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    Mother knows best and so she deserves the best. Remind her how special she is as you give presents that spell out your love for her. Make it a gift that she won't easily forget. It can be visible item that she can place on her office desk or living room that will constantly bring to mind fond memories of you. Show her how much you appreciate her with functional items that she can have with her on a daily basis, a mug, a tote bag, a bracelet or necklace perhaps will be gifts she will truly treasure for a long time.

    Here are 84 of the best mother's day gifts you can choose from:  

    84. "I Love You Mom" Heart Necklace

    Saying “I Love You” to our mothers is a commonly neglected gesture especially in the modern era. A multitude of excuses is given to justify why letting our moms know how much we care and appreciate them. "I Love You Mom" Necklace is not a replacement for vocalizing our appreciation but it is a great start to wording out those well-deserved 3 syllables and 8 letter words for the woman who gave us life. It is plated with 18K of White Gold surrounded by genuine Swarovski Crystals. Guaranteed to retain color and shine, this fine piece of gratitude is made to last a lifetime.

    83. Baga RFID Blocking Trifold Leather Wallet

    Wallets may be a common gift to our mothers especially during Mother’s day as this is on her list of “commonly used and usually abused” stuff that needs frequent replacement. However, this Baga RFID Blocking Trifold Leather Wallet is an upgrade to the most standard wallets we use to purchase and wrap for our moms. This one has a special lining to protect the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) chips in her credit or debit cards, even her ID’s from any unwarranted scanning. Imagine protecting your mother’s online finances and identity in one wallet. This combination of leather and rich textile is a gift your mom will keep.

    82. Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set

    Mothers take care of their children in the most intense sense. Sometimes they even care for their offspring more than themselves. On mother’s day, we can slightly contribute to caring for our mothers if we cannot completely reverse it. This Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set includes a 400 ml Essence Diffuser that uses wave diffusion technology to atomize essential oils. The 14 light combination brought about by the 7 ambient light modes with two intensity settings, brings an additional visual relaxation. Amazingly, this set includes 10 Essential oils that are formulated using high-quality plants sourced from various regions of the world for a healthier more therapeutic “me” time for your mom and even for the whole family.

    81. Personalized Rolling Pin

    Cooking for her children is one of a mother’s greatest pride. Baking is no exemption that is why this Personalized Rolling Pin is a surprising turn of a gift from your ordinary baking must-haves. Made from wood, this rolling pin will engrave your mother’s baking glory to any cookie or bread she is going to create. Serving it to her children only brings joy in her heart as a mother but recognition to her output as a baker. Wrap this well and make her think it’s an ordinary one until she rolls it away and watches her signature stamped in the dough.

    80. “Happy Mother’s Day” Lumbar Pillow

    After a day that begins in preparing breakfast, cleaning up, and ends in more cleaning up, mothers deserve a much-needed rest. However, when days become extended, sitting back on a couch or a comfortable chair becomes an alternative for sleeping in the bed. That being a reality, giving this Happy Mother’s Day” Lumbar Pillow will make her resting-while-sitting position a more comfortable one. This 100% polyester and wrinkle-free pillow will support her lumbar and provide rest for that exhausted back. Pictures of her or your family together with a greeting printed will make this more cuddle-worthy.

    79. Women’s Via

    Her time is almost entirely dedicated to you, so your mother deserves to know what time it is in style. Women’s Via is made of stainless steel win black dial color and Rose-tone band color. The case diameter is 20mm which is not too small and not too big for that strongly working wrist. The dial window is made of mineral and this chronometer is water-resistant making so it is safe for your mom to wear it even while working in the kitchen. Your gift will always be a constant reminder as she goes along her day, that you took time to choose a classy Mother’s day gift for her.

    78. "I'm a Mom, What's Your Superpower?" Funny Shirt

    Some heroes wear a cape, some wear bulletproof or fireproof costumes. But the constant heroine in our lives just wears her confidence, strength, and her love for her offspring. Her instinct to defend her children and protect them is her divined rights as a mother. That being said, on the day for all our unsung daily heroines, wearing this "I'm a Mom, What's Your Superpower?" Funny Shirt will declare victory even before a battle begins. In one glance, this 100% combed and ring-spun cotton raglan, one can see that the mother wearing it has children who think she has a superpower. 

