picture frame that elegantly captures cherished memories.

    Available in five sophisticated colors, including options with black, silver, or gold text, these best gifts for new moms fit a standard 5” x 7” photo and can be oriented either horizontally or vertically to suit any display. It is designed not just to hold a photo, but to showcase love and togetherness, making it an especially touching gift for moms on Mother's Day.

    Personalize it by etching a name beneath the photo slot, adding a uniquely personal touch to this stylish and sentimental piece.

    10. Mom's Garden Ceramic Vase

    The Mom's Garden Ceramic Vase is a high-quality ceramic flower pot that offers a simple and elegant way to display your favorite blooms.

    These best gifts for new moms feature a tasteful matte finish and is perfectly sized at 6.25 inches tall and 4.5 inches in diameter, making it suitable for small to medium-sized flowers or plants on a tabletop.

    This vase can also be personalized with names and corresponding birth flowers, turning it into a unique and thoughtful gift, or a cherished item for your own home decor.

    11. Baby Name Stats Bracelet

    Baby Name Stats Bracelet

    For the new mom celebrating her first Mother's Day, the Baby Name Stats Bracelet is a personalized treasure that stands out among first Mother's Day gift ideas. Choose a double-sided engraving option to immortalize the most precious details.

    Opt for a size that gently wraps around her wrist and select a finishing color that compliments her style—be it classic silver, elegant gold, or modern rose gold.

    Personalize this new mom bracelet with the new baby's name on one side and their birth stats on the other, making it a heartfelt reminder of the moment her life changed forever.

    Related: Wrap her wrist in love and style with our Personalized Bracelets, whether she's celebrating a new addition to the family or cherishing the journey of motherhood, our new mom bracelet is a perfect symbol of love and joy.

    12. Name Necklace

    Name Necklace

    For a lovely new mom celebrating her first Mother's Day, a Name Necklace with a gold finish offers a chic and personal touch. 

    This best first Mother's Day gift features a 17-inch adjustable chain, complemented by a 3-inch extension chain for the perfect fit, ensuring it rests beautifully near her heart. Engrave it with the name of her newborn to make it one of the great gifts she'll cherish throughout her first year as a parent.

    Related: Elevate her style with our Personalized Necklaces, a perfect blend of elegance and sentiment, crafted to capture cherished moments.

    13. Personalized New Mommy Footprint Art

    Personalized New Mommy Footprint Art

    Celebrate the bond between mom and her new baby with Personalized New Mommy Footprint Art.

    Printed on 88lb Matte Fine Art Paper using Epson Ultra Chrome Pro Ink, these last-minute Mother's Day gift ideas become a cherished keepsake, capturing the tiny footprints of her little one.

    Choose the perfect size and personalize it with a special message, making it a unique addition to the collection of first Mother's Day gifts.

    14. Custom Cutting Board

    Custom Cutting Board

    For the busy new mom who enjoys cooking or simply loves a touch of personal flair in her kitchen, the Rectangle Bamboo Cutting Board with Butcher Block Ends is an exquisite choice among unique Mother's Day gifts. 

    This durable board can be personalized, making it not just a functional piece for meal prep, but also a sentimental reminder of her first Mother's Day. Engrave it with the baby's name, birthdate, or a sweet message to elevate her everyday routine into something truly special.

    Related: Add a personal touch to kitchen elegance with our Personalized Cutting Boards, functional artistry for a truly unique culinary experience.

    15. Pampering New Mom Gift Basket

    Treat the new mom in your life to the ultimate relaxation with Pampering New Mom Gift Basket. This luxurious collection features organic nipple balm, belly oil, a scented candle, a stylish water bottle, a mom journal, lavender soap, foot salt, and a heart-shaped shower steamer.

    Each item is carefully chosen to provide comfort and rejuvenation. The elegant, personalized gift box and custom greeting card make it a perfect, thoughtful gift for new mothers.

    16. Our First Mother's Day Mug

    Our First Mother's Day Mug

    Capture the essence of this milestone with the "Our First Mother's Day Mug," a beautifully crafted Ceramic keepsake that celebrates the bond between mom and her new baby. Available in 11oz and 15oz sizes, this mug can be personalized with the names of the mother and baby, making it a unique addition to our collection of thoughtful Mother's Day gifts. 

    Whether she's sipping her morning coffee or evening tea, these great new mom Mother's Day gift ideas serve as a daily reminder of her first Mother's Day—a special moment shared between parents and their precious daughter or son.