    77. Personalized Mom’s Family Recipe Cookbook

    Whether we want to admit it or not, the best cooks in our lives are our mothers. May it is a gourmet dish or a simple heated canned meal, every food tastes better when our moms prepared it. However, as soon as we grow old, we get to eat less and less of it and we tend to miss it so much. So to immortalize our mommy’s recipe, and so it can be passed down to generations, let this Personalized Mom’s Family Recipe Cookbook be the key. It can be personalized with her photos or collage of her masterpieces. This way she will get to remember and give you an inheritance that will surely make her heart and your tummy full.

     76. Modern Mama 3 Photo Collage Mother's Day Card

    When you are caught in the hassle of a busy day and you have been racking your brains out thinking of the best Mother’s day gift, you may want to take a pause and go back to basics. This Modern Mama 3 Photo Collage Mother's Day Card is an upgrade on the ordinary greeting card that we know off. Photos of her or your family may be printed outside while a well-thought-of and heartwarming message from you is written inside. Most of the time our mothers just need to feel appreciated; this card will be a thin trophy and evidence of her love and dedication poured out to her children.

    75. Personalized Two-Toned Bamboo Cutting Board


    Not all chopping boards are the same. They may be equal in purpose, but their durability and functionality differ depending on the user. So for Mother’s day, hand over this Personalized Two-Toned Bamboo Cutting Board to your mother and if you see fit, give more. This way she can avoid cross-contamination by naming her chopping boards according to what can be chopped in them: Vegetables, Meat, Fruits, and others. Not to mention, her personalized board will ensure that she knows who gave it to her. Next time she prepares a meal, she will have you in mind.

     74. Stress Relief Aroma Therapy Gift Box

    Moms will selfdom admit that a day’s work takes a toll on them too. For them, doing it for the ones they love makes the deed a purposeful act of love rather than a tedious job. However, once a year, on a day dedicated for mothers, a Stress Relief Aroma Therapy Gift Box might give them a rest day. Filled with a Stress Away soap for a luxurious bath matched with Stress away sugar scrub for a much-needed exfoliation and many more treats, this gift box unleashes your intention of relaxing your mother in a special way.

    73. Felt Ballerina Slippers Natural Sheep Wool


    For the moms who will give everything and walk even a thousand miles just to ensure the welfare of their kids, this Felt Ballerina Slippers Natural Sheep Wool will make her feel she is walking on clouds without even receiving good news or praise. Perfect for mothers who walk around the house all day, these fashionably comfortable warm, light and elegant slippers are made of Natural Sheep Wool on the inside and Felt on the outside. No worries about her slipping as the rubber soles ensure a non-slip feature for this cloud-walk-imitating footwear.

    72. Slip Silk Sleep Mask

    After all, is said and done, a mother’s treat at the end of the day is a good night's sleep.  A time when her body can rest and she can shut off the whole world as she recovers for tomorrow. This Slip Silk Sleep Mask is made of slip silk that absorbs less moisture and does not wipe in face creams that women usually put before sleeping. This allows skin moisture and face products to stay where they should be, on your face. Slip silk has also been known to reduce friction which allows the skin to glide along with the pillow. The said feature can reduce pressure on creased skin including delicate areas around the eyes. Now your mom can sleep away from all the unwanted lights while taking care of her skin.

    71. Deciniee Jade Roller

    As we age, so do our mothers. One of her guilty pleasures, if it may be sufficed, is to slow down the aging process: both for her children and herself. Although time cannot be made to move slower, the wrinkles and saggy skin that are starting to show on her seasoned face may be mitigated with some beauty regimen. This Deciniee Jade Roller is made of 100% original and premium jade stone that is anti-aging, anti-wrinkles line and can reduce dark under eyes. It also rejuvenates skin and health without chemicals. This is one of those secret wishes she might never get for herself but will appreciate getting as a gift especially from someone who loves her.

     70. Custom Denim Jacket

    Just because she got married and had kids, doesn’t mean she has to stop being cool. Some moms can nail a denim jacket at any age, more so if it is hand-painted and was transformed into a work of art. You may have her photo or her favorite band’s logo at the back of this Custom Denim Jacket and she will stride in style onto the streets going to the supermarket. All she needs to do is put on any top, a short or a denim pants matched with slippers or a sneaker and she is good to go.

    69. Personalized Herringbone Throw

    During her long or quick naps, our mother’s temperature fluctuates as he ages. Having a throw accessible to her every time she slouches on the couch will ensure that she will not get cold during her rest. This beats bringing a full blanket out in the living area with the risk of crowing the seating space and placing a bulky piece of garment she might not even use. This Personalized Herringbone Throw is made of 100% cotton that is guaranteed to give warmth and comfort to anyone who will use it.

     68. Mom’s Home Kitchen Sign

    The house’s kitchen is her kitchen. Often we are “off-limits” from the place where all the magic dishes are prepared and cooked. Make it official by giving your mom a Mom’s Home Kitchen Sign. This way, it will feel like that space where she lovingly cooks our meals is her sacred territory with her name in it. Made from the best quality aluminum, this wall-mounted piece of decoration will be a declaration that the kitchen is your mom’s.

    67. Mothers Day Spa Gift 

    It's her favorite color and scent too. Let this Mothers Day Spa Gift lavender theme goodies make up this gift box for the special lady in your life. Allow her to relax and rejuvenate any time of the day. It's one  luxurious gift set she will really love. 

    66. Real Flower Jewelry

    This necklace is made from real flowers and glass. Get creative with this gift of a Real Flower Jewelry.  The glass was cut and soldered of tin. It's the perfect gift for your mom who's a nature lover. This is one gift that she will treasure forever.

    65. Satin & Ivory Lace Overlay Low Heel Shoes 

    Your mom deserves these Satin & Ivory Lace Overlay Low Heel ShoesThis handcrafted shoe features hidden foam padding and a very soft leather insole for a super comfortable fit. These shoes come in Nude Satin or Nude Satin and Lace Overlay, colors your mom will surely love. 

    64. Leaf and Teardrop Earrings


    It's sophisticated and brilliant. This Leaf and Teardrop Earrings will surely add sparkle on any given day! Perfect for your mom, this gift is sure to complete her look on mother's day. This is one gift that is sure to be on top of her list for jewelry accessories especially because of the one who gave it to her! 

    Satisy your mom's sweet tooth by giving them these Assorted Chocolates in chocolate and caramel. Each box comes in a variety of Dark, Milk, White solid chocolate and some or filled with caramels. She will definitely be delighted with this delicious gift! 

    62. Teacups & Tea Lights

    Teacups Candles

    Mom will swear these little porcelain teacups are miniatures of the finest China. The porcelain "china pattern" teacup sits atop an attached saucer and the teacup is the perfect size to hold a single candle. The brilliant silver pattern is an elegant accent on the gleaming white porcelain.

    61. 12 Counts of Brigadeiro with 3 Different Flavors

    These authentic delicious sweet treats from Brazil are hand-made chocolate covered in sprinkles. Let mom enjoy the 12 counts Brigadeiro gourmet chocolate gift box. The traditional desserts are one of Brazil's favorite delicacies. They have a velvety smooth chocolate interior and are available in several delectable flavors. Your mom would enjoy a Brigadeiro with a cup of coffee, warm milk or hot chocolate.

    60. Personalized  Skinny Tumbler

    This 18/8 Stainless Steel, Dual Wall Insulated and powder coated  tumbler may be laser engraved with more than just one word, but an entire message if you must. Print your thoughts for momin this 11”x3.5” 20 ounces tumbler and hand over your appreciation to her with a free straw. It comes in black, white and rosegold.