    Related: Sip with sentiment using our Personalized Coffee Mugs, a perfect blend of warmth and style for your cherished daily rituals.

    17. First Mother's Day Tumbler

    First Mother's Day Tumbler

    Celebrate the new mom's first Mother's Day with a practical yet thoughtful gift that will make her life easier during this exciting time. 

    Our 20oz stainless steel First Mother's Day Tumbler is the perfect accessory for her to enjoy her favorite beverages while keeping up with her busy schedule with the baby.

    Customize it by choosing a color that reflects her style, adding her name, and selecting a font that she'll adore.

    Related: Sip in style with our personalized Coffee Tumblers, the perfect blend of warmth, convenience, and a touch of personal flair.

    18. First Mothers Day Card

    First Mothers Day Card

    Complement your gift with a heartfelt First Mother's Day Card, where beautiful text resonates with the profound experience of new motherhood. 

    This card isn't just about words; it's a testament to the nights spent awake, taking care of the little one, and the unforgettable journey that moms, especially new moms and new parents, embark on. Let this card be a reminder that even if things go wrong, her love and dedication never go unnoticed.

    19. First Mother's Day T-shirt

    First Mother's Day T-shirt

    Celebrate the joy of her first Mother's Day with a T-shirt that's as unique as the new mom herself.

    Crafted from a soft and durable cotton-poly blend, this shirt promises comfort whether she's lounging at home with her baby or out for a family stroll. Heat set to minimize shrinkage and featuring double-needle stitching for durability, it's a practical addition to her wardrobe. 

    Customize this T-shirt by choosing from a variety of colors and sizes, and personalize it further with the option to add names in a font that captures her style.

    20. New Mom Gift Box

    New Mom Gift Box

    The New Mom Gift Box is a beautifully curated collection designed to pamper the new mom on her first Mother's Day.

    It includes a soothing Sea Salt & Orchid candle for those rare moments of relaxation, a live 2" succulent with a 2.5" white ceramic pot and removable wood base to add a touch of nature to her home, all wrapped in a gift box with a satin ribbon and a Blue Willow tag for a touch of elegance. 

    Each box also contains a Succulent Care Card, ensuring that both new mom and her new plant thrive. Customize this thoughtful package with size options and add-ons to create unforgettable memories for the new mom as she navigates motherhood with her baby.

    21. First Mother's Day Picture Frame

    First Mother's Day Picture Frame

    Crafted from the finest vegan leather and durable glass, our First Mother's Day Picture Frame is the epitome of elegance and kindness. 

    Available in a selection of colors, it can be personalized, offering a unique way to cherish memories with your little ones. This frame isn't just a new mom gift; it's a testament to the joy and love shared between mommy and baby, capturing smiles and moments of fun.

    22. First Mother's Day Water Bottle

    First Mother's Day Water Bottle

    Hydration is key, especially for new moms who are navigating the busy and beautiful journey of motherhood. This First Mother's Day, gift her something she'll not only love but need—a Stainless Steel Water Bottle, size: 32oz, in her choice of color. 

    Perfect for keeping drinks cold or warm, this water bottle is a practical yet thoughtful addition to our list of thoughtful Mother's Day gifts.

    23. Happy First Mothers Day Soy Candle

    Happy First Mothers Day Soy Candle

    Illuminate her world this First Mother's Day with a Soy Candle, designed to fill her space with warmth and serenity. Choose a scent that resonates with her unique essence, offering a tranquil retreat from the new challenges of motherhood. 

    This soy candle, a symbol of your glowing appreciation for her first steps into motherhood, stands out among Mother's Day gifts as a beacon of relaxation.

    It is not just a gift, but a sensory reminder of the love and support surrounding her on this remarkable journey.

    Related: Illuminate your space with our exquisite Candles, a blend of ambiance, fragrance, and relaxation, creating moments of warmth and tranquility.

    24. Baby and Mommy Names Cute Giraffes Shirt

    Baby and Mommy Names Cute Giraffes Shirt

    For the family eager to wear their hearts on their sleeves, our Baby and Mommy Names Cute Giraffes Shirt is the perfect mother's day gift. 

    Personalized to feature both the mother and baby's names amidst an adorable giraffe motif, these shirts are available in sizes ranging from newborn to adult XL and come in soft pastel or bold primary colors.

    Ideal for memorable family photos, this new mom gift wraps comfort and sentiment into one, making it a standout among first-time Mother's Day gift ideas.