    59. Embroidered Monogram Jersey Lace Robe

    Mom will truly appreciate this super soft and luxurious jersey robe. This Embroidered Monogram Jersey Lace Robe is perfect for any occasion. She can even use this while lounging around the house! It's made with ultra-soft, stretch jersey material and trimmed with lace. This robe hit just above the knee and have both an inner tie and outer belt. They are super comfy and elegant too!

    58. White Lace Hand Fan 

    This White Lace Hand Fan is made from lace fabric with bamboo handle and tassel. Let mom enjoy a cool breeze with this traditional and handy fan. It's one gift that tells her you are thinking about her comfort and you want her to stay cool all throughout the day. 

    57. Wine Glass Candle

    It's a unique and practical gift. This 100% soy wax candle poured in a stemless wine glass is modern and offers a sophisticated fragrance with notes of grape, pear, plum, and strawberry. It is also complemented with hints of gardenia and delicate musk. The labels are fully customizable and use rubber cement for easy are ready to use it for her wine.

    56. Button-Down Nightwear Soft Pj

    It will keep her comfortable while sleeping at night. This Button-Down Nightwear Soft Pj is made of super soft and cozy cotton fabric.  It is ultra-smooth against the skin so she can enjoy superior comfort. Let mom drift off to dreamland in this silky-smooth pajama set with a button-down top and cute boxer short.

    55. Nurse Preceptor Tumbler

    Mom is definitely a picture of an empowered woman of today. This double walled and vacuum sealed tumbler allows a front and back printing with a word of your choice and its meaning along with the name of that awesome human being. So go ahead, be creative in words and let this item do the talking and the reminding of how wonderful mom is, every sip of the way.

    54. Handbag and Matching Wristlet

    Mom would love this stylish and functional gift! This Handbag and Matching Wristlet from the Threaded Pear is the perfect take anywhere bag. This stunning handbag features a spacious interior for all her must-have essentials and exterior pockets to quickly and easily access her items on the go. It's one practical and thoughtful gift for her. 

    53. Best Mum Ever - Medium Mothers Day Bouquet

    Make it a different kind of bouquet this time! This Best Mum Ever - Medium Mothers Day Bouquet is made with a mix of Body shop items, chocolate & hot drinks. This is a great all-in-one present for mom that will allow her to lay back and pamper herself on Mother's day. 

    52. Gold Hydrangea Earrings

    It's the perfect flower blossom for mom. This unique vintage style Gold Hydrangea Earrings has a large 16k gold plated over brass cluster hydrangea flower posts(30mmx30mm, 1.25 inches) and is available in Swarovski crystal teardrop pearl option. It comes in a beautiful box that is sure to delight mom! 

    51. Mothers Birthstone Ring 

    Mom would be delighted to have this gift! The Mothers Birthstone Ring is a cherished piece of hand art that holds the energy and beauty of the love of your life. Handcrafted with a sincere and dedicated commitment to quality, this custom Circle of Strength Ring is made from 100% copper and goes through intricate electroforming process to create a unique and beautiful look.

    50. Mothers Day Gift Plaque

    This is one lovely Mothers Day Gift Plaque mom will definitely cherish. It's 100% handcrafted in the UK. Each plaque is made from MDF, hand-painted and handwritten to order. It comes with a jute twine with coordinating ribbon details ready for hanging to where she would always see this precious gift from you. 

    49. Yoda Best Mom Mug

    She's a Star Wars fanatic. And what can be a more perfect gift than this Yoda Best Mom MugChoose this great mug for your mom and she'll absolutely love it! It is made with premium quality ceramic with high-quality sublimation printing. Choose the color you know mom will love and you're all set to giving her one awesome gift. 

    48. Long Distance Mom Daughter Pillow

    It's a unique gift you can be sure mom will be hugging more than all the pillows in the house. This  Long Distance Mom Daughter Pillow with USA map showing the mom daughter love that knows no distance. It's one gift mom will always remember you by. 

    47. Red and Black Plaid Pajamas

    These Red and Black Plaid Pajamas are perfect for mom. You can order custom monogrammed gifts to make it extra special for her. All sets are a cotton/poly blend and have piping along the edge with ivory buttons and an elastic waist. This shirt-styled top features pockets short length sleeves and is designed to be loose-fitting.

    46. Best Mom Ever Apron

    She loves to cook. This Best Mom Ever Apron says, "Best Mom Ever" is simply perfect for her. The art is created using heat pressed vinyl and is available in either black or white. This apron is available in 2 sizes. We offer a 22"x 24" apron with 3 front pouches and a 22" x 30" apron with 2 front pouches. The aprons are made from a cotton poly blend. It has an adjustable neck buckle and three pouches. It's one gift she will truly treasure.  

    45. Pink & Red Coneflower Clutch

    Help mom organize almost anything effortlessly. This carry all zipper pouch is denim-lined and provides a soft structure for her carry-all. It's made of 100% polyester canvas shell so you can be sure its durable. This lovely gift comes in 4 handy sizes. This is one gift you can be sure mom will truly appreciate.   

    44. Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace

    Your mom deserves a bouquet of flowers every day, doesn't she? Give her this Birth Month Flower Heart Necklace and she will have fresh (well, dried), flowers guaranteed not to wilt and encased forever in a heart she can wear. Choose from each month’s birth flower (carnation for January, a daisy for April, rose for June, and so on) in clear, eco-friendly, vegetable resin that preserves the dried pressed blossoms' color and form—and keeps love in bloom.

    43. Fashion Tote

    It's a beautiful and useful gift. This tote bag has a luminous pink fractal rose design and is made of elasticized neoprene material. It is made to stretch and securely store whatever she would be needing for the day. This gift will surely end up as mom's favorite tote bag.    

    42. Home Is Where My Mom Is Coffee Mug

    Isn't that statement so true. Going home is something to look forward to when you know mom is waiting for you. Show her your love and spoil her the way she deserves! This 15 oz Home Is Where My Mom Is Coffee Mug can contain her favorite drink and will definitely be her favorite mug in the world. 

    41. Bridesmaid Earrings

    Wow mom with this awesome gift! These white freshwater pearl earrings come with square glass blocks that are 9mm with 3mm thickness and ear wires that are 14k gold filled. It's one gift mom would be delighted to wear on any occasion. You can be sure mom will have this atop her accessory list as it goes well with any style.  

    40. Hanging Cosmetic Bag

    It’s no ordinary cosmetic bag. This Marilyn makeup bag is easy to carry and hang for stress-free access of mom's essentials, makeup, accessories and many more. It has spacious interiors and generous compartments, she won’t have to bring extra bags with her. It even comes with six different cosmetic brushes This fabulous Moroccan style cosmetic bag can also be personalized to make it extra special for your mom.  

    39. Personalized Wall Art

     It's a one of a kind gift for mom. This Personalized Wall Art is a digital product that mom will definitely cherish as it has the entire family on the print. What's even worth waiting for is the smile this gift would make on your mom's face. 

    38. Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses

    Invite mom for a drink and hand her this unbreakable stemless wine glass that can keep her drinks hot or cold. It's one gift she can comfortably carry and can also fit perfectly in cup holders. It can hold up to 9 ounces of her favorite drink and is available in her favorite color too. It's the perfect gift for relaxing on the couch with her girlfriends, or having drinks on the patio or by the pool. You can even add a decal to personalize it especially for her. 

    37. Korean Mother of Pearl Makeup Mirror  

    Get creative and give mom this Korean Mother of Pearl Make Up Mirror with the classic blue yellow Van Gogh starry night image.  This round compact makeup double pocket mirror can easily fit in her handbag or purse. It is durable and lightweight with a glossy hard epoxy protective coating. It's one practical gift she'll be happy to receive on mom's day.

    36. Love Bracelet

    This Love Bracelet will definitely look stunning on mom's wrist. It's high-quality, stylish, non-slip and anti-shedding. This artistic bracelet is perfect for mom and will match any outfit. It comes ready to be handed to the most special woman in the world in a lovely jewelry bag.  