    26. Sentimental Custom Mother's Day Candle

    The Sentimental Custom Mother's Day Candle offers a touching way to celebrate the nurturing glow of motherhood.

    This elegant 7oz candle is made from all-natural wax and enclosed in a frosted glass container with a sleek stainless steel lid. It emits the comforting scent of fresh linen, designed to burn for approximately 40 hours.

    This first Mother's Day gift not only provides a serene ambiance but can also be personalized with a message in one of eight text colors, making it a bespoke memento that resonates with the warmth and comfort of a mother's love.

    27. Mother & Baby Necklace Pendant

    Mother & Baby Necklace Pendant

    Celebrate the bond of new motherhood with the "I Am Loved Diamond Mother & Baby Necklace Pendant" in Sterling Silver & 14K Rose Gold.

    These last-minute Mother's Day gifts symbolize the unbreakable connection between a mother and her child, making it a top pick among first Mother's Day gift ideas. Its sparkling diamonds capture the joy and pride of giving birth, serving as a lasting reminder of the love and fun that motherhood brings. 

    A thoughtful present from a husband to his wife or a self-gift for new moms, this necklace ensures every mommy can wear a smile close to her heart.

    28. Acrylic Block Puzzle Piece

    Acrylic Block Puzzle Piece

    Gift a symbol of unity and love with the Acrylic Block Puzzle Piece. Crafted from clear, durable acrylic, this piece showcases beautiful text themed around love, making it an exquisite addition to any house.

    It is an ideal gift for women, especially new moms or a friend celebrating her first Mother's Day. This first Mother's Day gift not only stands as a unique decoration but also represents the interlocking lives of family members.

    As a standout among Mother's Day gift ideas, it earns bonus points for its thoughtfulness and the message of connectedness it carries, ensuring she'll cherish it forever.

    29. Chocolate Gift Baskets

    Chocolate Gift Baskets

    Imagine the delight on her face when she unwraps a luxurious Chocolate Gift Basket, meticulously assembled to celebrate her first Mother's Day. Filled with 25 handcrafted milk chocolate cookies, each symbolizing an hour of the day she dedicates to her new role, it's a sweet tribute to her unwavering love and care. 

    Beyond just chocolates, this best first Mother's Day gift basket can be adorned with flowers and healthy snacks, providing that much-needed break for new moms.

    It is a thoughtful way to acknowledge her efforts, bringing friends and family together in her cozy house, and ensuring she feels appreciated and pampered on this special day.

    30. Pregnancy Gift Box for Moms-to-be

    Pamper the expecting mother with Pregnancy Gift Box for Moms-to-be. This elegant set includes organic nipple balm, belly oil, a soothing candle, a mom journal, lavender soap, foot salt, and more.

    Each item is chosen to offer comfort and relaxation during pregnancy. The chic gift box can be personalized with the recipient's name and includes a custom greeting card, making it an ideal gift for any mom-to-be.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1: What should I do for my mom's first Mother's Day?

    A1: For your mom's first Mother's Day, consider creating a heartfelt and personalized experience. You could prepare a delicious breakfast, write a heartfelt letter expressing your gratitude, or organize a family photo session to capture the special moments of this milestone.

    Q2: What do you buy a first time mother?

    A2: When buying for a first-time mother, consider thoughtful and practical gifts. A personalized jewelry, a diaper bag, a belt bag, a five-year journal, a photo book, a spa voucher for relaxation, or a customized baby photo album can make for sentimental and cherished presents to commemorate her journey into motherhood.

    Q3: What should I do for my wife on her first Mother's Day?

    A3: On your wife's first Mother's Day, make her feel extra special. Consider organizing a spa day, cooking a delightful meal, or giving her a personalized gift, like a piece of jewelry with the baby's birthstone. Show appreciation for her new role and the love and care she provides.

    Q4: What do most moms want for Mother's Day?

    A4: Most moms appreciate thoughtful and meaningful gestures. Consider a day off from chores, a homemade meal, or a spa day to let her relax. Personalized gifts, such as custom jewelry or a heartfelt letter, often hold great sentimental value. Ultimately, the key is to recognize her individual preferences and make her feel loved and appreciated.


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    Elevate your gifting game with curated Gift Sets For Women, offering a perfect blend of luxury, style, and thoughtful surprises.

    Discover heartwarming Mother's Day Gift Ideas that blend sentimentality with style, ensuring a day as special as she is.

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