    35. Monogrammed Jewelry Case

    It’s beautifully personalized with her monogram embroidered on top of the case. This monogrammed jewelry case is made from polyester material and has a zip around closure. It can carry her jewelry and other essentials. It also has 8 mini inside open pockets. You also have the option to choose from the color of thread that will be used.

    This Rose Gold Druzy Earrings are simple but beautiful. It comes with a rose gold plated setting and has just the right size at 10 x 14 mm. It's lead and nickel free so you can be sure your mom won't have an allergic reaction. It's one elegant and thoughtful gift she will always treasure. 

    33. The Naughty Nautical Tote 

      She sure loves to travel. Your mom would be delighted to receive The Naughty Nautical Tote for mother's day. Let her hit the beach in style with this canvas bag with striped pattern design in multiple vibrant colors. This spacious bag can fashionably house all of her beach essentials - towel, sunblock, tumbler etc. This is one bag which is not only perfect for that beach day, but practical for almost any occasion. Choose from a variety of colors - This awesome gift can be personalized with a single initial, a monogram, or a custom line up to 12 characters.

      32. Custom Wood Berry Basket Gift Set

      Mother's Day means she can have more time to have tea with loved ones and friends. Let your mom relax and make tea time something she can look forward to as you give her this wood berry basket gift set filled with organic loose-leaf herbal teas. You can even include tea filters and choose if you prefer the sample pouches (8 servings in each) or the small glass jars (12 servings in and each). Placed in a plain wooden crate complete with a custom hand-burned wooden tag, this is one gift your mom will certainly have a hard time to resist.

      31. Inspirational Throw Blanket


        Your mom is a picture of courage and bravery. Honor her and express the warmth of your love and appreciation this mother's day by giving her this luxurious and elegant blanket. Let it be a constant reminder that she is always valued and loved. It is made of finest custom high-end quality materials from which to craft our super soft and ultra-comfortable throw blankets. A hug is sure to give her that warm feeling inside but it’s even made better if you let the warmth of this blanket remind her of your hug each and every day.

        30. Leather Passport Cover 

        Let her travel in style with this full-grain leather passport cover. This leather naturally conditions while being used and develops the patina and unique character. The more she uses it the better it will look and feel. Personalize it by choosing a fire branded image for free together with her name or initials on the cover and you’re all set to give a gift that’s truly functional for all her travels.  

        29. Artisan Chocolate Bon Bons

        These Artisan Chocolate Bon Bons are made to order. It is handcrafted to achieve perfect flavor and beautiful artistry. These chocolates are a celebration in a box. The ingredients are simple and all of these chocolates are free from gluten, eggs, nuts, and corn products. This is a 6 piece assorted box. Your mom will surely love it! 

        28. Soy Wax Candle Travel Tin Aromatherapy

        Mom would love these Soy Wax Candle Travel Tin AromatherapyThis bath and body works candle gift set includes 8 tins of Fig, Lavender, gives off a peaceful and pleasant smell, freshen up the air and relaxes her body. It's one gift she would find handy for her me time. 

        27. Floral Frame

          She loves being by the beach on a sunny day. It definitely won't be complete without these Floral Frame. These sunglasses are cool, gorgeous, and fun! It's one unique idea when it comes to a mother's day gift. It sure will look great on her. This sunglass even come with a sassy initial in gold on the arm!

          26. Handmade Soap Bars

          Express your gratitude for mom giving them these Handmade Soap Bars. They are cut from whole loaves by hand and you just need to determine the size (how many ounces) of your gift. Choose the color closest to mom's liking. You can even put beeswax imprint. You also have scents to choose from like fruity, herbal scent and floral fresh.

          25. Live Succulents

          These Live Succulents will definitely put a smile on mom's face as she adorns her garden or living area with it. They are easy to grow and need very little maintenance to survive. They are lovely to look at as it bolts when it blooms. Mom can easily plant them in the ground, containers, and flower boxes. 

          24. Honeybee Soap Gift Set  

          This unique shaped Honeybee Soap Gift Set will certainly be loved by your mom. Fresh, clean and practical, it’s simply one of the best gifts you can give her. This sweet honey beeswax scented soap is placed in a beautiful Kraft window box and ready to be handed as a special gift for mom. 

          23. Watercolor Tote Bag

            Handmade and designed by a local artist, this lightweight, natural colored, 100% organic cotton fabric is perfect to carry all her stuff in a lovely tote bag. Designs are made directly into the fabric and would not crack or peel. You can even have this gift customized, wrapped as a special gift with a note and sent to mom. 

            22. Vintage Inspired Creamers Vase Set

              These assorted vintage inspired creamers add that perfect accent to her table set up. She can use them as tabletop displays filled with spring flowers that are sure to impress guests and family members alike. 

              21. Cactus Tealight Candle

              She would love these cactus tea light candles. It’s made from unscented paraffin wax candle material. It produces no acrid smoke making it safe to use indoors. It comes in a variety of different shapes and has a burning time of up to 5 hours. It doubles as a perfect decoration and creates a romantic atmosphere for any occasion. This is one gift that will bring all the warmth and love whichever room she chooses to place it in the house.  

              20. Rose Petal Bath Soap 

              Delight her with this box of Rose Petal Bath Soap. It's one gift she will surely remember you by. It's perfect for that relaxing and luxurious bath as it has the scent of essential oils. This gift  also adds for a romantic and enjoyable night to remember.

              19. Geode Glass Coaster (Set of 2)

              Say Happy Mother's Day creatively with this geode glass coaster. Made from metal with the gorgeous color of purple and gold, these coasters are sure to impress guests who like natural or geode decor. It comes in a set of 2 circle-shaped glass coasters - one faux purple agate print and one faux blue agate print coaster with gold glitter border all along the edge. Your mom  will certainly be delighted with this gift!

              18. Tea Time Whimsy Ceramic Bud Vase

              Let your mom bloom her favorite flowers in this Tea Time Whimsy Ceramic Bud Vase. The neutral white and gold coloring on this whimsical flower vase accents any color of flower beautifully while accentuating her table set up. 

              17. Glass Tea Mugs         

              Let your mom drink her favorite beverage like a queen with this beautiful glass tea mugs. Designed with chrysanthemum flowers, tea time will never be the same using these glass tea mugs. Elegantly styled using an enamel handle and a glass material that is translucent, glittering and easy to clean. It is of high quality, lead-free, won’t discolor, leak chemicals into drinks or retain smells. Definitely, a healthier option compared to plastic mugs. This visually enticing mug can be used for warm or cold drinks.    

              16. Floral Tote Bag

              With a wipeable vinyl lining, you can never go wrong with this Floral Tote Bag! No matter where she takes them - to her daily errands or in the market, it can definitely carry all her essentials. This bag has an interior and exterior pocket where she can easily grab her phone and keys. It is durable with the exterior of the bag made of navy floral patterned canvas and vegan leather while the inside has a pink dot patterned vinyl. Your mom will be thrilled with this awesome gift!   

              15. You are My Sunshine Music Box

              This You are My Sunshine Music Box is a cute wood music box that is one palm of hand size, your mom can play at any time. It is made of high-quality wooden materials, and is designed with precise music movement with no need to worry about quality problems. It does not need a battery, you only need to constantly turn the handle of music box to ensure continuous music output, the melody is: You are My Sunshine. 

              14. Willow Tree Close To Me

              Willow Tree Close To Me is a mother/daughter figure that expresses the connection, yet freedom, which exists in the best of relationships. This piece is cast from Susan's original carving and painted by hand. It is packaged in fitted box ready for gift-giving.

                13. Preserved Real Rose in Glass Dome Gift

                Mom would truly be amazed with this Preserved Real Rose in Glass Dome Gift. These natural fresh cut roses went through professional preserving process to carefully reserve its beauty and retain fresh cut looks for years. These rosebuds are preserved when they are at their biggest and brightest! It will surely make your mom feel like the “beauty” in her own fairy tale.

                  12. Swarovski Crystal Watch and Bracelet Set

                  It comes with one gold-tone bangle with Swarovski accented dangling disc charm, and one "X" link bracelet accented with 18 clear Swarovski crystals. The Swarovski Crystal Watch and Bracelet Set  includes a 24 millimeter round gold-tone case with Swarovski crystal accents with mineral crystal lens. The gold-tone bangle bracelet comes with adjustable end links while the watch features a Japanese quartz movement with analog display. It's one gift that your mom will truly love! 

                    11. Best Mom Ever Shirt

                    She would love to wear this every chance she gets! This Best Mom Ever Shirt will instantly become a favorite. It will always remind her of the best compliment she will ever get - one that comes from you! 

                    10. Best Mom Ever Wine Tumbler

                    This Best Mom Ever Wine Tumbler can contain up to 12 fluid ounces and is made from metal and plastic. It includes a BPA free lid, a stainless steal straw, and a brush to keep her straw clean. It is double insulated to ensure that her drinks are kept hot or cold. What's more, "Best Mom Ever" will be printed on both sides of mug.

                    9. Charms Bracelet

                    Special people deserve special and creative gifts. You and your mom are simply bonded forever. This charming bracelet will let her know how much you value her. Let this jewelry piece add some glitter as you let her wear it on everyday. Have it engraved with her initials to make it more personalized and special.

                    8. Mother's Day Print

                    This Mother's Day Print has a high quality 250 GSM card, 300gsm high quality white card that can be customized for your friends, family and loved ones. Our Mother's Day Custom Print is a delightful addition to any home or office and is a gift she will treasure forever. 

                    7. Korean Mother of Pearl Makeup Mirror  

                    Don't just give your mom an ordinary compact mirror. Get creative and give her this Korean Mother of Pearl Make Up Mirror with the classic blue yellow Van Gogh starry night image.  This round compact makeup double pocket mirror can easily fit in handbags or purse. It is durable and lightweight with a glossy hard epoxy protective coating. It's one practical gift she'll be using for a long time.

                    6. Bath Bombs Gift Set 

                    Give your mom the gift of relaxation with these gorgeous 12 uniquely handcrafted bath bombs. Being a mom is stressful, so cut down on the damage and let her enjoy some good relaxation.

                    5. Loose Leaf & Blooming Tea Pot

                    This loose leaf and blooming teapot is sure to leave a lasting impression. A premium handmade no-drip teapot that has an elegant design, it can hold 2 mugs size cups of tea. Created to appreciate the finer things in life, every detail is made with care and love to provide her with the ultimate tea drinking experience. It comes with a stainless steel infuser and custom fit bamboo coaster adding to the beauty of her counter top. 

                    4. Yinuo Candle Women Scented Candles Set

                    She would love to take home these scented candles. This gift set includes 4 tins of scented candle: Lavender, Lemon, Mediterranean Fig, Fresh Spring. Each candle gives off a peaceful and pleasant scent that freshens up the air and relax her body. It is made from natural soy wax and pure-grade natural essential oils, along with the lead-free organic cotton wick, providing a cleaner, longer burning time. The candle tin with lid is made of a beautiful textured thick metal which can be reused as a decorative storage container.

                    3. Music Beanie

                    She loves to listen to her favorite tunes literally wherever she is. This Music Beanie will let her travel listening to her favorite music just the way she had always wanted. Whether she’s hiking, camping, doing outdoor sports or holiday traveling, nothing can keep her away from her favorite songs playing with this comfortable and fashionable beanie. 

                    2. Shiatsu Back Neck Massager


                    She will definitely appreciate this relaxing and rejuvenating gift.  All that stress and long hours of work after so many years surely deserve a great reward. Let this ergonomic and compact pillow massager relieve sore, overused and tight muscles. It perfectly fits behind the neck and body contours of the lower and upper back, calf, abdomen, and thigh areas.  Keep her free from stress and fully equipped to relax with this functional gift.

                    1. Hand Knit Hooded Scarf

                    This beautifully packaged hand-knit hooded scarf will end up as one of her favorites in no time at all. Made of wool yarn, this specially designed scarf can be worn all season long. It is handmade and available in different colors. Keep her warm, comfortable and stylish as she pursues new adventures.